Quick Vid: Raya and the Last Dragon (Review)

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I feel like people are gonna hate me for this one lol

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Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
What did you all think of the film? I feel like I'm in the minority here with my thoughts
Daniel Ndlovu
Daniel Ndlovu Prije 6 dana
You're right. It felt like an avatar clone.
Jun Sung Pyo
Jun Sung Pyo Prije 8 dana
sodapopcat Prije 10 dana
It’s all Raya’s fault.
Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio
Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio Prije mjesec
I think i might be the only one in this goddamn place who loves the entirety of Sisu
David N.
David N. Prije 2 mjeseci
what you asking for is alot, you talking about 100 Episodes animation show
KTDOLL Prije 8 minuta
I feel like this movie didn’t work because nothing had a connection other than “Trust” being shoved down your throat every other sentence. One thing i did really love about this movie though is the visuals, down to the facial depths. Like you could really see the disappointment and anger and frustration on raya’s face after Sisu was shot. Just pure fts rage.
_GhostCupcake_ Prije 4 sati
This movie is the epiphany of “Ehhhh.. I guess”.
Hello Prije 4 sati
I waited and finally got to watch it I’m severely disappointed, but happy I didn’t waste 30$.
Loveena Saran
Loveena Saran Prije 5 sati
6:32 that is exactly what I thought after I finished watching
Allana Dehart
Allana Dehart Prije 7 sati
It's not the best movie but I did enjoy it
Angel Orange
Angel Orange Prije 16 sati
The pandemic has really brought the worst in content which makes me sad cuz I figured it would turn out opposite. Everything just feels rushed and not planned well. Like the third SpongeBob Movie 👎
deadpoolnerd Prije 16 sati
The thing I especially feel this is missing is a real villain. Like this movie made me understand the modern Disney villain problem. I thought maybe the fang mom would be the penultimate villain being the one who shot the arrow, wanting power. I thought she'd be a scar level villain betraying scheming so her clan can be in power and seen as the right ones in history. Manipulating her daughter molding her to be something she may not truly gave wanted to be. And it would weigh the moral of trust a lot more, Namora explaining she didn't wanna betray Raya at first she was made to believe it was the right thing for their tribe to be on the right side of history. Namora laying out what Raya has seen and believed her to be for years isn't who she truly is, and now it's on Raya the same position she was as a child do I trust this person. Namora's mom stepping in to do what needs to be done, to reveal its all her who's the wrong one. Not just in the end oh we're totally cool now let's have dinner.
RoseVenom 08
RoseVenom 08 Prije 17 sati
Ermos Azorius
Ermos Azorius Prije dan
You stayed on the Disney train way longer than me. I jumped ship in 2010.
F CV Prije dan
I liked the film, but I also felt something was missing to make me love it. The film’s message about trust, though important, was presented too overtly to the point that it sometimes made the narrative feel awkward. And the dragon’s humour was a hit and miss for me. But the action, animation and the score were absolutely awesome. It’s a good film overall.
Grace Kingsbury
Grace Kingsbury Prije dan
Didn't Lindsay Ellis get canceled for saying this is a less fleshed out version of ATLA?
Cuboid Gamez
Cuboid Gamez Prije dan
I hated this movie, it was extremely easy to guess and it didn't give the feeling that Disney movies give.
Kelly Gorrell
Kelly Gorrell Prije 2 dana
I personally thought the movie was pretty fun, but it was a bit to predictable
Cuboid Gamez
Cuboid Gamez Prije dan
Agreed, I thought I was the only one who thought it was predictable
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Prije 2 dana
I just hated the boss baby.
Mandy Kayla
Mandy Kayla Prije 2 dana
I wish Sisu was designed with scales instead of fur since she’s a water Dragon. I wish we saw more of the other dragons and their abilities and wish there was a epic final battle between the druun and the dragons 🐉 I mean come on the dragons from “How To Train Your Dragon” was more interesting and all were different.
Alyssa Bennett
Alyssa Bennett Prije 2 dana
I guess I’m a little confused at the hatred for Namaari at the end. I thought what happened to Sisu was because Raya overreacted. Like Namaari was about to put the crossbow down, but Raya saw it as her about to take the shot and tried to stop her. I dunno. Maybe I need to see that part again.
