The Dark Past of BANNED World War 2 Cartoons

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Saberspark Prije mjesec
I literally just realized that I uploaded this video on Hitler's birthday, I swear to god that was a coincidence lmao
Dottie Mae Evans
Dottie Mae Evans Prije 6 dana
That bad guy doesn't have a birthday anymore. He lost that privilege when he did the horrid stuff he did. 😶
Ok Prije 11 dana
Sage Fall
Sage Fall Prije 21 dan
The Tin Pilot
The Tin Pilot Prije 24 dana
We celebrate 4/20 as the, “funny day” but in fact it was the day of bad stuff
Filip Filip
Filip Filip Prije mjesec
KanbeiKS7 Prije 12 sati
Former Disney Media Security guard here, I will say my bare minimum due to a legal contract but in short these films are called "the Level 5 Vault lock." But that's as much as I know about it. Anything more was told to higher tier Media Security Teams.
Ashe Prije 22 sati
"i mean, doesn't every american have a mini statue of liberty on their window sill?" (quickly hiding the mini statue of liberty on my bookshelf by my window) of course not that's ridiculous
MR.CLAW97 Prije dan
Despite the whole racism and such they are still quality drawn cartoons despite the controversial nature.
Rip Roaring Garage
Rip Roaring Garage Prije 2 dana
The fact that we have to walk on eggshells to not offend shows how weak we have become. War sucks, but what is the alternative? "Those who trade a little liberty for some security deserve neither" is the quote that comes to mind. Yeah, both sides did horrible things, both morally and ethically, but at least during WW2 (as I do have a paper regarding WW1 and the weakness of the people of the world back then), people were stronger willed, of stronger character and didnt care about name calling or being offended. Offense meant people died in a trench, or a bombing raid or charging the enemy. The sad truth is, that the more we feel uncomfortable with this, the more we ensure it will happen again, and as the US weakens, other nations will quickly use war as an "alternate means of diplomacy" to use another famous quote.
Madam Gryffindor
Madam Gryffindor Prije 2 dana
"Waaaah! Adolf likes Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!" Uh, isn't the movie based in fantasy Germany anyway?
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 dana
Hey when it comes to Chinese jokes i like the type of jokes you’d see in seinfeld and little Britain or father ted it’s just funny plus I think it’s annoying that it’s offensive to go ching chong chaing but not to make fun of British ascents and others like Australian since Chinese we are just making fun of the ascent I know on these old shorts it’s a little insensitive but I feel some offensive stuff deserves to stay in comedy maybe no asians being made fun of then it goes to you can’t be offensive at all look I think the black thing makes sense because of the whole history but I don’t understand asians because it seems silly to me and some jokes in seinfeld are funny these cartoons I’d say fair they were made for more to say we don’t like you then just poking fun but seinfeld and family guy and other types of shows aren’t trying to shun them it’s just making fun I think the gay jokes can be funny as well but i am glad anime embraces it as well as US cartoons but more anime for me I like yuri more in sound euphonium than steven universe I guess I don’t like the complaining and that we can’t have girls be sexualised and i get it annoys some people and i get it but we can’t not be ok to do it with women but say yeah it’s fine with men showing off their abs for women and men that swing that way But i feel I’ve gotten more clinical recently non bionary didn’t bother me neither did the word gender norms or strong female characters But now those things do because it’s pushed so much it’s either this way or nothing i also wish I wasn’t considered racist or misogynist for these opinions especially the whole strong female thing i wish it wasn’t ham fisted so much it should be a slow effort because it feels annoying to see now for some reason i just wish that diversity wasn’t the be all end all of entertainment now same with politics it should fit the story and not feel forced But the one thing i do hate is ripping off big but it’s little now black girl literally ripping off a concept that bothers me more than anything not even a clever spin just spinning it the other way around but adult turns to kid and stuff But i like yuri in anime a bit more in anime than American cartoons for some reason not yaoi because I guess