The Dark Past of BANNED World War 2 Cartoons

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Saberspark Prije 5 mjeseci
I literally just realized that I uploaded this video on Hitler's birthday, I swear to god that was a coincidence lmao
Fried Friend
Fried Friend Prije 2 dana
Dat Animation Channel
Dat Animation Channel Prije 5 dana
Imagine reviewing Mickey Mouse in Vietnam
Rubens Silva
Rubens Silva Prije 12 dana
Mando 912
Mando 912 Prije mjesec
IkedaTheFurry Prije mjesec
Josh O
Josh O Prije sat
It is almost like pearl harbor was a thing....
rustyshakelfur Prije 2 sati
So why was depicting the juxtaposition between the horrors of Nazi Germany and American freedom a bad thing? And did you forget what the Japanese did or........ I get you're trying to be all "diplomatic" but to say those cartoons didn't help in the fact that you're not under Communist or Socialist rule and that they should be looked at in disgust seems like a bit of a stretch to me.
me Prije dan
It really is so strange how they hated each other back then but are now almost besties.
General Grievous
General Grievous Prije 2 dana
So since that first cartoon was made by a Japanese studio, does that make it... 1940s ANIME?
Jason's gaming
Jason's gaming Prije 2 dana
In my opinion, I think that they should be showing these cartoons when WW2 is being taught, due to how important they were to the second world war, along with the interesting history behind them.
Eva Schiller
Eva Schiller Prije 2 dana
We see similar acts of racism in cartoons following 9/11 too. The depiction of muslim arabs is painful to revisit.
Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan
Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan Prije 4 dana
The best one I could think of is puppet master The littlest Reich
MineCraftRob Prije 7 dana
8:21 this is NOT a good thing, all this is, is CANCEL CULTURE and Wokeism!!
dayneplaylogic Prije 10 dana
I'm pretty sure the last one also had a cutaway gag of Hitler going to summer camp and he looks up from a map that says concentration camp. Like I'm all for dark humor but not being as into the history of animation back in middle school days and seeing that had me like "Jesus fucking christ!"
neolithiumproduction Prije 11 dana
I'd always been against the idea of erasing the past just cause its uncomfortable. We learn from the past, and need these reminders so that we may never fall back on those ways again.
Red Tsar
Red Tsar Prije 11 dana
Ehhhh.... idk... I enjoyed watching the shorts lmao
MKB the Artist
MKB the Artist Prije 12 dana
I remember watching a racist Superman cartoon as a kid
The Yeetmeister
The Yeetmeister Prije 15 dana
You misspelled "Based" in the title
The Dualist
The Dualist Prije 21 dan
The funny thing is I do have a miniature Statue of Liberty near my window Uhhhhh
LunaBit Prije 25 dana
@4:31 It's not covered in the video, but this clip-I remember watching this episode all the time as a kid. We had an old VHS of Daffy Duck cartoons. Was too young to understand what it was about though.
Enrique Dueñas
Enrique Dueñas Prije mjesec
Guys... I don't understand ANY of you. I totally get the concern regarding racial stereotypes but... what's the freaking problem dehumanizing nazis?? F*CK those guys! If anything, we need MORE nazi-bashing cartoons, not more disclaimers!!
We Don't Talk About This Anymore
We Don't Talk About This Anymore Prije mjesec
I think you missed one, I even own it lol.
jorge cameras lopez1
jorge cameras lopez1 Prije mjesec
🎓👨🏻‍🎓🙉🙊🙈. oh dineros 2012-2014-2015.-2016-2017-2021. google. mundo. rule 34. looney tunes: aladdin lamp (1948) tiny toons aladdin lamp. anime aladdin lamp. donald trump, tiempo. trump ✊🏻✌🏻 :-/ 🌐...
Selim Obed
Selim Obed Prije mjesec
You keep saying it's okay because they were at war yet America still refuses to apologize for killing more than 100 thousand people(most of whom are civilians) in just 2 days. So no it is not okay and it never will be.
Alexander Moreno
Alexander Moreno Prije mjesec
Other axis powers like Thailand and Romania: glad I didn’t get roasted
Tracy Walker
Tracy Walker Prije mjesec
The Japanese got it worse because echoes of the exclusion act were still reverberating in the Amerikkan psyche. To my knowledge there were no prison camps for Italian or German Americans.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler Prije mjesec
*Secret Nazi Donald Duck!* 🦆
Nakos0930 Prije mjesec
never thought i would have seen bugs bunny Stalin in my life.
Tiefi Prije mjesec
I have The Führers face on my pc. Am i on a fbi watchlist now?