Ramondiamond Prije dan
For me, the problem isn’t about Namaari accidentally shooting Sisu and blaming Raya for it - it’s about the MOVIE blaming Raya for it. Raya threw her sword at the bow, because Namaari had betrayed her twice and had the trigger already half-way pulled towards Sisu - even if Namaari wasn’t actually going to shoot Sisu, it appeared so, and Raya, who isn’t a mindreader and can’t be expected to trust Namaari after everything she’s pulled on her, wasn’t going to just trust this person with a literal weapon pointed at her friend *now*. When Namaari says that Raya is also to blame, fine, She’s clearly emotionally distressed and might even believe what she says, but *nothing else in the entire movie says or shows that she’s wrong to say this.* It isn’t countered in any way. And because of this, the movie’s message suddenly turns into “you should trust people, even the ones who backstab you constantly, haven’t felt the slightest amount of remorse for doing so and have done nothing to gain your trust, and if you don’t trust them, it’s *your* fault. *You* did the wrong thing for not giving your uttermost blind trust to this person. You *should* trust the people who abused your trust and betrayed you time and time again, and if you don’t, u bad. It’s not only a bad message, but a dangerous one. I do believe that trust is important, but telling people, especially children, that you should keep going back to the toxic people in your life who have betrayed your trust repeatedly and that it’s YOUR responsibility to keep giving them that trust and not THEIRS to rebuild that trust... It’s dangerous. No one should feel like they own their trust to *everybody*. (Furthermore, Namaari never apologized for her actions or even showed that she was sorry. Honestly, it would have been nice to at least have, like, her saying that Raya was right not to trust her; that she’s willing to change, but the things that happened were her fault (I guess she can even try to explain her actions if she wants, just as long as she doesn’t go trying to find other people to blame) and that’s she’s ready to take the full responsibility. Honestly, I feel like the message of trust would have been so much stronger if they did something like that; trust isn’t a one way street, and although you can go ahead and take the first step (like Raya did plenty of times), you can’t be the only one to put in all the effort. Trust doesn’t work that way.) I hope that makes some sense, and I’m so sorry if I came too strongly. Just watched the film, and although I first found it great, that last message completely broke it for me. I’ve had toxic relationships in my life, so that’s why I might take it a bit more strongly than an average person, and why the message felt so horrible to me. What Namaari did with that one scene could be counted as gaslighting, even if she wasn’t aware of her doing it, and Raya *believing* that, believing that it was wrong of her to not trust this person who had betrayed her trust countless of times and had showed no signs of trying to rebuild that trust, that she, Raya, deserves that blame, it just broke my heart. Sorry again for the long message. You don’t have to agree with me, but I hope this helps you to understand why so many of us have issues with Namaari and/or the message at end. Drink water and stay safe
Rae Rae
Rae Rae Prije 2 dana
Wish you would critique disneys corporate greed more than just "its weird"..... making people pay to watch a movie on top of an active subscription service is a fucking SCAM.
Nobody Prije 2 dana
we went to a movie theater with my class and watched it I cried
Ticket Master
Ticket Master Prije 2 dana
I wish this movie went with a avatar the last Airbender route (like a show) like I don’t hate it, but there were times things felt forced and awkward also the dragons look like weird mlp reincarnations and every time I looked at the dragons in this movie it felt like I was staring at a super cutesy weird plush.
CuhrfyCool5 Prije 2 dana
Namari was the issue I had cause of what she did She first starts the mess which could of been avoided and brought back the dragons, she betrays Raya’s trust multiple times like she literally already had the trigger more than halfway pulled and then proceeded to blame Raya lmao how does that make sense her character is what made this movie flop 😂💀
Sarah Jacquez
Sarah Jacquez Prije 2 dana
I agree with you. Overall I enjoyed it, but I could not stop thinking how much better it would have been if it had been a full series. Like the bad ass tough guy with the axe. We never got to s really see him do anything. He was just like there and okay now you're on the team. Didn't see his skills or anything just, come on lets go. So yeah. Would have been awesome as a show.
Sarah Jacquez
Sarah Jacquez Prije 2 dana
the editors note lol!
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Prije 2 dana
I agree that this movie was just okay. I think this concept would have been better as a tv show. I would have loved to see each section on the world more and get more Character development from each person that's introduced throughout the movie. Also, Sisu was annoying af. I didn't find her funny at all and she kinda ruined the vibe of the serious tone it was trying to do. Yeah a comedy relief is fine, but that's what can baby was for. That baby was hilarious! But not Sisu. She was just bad.
I am watching you Boy
I am watching you Boy Prije 2 dana
Dominic Dy
Dominic Dy Prije 3 dana
Shoulda bean a series
WakeupGrandOwl Prije 3 dana
I just finished it and I kinda felt like I watched the Last Unicorn. It was pretty formulaic, you're not at a wrong.
