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What the HELL is Eveready Harton? (watch this before YouTube removes it lol)

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Julia Krause
Julia Krause Prije 5 sati
Ain't there that Danish kids show about that dude and his magic ...
MisterJackTheAttack Prije 5 sati
A lot of animation uses reference images. They they use any for this short??
fella Prije 8 sati
“watch this before youtube removes it lol” it’s been two months
Ankford Prije 20 sati
Everready looks like John Dillermand
The Dominator
The Dominator Prije dan
Hahaha, HRpost gives me a warning that this video is ‘not appropriate’
Tacoor gafruf
Tacoor gafruf Prije 2 dana
I'm seeing a "verify your age" thing now. While yeah! This means minors cant access these videos (Good!), This also means censoring videos might be pointless. You could put a big fat black square on it with "something horrible is happening here!" and it will still be age restricted and demonized due to the subject matter. But this could be a good thing for people who have a following (*Koof* PaidSubscribers *Koof*) and want to put more spicy stuff here.
Bluff Impala
Bluff Impala Prije 2 dana
"Awwww, he loves his *BBBBBRRRRMMMHH*"
Tractor Daddy
Tractor Daddy Prije 2 dana
1:05 You could say he was GETTING HIS ROCKS OFF!
JunnoonPlayz Prije 2 dana
Caleb Rands
Caleb Rands Prije 2 dana
I love the Twenties!
shipper gal
shipper gal Prije 2 dana
Martino Grubić
Martino Grubić Prije 3 dana
What a shit!!!
SANESS Prije 3 dana
haha i love you too saberspark
SANESS Prije 3 dana
im those twitter followers
TheAmazingWolfie Prije 4 dana
ah, yes . . . *s-s-snakes* _shgnshgnhgnhgnh_
Psycopathicus Prije 4 dana
Believe it or not, I saw this when I was a kid, with my parents (not a really LITTLE kid, mind you, but I think I was still in Elementary School, so, yeah. Not too far into my double-digits). A local film festival did a screening of 'censored cartoons', and there was no age limit, so my parents took me along, under the theory, presumably, that, hey, people censor things for all kinds of stupid reasons, so it probably woouldn't be much worse than what I'd already seen on Looney Tunes. And to be fair, it mostly wasn't. The majority of it was just old public domain shorts that featured some blackface stereotypes - and let's face it, I think everyone winds up seeing a few of those. But then there was 'Malice in Wonderland', a rather disturbing 'Alice' spoof that starts with the White Rabbit going down a monstrous vagina, and 'The Club', an honestly kind of hilarious cartoon about a 'gentlemen's club' populated entirely by anthropomorphic - ahem - 'men's equipment' - and, of course, good ol' Eveready himself, in all his sword-fighting glory. That was an awkward ride home, I can tell you.
BloodStorm Wolf
BloodStorm Wolf Prije 5 dana
w h a t t h e f u ck
Aetherisme Prije 6 dana
Uh, cavemom, its a god
antonco2 Prije 6 dana
Hah, I remember showing this to a teacher with some friends years ago. He was an animation historian, but he had never seen this and got extremely uncomfortable. He looked weird at us after that hahah
Nobody Justme
Nobody Justme Prije 7 dana
Imagine Eveready Harton becomes a underground cartoon franchise like a forbidden Felix the cat and the animator makes up more obscured fucked up shit! Maybe it's already happen since most silent cartoons are lost so maybe there's more fucked up cartoons like these hidden somewhere that we hadn't discovered yet!
Nobody Justme
Nobody Justme Prije 7 dana
8:55 "I show you "My legs!"!". That's not legs, that's t*tties. That would be more fitting to the guy with literally three legs!
A Seraphim
A Seraphim Prije 7 dana
Guess you don’t have to look back too far.
Genesis Prije 7 dana
The sound effects you use to cover the swears are comedy gold.
Juliana Blewett
Juliana Blewett Prije 7 dana
That was the late 1900s for not showing ankles
Preyfix Prije 7 dana
Oh, right, i can't watch it
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Finn Nicholson-Crotty Prije 7 dana
Is there anything more powerful than brain bleach or holy water, cause I need it
HOMEBOY ornge Prije 8 dana
I don't like this Mario
Roy Wilson
Roy Wilson Prije 8 dana
(Dont mind the account) you said this was made in 1929 well that's when the stonewall riots were happening that's when people were first actully going to be aloud to be gay so yeah :>
Red panda Gamer
Red panda Gamer Prije 9 dana
Not deleted yet
Bob Hask
Bob Hask Prije 10 dana
This makes R34 look like a Dr. Suess book.
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Finn Nicholson-Crotty Prije 6 dana
“You’re goddamn right” _ a middle aged meth dealer
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Kid Icarus: Uprising Prije 12 dana
My reaction to the first animated p*rn cartoon: F***!!!!!!!!!