I don’t like that stuff yet but I love animation especially anime it’s just it’s a shame American animation doesn’t have diversity in its art styles because now I don’t enjoy American cartoons anymore also i grew up i grew out of it used to like my little pony but I don’t anymore I don’t regret liking it though the only thing that annoys me about that is I never cried at anything else no anime after that twilight becoming princess episode and confirming this i cried at but when i saw anime like anohana and Clannad I didn’t cry i was close for Clannad but almost cried at Paddington 2 kinda cried at naruto at a point with the op sign not going to spoil it but if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 dana
I also realise I change subject a lot in my comment it’s just what i do sorry i know it’s annoying
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 dana
I also feel there’s nothing wrong with shows for girls and guys because that still appeals to them and if guys like my little pony or sailor moon cool, I’ve just become comical to these stuff because companies pander to it a lot and a lot of asses complaining about stupid stuff
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 dana
Look I’m sorry that my comment is so long I just have a lot to say on a lot of stuff you know
Neon Man54
Neon Man54 Prije 3 dana
I had to do a report on world war 2 and I asked if we could include propaganda, they said yes. And i used the Donald duck one. Everyone loved it
American Gaming
American Gaming Prije 4 dana
What wrong with this I see nothing wrong about this
LilyoftheLake Prije 7 dana
If WW2 saved Disney, then can we blame Hitler for the mediocre-terrible Star Wars sequel trilogy? Can we also blame Hitler for the modern day monopoly Disney has on over half of all entertainment?
danny martinez
danny martinez Prije 7 dana
People are so sensitive now. All these episodes are funny
Blitz Bussin
Blitz Bussin Prije 7 dana
damn that fan art finna make me act up
Louise Ogden
Louise Ogden Prije 8 dana
Given what the Japanese did to western and eastern Asian citizens, then some of the propaganda is justified at the time it was made. I don't think the shorts have any value beyond the immediate context of the war, and it beggars belief that they were having to be removed from syndication in the 1990s. But the problem is the behaviour of the Japanese and Germans was so egregious that it was understandable. Tokio Jokio is objectively awful bad and WB did the right thing though.
Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property
Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property Prije 8 dana
To be honest its kinda sad to see how people forgot the important of these cartoons, it was a way to relieve tension in a way and was a fun way (for some sides) to poke fun at the others.
‍1marcelfilms Prije 8 dana
Millenials can't handle the funny cartoons without trigger
Gary Sunazuka
Gary Sunazuka Prije 10 dana
Tokio Jokio is my favorite anime
Rank Knight16
Rank Knight16 Prije 10 dana
Sabersparck better watch out the Soviets might come
I can’t talk right now I’m making piss
I can’t talk right now I’m making piss Prije 10 dana
Weed nose
Izzy Schizzy Tbizzi
Izzy Schizzy Tbizzi Prije 11 dana
I’m still salty about song of the south
Idk- Alt if someone tries to term my main
Idk- Alt if someone tries to term my main Prije 12 dana
Wwii wait is the wii PART OF WW|| AAAAAAAA
Henrik Nielsen
Henrik Nielsen Prije 12 dana
damn wish I could get my hands on those magic spoon cereals, but I'm from europe
Zinervawyrm Prije 12 dana
The emperor of Japan wanted to be buried with his Mickey Mouse watch on? That's gotta be the most human request ever made by royalty.
Zinervawyrm Prije 12 dana
Me watching this during Memorial weekend: Seems appropriate.
leon The zombie
leon The zombie Prije 12 dana
why are we being offended and banning cartoons that mock the axis powers? i can't believe i have to say this but, nazi's bad. but being offended for japaneese i get. was watching a documentary about US propaganda war films and there was something about some being worried that the depictions make life harder for local Asians way back in the day. which is fair. i will tell you what though. we ever see something along the lines of WW3, those type cartoons and fims will just come right back. although be less... upfront about it. probably.
aNormalGuyThatLikesStuff (hi i'm a nice guy)
aNormalGuyThatLikesStuff (hi i'm a nice guy) Prije 13 dana
Is no one gonna talk about how mooselini somehow mouths "but man" at 10:51 ?
