What the HELL is Sailor and the 7 Ballz? (don't take down the video YouTube, I censored EVERYTHING)

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I regret covering these movies, they were hell to get through but I took it personally when HRpost started to push back against me

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Saberspark Prije 28 dana
Head to keeps.com/saberspark to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment! Lord knows I lost some of my hair after stressing over these movies and the review
⚜️3rd street st charlie⚜️
⚜️3rd street st charlie⚜️ Prije 9 dana
This should not be on my recommended you should be like haachama don’t be scared of showing nsfw things you won’t be successful in this platform if you do this
A L Prije 19 dana
One of your best videos.
Doby Illusions
Doby Illusions Prije 20 dana
You should review "Help, I'm a Fish" next, it has Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" in it
Themylittlepony andthomasguy
Themylittlepony andthomasguy Prije 22 dana
I need a favor kill me 🤣
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust Prije 25 dana
Thank you so much. You probably won’t see this but if you do I hope you know I looked forward to seeing this for two weeks! Please keep this up I love getting to discover these movies I would have never found out about!
CookieSo- Prije 3 sati
Marked Ashamed
Marked Ashamed Prije 8 sati
Should we tell him about Dragonmoon X?
animagi Prije 8 sati
28:46 congratulations, you're now the cartoon reviewer version of AVGN
The Grand XBunny
The Grand XBunny Prije 13 sati
Gremlin Prije 13 sati
This animation would not have survived Twitter if it was made today lol
FedoLNex Prije 21 sat
Zats a bit sussy
DJ ARSENAL Prije dan
22:12 I thlammed my penith in the car door
Jacqueline Viana
Jacqueline Viana Prije dan
Honestly? This is the original crackfic
JayImHere Prije dan
I was waiting for this
The MaR.I.Per337
The MaR.I.Per337 Prije dan
funny that you think they are in the VIRGIN islands
Bunji Chronologic
Bunji Chronologic Prije dan
This was my middle school snuff film rumor. This right HERE!...is what you risked an ass whooping to watch in mom and dad's bedroom while they were at the store
Steffani Hague
Steffani Hague Prije dan
17:40 for anyone who wants to skip the legal stuff and get the actual review.
Overdrive Prije dan
11:03 haha jokes on you im into that shit
M L Prije 2 dana
As Jontron said, Follow your dreams. But not this hard. Don't- Don't follow them so hard that this happens. But follow your dreams.
Choccy Jill
Choccy Jill Prije 2 dana
BRB. Gotta make a crazy smutty crossover involving my persona.
Yes Prije 2 dana
What the actual hell
twitterzuccs Prije 2 dana
Wait i thought that these films were just a photoshopped box
gabriel donadelli
gabriel donadelli Prije 2 dana
In my country, MMG its a short for "Mamaguebo"... Look for it yourself
Pringles Man
Pringles Man Prije 2 dana
11:12 Jokes on you, court litigation and copyright law are my kinks.
alphamone Prije 2 dana
I remember reading about these things online back then. Though living in Australia, I would never see most of the stuff reviewed on this channel due to requirements of OFCL (now the ACB) age ratings. Though I *do* have vague recollections of coming across a copy of this in a bootleg dvd store on a trip to Sydney.
black jack
black jack Prije 3 dana
youtube:slowly getting the demonotize button saberspark:ah sh#t here we go again
MadmanGallery Prije 3 dana
11:02, i can't lie it was 😆.
King Ghidorah75
King Ghidorah75 Prije 3 dana
I do a lot of crossovers that I show to my friends. with my own characters showing up in random popular anime that isn't MHA because I made that one it's own crossover. but it's clean and the Action is Godzilla Final Wars level of monster action. there is a lot of it. and I thankfully try my best to make the characters in the particular anime stay close to the original character. and you guys on HRpost and Deviantart are never gonna see it. unless if you're a friend of mine on Discord. then you have a 40% chance for me to show you this series.
That American Fez
That American Fez Prije 3 dana
Saber assuming that we clicked foe the thumbnail ignores the fact that I purely wanted the lore behind this film. Legitimately my favorite part of his videos.
Johnny G
Johnny G Prije 3 dana
where the fuck are the download links
TheSeaKitsune YT
TheSeaKitsune YT Prije 3 dana
“And the seven balls” Me who just finished watching dragon ball Z supper: “WHAT!? NO! DUDE!!!!”