At the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, KS, there’s a copy of Der Fuehrer’s Face.
Pixie Pixie
Pixie Pixie Prije mjesec
I’ve seen some of those old cartoons tho before, at my mother’s friends house, who have a WALL of dvd and blue rays, some of which dating back to this time.
Good Morning
Good Morning Prije mjesec
WB and Disney: "Let`s do some war propaganda" MGM: Does an anti-war propaganda instead
maxwell jarowey
maxwell jarowey Prije mjesec
Hitle,r love Disne,y Disne,y is about to go bankrupt Hitle,r starts WW2 Disne,y get bailout making war propaganda I seen what you did there hitle,r
Danietch Art
Danietch Art Prije mjesec
There’s an anti-Japanese Superman cartoon called “The Japoteers;” it only starts getting racist in the middle.
midnightwolf Prije mjesec
One of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons I had on VHS as a kid was Falling Hare.
Zachary Bradshaw
Zachary Bradshaw Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean could you blame anyone on any side of the conflict making stuff like this it makes since when you hear and see ur friends and family not coming back from the conflict either cuz the Holocaust or pow camps and battle fronts etc. if I was alive then I might have felt similar but luckily I live now and hate everyone
The Pride Doctor
The Pride Doctor Prije 2 mjeseci
I really just looked at the thumbnail and say “since when did the wii have a second console and two double u’s”
T Rasmussen
T Rasmussen Prije 2 mjeseci
My racist ass grandma has VHS of all this.
seecretgamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Everyone: Milk or cereal first? Saber: No milk.
Higuera ft
Higuera ft Prije 28 dana
As it should be.
seecretgamer Prije 2 mjeseci
Not sure how I feel about feeling bad that Hitler never got to see snow white.
Nightmare GamingYT
Nightmare GamingYT Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how even people who would be dictators during the war were massive fans of disney.
JayLeeBeanz Prije 2 mjeseci
It's always important to look at these cartoons in their historical context. As you said, the Americans hated the Japanese at the time, of course the cartoons were racist against them, that was literally the point. Only makes sense to make fun of your enemy and wanting to paint them in a bad light. Now that we are all on good terms, that obviously is different. But back them, it's positive representations of the other nations that would have caused an uproar.
Voltage thename
Voltage thename Prije 2 mjeseci
Me and hitler share the same birthday month Edit:Pog
Marlyjade Prije 2 mjeseci
But some of y'all didn't know that Donald duck was actually officially part of the US Navy
ZEROH to HERO Prije 2 mjeseci
I want to see Donald duck taking Biden to Guantanamo bay and super man taking the rest of them corrupt B'otches lol.
Damon Dillinger
Damon Dillinger Prije 2 mjeseci
I had a copy of that Daffy duck Nazi short
Kylie Smith
Kylie Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
World War II: *happens* Animators: can we be ràcist toward Japanese and German people??? 🥺👉👈 Studios: Knock yourself out kid.
TheRustedProp Prije 2 mjeseci
america is the corporate bad guy that acts good in every war
erik 20
erik 20 Prije 2 mjeseci
0:26 🤣🤣
Luke Fairrington
Luke Fairrington Prije 2 mjeseci
Still the best cartoons ever just because of how funny they are.
what Is life
what Is life Prije 2 mjeseci
But hey at least my grandpa killed hitler so we dot gotta worry about him
Trumpets Call
Trumpets Call Prije 2 mjeseci
The things they make today, is way more disgusting than the ww2 cartoons.
GODOFAWSOMENESS1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Guess what we have the Disney ww2 propaganda videos.
HG Shurtugal
HG Shurtugal Prije 2 mjeseci
It was WW2 we should not have played nice.
Cyxes Prije 2 mjeseci
You should do a video on "Peace on earth" from 1937 i believe, and its sequel "good will to man" from 1955. Really interesting animations regarding the outlook on war after the first world war
Hunter Hartman
Hunter Hartman Prije 2 mjeseci
Ironically, Walt Disney admired Adolf Hitler.
XT-08OW Prije 2 mjeseci
War, war never changes
Мирјана Адамовић
Мирјана Адамовић Prije 2 mjeseci
Ha ha, funny story, i have a copy of one, Bugs Bunny episode: "German meets Bunny" My door next day: FBI OPEN UP!!!