R6s lover
R6s lover Prije 13 dana
Ngl that last one i don't blame WB for yeeting it to the public domain. Nothing can save what it was
Unnamed Muffin
Unnamed Muffin Prije 14 dana
Man, don't you hate it when you're so excited for a new animated movie to come out, but you have a world war to start so you don't get to see it?
scribble dribble productions
scribble dribble productions Prije 15 dana
Cool 😎 funny lol
Taylor Johns
Taylor Johns Prije 15 dana
13:55 was that actually in the show I haven't seen the 3rd season yet and I hate spoilers but I will allow it this one time I just need the name of the episode
JK ASH Prije 15 dana
wwIII started oof
Tanya bleudragon
Tanya bleudragon Prije 16 dana
I think they SHOULD be shown in classes, in a special session to discuss the propaganda, the caricatures, the vitriol behind them. Make them think about the social media that still permeates our views today.
Y. Prije 17 dana
"Erasing the past only hurts our future" Twitter: and i took that personally
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid Prije 17 dana
Disney after making something that's slightly offensive: *banhammer appears* Looney Tunes after having a scene with bugs yelling every slur possible: nah it'll be fine in public domain
Rhys McCleary
Rhys McCleary Prije 17 dana
Omg we are cancelling nazis now? Cancel culture has gone too far this time 🤣
I have no name
I have no name Prije 18 dana
Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein und das heißt: Erika. Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein wird umschwärmt Erika, denn ihr Herz ist voller Süßigkeit, zarter Duft entströmt dem Blütenkleid. Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein und das heißt: Erika. In der Heimat wohnt ein kleines Mägdelein und das heißt: Erika. Dieses Mädel ist mein treues Schätzelein und mein Glück, Erika. Wenn das Heidekraut rot-lila blüht, singe ich zum Gruß ihr dieses Lied. Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein und das heißt: Erika. In mein'm Kämmerlein blüht auch ein Blümelein und das heißt: Erika. Schon beim Morgengrau'n sowie beim Dämmerschein schaut's mich an, Erika. Und dann ist es mir, als spräch' es laut: "Denkst du auch an deine kleine Braut?" In der Heimat weint um dich ein Mägdelein und das heißt: Erika.
Joseph seed
Joseph seed Prije 19 dana
Jeez no wonder donald is a nervous wreck
Яре-Яре тян
Яре-Яре тян Prije 20 dana
Oh, I had a lot of these cartoons on the disc. And I remember watching them as a child, though I had no idea about WWII О, уменя были многие из этих мультфильмов на диске. И я помню смотрела их в детстве, правда понятия не имела о второй мировой
Ismael Palacios Muñoz
Ismael Palacios Muñoz Prije 20 dana
1:09 Siria, Palestine, Irak, Colombia, chile, china etc... : "am i joke to you"
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago Prije 20 dana
All the nations you mentioned where in the war
oceanic chicken
oceanic chicken Prije 21 dan
Ohhh god why do I know most of the "Tokio jokio" voice lines Hehehehe
NoahG777 8
NoahG777 8 Prije 22 dana
Today political events, one way or another, make me feel like world war III is not far away
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Prije 22 dana
It's also interesting to point out how major events can shape these a bit for example Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Both were major attacks on US soil and kinda had people in the couple of years after so angry and sad that they didn't care much if a cartoon was made making fun of the nationality of the attackers. It sounds like I'm just making excuses but if you lived through something like 9/11 and could feel and see how it effected everyone around you you'd know what I mean. I remember for the first couple of years after 9/11 every September 11th there would be a moment of silence and sadly we stopped doing this entirely. I don't hate the Japanese or Muslims but having lived through something like 9/11 I can look back on these cartoons and something like Pearl Harbor and understand somewhat how they felt.
felicia costilla
felicia costilla Prije 22 dana
I love your channel soooo FREAKING much
Zelovkloskiya Prije 22 dana
You thought Izzie’s way Home was bad have you tried watching Padak?
Manfred Prije 23 dana
War is worse than hell. To hell go only those who actually deserved it, while to war go the innocent.