Phát Bùi
Phát Bùi Prije 12 dana
lexi may
lexi may Prije 12 dana
youtube really waited for me to turn 18 for me to be able to watch this 🗿🗿🗿
Melanie Dotcity
Melanie Dotcity Prije 16 dana
I love classic Hollywood and it is amazing how many movies from this same time are lost forever and yet, this film survives
Styx in The River
Styx in The River Prije 16 dana
The fuckin censor noises are killing me
Styx in The River
Styx in The River Prije 16 dana
The fuckin censor noises are killing me
Styx in The River
Styx in The River Prije 16 dana
The fuckin censor noises are killing me
Chris Walls
Chris Walls Prije 17 dana
"This content may be inappropriate for some users" Oh really, HRpost? Who could've guessed?
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Prije 17 dana
📕 history: what the hell 😇 god: why 🥲
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Prije 17 dana
1920s: 😀
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Prije 17 dana
😐 /|\ / \
William Sawyer
William Sawyer Prije 17 dana
❓ 😐
Kale Potter
Kale Potter Prije 18 dana
the taco bell sound is what fuckinG goT me
RedVexeD Prije 18 dana
That was the wildest 6 minutes ever and I laughed so hard, I'm not surprised the whole ass floor of people were laughing like maniacs. Just WHAT THE *dolphin noises* and WHY?!
Zanemob Prije 19 dana
11:28 It’s a racist joke the donkey screwer is Mexican.
??/??/???? Prije 20 dana
Idk how to feel about what I just watched
Quantum Ridge
Quantum Ridge Prije 20 dana
The 1920’s were actually pretty risqué at some points, especially with speakeasy’s and knee-flashing flappers.
LandShades Prije 21 dan
How the hell is this monetized
xxjolee Prije 21 dan
"aww he loves his-" *loud fart noise*
Dreamii the Tilted Rodent
Dreamii the Tilted Rodent Prije 21 dan
Hey so...were those small dogs or puppies screwing their mom? My sanity needs an answer
Jordi Monahan
Jordi Monahan Prije 22 dana
Hey Saberspark, can you please review Sausage Party(the 1st R-rated CG animated movie)
Vale Pulido
Vale Pulido Prije 23 dana
I... I need to call my therapist
Jojo I
Jojo I Prije 23 dana
Wow, this short has a lil bit of everything for everyone.
Chihuahua Kween
Chihuahua Kween Prije 23 dana
I've seen things, but that has got to be the weirdest, dear lord Jesus I need to go to church now. The commentary makes it worse.
Blaze3062 Prije 23 dana
"Cut that out it's disgusting, it's my turn"
Hiram Does somethingr
Hiram Does somethingr Prije 24 dana
NO im cuban i will not accept this
Gregory Delaney
Gregory Delaney Prije 25 dana
I believe the first time I saw it was on an episode of HBO Shock Videos back in like in the 90s or early 2000s. Of course I was far too young be watching stuff like that but what can you do about it now? 😂
Ezelllohar Prije 25 dana
wow. I thought the censored version would be enough, but there's so many parts that have to be completely censored that I'm genuinely wanting to watch it to see what the hell is going on.
StopFear Prije 25 dana
This kind of thing is a very important historic artifact because it shows to what lengths people would go to express something risqué and sexual in a society which at the time just had no easy access to printed or video porn.
StopFear Prije 25 dana
Has Saberspark reviewed the Hungarian 80s animated film from 1986 called “Cat City”? In Hungarian the title is “Macskafogó”, and the literal translation is “Cat Catcher” or “Trap for Cats”. In English release a title “Cat City” was given it. It’s probably the only and the most popular animation within Hungary. Kind of popular in the Eastern Bloc. But in content it is VERY culturally messed up and even fucked up sometimes. It’s full of racial stereotypes, very suggestive sexual situations, lots of cliches based on American action movies. But overall it’s just trash that had a high production value. There was also a sequel but it’s just not really worth the time. Anybody interested try to find it on HRpost. People occasionally upload the whole thing
Gamer fan 844
Gamer fan 844 Prije 26 dana
Wait it still up
Steroyd Prije 26 dana
My god, Japan wasn't the first to create Yaoi, ugly bastard and bestiality/furry tags!? **Mind blown**
The Rabbit HABIT Forgot
The Rabbit HABIT Forgot Prije 26 dana
I'm cry-laughing and this is exactly what I expected
Andrew Street
Andrew Street Prije 27 dana
Good thing I watched this before HRpost removed it
CFTWCFTL Prije 28 dana
remember me for watching before youtube deletes this video, and my comment for being here before this video is deleted
princkleminckle •v•
princkleminckle •v• Prije 29 dana
12:54 ...i thought you said cornhub for a sec-
princkleminckle •v•
princkleminckle •v• Prije 29 dana
"homeboy's got a third leg literally"
michelle b
michelle b Prije 29 dana
Theirs only ONE EMOJI that can describe this video And that emoji is... This emoji 😳
Juliana Dias
Juliana Dias Prije mjesec
0:35 yeaaaah, “flight“, ok.
this video literally got age restricted
Greg Crow
Greg Crow Prije mjesec
Oh, this cartoon. I first saw this in 1975. My father in law at the time (which was so bizarre) had been active in the porno industry for years, and among other things had an 8mm copy which he would show several times as year. As a long time compulsive animation geek i loved watching it every time. Legend has it that many staff at Paul Terry and other studios who worked on this lost their jobs over it. Years later I worked for Disneyland Entertainment Technical Services and found that i became a legend for having actually seen 'Eveready' personally and not just heard about it. This just prior to the interwebs taking off and everything becoming available. I saw it decades before I could track down a copy of 'The Emperor and the Nightingale, which I really wanted to see. And if you haven't, you should do a video on 'Nightgale' because it's just wonderfully strange, beautiful, odd and touching. Personally the English dub version is pretty out there, but it's only the film itself that matters. Thanks. I love your channel.