Мирјана Адамовић
Мирјана Адамовић Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe i translated name wrong, idk, it's something amongst those lines
Knuxuki 101
Knuxuki 101 Prije 2 mjeseci
Holy shit, I was just thinking about looking up something on World War 2 and I had no idea you made this so recently, how convenient. (Is this a sign)
Rosa Alvarez
Rosa Alvarez Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh yeah I seen that episode before it was pretty cursed what the actual fuck
Jacob Lauer
Jacob Lauer Prije 2 mjeseci
Tokio jokio can still be found on HRpost and while I don't support or encourage racism, the scene with the fire prevention always makes me chuckle.
NOT zyro
NOT zyro Prije 2 mjeseci
Fun fact: World War 3 may happen sometime in the future because of the BRICS Brazil Russia India China South Africa They are like a brick wall to nato. Plus India russia and china have nukes NATO too, BRICS members are in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America. So it means other south Americans countries will have a big treath. Russia is really OP china too and even India is Op Too so NATO will maybe lose. Well or course they don't spam nukes. So yeah well if the world runs out of oil countries will fight for it. You see? Plus is not thankfully that another world war 3 happened because France signed a treaty to germany. To never fight again.
Josh Prije 2 mjeseci
Anybody gon talk about his mic?
Mario87456 Prije 2 mjeseci
Racism is a good thing.
NEWTON_stUdiOs Prije 2 mjeseci
This video teached me that Big Chungus has a long history of warcrimes
Just a Prussian with a mask
Just a Prussian with a mask Prije 2 mjeseci
Fun fact! When you talk about current political things and show support for one side you lose subs.
blatz Prije 2 mjeseci
guys there's some haha funny signs in there
Seth Stelly
Seth Stelly Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree about being able to preserve our past products and being able to use them as educational material, but I also believe that the world isn't entitled to artwork made by an artist. Art created by an individual or company at the time is still something that is tied to their image and while we should definitely hold those people to what they deemed appropriate to put out into the public in the first place, they also should hold a right to remove it from the public. I'd hate to be feeling some emotions and create something to process these emotions, and then decide it doesn't represent me and then the public itself forces me to keep the work out there to be observed. I don't truthfully understand anyone's desire to want to purposefully watch Song of the South or demand Disney release it (because if you truthfully wanted to see it, there's tons of *legal* places to view it). And I don't understand people's desires to have these cartoons readily available to watch on demand either. I'd love for Disney or Warner Bros to work together to create an exhibition with these sources to educate the folks, but I think as a society there needs to be a level of respect if they decide otherwise. It's the same as HRpost channels going in to private their own videos to prevent more of the public from seeing it or deleting it off the record after realising that it's not their interests to keep it up anymore nor does it represent them as a person for whatever reason - as in they've grown, changed the channel's topic, or for other more serious issues.
Vladimir Seale_25
Vladimir Seale_25 Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the Japanese had it worse because of the day of infamy (pearl harbour). Just a guess.
BaeBunni Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the part I'm most fascinated with these shorts is the quality. Removing the content of the animation for now, it seems like disney and warner did want to keep their reputations for quality work because let's be honest if they looked worse they probably would have been as effective because of what they were saying so it seems like it was a decision to have veterans involved as opposed to passing it on to younger staff members just to cash the check.
killerclownJERY Prije 2 mjeseci
History has and will repeat It's self. (Until humans are gone from reality.)
ribbonfly Prije 3 mjeseci
This time period is fascinating.
Gunner Pup
Gunner Pup Prije 3 mjeseci
I wonder what something like these cartoons would have looked like if they were produced during Vietnam. As a US veteran, and someone who avidly loves US history, I can genuinely say that the amount of racism in the cartoons depicted for their time was truly a reflection of the American people at the time. I’m honestly really happy at the progress that we have made as a society, and looking back on some of these cartoons, I specifically remember watching the Donald duck short during a history class, it honestly begs the question of what the US and other NATO countries what have done to replicate is this idea during the Vietnam war. Or maybe if the Warsaw Pact try to do something like this during their invasion of the Middle East. Also, I would love to see can you do a video on animation out of Russia during the USSR years. Assuming that it’s something that Russia actually partook in, I would love to see you cover something of that nature. Could you imagine if the Soviet union had a version of Disney during the Joseph Stalin years? I would love to fine some cartoons that’s a picture stolen from the Russian point of you.
FeatureFeminist Prije 3 mjeseci
Disney actually did release a collection of their WWII cartoons, including Der Fuehrer's Face. It was released in the Walt Disney Treasures collection "Walt Disney on the Front Lines" (though you are right about it being expensive!!! Though with a special collection like that, it's almost expected)
Old_is_always Gold
Old_is_always Gold Prije 3 mjeseci
When i was young i saw the one with the donalt duck
QuantumNeko Prije 3 mjeseci
War... War never changes Xd
shizu 💌
shizu 💌 Prije 3 mjeseci
Coming in 1960's mickey mouse becomes Stalin Edit: sry if this offends you I'm trying to be satire
♓HoshinoOtaku98悲しい魚 Prije 3 mjeseci
Nah -. 😐.
