Quick Vid: Long Gone Gulch (Review)

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This one is legit worth watching, check it out here: hrpost.info/history/ptCEqpm6qcaXjH4/video

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►Video Script and Edits by Saberspark
►Thumbnail and Intro/Background Visuals by Henri Yount
►Audio Edits by dBPony
►Intro Music/Outro Music by Hirosashii
►Avatar Pics by Acid Neko
►Additional Avatar Pics by Flutter Spartan
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Saberspark Prije 4 mjeseci
•FruityCore• Prije 22 dana
Yer Yee Haw Yaw
Techno Bot
Techno Bot Prije 3 mjeseci
Giddy-up partner
Kimberlee Austin
Kimberlee Austin Prije 3 mjeseci
Review Tale of The Blue Please
Damogus Prije 3 mjeseci
Luke Brawner
Luke Brawner Prije 4 mjeseci
Waiting for Roadside Romeo 2
teletubby queen
teletubby queen Prije 5 dana
I’m a Godzilla fan too. Like, I literally go MAD when I see a kaiju somewhere I didn’t expect..
The Nonfictional Explainer
The Nonfictional Explainer Prije 23 dana
Raiko Dante 5652
Raiko Dante 5652 Prije mjesec
I can't wait to see more of this
Dogman Horror and Scifi Insanity
Dogman Horror and Scifi Insanity Prije mjesec
I think this one deserves a series.
fedos Prije mjesec
Joseph Omega
Joseph Omega Prije mjesec
bungus doo gungus
bungus doo gungus Prije mjesec
Long gone gulch is good but i love cliffside
goovigi gaming
goovigi gaming Prije mjesec
Did the cowgirl die? Because I swear I saw her in helluva boss no?
Noob 64
Noob 64 Prije 2 mjeseci
MIGHTYKNOWN Prije 2 mjeseci
B.W’s voice is too “Sleepy” or “Tired”? Not really whispery to be honest
lawnmower Prije 2 mjeseci
Saber I million percent doubt you'll read this but one show called cliffside you need to watch
lawnmower Prije 2 mjeseci
If you haven't watched long gone gulch watch it.
Pegausister3000 Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually saw it my dreams a few nights ago and saw in the dream it got picked up by Nickelodeon and me and my boyfriend can see it airing on that channel
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader Prije 2 mjeseci
Omg the pilot only has 1.6 million views!
dinodon donny
dinodon donny Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm happy there are so many cartoons on HRpost, since Hilda and shera out of episodes
Ninjaish Because why not
Ninjaish Because why not Prije 3 mjeseci
I liked it but the music was so annoying
PuffDragon 225
PuffDragon 225 Prije 3 mjeseci
snag is the best character
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine Prije 3 mjeseci
Godzilla spines? First thing I noticed was how he looks all Feel Good Inc, but in a different artstyle.
DynaMate Prije 3 mjeseci
Looks like hazbin hotel
Andy Hunjan
Andy Hunjan Prije 3 mjeseci
Please review Becky Prim
Kainu Trash
Kainu Trash Prije 3 mjeseci
Hm. You ever watch internecion cube, saber?
Judah Sh
Judah Sh Prije 3 mjeseci
ya i stumbled across this and love it
Damogus Prije 3 mjeseci
This looks like a Nickelodeon show, it's amazing!
Musomania27 Prije 3 mjeseci
Loved watching this pilot, hope it takes off. Has a nostalgic feel that I look forward to
Lathan’s Good time
Lathan’s Good time Prije 3 mjeseci
Silver Mist
Silver Mist Prije 3 mjeseci
This art style is so nostalgic for me. Hope it makes a comeback. I miss the amazing character designs with very unique silhouettes.
Justin Mohns
Justin Mohns Prije 3 mjeseci
What did you think of Cliffside?
Chill Stranger
Chill Stranger Prije 3 mjeseci
I wish I could GreenLIT the show It’s so freaking good!!!!!!!! 🥺Why did I have to be a teen now rip.
ExE Boss
ExE Boss Prije 3 mjeseci
I ship *BW* and *Rawhide.*
Andrea Cormio
Andrea Cormio Prije 3 mjeseci
Bellissimo mean beutifull and im italian so yea
iiomqxbelieve Prije 3 mjeseci
I watched the pilot and i didn't like it but i respect it. I know how much time and effort good animations takes. I think the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss pilots are better.
Chill Stranger
Chill Stranger Prije 3 mjeseci
Hazbin Hotel is a bit of an eh for me. Maybe I’m just not interested in these types of stories. Episode 2 was really good and interesting though! I like the pilot for Long Haul Gulch
Not a Mobile sprout
Not a Mobile sprout Prije 3 mjeseci
*Any HRpost animation with actual effort and time put into it* : exists Redditors: YOU HAVE GENUINELY ANGERED ME
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Prije 3 mjeseci
I really love this.