Invencsibel Prije 3 dana
I have a few problems with the movie, but what bothered me the most was how the ending was handled. If the dragons weren’t revived from stone after the first world reset, then what factor of the second reset made it possible for all the dragons to return?
Heiko Brockmann
Heiko Brockmann Prije 3 dana
I feel exactly what you said, even down to your feelings about the past Disney movies you mentioned. I am a huge Disney fan, but I think it is really sad that the line between Disney Animations and Pixar is blurred more and more. Disney animations to me are really emotional involving animated musicals and I feel like they don't do that anymore. Frozen was great because it stuck to that formula. Frozen 2 on the other hand was not emotionally involving, the conflict seemed constructed in the same way Raya feels constructed.
Parker Aguirre
Parker Aguirre Prije 3 dana
Korra really went somewhere in her 3 years away from Republic City
morgan bowery
morgan bowery Prije 3 dana
the dragon's design is so awful in my opinion. how is that a water dragon? she's got fur. the concept art is SO much better.
ChaosContrl Prije 3 dana
At least the inhabitants knew their bird's eye view river looked like a freaking noodle dragon.
ChaosContrl Prije 3 dana
Raya and the Last Noodle
Damien Hailey
Damien Hailey Prije 3 dana
Um, just how long did you want this movie to *be*?
Geothack7 Prije 3 dana
You also forget all of the modern references that Sisu makes. Either way I agree that the movie looked great but it felt very shallow.
NickolasFrye Prije 3 dana
I feel like this movie would have worked so much better as a book series.
{Addison_playz }
{Addison_playz } Prije 3 dana
I feel like Pixar do more movies then them
Jan Jacob Tumbaga
Jan Jacob Tumbaga Prije 3 dana
At first when I saw her I thought she was Moana
Rifqa Arkana
Rifqa Arkana Prije 3 dana
i'm southeast asian myself but this movie (kind of) suck. i'm sorry but there's so much plot hole or mybe i'm just too dumb to really understand the movie. this movie "tell" instead of "show". the conflict r so easily solved. like, one second the supposed-to-be-enemy want to cook Raya but then the next second Raya beg him to help her and he just agree??? the moral of the story is that you have to trust people but all of this problem is caused by Raya trusting the other clan which is kind of a hypocrisy The dragon design is totally western imagination it's basically just a unicorn. Our dragon doesn't look that bright. i get it's a kid movie but other disney movie have a dark theme and this one is just "yeah elsa unicorn and friendship bla bla bla"
Marion Hope
Marion Hope Prije 3 dana
Idgaf what nobody says THIS movie is AMAZING!! The Druun in the movie by remind me of colonizers, though because they are ALWAYS f’cking other people’s shit up.
Renni Prije 3 dana
I'm sorry, but I have way more criticism than praise, the visuals were amazing, but the creatures like humans and animals didn't fit the style and felt out of place, the animation was decent at best for the studio that did Moana (a masterpiece by the way), the writing was horrendous, not sure why a 600 year old dragon and people from different isolated and secluded towns were talking like quirky middle schoolers, and if the intention was comedy, they failed. Speaking of comedy, none of the jokes fit, not a single one, the only time I laughed was at the stupidity that someone somehow booby trapped their own dead corpse, which died and fully decomposed to bone in under 6 months, and which somehow had it's arms held up, despite the lack of muscle, or anything else to hold it up, but hey, it's a movie about dragons, we can let it slide. Speaking of dragons, apparently the last dragon girl didn't have powers, apart from swimming I guess, and the originally built crystal only brought back the humans, but when the exact same crystal was put together by a human, it freed the humans and dragons, and all the dragons had all the powers? Everyone was absolutely stupid, and would make stupid ideas for the sake of drama. The main cast, with the exception of Raya and the dragon was unfledged and forgettable. There was a weird ninja baby that belonged in a certain Oscar winning film whose name I can't bare to type out, with three chimpanzee things, some kid that somehow learned showmanship despite being 7, having no internet or clients, and a stone-turned family, and finally some big oaf who turned out to be sweet or whatever, how unoriginal. Raya made several stupid decisions, and had to be an annoying prick about them rather than just accepting responsibility, decides that the dragon needs to be safe or else the whole plan will fail, yet brings the shards with her, which never fail to be discovered and/or stolen. The dragon is incredibly annoying and stupid. People are convinced to completely switch their ideologies and/or rush to their death at the drop of a hat, most dialogues are pointless and uninteresting, and if I haven't mentioned it before, lots of things are done simply for the sake of processing the plot, or adding suspense or drama. When making the original stone, the dragons decided to pass it to the one that goes with Raya, then provide to literally walk into the stone things, rather than you know, staying with her around the stone. The exact same thing happens at the end when each part of the cast gives a piece to the other girl from fang or wherever that enemy tribe is, then proceed to walk into the stone things, it makes absolutely no sense to me when the stone literally protects them from it. I think it might be to anchor the message of trust, but it's so forced, here and at so many other points in the movie that it comes off as almost ironic, and is hard to take seriously.