Andrei Ovidiu
Andrei Ovidiu Prije 3 mjeseci
video starts at 5:15 skip all that rambling
Jenny KitKat
Jenny KitKat Prije 3 mjeseci
I really love how you promote healthy nice things for your viewers. Like good cereal, mattresses, and soap and others stuff. You're really making it okay and normalizing the act to take care of yourself
Flights Step Sis
Flights Step Sis Prije 3 mjeseci
Is it just me or do I love these cartoons
Oofy Oofer
Oofy Oofer Prije 3 mjeseci
Ww2 cartoons: Ok living in nazi germany is not good Also ww2 cartoons: hAhA jApAnEsE uGlY
Prije 3 mjeseci
Well time for my daily dose of propaganda
Hank Herrera
Hank Herrera Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine this video being 20 minutes flat
Spicygolf Prije 3 mjeseci
fun fact the cuphead looking guy in the Japanese short actually inspired the design for cuphead.
KaziNeverWind Prije 3 mjeseci
The best lesson to take from these cartoons: If you don't have a golden miniature statue of liberty in your bedroom, you might as well be in Germany.
Mr Funreal
Mr Funreal Prije 3 mjeseci
oh wow. an entire quarter of this video is just advertisement.
Aja-mariama Jawara
Aja-mariama Jawara Prije 3 mjeseci
Seriously, we should preserve things like these. One thing I look forward to when I have my kids and grandkids is showing them history from the past. These things seem useless and irrelevant in modern day, but they are unique keys about how a devastating even impacted the world at the time.
Furretcanwalcc Prije 3 mjeseci
17:26 I was watching this and only saw the cats tail and thought it was a fricking velociraptor
Styx in The River
Styx in The River Prije 3 mjeseci
I find it so bizarre the angle companies take when dealing with dated content. The people working at Disney are not the people who made those cartoons. There is no "we did this and we are sorry," because 'we' didn't do shit. The people who work at Disney now should acknowledge that old content made by their predecessors is culturally dated, but the people who work at Disney now didn't make the 'past mistakes,' the people that made those mistakes died fifty years ago. I'm not gonna blame current Disney or Warner animators for some shit people were doing ninety years ago just because they work for the same company. It's so weird that they insist on taking credit for smth they're ashamed of TLDR: people who work at Disney now don't have to apologize for shit they didn't write or anymore, they simply have to acknowledge that those _completely different and long dead_ people were in the wrong.
Styx in The River
Styx in The River Prije 3 mjeseci
@DjiDji that's SUCH a flawed way of doing it but I guess they just want money and don't give half a shit what makes sense
DjiDji Prije 3 mjeseci
If they do acknowledge that the old racist stuff was made by "completely different and long dead people" then it would also mean disowning the _good_ cartoons that are just as old. And that doesn't gel well with their philosophy of extending copyright into eternity. Also you can bet that someone would pull the "you profited from your ancestors's bad actions and that means you're JUST AS BAD!" card.
KanbeiKS7 Prije 3 mjeseci
Former Disney Media Security guard here, I will say my bare minimum due to a legal contract but in short these films are called "the Level 5 Vault lock." But that's as much as I know about it. Anything more was told to higher tier Media Security Teams.
Ashe Prije 3 mjeseci
"i mean, doesn't every american have a mini statue of liberty on their window sill?" (quickly hiding the mini statue of liberty on my bookshelf by my window) of course not that's ridiculous
Rip Roaring Garage
Rip Roaring Garage Prije 3 mjeseci
The fact that we have to walk on eggshells to not offend shows how weak we have become. War sucks, but what is the alternative? "Those who trade a little liberty for some security deserve neither" is the quote that comes to mind. Yeah, both sides did horrible things, both morally and ethically, but at least during WW2 (as I do have a paper regarding WW1 and the weakness of the people of the world back then), people were stronger willed, of stronger character and didnt care about name calling or being offended. Offense meant people died in a trench, or a bombing raid or charging the enemy. The sad truth is, that the more we feel uncomfortable with this, the more we ensure it will happen again, and as the US weakens, other nations will quickly use war as an "alternate means of diplomacy" to use another famous quote.
