What the HELL is The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat? (YouTube made me censor everything again)

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HRpost really doesn't want me to upload this one but I'm gonna do it anyway

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Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
What is even my channel anymore, I can't stop sinning with these uploads
Soup :D
Soup :D Prije dan
vip ticket to hell
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 23 dana
Poor lil saberspark
Friday Night Noah
Friday Night Noah Prije mjesec
KhailanDoesGaming Prije mjesec
Oh no. The internet, it's because so smart its using its brain for evil!
Kiban Prije 2 mjeseci
@a hentai connoisseur lou albano is the best
Hornned Demon
Hornned Demon Prije 7 sati
did anyone else catch the nip-slip in the censor?
skooma-cat Prije dan
I swear I've seen this movie before when I was little either the first or the second one I remember seeing bits and pieces of it when I was little
Meem Mahn
Meem Mahn Prije dan
saber, I fear for your channel's safety. there were a few frames where some breasts weren't censored at 8:14
Miss Milk
Miss Milk Prije dan
Why most r rated animated movies all animals this is starting to be concerning
Thomas Dickensheets
Thomas Dickensheets Prije 2 dana
Made by Robert Crumb
waxdood Prije 3 dana
Japan: "oh, American." Leaves
floofy fox edits
floofy fox edits Prije 8 dana
have a look at 'Checkered Ninja' a film that was released for the first time in CHIFF, a children's movie program. it was rated pg. i watched it when i was 11, and still hate it.
JustMaster JustRed
JustMaster JustRed Prije 9 dana
i remember when i saw the thumbnail of Fritz the cat it looked like a kid friendly animated show but i didn't felt like watching it until when i watched this video and saw the thumbnail of it again, i instantly knew what was going on..
AdenTheWolfEngine Prije 9 dana
I love RACIST THINGS HAHA keep your mouth shut
Schuckertly Prije 12 dana
*Are cartoons still for kids now, Emily??*
xena91388 Prije 12 dana
Speaking of Fritz paving the way for adult animation, are you ever going to review Coonskin? It's probably Ralph Bakshi's most adult film of them all.
JToonsTV Prije 12 dana
Who wants Saber to review Down and Dirty Duck?
Rondaru’s Archive
Rondaru’s Archive Prije 12 dana
I think I need to take a shower..
Idiot idiot
Idiot idiot Prije 12 dana
This movie is the origin of furries
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 15 dana
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 15 dana
9:45 LOL
Leila S
Leila S Prije 17 dana
“Cartoons are for children not adults right?” Happy tree friends:your god damn wrong
-Afton -
-Afton - Prije 17 dana
"Cartoons are for kids!" My Mom: about that-
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 18 dana
8:42 Mickey?
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 18 dana
4:06 Poor Among us it doesn’t deserve to be collaborated with fritz
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 18 dana
I like simpsons and family guy South Park sucks
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 18 dana
Also X is called NC 17
Lord Trigon
Lord Trigon Prije 20 dana
If it makes the first one look good it must be really bad. 😂
Leaxpea Prije 21 dan
Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat? Nah.....more like "Fritz the Cat in Nazi Germany"! (This comment if just for fun. Don't take this seriously!)
Merial Jordan
Merial Jordan Prije 22 dana
Oh great a inappropriate movie I'm glad they made x rated movies illegal to make
Merial Jordan
Merial Jordan Prije 24 dana
Great just great now I'm going to buy bleach and gonna find some holy water after this vid
Jacob Drolet
Jacob Drolet Prije 25 dana
Amazing awkward fun video saberspark
Dragzilla66 Prije 26 dana
6:25 What the fuck. 😂
Susan Boardman
Susan Boardman Prije 27 dana
Let's Get A Sin count Here..... It's around The Numbers Between Forever and infinity.
°grape panda° OFFICAL
°grape panda° OFFICAL Prije 28 dana
ayo should i scar my childhood watching this 😳
°grape panda° OFFICAL
°grape panda° OFFICAL Prije 26 dana
Wofuyuu {ARCTIC}
Wofuyuu {ARCTIC} Prije 26 dana
ari gami
ari gami Prije mjesec
saberspark looks identical to my 8th grade English teacher, he could walk into class during 3rd period and I would think nothing was off until he started talking
☁️•angel In the sky• ☁️
☁️•angel In the sky• ☁️ Prije mjesec
“Cartoons are for kids” Hazbin hotel and helluva boss: *laughs in cartoon*
GoldenTimber🇱🇺 Prije mjesec
My dad showed me this movie
sonic  and roblox  8
sonic and roblox 8 Prije mjesec
Face reveal
Blowblow's Jizarre Headventure
Blowblow's Jizarre Headventure Prije mjesec
Fritz the Cat and The Nine Lives Of Fritz the Cat are the perfect example of something being Edgy vs something being Tryhard. FtC had a point and used offensive topics to say something, where TNLoFtC was more interested in being offensive just because they can.