Desolate432 Prije 3 dana
I feel like the Drunn wasn't explained well enough to be a big bad. Like how did it come into being? I know the dragon said it was caused by humans but like how? Also how did they dragons come back from being stone this time at the end when the dragon heart was used but not the first time the dragon heart was used
Cherry Chocolate
Cherry Chocolate Prije 21 sat
And why do they freeze everyone they touch into that one pose with their hands held out? Except for Raya and friends in the finale, but ignoring that, everyone else gets frozen into that same exact pose and it's never explained why or what significance that has.
Storm Bolt
Storm Bolt Prije 3 dana
Yes, I know, second comment, but maybe... Maybe you are "wrong"... You wanted it to be more... Why is that bad? Is that not why TV shows based off movies exist? Are you becoming a youth again and feeling unsatisfied because you enjoy the story and want more? That's not exactly bad. That's what we do when we enjoy right? The design? Okay. American Dragon season 1, or 2? Chinese dragons are snakey-like. Disney has big, cute, eyes and usually hair or hair-like features on their females. Nothing new there at all! Her colors don't matter as they shouldn't, considering other "water" dragons have various non-blue colors. It's just how she is. Maybe Disney purposely left us wanting more without making us angry, but that's just good story telling if a sequel or series is planned. It's manipulative, but we KNOW Disney is like that. We know media wants us to watch. It's the entire point. To get our attention so they earn money. Only the rare "OP" of certain works who never expected it to go far do it just to tell a story. This review just seems like... "I'm unhappy because it's unfamiliar and I want more" but... Is that not a good thing? Just really curious
Storm Bolt
Storm Bolt Prije 3 dana
"Elsa dragon" great... Time to throw out my prospective story/HRpost series (once I get my laptop back) because my dragon that's older than Elsa now looks like their love child... If there's ever a lesson in not procrastinating this is it...
Alexi Hebert
Alexi Hebert Prije 3 dana
I waited for it here I am now
The Ninja called Basilisk
The Ninja called Basilisk Prije 3 dana
I felt weird about watching this movie too. :0
Alex Concrete
Alex Concrete Prije 3 dana
[Apologies in advance for misspelled names] I felt completely fulfilled by each region’s segment. Yes, I think it could’ve been explored more deeply in a show, but I really liked it as a movie. There was just enough of each place, the primary aspects of their cultures were somewhat fit in (to the point where we could get an idea of their varying mentalities, weapons, and societal workings) and the visuals behind them were absolutely amazing. The pickpocket city was dense in people and buildings which were shown beautifully by the chase scene, the castle of heart had a few calming shots that said quite a lot with only a little, we kind of got the picture for Fang (end scene) and the snowy area (snowy area was a little lacking, though, with the sole survivor and lack of cultural and spacial exploration since we basically stayed in one house and in front of the gate for its scenes. I loved the bamboo forest though, well displayed environment). The writers took what they had and ran, making something rich enough for two hours without making us (me at least) want more. I agree with you about Cicu’s design, ever since I first saw her in the trailer or something it just didn’t sit right with me. What bothers me most is her coloring. Pretty, yes, but I think it’s way too... fairylike? In comparison with the somewhat toned down warms and cools of the rest of the environment, which were gorgeous and more ‘serious’, her cotton-candy blue fur ([minor spoilers] and UGH... HAIR that went even worse with the environment and the rest of her human body) felt like a joke. She can look like a magical water being without being pastel-colored, I think if they took those toned down colors and made them work for her they could make something gorgeous. I also agree with you that it didn’t feel like it had that “fire”. I’m not too sure why, maybe the moral just felt to generic to me and the characters weren’t all that great. It centered on Raya when there were some supporting characters with more potentially unique personalities all around her falling into the background. When I compare it all to Zootopia or Wreck it Ralph it definitely doesn’t hold as well. Ralph and Vanelope have a lot more personality, spunk, and flaws to them and Nick and Judy are charming all around, too. All of their anxieties and ambitions feel more deeply rooted into their character and that drives both their development and the plot forward in specified ways that filled different roles in the story rather than needing to be boringly generalized in order to drive EVERYTHING singlehandedly. Raya is... sassy when facing her nemesis? With no particularly distinctive characteristics. Run of the mill “I need to save so-and-so loved one and I’m a badass who’s witty in battle” protagonist. Nothing felt special about her. I liked the little boy and Cicu somewhat, but they just weren’t fleshed out because, like I said, the story is centered on Raya. I’d love to have seen them drive some conversations more. I liked that first boat scene with the kid, and while Cicu is portrayed as naive to the new human world (granted, she is, even though it pays off sometimes), her expertise exists somewhere else morally (apparently the dragons were quite ‘pure of heart’) and I’d love to see her ideals put in the spotlight rather than turned to only to oppose Raya’s. Instead, all we got was “I have trust issues” “you just have to trust people sometimes” “I guess you were right all along”. The lack of focus on Cicu also shows through her reunion with her family. They all just pranced around together without even saying hello. Her siblings didn’t even have voice actors! It was frustrating. Overall, though, I enjoyed the film. 8/10 for me.