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower Prije 3 mjeseci
What’s the goal of a show like this? The animation is way to good to expect this to consistently look this well if it does get picked up
Santiago Mancilla
Santiago Mancilla Prije 3 mjeseci
I think that Long Gone Gulch would be very successful on Netflix. Netflix has a lot of great animated content more so than Hulu or any other service. Also, for the voice of the Native American character, BW, was voiced by Amber Midthunder. Also, Also, Amber Midthunder is also Native American, and she is part of the Fort Peck Sioux Tribe.
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan Prije 4 mjeseci
Long Gone Gultch was 4th down on the suggested videos for this video.
just Crash
just Crash Prije 4 mjeseci
male protagonist looks kinda like Murdoc Niccals
SilverSlinger Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey, if you have a chance, you should check out The Cliffside pilot (another western) Really good, but seriously underrated
Mackenzie Diaz
Mackenzie Diaz Prije 4 mjeseci
So what do you call a jackalope that's been mispronounced? A jackarope? A jacklarantarn?
Lomein Prije 4 mjeseci
*rule 34 has spoken*
MORTAL KOMBAT PS2 Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the fact that big name voice actors like Daniel Cooksey, E.G. Daily, Erin Fitzgerald, & Eric Bauza are in this
Freebirth boccara
Freebirth boccara Prije 4 mjeseci
yeah, i didnt enjoy this show. i can see why others did. but honestly i HATE this style of show. its to wacky with no real bite. it reeks of late 90's early 2k's nickelodeon, wich i was not a fan of backint eh day. but i know others do enjoy it.it jsutfeels like drivel. now.. thatbeing said. the cretors did damn well. they went forthat styleof show andthey hit thenailont he head for that, this show isnt forme.butit might be foryou.
Austin George
Austin George Prije 4 mjeseci
The pilot is so good, and I hope it gets made into a full show. On another note, I wonder if he's seen Cliffside and Sherif Hayseed.
Neo The One
Neo The One Prije 4 mjeseci
Unpopular opinion: I think bw's voice works well considering she is suppose to be rawhides's rival so her calm self centered nature is different from rawhide's bold and brash personality.
Neo The One
Neo The One Prije 4 mjeseci
Cliffside and Haystack hayseed: allow us to introduce ourselves
Beanie Bean
Beanie Bean Prije 4 mjeseci
I think maybe vrv is best for the show.
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia Prije 4 mjeseci
the best shows never survive for long sadly ;w;
Towa Teague
Towa Teague Prije 4 mjeseci
This is a good animation for a HRpostr to be honest
Darkfoxa Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey as long as Vivziepop hasn't even had even as much as a pinky in it I'll watch.
Dredgen_Mat2006 Prije 4 mjeseci
you’ve yeed your last haw.
James Paguip
James Paguip Prije 4 mjeseci
@Saberspark you should watch this video and make a review on it please hrpost.info/history/gZqZmc7WeMmmZnY/video
Thea Miller
Thea Miller Prije 4 mjeseci
You know it's good when Viv commented on the original video
Ayden Cabrera
Ayden Cabrera Prije 4 mjeseci
This was very Red Dead Redemption of you
Lekrat Rekrap
Lekrat Rekrap Prije 4 mjeseci
Glad you liked this as well
JackEntertainment! Prije 4 mjeseci
"Isn't the internet amazing." Yes, imagine the "fanart".
robohobosapien Prije 4 mjeseci
One of my favorite youtube animators, Zeurel, worked on this pilot. His channel's definitely worth checking out
デデデ大王 Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m cutting myself.
BLACKOMI Prije 4 mjeseci
I tried giving this one a watch last week but after 8-10 minutes I gave up the story didn't really seem to be heading anywhere and all over the place.
Random Reviews
Random Reviews Prije 4 mjeseci
best cartoon this year
ZombiePartiez Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you for pointing out that one voice actor, I didn’t like the voice much either. Also thought it needed work.
cairo d'avila
cairo d'avila Prije 4 mjeseci
you can't pronounce any foreign name or surname
person man
person man Prije 4 mjeseci
Gotta be honest I personally thought the characters were a bit to cliche and text book for me to get too interested.
Onida Aitsubasa
Onida Aitsubasa Prije 4 mjeseci
I thought that girl's voice was perfect, it spoke well of her character of not being like the others, like she didn't really want to fit in with them cause they seem to be normies to her, at least that's how it seemed, so I thought her voice was just right, she not supposed to fit in with the others cause that's her personality and character.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Prije 4 mjeseci
How snag both cuts people up and brushes his hair with his comb will forever confuzzel me.
Backonja Prije 4 mjeseci
3:43 OMG! I thought I was the only one!!!!! Godzilla fans for the wiiiiin!!!!!!!!! (didn't even know you were Godzilly fan lmao)
Wes Rains
Wes Rains Prije 4 mjeseci
I went to an animation panel back in 2019 at a convention and not only were the creator of long gone gulch there but also the creators of HAZBIN
spsa offical Channel
spsa offical Channel Prije 4 mjeseci
I have a feeling this is gonna be the decade of indie animation! and I'm all for it!
Nisa Rojas
Nisa Rojas Prije 4 mjeseci
It really gives me Helluva/Hazbin vibes
Chris BJ
Chris BJ Prije 4 mjeseci
A good cartoon? with Great comedy? without satanic imagery?! Finally!