A name with RG in it
A name with RG in it Prije 3 dana
1. I didn’t know there was a third one 2. I thought the second one was the first one 3. I didn’t know there were dvds 4. I have NEVER Ever seen these in high quality before
Mint Choco Cookie
Mint Choco Cookie Prije 3 dana
HRpost didn't even read the title and straight up DEMONITIZED his video
ian jazzpher
ian jazzpher Prije 3 dana
Just like every other HRpostr that has a slightly offensive thumbnail your fucked
HorseMeat Prije 3 dana
I literally saw this movie for sale at some sort of weird hentai store that also sold vinyl records and other movies. I can't remember the name of the store but it's like one of those stores that sells media products but it's all a bunch of random shit.
Team Blue Toad
Team Blue Toad Prije 3 dana
These movies feel like some really bad written fanfic.
Annie Holt
Annie Holt Prije 3 dana
My guy is reviewing a cursed movie
Kamiyu Hikari
Kamiyu Hikari Prije 3 dana
I sincerely enjoy how well researched your videos are! I loved hearing all the background details about the lawsuits. Also, kudos to the scripting and editing of this video!
ObscureMix Prije 4 dana
I remember watching Star Ballz when I was 14, it was in one of those obscure flash game websites and I had no idea what I was getting into. The internet in the mid and late 2000's was full to the brim with those websites, so many trippy and bizarre experiences.
Number Break
Number Break Prije 4 dana
We need team bonk here
teamemes Prije 4 dana
Poor saber, he didn't get good boi points 😞
Goat Devil
Goat Devil Prije 4 dana
Remembering all the hype for this
MoonStarInc! Prije 4 dana
My guess is drug, drugs caused this "series" and the creators were on some strong stuff
BehindTheCoveCurtain Prije 4 dana
Honestly the last segment is just super, the icing on the cake. the voice acting, the animation, the plot 10/10
Chester Patten field
Chester Patten field Prije 4 dana
I appreciate you giving me all of the “study materials”
GT's Scrapbook
GT's Scrapbook Prije 4 dana
This reminds me of all those Dragonball/Sailor Moon Rule 34 drawings splattered all over the web. ...Krillin always seemed to get the B*tches by the way.
Myrna Vizcarra
Myrna Vizcarra Prije 4 dana
0:20 jaiden,dream,i forgot and saberspark in class
KanbeiKS7 Prije 5 dana
Now people will respect Jar Jar Binks.
BlamedArtist91 Prije 5 dana
I heard some musicians had their own work demonetized for scummy, trashy networks who put false reclamations, and HRpost didn’t even check…
Sean Darbe
Sean Darbe Prije 5 dana
Saberspark my favorite hentai reviewer, please review more hentai, your great at this dude.
statesminds Prije 5 dana
That Ninja Love poster has been going around Facebook lately 😂
Cutie Crossing and toto
Cutie Crossing and toto Prije 5 dana
hi polugo n donute
hi polugo n donute Prije 5 dana
sailor BALLS 🤯
サキュバスのロクスラ Prije 5 dana
yeah iam also stupid sometimes
Androidmk Prije 5 dana
All you need is Godzilla and Miku and thos would be a Japanese reunion
PessimisticDiabetic Prije 5 dana
I want an uncensored version now
Blue and Dog
Blue and Dog Prije 5 dana
I remember seeing a DVD of this at my first con when I was like fifteen. The moment the seller saw me looking at it (it was under a sheet like most of the 18+ merch, but I hadn’t realized at the time) he very quickly ushered me away to other merchandise.
Aj61406 Prije 5 dana
22:17 So strange that it made my 15 year old body jump in horror, probably because theres a human mouth on Salior Moon (human mouth over an animated charcter is called "Syncro-vox")
Emma Hawkins
Emma Hawkins Prije 5 dana
Please talk about 9!!!!
Nerdicane Prije 5 dana
Also, no notification on this one. Welcome to the HRpost bad boy list.
