Why did Persian SpongeBob CENSOR Sandy's Cheeks? (seriously, this is ridiculous)

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So they censored Sandy in her bathing suit but they made her extra THICC...I'm conflicted...

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Mani.h gamer
Mani.h gamer Prije 15 sati
In iran like evryting is censor like a sexist male censorshiping all movie lol I'm so goddam happy I learned English and came to HRpost
ToysandPlushInvasion Prije dan
Wheres SpongeBob in Tehran 😡😡😡
Ryan Lawler
Ryan Lawler Prije dan
"My video on SpongeBob in Tehran will be out next week. *Still hasn't come out a month later*
ode Prije dan
5:33 there isn't even any cleavage there??? the fuck??
Ze Alexis Arts
Ze Alexis Arts Prije dan
There's a much better way to censor sandy and keep her looking non-haram Just make her have purple pants and a long sleeved purple top with her tutu still there. Perfect. No weirdness.
Prizmar Valschi
Prizmar Valschi Prije 2 dana
Saber it's been a month
Adam Mukhreez
Adam Mukhreez Prije 2 dana
Just a random opinion (from a muslim): The more you cover up something uninherently bad, the more likely one is to go find the original.
Hdius Chan
Hdius Chan Prije 3 dana
Yall remember that ep about squidward and his gf? In persian version it was translated to "Squidward's Sister" ,yeah.
George the Cat
George the Cat Prije 4 dana
furry saber looks cute tho
arad Prije 5 dana
As an iranian, Im happy that I just bought a CD from america to watch spongebob.
Come On Fhqwhgads
Come On Fhqwhgads Prije 5 dana
Looking at Chinese censorship law for films, I'm glad that their webtoons are not subject to the same shit laws. their movies must be horribly boring. & they were so good back in the 80s. Steven Universe would have appealed to me more if all the characters were voiced by men & it had more of an Adventure Time art style.
Come On Fhqwhgads
Come On Fhqwhgads Prije 5 dana
Wow, they just put a muumuu on her to make her look positively obese. Iran used to be free in the 70s. Women could dive, travel unattended, & wear micro mini skirts & heels.
Paniz Shariat
Paniz Shariat Prije 5 dana
It's pretty bad. As an iranian., thats why I see it in English on HRpost
Rayhant Aji Chatulistiwa
Rayhant Aji Chatulistiwa Prije 6 dana
same story happened in Indonesia.
7uP Prije 6 dana
It's stupid how they worked hard for this
bismar syauqie
bismar syauqie Prije 6 dana
Persian censored Sandy Cheeks Indonesian be like:"Ha amateur!!"
🔰Ray animates🔰
🔰Ray animates🔰 Prije 8 dana
Cerebral Faith Video
Cerebral Faith Video Prije 8 dana
I now share a first name with a Disney robot! Haha!
MartenFerret Prije 8 dana
GASP! She's barefoot!
Karimba Leofasa
Karimba Leofasa Prije 9 dana
You can tell Wall E was an impossible movie to ethically censor because they’re doing mental gymnastics over it Also, yeah, despite the ending of steven universe and all that, they handled censorship in a pretty ballsy way
The Unkillable Cat
The Unkillable Cat Prije 9 dana
I mean I am Muslim and yes it is haram what sandy wears alot of the time I don't blame them
The Unkillable Cat
The Unkillable Cat Prije 9 dana
I am dead 💀
Iqbaal Kurniawan
Iqbaal Kurniawan Prije 10 dana
Hey at least they didnt censored a real cow getting milked
P&MFieryFlakes Prije 10 dana
If censoring the cartoon isn't going to get any better. Then how about you just don't show them on TVs anyway?
Wolf Prije 10 dana
Its not censored in Saudi Arabia. Here, they don't censor anything unless its straight up porn.
That One Guy
That One Guy Prije 5 dana
I dont see how that's possible. Saudi arbia is one of the most strict Shara ran countrys. You know where Homosexuality is punishable by BEheading with a sword in public and Adultry can be punished by stoneing people to death. Like if a film was a Christian movie it would never be allowed in saudi arbia. Do they have like Homosexuality in movies and stuff over there? Also Christans aren't allowed to speak about there faith which is censoring there speech. Yah it's not in a movie but if it was it wouldn't be allowed
Hurricane Chaser Chase
Hurricane Chaser Chase Prije 11 dana
The I ran song I heard so long ago, thanks for reminding me
Serena Yvonne Gabena
Serena Yvonne Gabena Prije 11 dana
This is madness!
WhyBarana Prije 12 dana
As a female iranian i hate these stupid censorships not just in sponge bob but they censor every thing
Sonia Celia Halim
Sonia Celia Halim Prije 12 dana
Same thing in happend in Indonesia
Blazer Prije 12 dana
Iran is a joke to Saudi Arabia
Cutie bumpkin
Cutie bumpkin Prije 12 dana
This dosnt shock me i seen way worse but instead of cartoon its anime Censoreship. Youll find like Library
Cutie bumpkin
Cutie bumpkin Prije 12 dana
Is this your first time about stupid censoreship? Try Anime western media censore it a LOT LOT
BAT CAT Prije 12 dana
Jimmyanimates Prije 13 dana
Never did spongbob in Tehran
Novaice19 32
Novaice19 32 Prije 13 dana
You really are a furry
Beavis 2310
Beavis 2310 Prije 14 dana
There's also a Persian Spongebob music video made to enlist children in the military. It's hard to find, but there are some rips online.