The dragon Trainer
The dragon Trainer Prije 4 dana
Before I didn’t really care about the movie I thought it was just another way for Disney to get easy money but eventually when the movie became free one day I was bored so I decided to watch it and I was pleasantly surprised.
Jasmine G
Jasmine G Prije 4 dana
Raya might as well have been a video game the way it was paced. I really wanted to love this movie but I was let down within the first 20 minutes. Even though I love Aquafina I didn’t like her for this movie due to how her humor is it just didn’t fit with the movie. The relationship with Namura (I think I spelled it wrong) wasn’t much of a motivation for Raya to feel completely betrayed by her they literally had just met and she immediately is like “wanna see this thing I’m protecting from you guys so you don’t take it?” And as for the last fight between the two??? Unnecessaryyyyy. Everybody is literally dying and they just fighting like ummm guys you have bigger problems then pointing the blame game at one another. So overall, the movie had potential but Disney didn’t deliver well with it
Miss Molly Moo
Miss Molly Moo Prije 4 dana
I thought it was pretty decent
Kani yaru
Kani yaru Prije 4 dana
!!SPOILERS AHEAD!! Honestly, what the film was lacking for me mostly were the characters. Most were extremely flat and brushed over. Raya was decent, so was Sisu. I also liked Boon. The baby was funny but there was literally no explanation how a baby was that smart (I originally thought she must be some kind of spirit creature thing??). The Spine guy - Tong? He was so flat and felt like an unnecessary addon. Yeah, they were like "taking one person from each land" and stuff but he felt sooo rushed. Also, Raya, who trusts NOBODY and thinks a little boy would poison her, immediately trusts this big brute to take heir friends to safety. Why? Because he had a crib in his house? Come on. Plot armor who? Also, Namaari was really freaking cryptic. On one hand they make it seem like she wants to save the world, on the other she apparently can't get away from her backstabbery. "Why you collecting the shards?" Oh, wow, I don't know. TO PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER MAYBE? She also literally pointed her crossbow at Sisu and then tries to make it look like she wasn't gonna shoot her. Come on. And then when literally everybody puts their trust into her, as the LAST HOPE she thinks about running away! What kind of rollercoaster is she on? What bothered me about Sisu was that her power wasn't explained at all. I guess she can... swim? Form water into drops? Cool, cool. Cool cool cool. In general the whole movie felt super rushed and a lot of things just brushed over... they should have made it an animated series, honestly. So you could actually get to know all the places and people properly and make it a bit of a struggle to collect the stones, not just "we go in and get them, done, next one." What I loved about the movie, however, was the animation. Especially the micromovements in the faces were so well done, it almost felt uncanny. I also liked the conclusion a lot and the reunion with Raya's dad felt very beautiful.