Marcella D
Marcella D Prije 4 mjeseci
This pilot was amazing. I would really like this to be a show 😊👍
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre Prije 4 mjeseci
The only "bad" thing i can really think of is that its sometimes hard for me to understand the native american chick
Jose Duenas
Jose Duenas Prije 4 mjeseci
and that her name is buffalo wing
Baszko Prije 4 mjeseci
I mean whated posters wall SCREAMS future episodes.
Joseph Pham
Joseph Pham Prije 4 mjeseci
Tell him about Epithet Erased.
Jbacon25 Prije 4 mjeseci
that's either Jotaro or Shadman and I kind of hope that its both 0:53
Connor J
Connor J Prije 4 mjeseci
Maybe say the choice of voice instead of the voice actor so that the team either directs the actor in a different direction or then they get someone else
Giganfan1 & everyone else
Giganfan1 & everyone else Prije 4 mjeseci
I just saw this, well, a minute of it
Uncreative Username
Uncreative Username Prije 4 mjeseci
What do you mean implied? The pilot shows us a grave of Rawhide's dad. Heck... you can even see some blood!
Nathan Fenster
Nathan Fenster Prije 4 mjeseci
I really enjoyed the pilot
Druidoftheyew Prije 4 mjeseci
jackalope that is all
Bright's Kohai
Bright's Kohai Prije 4 mjeseci
saber were you drunk making this video or just having a hard time with your words just checking in
Rebecca Mann
Rebecca Mann Prije 4 mjeseci
It's so bad they named the native character Buffalo Wing... like that's just unforgivable
Cherry Bunny 🏳️‍🌈
Cherry Bunny 🏳️‍🌈 Prije 4 mjeseci
It’s amazing how kid-friendly it is and also... not.
Replio dachte
Replio dachte Prije 4 mjeseci
The rabbit is an old Bavarian mythical creature and we call it a Wolpertinger in Germany
Ksionc Design
Ksionc Design Prije 4 mjeseci
agreed about the voices
Morgan Gallowglass
Morgan Gallowglass Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you for turning me on to this one!
shadowgirl765 Prije 4 mjeseci
The ren & stimpy vibes were HUGE
The Backyard Man
The Backyard Man Prije 4 mjeseci
but bw was my favorite character voice acting and all...
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia Prije 4 mjeseci
She(the VA for the native style chick) should just use her normal talking voice if anything.
sanitary_cloak Prije 4 mjeseci
What if fans funded stuff like this cartoon at the point where no one buy movies or TV shows, how would companies handle that?
Fenrir Unshackled
Fenrir Unshackled Prije 4 mjeseci
I hate the art style, but it looks really well done
Grimnir Brokenhaft
Grimnir Brokenhaft Prije 4 mjeseci
I really do hope they make more episodes. As a forty-two year old man who grew up on things like Ren & Stimpy & Mtv's Liquid Television, this show is right up my alley.
Grimnir Brokenhaft
Grimnir Brokenhaft Prije 4 mjeseci
Yes, the Mayor, his assistant & all former mayors are indeed jackalopes.
Pootis Prije 4 mjeseci
Why no-one has made a review of meat canyon’s monster lab pilot?
Platnom Prije 4 mjeseci
Anyone else reminded me of vivzi pop?
Herd Dragon
Herd Dragon Prije 4 mjeseci
ah yes another member of the spoof westerns. one of those rabbits with horns,wow be more specific, there are at least three different rabbits with horns, he is a jackelope a rabbit with antlers but for all we know you could have been referring to a woulpier (misspelled) a rabbit with horns, but also wings, or you could have been referring to the aliquin (also misspelled) a habit with a singular horn, that it will stab you with. gosh its like you don't know your supper random, culturally specific horned rabbits. (btw I am jokeing) also I said I would stop pestering you a while back, and I did, but I still recommend you go watch no evil by betsy lee, it is free here on HRpost, and may not have been professionally done but is still nice.
Madeline U
Madeline U Prije 4 mjeseci
Ratatoing when?
Kurt gaming
Kurt gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
But vivc hasn’t made one episode of hazbin and only hellava boss
Kurt gaming
Kurt gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh ok
TheGinger6readSpaceMan Prije 4 mjeseci
It's out of Viv's hands right now. The show got picked up by a company. Helluva Boss is made on HRpost by her and her team. But we don't know what the production is like for Hazbin at the moment. For all we know, they could be making like 10 episodes at once to release weekly like Disney + or Netflix. So the production would be longer.
Your local Minecraft dog
Your local Minecraft dog Prije 4 mjeseci
Rawhide looks like she's wearing a jump suit with a skirt lmao
RealMetalGaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Snag is literally a complete rip off from that trash band called Gorillaz.
yeyogamer2.0 Prije 4 mjeseci
trash band, I'm 100% that you heard classic music and tell everyone that you had a very very good taste in music, or maybe you are a 8 years old trying to comment stupid stuff
Grimnir Brokenhaft
Grimnir Brokenhaft Prije 4 mjeseci
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