Dorothea Johnson
Dorothea Johnson Prije 23 dana
I watch that ducktaor one often. Still on HRpost. Love it.
Dio Prije 23 dana
Colobolo Prije 23 dana
Unfortunately, these clips reinforce the idea of “He who sees the enemy as a fellow human being is no longer a good soldier.” It’s easier to take the life of someone who is disassociated from reality and that’s just the sad truth.
Louise Ogden
Louise Ogden Prije 8 dana
Hmmm. In the case of Italy you might be right. The Germans and Japanese, however, did much worse things willingly than the British or Americans. It's evident from many, many photographs that the Wehrmacht soldiers actively participated in genocide and war crimes. Italian soldiers shepherded Jewish refugees from Yugoslavia to safety; the German soldiers -- not the SS -- rounded them up again. Opening up the way the Japanese treated other Asians and the Germans treated other Europeans as well as perpetrating the Holocaust, and that these cartoons were probably made before the full extent of the barbarity was known, as well as some Nazi images posted up across Europe, makes it entirely likely that these were pretty *mild* in comparison to anything the Axis brought out or did. South Korea didn't legalise Japanese imports until *2000*. My grandfather saw for himself what Japanese occupation meant for ordinary Burmese. If the soldiers hadn't fought in that war and been taught to kill, my British family would have been living under a very different situation over the past 75 years. We wouldn't be sitting around here debating the nature of American propaganda and whether it was or wasn't justified. The problem with absolute pacifism is that the other side -- the side that starts wars -- doesn't give a crap.
SadSovietSpy Prije 23 dana
Walt Disney hated jews, lol.
SadSovietSpy Prije 21 dan
@The Vietcong • 69 Years ago He formed and supported an anti-semetic industry lobby. In my eyes, supporters and those who don't at least offer passive resistance are one in the same. While saying he "hated jews" is a meme, it is true he observed and tolerated anti-semetic policies that did not need to exist, even for the time period. Also, depends on how you define communism. I am not a Marxist-Lenninist, but belive in more democratic socialism and a little social democracy.
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago Prije 21 dan
Also are you a real communist
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago Prije 21 dan
Not only is this most definitely untrue, (The evidence not being so great) but even if, he would’ve done it for the money and the bailout by the US gov. Also the Americans paid good money for propaganda films. So much so many studios rushed to make them
Paul Baker-Watts
Paul Baker-Watts Prije 23 dana
History teachers explaining why America was pure evil for the entire of its history except during 1939-1945
Dzuno18 Prije 24 dana
After looking at these World War 2 cartoons, imagine if the U.S made cartoons based on other wars that eventually happen in the future such as The Vietnam War, The Cold War, The Iraq War etc.
BOB Prije 24 dana
Would you wanna review Sausage party?
Chaos Kumagawa
Chaos Kumagawa Prije 24 dana
I can say for certain that all the depictions that were not Japanese were 100% acceptable jokes. Japan had the only group of innocents lumped together with a tyrannical sect.
Meme Samurai
Meme Samurai Prije 24 dana
I dont know why but everytime I see ww2 propaganda I think of Donald duck and Mickey being Banzai charged by a bunch of Japanese soldiers.
Balendale productions
Balendale productions Prije 24 dana
Fun fact: world war 1 or 2 was the time when Thomas the tank engine was made in the form of a book series called “the railway series”.
Melanie Crisp
Melanie Crisp Prije 25 dana
Tom and Jerry have a ww2 cartoon it's called ''yankee doodle mouse'' I own it
A stupid doggo • stfu years ago
A stupid doggo • stfu years ago Prije 25 dana
bitterpickles Prije 25 dana
The Ducktator! I grew up with that one since it was on a vhs of different cartoons my family had. I watched it as a child with no historical context and the speech part was my favorite lol
Trollge Prije 25 dana
Donald duck became a dictator because he didnt know how to paint and caused WW2
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago Prije 21 dan
There where many more, much larger factors that sparked his anger and his run into politics. I don’t believe if he had not failed art school would change much
Qwerty Prije 25 dana
We watched that German Donald Duck one junior year
Abigail R
Abigail R Prije 26 dana
Ah yes my favorite Popeyes cartoon, “Popeye beats the shit out of a nazi”
Emperoroleary Prije 26 dana
our teacher actually showed us "education for death" to show how proproganda was used by both sides
Sean Strandfeldt
Sean Strandfeldt Prije 26 dana
the bugs bunny Stalin imitation got me laughing lol.