Stormy pusheens sister
Stormy pusheens sister Prije mjesec
Bruh why am I seeing so many videos about cats I gonna get one soon but it’s probably a scam
Shocky shark
Shocky shark Prije mjesec
I like ya intro
TheHasmith99 Prije mjesec
2:12 "Fritz the Cat is based" saved you 20 minutes
Friday Night Noah
Friday Night Noah Prije mjesec
4:06 well that’s sus
CatD Prije mjesec
Hollywood trying to wring out bucks from successful movies with sequels is like revolutions of other countries trying to copy the American Revolution.
ZΣNAJ Prije mjesec
"Cartoons are for kids not adults!" *Family guy:* "Am I a joke to you....?"
Watchdog Prije mjesec
Lol, guess what kind of Ad i got.
[ Epic Roblox buddy ben]
[ Epic Roblox buddy ben] Prije mjesec
this is so worse than happy tree friends
Random Gameplays
Random Gameplays Prije mjesec
8:24 could someone please tell me what the background music is please thanks.
Chad Hawksworth
Chad Hawksworth Prije mjesec
History of animated sequels
Dream The Minecraft Cheater
Dream The Minecraft Cheater Prije mjesec
Parents: back in our day cartoons where wholesome The cartoons:
Denizly Cisneros
Denizly Cisneros Prije mjesec
Homeboy really said: Nah I'm corny with an h.
Froggi Prije mjesec
Y'know it's bad when this video is at 666k views
PonyCentral 2.0
PonyCentral 2.0 Prije 2 mjeseci
Fritz: Oh, boy! Another review video about me! He reads the title and gets mad. Fritz: DARN YOU, HRpost!!!
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo Prije 2 mjeseci
Probably a moot point, but cartoons of this time and a little prior were more full family oriented. I'm pretty sure the "cartoons are for kids" came later on.
Thomas Ford
Thomas Ford Prije 2 mjeseci
You've done good job not getting banned off HRpost with this kind of content.
Hayden Griscom
Hayden Griscom Prije 2 mjeseci
this reminds me of Garfield: And His Nine Lives (watch it)
oak lamb
oak lamb Prije 2 mjeseci
Sorry lord for what iM about to watch😀
Aloris Blazer
Aloris Blazer Prije 2 mjeseci
Isn’t it weird how the female anthropomorphic characters in the past (and some in the present) look more human than the males
NicTomahawk Prije 2 mjeseci
Who isn't in on making fun of Hitler.
Blank Screen
Blank Screen Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the part WITH Fritz over footage of the 1930's might have been an intermission like the crow dancing from the first film.
AustinB2021 Prije 2 mjeseci
8:54 what is the background music?
Nikita Alberg
Nikita Alberg Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi guys☺️✌️
Neko Aumelie
Neko Aumelie Prije 2 mjeseci
"cArToOnS aRe FoR kIdS" Cartoons like Fritz the Cat(and its sequel): Allow us to introduce ourselves
Gorem Prije 2 mjeseci
You actually did Fritz the cat? Hahahahahaha oh man how are you not demonetised, HRpost not keeping their game up xD hahahaha
Emir’s Channel
Emir’s Channel Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey saberspark can you review felidae
itryen Prije 2 mjeseci
Tfw furries pioneered animation :)
Hshd Gsgd
Hshd Gsgd Prije 2 mjeseci
Grayson Rogers-Barnes
Grayson Rogers-Barnes Prije 2 mjeseci
Sir I think you need to watch some Christian programming after this.
•°XXXBoba Tea QueenXXX°• xoxy
•°XXXBoba Tea QueenXXX°• xoxy Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm out I'm done no no I'm OUT I MEAN OUT
Christina Smith
Christina Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Not for kids ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Danilo Mitic
Danilo Mitic Prije 2 mjeseci
Idiot you forgot to put blur in this scene 8:16
DeezNuts5 Prije 3 mjeseci
This is what young people call ”sussy” nowadays (i have shit grammar)
Friendly Neighborhood HellSpawn
Friendly Neighborhood HellSpawn Prije 2 mjeseci
Riley_the Dino_Guy
Riley_the Dino_Guy Prije 3 mjeseci
the hell
assmuddafukkinhole2 Prije 3 mjeseci
Do the sponsors have to be so long? Padding out the runtime, ehh?
A L Prije 3 mjeseci
I genuinely didn't expect a Halo joke in this episode
Salazzle Dazzle
Salazzle Dazzle Prije 3 mjeseci
It sounds like Nine Lives fell victim to becoming its own character: too caught up in itself and pretending to be intellectually deep or meaningful. BTW epic halo joke dude
Optimuz Prije 3 mjeseci
My eyes are now burning.