Greg Crow
Greg Crow Prije mjesec
Oh, and I refer to the French Paul Grimault version and no other.
Materia Grezza
Materia Grezza Prije mjesec
Aaand it's age restricted now. That sucks.
Tsz Lam Cheng
Tsz Lam Cheng Prije mjesec
oh my god, I remember this is on HRpost a long time ago. You just unlock my cursed childhood memory!
アリーヤ Prije mjesec
Well ig youtube really didnt take down this time
bhayes06 Prije mjesec
Two obvious words to describe this cartoon: That's nasty. BTW, here's an idea you might want to consider: What ruined Filmation?
Kinda sleepy
Kinda sleepy Prije mjesec
💛🖤🖤🖤 1/4 not the best video to eat to, not recommend! >:(
Mila Hancock
Mila Hancock Prije mjesec
I love your cat in the background
Weed eater
Weed eater Prije mjesec
Fun fact: adult toys existed before houses
PrestigePlayz Prije mjesec
So sad that the HRpost gods are despleased with this video xD
Little Nate
Little Nate Prije mjesec
The development where they never saw the full thing until the end reminds me of a game me and my friends play where we fold a paper and someone draws a top half of a body and the other draws the bottom and then you unfold it and see the full thing.
Green Apple
Green Apple Prije mjesec
LavenderTown did that once. The result was glorious. 😂
Sonny Crockett 1984
Sonny Crockett 1984 Prije mjesec
I think saberspark is anti Furry also that's not furry stuff ok
Lonnell Jones
Lonnell Jones Prije mjesec
14:36 Bruh XD
Jeffrey McGoldrick
Jeffrey McGoldrick Prije mjesec
9:44 clock block
Adarable Kitten
Adarable Kitten Prije mjesec
Wow a face reveal and your Adorable. Nice. 👏👏👏
aggressively sexual
aggressively sexual Prije 15 dana
It's not a reveal I think, I'm sure he's shown his face before
Eagle _
Eagle _ Prije mjesec
*me watching this be like* *me after*:0
zecle Prije mjesec
you should do more reaction videos. it feels good to hear the real you, not the conservative ultra puritan shy avatar of yours. it makes you more human and less character.
Super_ShaG Prije mjesec
"Here's the link" "Oh cool" *Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.* "Archive Broke"
Sophisticated Goat
Sophisticated Goat Prije mjesec
I just tried to check the link you provided, and unfortunately it seems like it got taken down from because it violated the terms of use. I'm sure it still exists elsewhere but it might be harder to find.
relser Prije mjesec
Update: it seems the link no longer works, the owner took it off the site. Does anybody have a link to it that still works? Edit: found it on Dailymotion!
Joseph Mathew
Joseph Mathew Prije mjesec
Eveready Harton changes everything. It paved a way for adult animation.
White BomberMan
White BomberMan Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who laughed with saberspark while watching this?
William l Jacks9n jr
William l Jacks9n jr Prije mjesec
I love your channel bro keep it up rated GP
V497 Vesper
V497 Vesper Prije mjesec
Watched it on vimeo and the first response was "what the actual.....?"
The Lost Concerts
The Lost Concerts Prije mjesec
The 1920s and 30s were *not* conservative. With the prohibition in the US and the Wiemar Republic in Germany, degeneracy was the name of the game. It was in fact quite similar to today. And the massive amount of in-your-face nastiness is what led to the rise of conservatism in the USA and of fascism in Europe. The pendulum swung too far one way, and then swung too far the other way. Also, look into the term "pre-code". ;)
Jackie Snapdragon
Jackie Snapdragon Prije mjesec
Shane: "I saw this guy... fuckin a goat!"
Cia D. Rollins
Cia D. Rollins Prije mjesec
Saber’s sex life probably looks at this shit he reviews like 👀
Declan Handley-Byrne
Declan Handley-Byrne Prije mjesec
"Why, I haven't been that entertained since the stock market crash of 1929!"
Sonny Crockett 1984
Sonny Crockett 1984 Prije mjesec
Alastor radio demon
BrandinCool Msp
BrandinCool Msp Prije mjesec
Ew it's like an x rated 1920s show
s nonya
s nonya Prije mjesec
lol no one in the usa would do it? *thinks about todays boring af state of television* yep i believe it
ARZ Johnson
ARZ Johnson Prije mjesec
1:51 I love this reference
Ghost of Smokey Joe
Ghost of Smokey Joe Prije mjesec
"Was this considered okay back then?" The entire freakin short was not considered okay back then. That's the whole point. lol
Doll life
Doll life Prije mjesec
Ok that’s enough with u
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