Catherine 4444
Catherine 4444 Prije 26 dana
Saber, will you ever do a video on song of the south?
Trent b
Trent b Prije 26 dana
If you're offended by history you're the problem you learn from the past to have a better tomorrow
Triple Viktor
Triple Viktor Prije 26 dana
I mean technically WWII saved a lot of things. The US was still on the end of the depression when war broke out. "Banned in Russia" really means nothing. Russia bans lots of stuff. As much as people want to view them as this new federation of openness, they still have a hell of a totalitarian bent under the surface
TimocomlitaRevised Prije 26 dana
12:00 yeah this falls into the "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T LET ANYONE SEE THIS!!!!!" category. 12:53 so essentially WB just yeeted it to the shadow realm and never returned to it.
Nicolas Arboleya
Nicolas Arboleya Prije 27 dana
its a word find not a crossword
jlrule Prije 27 dana
No wonder why Donald Duck is screaming
David Tucker
David Tucker Prije 27 dana
Is it okay to mock and dehumanize Nazis? Then why not the Japanese Empire? They were just as evil. Racism is bad, but I don't think these cartoons should even be considered controversial. Fuck the Nazis, and fuck the Japanese Imperialists. Why should we be in the slightest bit apologetic to monsters?
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago
The Vietcong • 69 Years ago Prije 21 dan
That’s why not a single soul in asia cried when Hiroshima and Nagasaki where bombed.
Susie Bell
Susie Bell Prije 27 dana
I remember watching WWII cartoons as part of a school assignment, and damn, did it get dark quick
phanfinger Prije 28 dana
Never seen a person be sponsored by a cereal before. Kind of refreshing honestly. I see the same ads everyday by different people and they're all saying the same thing. It's so annoying ahaha
dad and son adventures
dad and son adventures Prije 28 dana
i have all of them on vhs
Diego Alberto Zetina Sosa
Diego Alberto Zetina Sosa Prije 28 dana
Tokio Jokio. I'll watch that later.
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah Prije 28 dana
“Any” physical copies of these films are possibly really valuable...? 😳 Oh shiiiiiiiiiite. Excuse me while I ransack my storage unit for an ancient birthday gift from an old “edgelord ex,” of a mega-compilation box set of the *100 most offensive Disney and WB cartoons,* circa 2005’ish real quick..... Side note:how do I sell stuff on eBay?!😆
Joshua Klotsche
Joshua Klotsche Prije 28 dana
my gerat grandfather was a nazi soldier
Syd Gamer
Syd Gamer Prije 28 dana
I wish all countries content creators would come out with content like this about thier past/present dark history. Only really see Americans talking about thier past and understanding and showing how bad it is. It's sad too because it makes Americans look really bad but that's actually because younger Americans acknowledge it quite a bit and don't really hide it/censor it and as a society try to head equality (more so than a lot of other countries). I hear so many stories of people moving to other countries because they think things will be better there because nobody talks about racism in those places and then once they get there are silently shunned. Some even say it's worse to be silently shunned and stared at. Anyway just wish all countries were more open. I'd like to easily be able to look at other countries past racist propaganda and such as well. I know some countries still have really racist common day things being sold and consumed ( like caricatures on thier candy bar wrappers and such) but it is hard to find examples when you're not living there. Things seem to stay "in house". Hopefully one day everyone can be more accepting and learn to grow.