Madam Gryffindor
Madam Gryffindor Prije 3 mjeseci
"Waaaah! Adolf likes Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!" Uh, isn't the movie based in fantasy Germany anyway?
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 mjeseci
Hey when it comes to Chinese jokes i like the type of jokes you’d see in seinfeld and little Britain or father ted it’s just funny plus I think it’s annoying that it’s offensive to go ching chong chaing but not to make fun of British ascents and others like Australian since Chinese we are just making fun of the ascent I know on these old shorts it’s a little insensitive but I feel some offensive stuff deserves to stay in comedy maybe no asians being made fun of then it goes to you can’t be offensive at all look I think the black thing makes sense because of the whole history but I don’t understand asians because it seems silly to me and some jokes in seinfeld are funny these cartoons I’d say fair they were made for more to say we don’t like you then just poking fun but seinfeld and family guy and other types of shows aren’t trying to shun them it’s just making fun I think the gay jokes can be funny as well but i am glad anime embraces it as well as US cartoons but more anime for me I like yuri more in sound euphonium than steven universe I guess I don’t like the complaining and that we can’t have girls be sexualised and i get it annoys some people and i get it but we can’t not be ok to do it with women but say yeah it’s fine with men showing off their abs for women and men that swing that way But i feel I’ve gotten more clinical recently non bionary didn’t bother me neither did the word gender norms or strong female characters But now those things do because it’s pushed so much it’s either this way or nothing i also wish I wasn’t considered racist or misogynist for these opinions especially the whole strong female thing i wish it wasn’t ham fisted so much it should be a slow effort because it feels annoying to see now for some reason i just wish that diversity wasn’t the be all end all of entertainment now same with politics it should fit the story and not feel forced But the one thing i do hate is ripping off big but it’s little now black girl literally ripping off a concept that bothers me more than anything not even a clever spin just spinning it the other way around but adult turns to kid and stuff But i like yuri in anime a bit more in anime than American cartoons for some reason not yaoi because I guess I don’t like that stuff yet but I love animation especially anime it’s just it’s a shame American animation doesn’t have diversity in its art styles because now I don’t enjoy American cartoons anymore also i grew up i grew out of it used to like my little pony but I don’t anymore I don’t regret liking it though the only thing that annoys me about that is I never cried at anything else no anime after that twilight becoming princess episode and confirming this i cried at but when i saw anime like anohana and Clannad I didn’t cry i was close for Clannad but almost cried at Paddington 2 kinda cried at naruto at a point with the op sign not going to spoil it but if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 mjeseci
I also realise I change subject a lot in my comment it’s just what i do sorry i know it’s annoying
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 mjeseci
I also feel there’s nothing wrong with shows for girls and guys because that still appeals to them and if guys like my little pony or sailor moon cool, I’ve just become comical to these stuff because companies pander to it a lot and a lot of asses complaining about stupid stuff
That Guy
That Guy Prije 3 mjeseci
Look I’m sorry that my comment is so long I just have a lot to say on a lot of stuff you know
Neon Man54
Neon Man54 Prije 3 mjeseci
I had to do a report on world war 2 and I asked if we could include propaganda, they said yes. And i used the Donald duck one. Everyone loved it
Gangsta German
Gangsta German Prije 3 mjeseci
What wrong with this I see nothing wrong about this
LilyoftheLake Prije 3 mjeseci
If WW2 saved Disney, then can we blame Hitler for the mediocre-terrible Star Wars sequel trilogy? Can we also blame Hitler for the modern day monopoly Disney has on over half of all entertainment?
danny martinez
danny martinez Prije 3 mjeseci
People are so sensitive now. All these episodes are funny
Glizzyslayer Prije 3 mjeseci
damn that fan art finna make me act up
Louise Ogden
Louise Ogden Prije 3 mjeseci
Given what the Japanese did to western and eastern Asian citizens, then some of the propaganda is justified at the time it was made. I don't think the shorts have any value beyond the immediate context of the war, and it beggars belief that they were having to be removed from syndication in the 1990s. But the problem is the behaviour of the Japanese and Germans was so egregious that it was understandable. Tokio Jokio is objectively awful bad and WB did the right thing though.
Hippity hoppity your child is our property
Hippity hoppity your child is our property Prije 3 mjeseci
To be honest its kinda sad to see how people forgot the important of these cartoons, it was a way to relieve tension in a way and was a fun way (for some sides) to poke fun at the others.
‍1marcelfilms Prije 3 mjeseci
Millenials can't handle the funny cartoons without trigger
Gary Sunazuka
Gary Sunazuka Prije 3 mjeseci
Tokio Jokio is my favorite anime
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