Prije 15 dana
I’m seriously losing Braincells from them RN
The Oliver Pickard
The Oliver Pickard Prije 15 dana
Dude sometimes you have something to say and you've just gotta make the video
Kitty Mckattely
Kitty Mckattely Prije 18 dana
So they made Persian WALL-E gay 💅
Door the Chalk
Door the Chalk Prije 19 dana
Where’s the Spongebob in Tehran, did we get the Sailor Ballz video in exchange for that? Was that our sacrifice?
InfiniteKitkat Prije 19 dana
The dislikes are at 666
W randomz
W randomz Prije 19 dana
they did the same in indonesia (censoring sandy and other stuff that didnt need to be censored but not as bad in iran) and belive me they make a lot of meme and jokes about KPI (the one that cencor stuff in indonesia)
Thomas Dickensheets
Thomas Dickensheets Prije 19 dana
I wonder why people leave there country.
Danil Sirin
Danil Sirin Prije 20 dana
how is nobody talking about sandyS cheeks
YouDontKnowSponge Prije 21 dan
Um yeah, US/English content should not even be aired in the middle east if they are just going to tarnish it just because they hate women.
h ep
h ep Prije 21 dan
Eye run? The fuck? Iran
SweetMissCheshire Prije 22 dana
Got a new movie for you saberspark Panda vs Aliens
Tim Carver
Tim Carver Prije 22 dana
omg this is as bad as Yu gi oh removing the guns but pointing fingers .... or one piece changing a cig to a lolly pop
Gerardheffron Prije 23 dana
Maybe because sandy had no clothes on this time (joke)
Sh333dowPlayz Prije 24 dana
We had these things that we called satellites in Iran to where it was basically illegal cable where u could see all the good stuff without the censorships with either persian dubbing or subtitles so that was for the rich people or middle class families and this was just for the lower class families that couldn't afford satellites but also if the authorities saw you had a satellite you would be fucked but better yet now that there is internet there's no need for satellites and pirating is very common in Iran to the point where it's the most consistent way to get entertainment so now we basically get all our entertainment for free by pirating.
TheHobgoblyn Prije 25 dana
You act like this is coming out of no where... but shall we first analyze why it is necessary to cover up the "private parts" of only the female characters in the first place?
crown jewel
crown jewel Prije 25 dana
"the in depth video will be out next week" *1 month later*
Nieroshai Prije 25 dana
So... you're saying that ME getting a VPN will protect ME from a DDOS attack against the GAME SERVER. That's... not how this works.
BlackCroft666LP Prije 26 dana
First female catroon characters were basically the guys just with skirt, high heels and eye lashes. So why making Sandys upper Body round? Why not pretend she has no female features like back in the day? Also making Eve a guy and then censor the hand holding but still keeping the mood....hmmm....
AlienWill Prije 26 dana
Iran has the horniest government ever
Hai Kai
Hai Kai Prije 26 dana
Wait holup sandys cheeks…
maybe not
maybe not Prije 26 dana
man, at 6:08 i stopped the video to comment about russia making ruby in SU male, and their wedding scene. and when i unpaused he literally said that in the next secondXD
ItsRainingNans Prije 26 dana
for a split second there i thought the express vpn logo was roblox bcs of the intro animation.
Toppien Prije 26 dana
censorship is a weird thing, but sometimes censorship backfires, and its kinda funny seeing it happen XD
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prije 26 dana
What happened to the other video?
Slavtron Is Now Gay
Slavtron Is Now Gay Prije 26 dana
When a good free vpn gets created i will use it
negar luci
negar luci Prije 26 dana
I am ashamed of my country
•°lofia°• Prije 27 dana
Every thinks you know is HARAM IN iran هر کاری که تو ازشون خبر داری تو ایران حرامه😂🙂
•°lofia°• Prije 27 dana
Ya bro I'm persion lol Sorry for stupid cartoons lolllll😂 Tnks for make video and iranis in this video ❤
Zack Steele
Zack Steele Prije 27 dana
Other examples of hilarious censorship is the famous tv edit of Snakes on a Plane "I have had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday through Friday plane!"