Rachael Olsen
Rachael Olsen Prije 3 mjeseci
You should review Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings animated adaptations. They’re something else.
Come On Fhqwhgads
Come On Fhqwhgads Prije 3 mjeseci
The more I hear about it, the more it sounds like the original Lupin III manga that the TV series deviated really heavily from.
Rabbit0 Prije 3 mjeseci
I find it ironic that people say they're for kids when animation started out for adults in peep shows
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Prije 3 mjeseci
Finding Jesus 2 pls do it
william snekspeare
william snekspeare Prije 3 mjeseci
Wait, please tell me gay hitler only had 1 testicle. Please.
ChrisPhil Gaming
ChrisPhil Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
why do you sound so drunk in the sponsors
Geeka Prije 3 mjeseci
1:18 You should review "Belladona od Sadness" 💜
Bubbles The Toad
Bubbles The Toad Prije 3 mjeseci
14:07 look I am not gay however Saber your looking fine if you know what I mean.
C Garcia
C Garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
About the sponsorship at the end: As a heterosexual lady, I gotta say that I have taken notice that so many guys just don't smell clean or looked groomed, and it is very unattractive, at least to me. So word of advice to guys seeking girls, if you're having trouble attracting others to you put a little more effort into hygiene and appearance, at least do more than the minimum effort. Ladies will take notice.
Guzma Prije 3 mjeseci
the subject of voice acting is a pretty big interest of mine, so what i always found sad was that the voice actor of fritz basically fell of the face of the earth, i think he deserved more. i did a lot of sleuthing on him and the only other things i recognize him for are from a rankin bass easter movie, and from the electric company (which i never seen but my parents (boomers) watched it growing up), and as far as i can tell he hasn’t had a role since 1990. yikes. i do wish he became a mainstay VA, though there are other VAs who can do the nasally teenager shtick. he’s still alive AFAIK, so maybe he just decided to dip out of showbiz so he could live a more private life????
Daniel Cafarelli
Daniel Cafarelli Prije 3 mjeseci
Ok I now regret knowing about fritz because really I hate it good video btw
cmaej28 Prije 3 mjeseci
"I think a lot of men don't take enough care of themselves when it comes to hygienics. As in, we do the bare minimum." Yeah... I'm guilty. And I'm a woman. lol Seriously, I don't get my nails done, I don't shape my brows, and I only style my hair because weave is easier than combing it everyday. And don't ask me the last time I've shaved my legs. But I make sure I don't smell bad and the money not put into those things went to a nice video game collection. :)
Yuri Tarded
Yuri Tarded Prije 3 mjeseci
I would give that man a medal for making this movie. It was a first r-rated animated movie, after all.
Llyan Aisha
Llyan Aisha Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you do "Hayop Ka!" From Netflix? Hayop ka translation: You're an Animal! (Insult)
Jota Random
Jota Random Prije 3 mjeseci
Ahh a Furry adult animated film
Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts Prije 3 mjeseci
You should watch the land that time forgot
John Mobley
John Mobley Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm sorry but I'm thankful for the first phone leading the way to the shows we have now because BoJack Horseman is one of my favorite shows of all time but I can't say anything positive about a movie that depicts me and my people as pitch black crows.
RetroPlanter Prije 3 mjeseci
On his Twitter, he watched a movie called Finding Jesus 2, well… I’m pretty sure he’s gonna make a video about it
Cleaner_F5ve Prije 2 mjeseci
well you were right
angam101 Prije 3 mjeseci
Here's one you might find interesting to research: the original Heavy Metal movie.
Danger Angelous
Danger Angelous Prije 3 mjeseci
The day Saber dies Reception: Boss, we have another one just now. He's a bit of a high profile case Satan: Let him in Saber: Hi Satan: Alrighty then your file says... dear lord how could one person possibly have done all this??? Saber: Uh is everthing ok? Satan: Just go to the VIP lift over there, it'll take you straight to the king suite Saber: Oh cool, thanks!
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago Prije 3 mjeseci
Danzig Fan 2006
Danzig Fan 2006 Prije 3 mjeseci
Fun Fact: Director Of The Nine Lives Of Fritz the Cat, Bob Taylor. Also worked for Terrytoons too
Joonie thebest
Joonie thebest Prije 3 mjeseci
Did we just get a face reveal?
zaqareemalcolm Prije 3 mjeseci
he's done it before, and i think he also streams with his real face, so its not exactly a secret
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick Prije 3 mjeseci
I saw this show when I was a little kid and my mom she loved this show XD
Val5hi0n Prije 3 mjeseci
8:16 thank me later
Angelo【カワイイ】 Prije 3 mjeseci
What the HELL is Fritz the Cat?
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