Essye_bee Prije 4 dana
Lmao you won’t believe what happened I got the add for this movie when I clicked the vid
Marie-Ann Adae
Marie-Ann Adae Prije 4 dana
This concept would've been perfect for a full series/franchise. I like that the villain was more like a "frenemy". The movie was cool, but I felt like things ended too quickly. I would've loved to know more about the different tribes, cultures and side characters. Also, the other dragons never had speaking roles. After hearing Sisu reminisce about her siblings a lot, when they were finally reunited, I expected them to actually TALK! Not even an "I miss you, thanks for saving us"? Damn 😂
Pikyso Prije 4 dana
The concept of this film would be a great video game. Imagine an open world game where you actually exist on this land and the whole game is you traveling and conquering these different regions, as your dragon gets more powerful. Sort of like a Zelda breath of the wild where you get the 4 divine beast to help aid you in the final fight. Like spine and falon are so fascinating and i want to explore them more, would be fantastic video game material
Lashea pyatt
Lashea pyatt Prije 4 dana
💯 agree! Too much going on. I also think the dragon could have more of a voice of wisdom. I think they should have had a mature voice playing the dragon. Like the world build was great at first. But needed more too it. Also I thought about avatar las air bender with the different nations. That fight between the two at the end was soo dumb. Ugh. I give this move a 6.5.
Doukz Prije 4 dana
I did love the worldbuilding, but I didn't like the modern references. It might've worked in Aladdin, but here the story is set to be something serious and Sisu completely blows it in her first 20 seconds of screen-time. That and the exposition was so long, it told more than it showed. And the important dragons didn't talk after they came back?? They were so important! That and the moral of the story. They literally say "trust people" but trusting people and letting your guard down got everyone hurt more times than it didn't - baby thief - led to trap by big dad guy - almost got sisu killed - got sisu killed
Jack The Person
Jack The Person Prije 4 dana
This movie is so good! I love how it turned out. Nine and a half out of ten for sure
FeedTheDangPigeons Prije 4 dana
havent watched a good kids movie thats been released past 2018
Jaga Prije 4 dana
Animated films : (someone) and the last dragon Me: Dragon and the Last Human
Lizcatmeow6 Prije 4 dana
I watched it and it wasnt that bad- but the language was in russian so uh
80MWH Prije 4 dana
This was one film I went into knowing very little...but the moment I was waiting for when it just grabbed hold of me...never came.
Michael Hutton
Michael Hutton Prije 5 dana
I watched that movie last night. It was AWESOME I LOVE DRAGONS! LONG LIVE THE DRAGONS! But I too thought stuff happened really fast. That was my only problem.
Sophia Loreto
Sophia Loreto Prije 5 dana
It’s okay Saberparks, you’re not the only one who thinks the dragon looks…kind of weird. Not to hate on this movie but while I was watching it, I have getting so tired and dizzy from it and I can tell my brother and dad were getting tired too.
Cooki wolfi 1290
Cooki wolfi 1290 Prije 5 dana
did not watch the vid but I LOVE THE MOVIE
khymera915 Prije 5 dana
I liked the movie but I didn’t love it. I have to disagree with you about the movie not “driving the point home”. I felt that the movie beat me about the head and shoulders with “the point”… but I guess that’s to be expected from a kids’ movie.
pineapple supreme
pineapple supreme Prije 5 dana
For some reason... I feel like the entore movie would've been better without the whole dragon thing.
Nabu Fate
Nabu Fate Prije 5 dana
I actually loved the movie
MultiTomcat67 Prije 5 dana
It does cost more time and money to world build in depth and Disney is largely about money so your complaint about skimping on culture and character development* seems valid. I haven't seen 'Raya' either & $30 AFTER paying for the streaming service is REDONKULOUS. 7&%-it, I'll wait for a copy to be available at a local library. *A lack of depth in characters was an issue for me with the live-actors-and-CGI-version of Spawn, too.
Applejayz19 Prije 5 dana
*Meets new stranger *Immediately bring them to the worlds most valuable treasure you were assigned to defend
BasketMan 25
BasketMan 25 Prije 4 dana
logic 100
Phishie Phish
Phishie Phish Prije 5 dana
Just watched the movie yesterday since it's free with Disney+ now. As something of a "dragon nerd" myself, I honestly had no hope for this movie after seeing the dragon in trailers--and even then I was disappointed. Why did every dragon have practically the same face? Seeing the field full of stone dragons was supposed to be an emotional moment I'm sure, but all I could think was "why is there a field of Sisu statues" and "wow those Elsa eyes look super dumb". And even seeing the not-stone versions--all of their designs were so disappointingly similar. And looking at what traditional Southeast Asian dragons look like, I am even more VISCERALLY disappointed because so there was so much potential. Sisu and all the other dragons just felt like walking plushies. I know it's probably an unfair comparison to make, but I just couldn't help but think of how much better How to Train Your Dragon did it. I know that a lot of them were technically different species, but even in just the first movie, every dragon had an interesting and unique design, along with interesting and unique behaviors. The dragons in HTTYD all had more personality and were more memorable than Sisu, and they didn't even TALK. Also, the dragons in HTTYD felt like a part of the world. Meanwhile, I'm left wondering what the heck Raya's dragons even are in their universe? Are they gods? Are they animals? Are they just magical creatures? Are there other magical creatures? Is there some kind of magical ecosystem? Like, how do they fit? It felt like the dragons only existed for aesthetic purposes. At the end of the movie I couldn't help but think that they didn't need the dragons to exist at ALL for the story to work. Like, The they could have just as easily had a human with magical powers make the magic gem and end up sleeping for 500 years for some magical reason and NOTHING would change. I was hoping for something called "Raya and the Last Dragon" to at least be an okay dragon movie, but honestly it barely qualifies as a dragon movie at all. >: (
darkmikasonfire Prije 5 dana
I agree with when you said avatar the last airbender wasn't a fair comparison (even though you kept using it) after all raya is what an hour and a half. avatar is over 20hrs. 62 episodes, 23 minutes each (-3 for opening and closing) so (62*20)/60 for the minutes to turn it into hours and it turns into just shy of 21 hours of material. I wonder why there's more character development and places to look at and stuff when it only has like 15x the run time. huuuuuuuuuuh. That was like the worst comparison and drastically unfair.