2bored Prije 27 dana
c h e e k s
Local Olive Garden
Local Olive Garden Prije 27 dana
saber needs to stop promising videos lol
Neptune Vasilias
Neptune Vasilias Prije 27 dana
I like it that the Netherlands are one of the highest on the list of the vpn
Taiwan is a country
Taiwan is a country Prije 27 dana
Hey there I am a China scholar. I would like to comment on the Chinese censorship in movies. As my case I will be using the lion King. From the entrance to the elephant graveyard when the hyenas show up, it is a mess. Cuts so many times to different scenes that it is not even funny, the whole hyena incident is cut out, Mufasa showing up is not there. (Too scary) Mufasa telling Simba about his ancestors, not there (promoting ancestor worship) It almost cuts all the way to where scar is saying "long live the king" and then it cuts to where Simba is being found by Timon and Pumba. Scene with Narla, nope. and so on. It is a mess, they do not care about the movie at all. For the movie Venom, 30 minutes were cut out of the cinema version, it was so bad that my Chinese wife called me and told, that I should send her an illegal version of the movie to her. (Since piracy is not really illegal in China at all.) It is a mess. But I totally agree Hollywood are some shilling bastards. Chin are conducting there censorship anyway, or are boycotting movies for no good reason. It is absurd and stupid.
Sponge pterodactyl
Sponge pterodactyl Prije 28 dana
For all you that say “this is stupid” or “they didn’t need to add this” Here is something about Islamic countries Women must cover their entire body but their face without their husbands because if you don't they think it's sinful and you can get beaten for it
Pizza Gamerzzz Part 1
Pizza Gamerzzz Part 1 Prije 28 dana
#Saberspark #PersianSpongebob
Pebble Person
Pebble Person Prije 28 dana
“This time I’ll actually make the video” When will the lies end?
somebody :l
somebody :l Prije 28 dana
2:25 Honestly I like the US one at the bottom
Salad V
Salad V Prije mjesec
When your biggest complaint about a theocratic dictatorship is how it censored SpongeBob
Sebastian G. MSFB
Sebastian G. MSFB Prije mjesec
I love how Saberspark actually talked about a foreign language-dub of SpongeBob SquarePants! :D
miguel gaiotto
miguel gaiotto Prije mjesec
Terraria: we are a almost interely diferent in china Sponge Bob: hello there felow diferent content
Godzillafan9000 Prije mjesec
Is this the Taliban version? Cue mass booing
João Gouveia
João Gouveia Prije mjesec
Wtf I got unsubscribed from your channel
Prije mjesec
Yay! We are getting noticed! Except I live in Canada now
Emmet Shaner
Emmet Shaner Prije mjesec
what next, eye censorship
Nima Hosseinian
Nima Hosseinian Prije mjesec
Welcome to my world, im 20 and i stopped watching Persian cartoons and movies since i was 8, makes me uncomfortable.
TheSolidMidget Prije mjesec
And I thought 4kids was the worst when it came to censorship.
JJ Prije mjesec
I feel like we should just let other countries do what they want in terms of cartoon/movie censorship. Like it just feels wrong for 14 year old white girls to judge other societies
trumpeter811 Prije mjesec
"next week" the biggest joke in the video
Anonymous wolf
Anonymous wolf Prije mjesec
* laughs in sailor and the 7 balls *
Doom39 Prije mjesec
The possibility that someone legit had the thought, “Sandy Cheeks is too sexy, we have to tone her down.” is too funny.
Pluigi Expluigi
Pluigi Expluigi Prije mjesec
6:21 I mean if they wanted it to stay as oh 1 is man and other is woman then they could’ve just made like a gag that was like oh they put on the wrong things or something like that , unless it’s illegal to do that there
laughableInflection Prije mjesec
Also isn't there a huge void where Russia would be in Steven U?
Your local person
Your local person Prije mjesec
China's censorship: 1:58 aBSoLuTeLy nO hOmOseXUaLiTy! etc etc lgbtq+ and their ally's: So people normally loving other people is perverted and needs to be censored???😑
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Prije mjesec
man why does spongebob care so much about iran /googles iran's population/ 82.5 million HOLY MOTHER OF SHI-
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter Prije mjesec
One of the most homophobic countries and areas of the world turned Wall-E gay by accident. That's hilarious.
ilove fortnite andmen
ilove fortnite andmen Prije mjesec
I guess they hate women and bikinis
Sarah Bartlett
Sarah Bartlett Prije mjesec
So they made walle gay to sensor it?
Sarah Bartlett
Sarah Bartlett Prije mjesec
Well it’s better than make a gay couple cousins(USA did it to Neptune and Uranus from sailor moon
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown Prije mjesec
Watched SpongeBob while getting teeth fixed on deployment. My friends and I were laughing at her dress the entire time we were waiting. It was great lmao
PirateNerd Z
PirateNerd Z Prije mjesec
Your initial pronunciation of Iran is actually more accurate. A Persian family member of mine taught me to pronounce it as "ee-rahn"
FwostByte Prije mjesec
The censor bikini bottom
bxtter Prije mjesec
My parents grew up in Iran-
Amanda Dixson
Amanda Dixson Prije mjesec
-you get a tweet- "... and here's some screenshots, it gets SO much worse." Lol🤭😅
Spritemon 98
Spritemon 98 Prije mjesec
Still waiting
Spritemon 98
Spritemon 98 Prije mjesec
Cartoon squirrel is way to lewd!!
I smell The cheeze
I smell The cheeze Prije mjesec
When I say the thing sandys wearing Iran
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