ปัทมพร โกมลฤทธิ์
ปัทมพร โกมลฤทธิ์ Prije 5 dana
Well I’m in Thailand I mite tre to find it
Clive Matthew
Clive Matthew Prije 5 dana
BADShooty KAT Prije 6 dana
Sailor Moon and the 7 Balls. If the Guys should have a PAIR, who has the only One...?
eileenminaj Prije 6 dana
that little sailor moon pirate moment disturbed me and idk why
How are you Today
How are you Today Prije 6 dana
These people were some real fortune tellers. NSFW parody art or animations wasn’t really thing back then but later on it was so popular that blizzard made an announcement that they are going to stop the 3D animation arts from making anymore NSFW overwatch art but there was so much that they couldn’t stop them. Things that are sexual stimulating is also standard for things. You have people upload videos called “shitpost status” with NSFW art for the thumbnail or in general meme channels use it to attract attention. Something I never knew was thing until a year ago was the female in rainbow six siege had a lot of art. I know anything and everything will at least a few pieces of art but I never knew siege was that popular. Honestly seeing this makes me smile because these people didn’t do it because it was popular or because it was an easy way to make money but instead they did it because they just wanted to. I feel bad for the animals because I have a dog and whenever I see stuff like this it bums me out. Some part of me wishes these 2 Daves weren’t the same but I have a feeling they’re the same. Not only because of the information given but also because no normal person who just think “hey I’m going to a NSFW parody of sailor moon and dragon ball and sell it as a DVD” that’s not normal.
Kael M
Kael M Prije 6 dana
Jokes on you I watch Legaleagle for fun
Neo Gold
Neo Gold Prije 6 dana
"Kakarot! What are you doing to my wife?!" Why is his impression of Vegeta so good?
hasikon Prije 6 dana
speaking off, a couple of ben 10 videos would be great
Tomato Teddy
Tomato Teddy Prije 6 dana
22:10 I slammed my penith in the elevator door
CYAnims Prije 6 dana
"I thlammed my penith in the elevator door"
Bad boy beanz
Bad boy beanz Prije 7 dana
I’m the 70k like let’s go
Jinxed Out
Jinxed Out Prije 7 dana
have u not watched the dating guy? Think u would just love it lol
Cozi_Animates Prije 7 dana
22:11 *“I thlammed my penith in the elevator door.”*
Nicole Joyner
Nicole Joyner Prije 7 dana
Usagi was 14 in the original and tuxedo mask was 20. I remember this because as I got older I began to wonder wait he's in college how old are they lol. That being said you have to question why did they choose a 14 yrs old character to sexualize? That's like people who like shouta or lolicon isn't weird when it's very specifically children. It's still weird. Edit: To clarify it's not that the character has to behave like the original. Of course not. It's the fact the character itself is 14. Edit 2: I decided to rewatch sailor moon because it's been years. On the first episode and her standing next to he mom really puts in perspective her being 14. As a kid I only saw English dubs and I can't recall them having the intros saying her age. My fave enemy was the 2 alien creatures who tried saving their tree.
Dreaming About France & Chocolates
Dreaming About France & Chocolates Prije 7 dana
Why does this feel like it was a product of today but eerily a decade beforehand? Like with the references and the pirated video joke (lots of fake pirated video game scenes are popular now) and Goki dancing would be like a tiktok dance parody. It’s really creepy
lordofstorms2000 Prije 7 dana
Wow a physical copy, I tried to find one back in the 2000's lol. Kida rare.
Slightly Creepy
Slightly Creepy Prije 7 dana
I dig the informative video. Also, you could always order the court stuff, and do a follow up video?
Jamarie McCrimmon
Jamarie McCrimmon Prije 7 dana
Can you do a 9 review?
Tkdbar Prije 7 dana
Way to make it boring man.
The Deerlanda
The Deerlanda Prije 7 dana
I find it reaaaaally ironic that MMG is probably from 'The Virgin Island's' like WHAT
skippyxlxlxl Prije 7 dana
I'm surprised you have never heard of this work of art.