CaptJCB Prije 5 dana
"a purple cloud... that feeds on anger? i dont know.." me: *botw malice*
Kitty Sunrise
Kitty Sunrise Prije 6 dana
It was rayas fault that the dragon got Shot because she didn’t trust that the dragon could talk the girl down so she pulled out her sword 🗡
Alexander Tamara Steward
Alexander Tamara Steward Prije 6 dana
I wanna see more of this world. Even if it's only in the form of minisodes uploaded to Disney's YT channel months apart. It's a short movie that had a lasting effect on me. And that's something I haven't seen from the DAC in a while.
L0U13 __
L0U13 __ Prije 6 dana
I just watched it and in my opinion I think the film didn’t know what it’s tone wanted to be It, like many films nowadays, felt like too fast and too much
Victor Nørgaard
Victor Nørgaard Prije 6 dana
The spine People remind me of vikings
Patrick Savage
Patrick Savage Prije 6 dana
I feel like alot of poeple got this movie wrong they didn't do to much if u sat and watched it. I went in think I was going to hate this movie but I understand this movie alot becuase of the real world references. It brought some real stuff to us. Also raya did kinda kill seasu she might have not comply pulled the trigger we would know becuase raya charged at her and in that point she pulled the trigger as an action from what raya was doing. I got this movie alot becuase I understand alot of it but maybe that becuase of how I was raised and I see alot of that in this movie but. I guess I could be wrong.
silvercheetah92 Prije 6 dana
I feel like they were trying to make every character the quirky character, and all of the characters ended up being annoying. Like Raya should have been the stoic straight woman character because her lack of trust is supposed to be her whole thing. And then over the course of the movie her friendship with the eccentric dragon causes her to let her guard down.
Geozua Ariz
Geozua Ariz Prije 6 dana
multi colored dragons with their own unique magic. Disney trying to make their own MLP line.
Dhruv Boricha
Dhruv Boricha Prije 6 dana
Big Hero 6 was a banger come on! Very underrated.
KaioConnor Prije 6 dana
The whole film teeters on double standards and it’s way to much land hopping for less than two hours. The characters were one dimensional and the film did more telling than showing. And yes, it is important to show trust, but considering the shit Namaari did throughout the entire film, should she be forgiven? Maybe. Trusted? About as far as you can throw her. Clearly has some issues to work out. Yeah it’s implied she has a lot to live up to with her mom and kingdom, but her gas lighting Raya near the end about killing Sisu, that’s some low shit. The tone of this film did not match the tone of the teaser. It’s beautiful looking, but underwhelming. It stinks that it looks like we’re heading towards another “post-era” of Disney animated films after almost a decade of really remarkable ones.
audrixn Prije 6 dana
Personally, not a very big fan of Raya. The animation was fluid, visuals looked great, I love the overall design. But there were parts of the story which were just far too predictable or completely stupid. I don't know what led the producers to believe that a martial artist baby has any place in a movie with these kinds of themes. I also didn't like Sisu's personality very much. I definitely think a better dynamic would've been Sisu, thinking she is above everybody because she is a dragon and Raya teaching her what humanity means to her. It feels out of place for something which isn't even human to teach an actual human how to be a person and have trust (if that makes sense). At the end of the day, I think Disney stopped trying on this one, they worked hard on making the movie look good and sell well, but didn't bother to actually deliver with the writing. As much as I would love to see a good animated movie which represents South-East Asian culture, this ain't it chief.