Cristina Flores
Cristina Flores Prije 28 dana
2:00 bugs stalin
Lukey Pepper
Lukey Pepper Prije 29 dana
Emporer of japan and Hitler Love Mickey Disney to there love of mickey in the 1940s: let it die let it die
Electronic Corgi
Electronic Corgi Prije 29 dana
We do see modern cartoon characters used like this, just instead of pro war propaganda it's ideological talking points. Exp: The Steven Universe PSA.
Violet Vulpix
Violet Vulpix Prije 29 dana
Can you imagine modern day cartoon characters as war propaganda tho? “I’m Peppa Pig! This is my brother, George. This is Mummy Pig.. and this is Daddy Pig! Let’s go punch an Iranian!”
AlexsGamingShow Prije mjesec
The Empire from Star Wars was inspired by the Axis Powers as well and I can see that! 😊.
Sadge Gowey
Sadge Gowey Prije mjesec
I didn't know 4/20 was Hitler's birthday until a family guy joke of all things.
Paul Haido
Paul Haido Prije mjesec
Pedro gabriel Duarte
Pedro gabriel Duarte Prije mjesec
Now these cartoon are banned beacuse they are racist right?
dark.PoioisionedWolf Prije mjesec
I want to see more videos of saber in real life and watch him eat things
ItsAmy Prije mjesec
Hitler liked Disney. Bro imagine he could’ve become an animator of some sorts. Well now he has animations of him on Disney IG? LMAO
adolf duck
adolf duck Prije mjesec
Sa Rah
Sa Rah Prije mjesec
Review Max and Mary
Ini S
Ini S Prije mjesec
I think the caricatures of the Japanese being so much worse is resultant from multiple elements. For starters being that America was a majority white nation and its media was definitely white oriented, the ridicule of other white nations on an ethnic level is never going to be as severe. The more different a people, the more emboldened the propaganda is going to be depicting exaggerated physical stereotypes. Another element that's often looked over is just how terrible the Japanese were during the war. Their crimes against humanity are generally agreed to have been far worse in both severity and scale compared to even Nazi Germany and you also have to consider Japan invading China predated Italy's invasions of Africa and Germany moving into Poland. I think there is definitely an element of generalized racial hatred for asian people and wouldn't say that wasn't at play. But considering just how severe the war was and likewise how extreme the Axis hatred of their enemies was, the caricatures can be considered a petty insult at worst. These were nations fighting for dominance of the globe, that cannot be understated.
Bucky Dee Entertainment
Bucky Dee Entertainment Prije mjesec
It would be seriously fucking funny when people start to make propaganda against the Chinese government when a future war breaks out in the Pacific.
B. Thayer
B. Thayer Prije mjesec
I have the Disney Treasures box set called At The Front which contains Der Furher’s Face and other war effort shorts. It came out ~15-20 years ago and Leonard Maltin explains the cultural impact Vs the current views.
Seabasstiengaming101 Prije mjesec
I can't believe what I'm doing but through multiple amounts of reasercher that was not how they lived in Germany
Tomcsika Orgovan
Tomcsika Orgovan Prije mjesec
Adolf hitler more like adolf duck
DSCuber Prije mjesec
Jiggs Miguel
Jiggs Miguel Prije mjesec
I almost thumbs down this video since you didn’t add milk. But I stopped the urge and liked instead.
a completely normal human
a completely normal human Prije mjesec
5:57 the method in which he is aged reminds me of the story of urashima taro
Stephsaguudefan Prije mjesec
I don't think I would call these cartoons racist considering the circumstances when they were made. The people who worked on them literally lost loved ones because of the countries they portray as the bad guys. They hated what the countries were doing which is completely understandable. I can see not putting them on current Disney+, but this shows exactly how Germany and Japan made us feel in that time which isn't trivial, and honestly those feelings were warranted.
LemonfaceBlinkyCrossoverProduction2001 Prije mjesec
can you review Freddie As FRO7 and Blinky Bill 1992?
CatsNNavyBlueCaps Prije mjesec
My college has a small temporary exhibit set up full of world war II propaganda, and the Donald Duck cartoon is playing on loop in there.
Gaufridus of the fire
Gaufridus of the fire Prije mjesec
Question what's with the teeth.
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