GundamBuilder Prije 7 dana
I hate this already when they include gundam I quit
Mia Medina
Mia Medina Prije 7 dana
Name Here
Name Here Prije 7 dana
Just admit you got off to them Saber
Tidus Zanarkand
Tidus Zanarkand Prije 7 dana
i dunno i haven't watched this yet but this shit is from the Philippines hahahhaa
Tidus Zanarkand
Tidus Zanarkand Prije 7 dana
@Luis Alfonso Cecilio yeah don't sweat it! i am just relying on my fuzzy memory about that particular "Imbestigador" episode. i can't search it anymore here on HRpost unfortunately, it has been taken down i guess? coz it has a title of "Hentai" in it 😂 sad it now is part of lost media (unless GMA7 archived it and showed it online) the reason why Saber Spark is confused with the creator is because of that I guess, he's looking at the wrong people. the animators of this abomination are FILIPINOS hahaha xD
Luis Alfonso Cecilio
Luis Alfonso Cecilio Prije 7 dana
@Tidus Zanarkand well that's a pretty cool info for this cursed thing, after all there are many capable Filipino Animators that might have participation in this thing
Tidus Zanarkand
Tidus Zanarkand Prije 7 dana
this has an indepth documentary for 30 mins in a show here called "Imbestigador" and they tackled about the rampant VCD & DVD selling of hentai stuffs within malls to KIDS hahahaha (they showed how they animated it along with the production team so I'm pretty sure this is from the Philippines)
Kyuubi. Kin
Kyuubi. Kin Prije 8 dana
This hurt me, in so many ways
Miles Lugo
Miles Lugo Prije 8 dana
Mel Sevigny
Mel Sevigny Prije 8 dana
Thanks for the education lession. I enjoyed it. Love going down rabbit holes. Also, this looks like a fan fiction made from the bowls of hell.
ThinkingFingers Prije 8 dana
This is really weird. I remember a high school classmate telling me about this series when it first came out. I had completely forgotten about it until you'd made this video. So thanks for that.
Bruno Martins de França
Bruno Martins de França Prije 8 dana
And thats How Steve Reviews feel when he sees creepy Movies to Tell 33:00
maxspecs Prije 8 dana
Newgrounds existed before the internet.
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith Prije 8 dana
This was the day we lost Saberspark. R.I.P. buddy! xD
Rubix Prije 8 dana
I can't be the only one who thought that there was gonna be some type of addition punchline to when saber had said that MMG was located in the virgin islands
Neo TricksterZero
Neo TricksterZero Prije 8 dana
Wow!! Never thought I would hear about Ninja Love again!!! Holy shit I feel old!!
Critter Jon
Critter Jon Prije 8 dana
Fun fact : this movies for sale at barns and noble
Meagan Longley
Meagan Longley Prije 8 dana
His association is called “Savoir Donner” , which is French-- sounds like Sav-war (like Wario) Done-ay. It means kind of like “Know Giving” or Understand Giving.
⚜️3rd street st charlie⚜️
⚜️3rd street st charlie⚜️ Prije 9 dana
This is saberspark or his new name censorspark for censoring something good hrpost.info/history/ic2Vhs2SpJCxhYY/video
- ClearJellifishez -
- ClearJellifishez - Prije 9 dana
I swear the cover of the first one is giving me flashbacks. Like our local video rental place when I was little had an adult anime section and I think it was one of the ones there (next to other movies. the adult parts of the images were covered with masking tape. I remember staring at them in confusion a lot). Like I vividly remember that picture from when I was VERY small and this haunts me.
Deez Joe
Deez Joe Prije 9 dana
Ayo 69k
Karnivore Volpe
Karnivore Volpe Prije 9 dana
Ok last comment, saber, you need to make an onlyfans with complete uncensored versions of these historical masterpieces. Make an extra dime AND fulfill fan service, make THIS fantasy a reality!
Tristan Greek
Tristan Greek Prije 9 dana
Pls do a review of 9 as ASAP.
Karnivore Volpe
Karnivore Volpe Prije 9 dana
Not even as impressed with “Amazonhentai” as I am at how ridiculously far Goku leanin in that ‘chair’. And pikachu right in his half naked lap? Uhmm , SOLD! 6:06 PS: *BRING BACK WEAPONIZED SHITPOSTING*
Theinsta-clap Prije 9 dana
When u said all the different anime characters, I literally said oh god cuz this already sounds as bad as a salad from a pizza place
Karnivore Volpe
Karnivore Volpe Prije 9 dana
Also, this is someone’s homemade basement fanfic come to animated life. Prolly spent a bag making this fantasy a reality. 💰 Holy shit how ironic too that the horniest thing to hit computer screens at the time was made in the fucking “VIRGIN ISLANDS” I’m wheezing-
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