Daniel Ndlovu
Daniel Ndlovu Prije 6 dana
Walt Disney is turning in his grave
waiman Prije 6 dana
movie flig
Mai Sage
Mai Sage Prije 6 dana
I found Sisu completely insufferable.
Aoife O'Connor
Aoife O'Connor Prije 6 dana
Obviously Disney movies aren’t JUST for kids, hence why we’re all here. But I feel like it’s not said enough just how confusing this movie is for kids. I hardly followed the plot of this movie (but tbf I was playing scrabble while watching), and every parent I know says their kid didn’t like this movie because they found it super confusing.
Aidan Fu
Aidan Fu Prije 6 dana
I think the message is very bad. Trust everyone even if they are strangers and the ones that have hurt and backstabbed you? Disney, there are children watching, don’t send that message Bc it’s delusional and a fantasy.
Lightning Jem
Lightning Jem Prije 6 dana
This movie had potential....but honestly I was bored of it in the beginning. The ending was pretty good though.
Aidan Fu
Aidan Fu Prije 6 dana
Raya honestly would have been as good as avatar the last airbender if it was a series. All the characters were so good and interesting and the actors were SO GOOD!! They should have went deeper into those characters and develop the characters over time. It was definitely too rushed.
Whit Long
Whit Long Prije 6 dana
It was aight. Avatar did it better. The story development would benefit from being a series instead of a movie.
Levi Furr
Levi Furr Prije 6 dana
I agree the middle and the end kind of mixed and it just kind of planned
Sebastian The Goat
Sebastian The Goat Prije 6 dana
The dragon looked more like a furry long necked unicorn than a dragon :/
Koto Prije 6 dana
Say what you want about the movie but the animation was super good.
AubriGryphon Prije 6 dana
You're on target. It kinda reminded me of Titan AE in a way -- like all the pieces are there, but they never quite assembled them into a glowy magic jewel ball. It felt like... they hit all the necessary story beats because they were the necessary beats, and not because the story demanded it.
Maria Kaprial
Maria Kaprial Prije 6 dana
Raya is the least Disney princess out of all the Disney princesses. She doesn't have a song, goddammit! Even Merida has one and she doesn't even sing it! What am I supposed to add to my Disney Princess playlist on Spotify?
Phillibetrus Prije 6 dana
First thought both me and my wife had after watching: "this would have been amazing as a full tv series like Avatar TLA" glad I waited till premier access was over but not a horrible movie.
Phillibetrus Prije 2 dana
@Bose-Einstein on top of music and being pretty I also thought it had good world building and lore. I thought some of the characters were good but some were annoying. I still enjoyed the movie, and if my first thought was "I wish it had a longer runtime" I think they did something right.
Bose-Einstein Prije 2 dana
It's a horrible movie with a pretty coating. If it weren't for the visuals and soundtrack, it actually would be bottom of the barrel trash.
Sunny Sardar
Sunny Sardar Prije 6 dana
Same I was also waiting for the premier access fee to disappear. Just watched it a few minutes ago and I just was not super impressed
Kirby The Gamer
Kirby The Gamer Prije 6 dana
I thought it was okay.
Splur123 Prije 6 dana
Best youtube intro ever! Also, the movie is awesome
Jonah K
Jonah K Prije 7 dana
Bro, it's fine to be disappointed with a movie. All the movies you said were lacking WERE definitely lacking
Dat boi aurhen
Dat boi aurhen Prije 7 dana
I really didn't like how they used slang terms in the movie. Seeing how the world is still very traditional fantasy world? (I don't know if that's the right way to say it) and seeing the Raya and Sisu using modern day slang (which I'm pretty sure that isn't much modern anymore) just kinda pulls me out of the movie and just kinda ruins it for me cause' I start thinking Pixar is trying to be hip with kids or something. Also that part where Sisu got shot was not Raya's fault, shock from a goddamn dragon being so close to you for the first time would've made Sisu get shot too unless she moved the crossbow last second. It would've been better if Sisu got shot with Raya having put her trust in her and now having her old view on no one can be trusted back in full force and get rid of that stupid cliche of "(blanks) death is on your hands too!" Bullshit. It could've shown that even if you've done bad you can still continue to do good things. Pixar kinda did that but I imagine that message would be more impactful if Sisu didn't die because of Raya's "mistake", and this is all from a 15 year old dude. Damn that was a long comment, let me know your opinion on my opinion, I'm curious >:).
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