What the HELL is Bible Town? (Christian Animation's WORST SIN)

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Saberspark Prije 15 dana
why is Christian animation LITERALLY THE WORST THING EVER
MovieFan1912 Prije 8 dana
Except for Religetables, Whoops, I meant VeggieTales. Sorry, I have been watching a lot of SNL lately.
HesZedJim Prije 9 dana
@Raxyn James I didn't know we were talking about cocomelon
HesZedJim Prije 9 dana
Christian animation doesn't tend to come from expensive studios first of all, and typically the people who decide to make it are people like preachers who have no idea what they're doing, or people who are cashing in on strict religious people who don't know how to think outside the book
The Backyardibears
The Backyardibears Prije 9 dana
Well at least there working hard to spread the word of god
Levi Ghost
Levi Ghost Prije 9 dana
Is veggie tales looped into that
Warsol Ender
Warsol Ender Prije sat
Bibleman when?
ThatLittleKitten Prije 3 sati
Moral Orel Saberspark review when?
Nathan Wharton
Nathan Wharton Prije 4 sati
When the review of the god forsaken Christian animated movie hits 666,666 views... It's like a sign or something
Mimi Mitei
Mimi Mitei Prije 4 sati
666k views lol
Tatianna Prije 5 sati
Ahem... This video has 666K views as of 9/26. The irony, lol.
Flamthrowr Prije 5 sati
It’s not just terrible movies; Christian 3D modeling is typically horrible. Just look up the Hunter Brown series’ book covers. The books themselves are pretty good but the covers make me die a little inside 💀
Wayomus Teh kipper
Wayomus Teh kipper Prije 7 sati
I was watching all the animated parts and suddenly had the urge to write a devil town parody and call it Bible town
gambler. Prije 7 sati
Lets give a special thanks to Sarah for coming out as transgender.
SniperOnSunday Prije 8 sati
"Shouldn't you be in Dream's music video!?" killed me.
Milky Rose
Milky Rose Prije 8 sati
One that I never hear people talk about is Angel Wars. I remember that being actually good. I could be wrong now since it’s been years. But it was like the only show besides adventures in odyssey and veggie tales that kids in my childhood actually loved
Sanctified Succubus
Sanctified Succubus Prije 10 sati
Okay, the rest of these suck, but don't you dare hate on Bible Man.
IDon'tKnowHowToChangeMyUsername Prije 11 sati
Me and my sister (who are Christian) looked at this video and said, "This is going to be good, let's watch it!"
RealSonicJack10 Prije 11 sati
me: oh you're just exaggerating, Wownow can't be that ba- 4:17 my mind: hrpost.info/history/ld1qnam2YqtuZGU/video me: oh, we are fucked.
Castle Prije 12 sati
they’re in a hot air balloon just push them off
AceDelta12 Prije 14 sati
I could write a better Christian story than this, and I'm full atheist.
EpicJosh84 Prije 14 sati
As a Christian myself, I can't help but cringe seeing this sort of stuff. It's really true; Christian animation is not a very well-developed genre in the slightest. Like, if it turned out that the people in charge of writing this stuff were actually trying to undermine the religion by making this the main public portrayal of Christians, it'd make a stupid amount of sense. Makes me wish I was more of a screenwriter/animator. I mean, I don't want to say that some 16 year old could write and animate a basic plot better than the boards of dinguses making this dreck, but like, some 16 year old could totally write and animate a basic plot better than the boards of dinguses making this dreck.
Himiko Toga (SpopyBoo)
Himiko Toga (SpopyBoo) Prije 15 sati
I'm glad my parents aren't strict Christians
Himiko Toga (SpopyBoo)
Himiko Toga (SpopyBoo) Prije 15 sati
Bro I'm a Christian (sort of) and I don't even approve of these horrible Christian movies
Flamthrowr Prije 5 sati
I don’t think any Christians approve of this stuff
joshgames tyc
joshgames tyc Prije 16 sati
Saber clam down here's from Owl House spray if u spray it on the movie u can turn it into an owl house episode
🌙nightingale Prije 17 sati
I chose to believe the guy in the front on the poster in Sarah after he transitioned
gpscroll Prije 17 sati
Dove has always been the most backwards company when it comes to rating media.
Kairo Prije 19 sati
Review superbook (animated )?its a christian tv show too
thegachanamed Cayde
thegachanamed Cayde Prije 20 sati
The animation community is dieing Jesus got killed Satan is in a coma My brains having a migrain Ima drink some fuckitoll
AbsurdScandal Prije 20 sati
There actually are great examples of Chrisitan animation out there from non-English speaking countries though. Chi Rho - Das Geheimnis (The Secret) comes to mind which is a wonderful underrated German cartoon about a girl who's professor discovers a time-travelling talking cube, who is then kidnapped by an ancient person who wants to change the Bible stories and corrupt God's plan. It's quuite nostalgic for me personally, and there's also an English translation out there, but it's very underrated and very unknown.
Flamthrowr Prije 5 sati
I’ve seen that before! I might actually put time into watching this!
kenrock2 Prije 22 sati
You should do a review from Nest Family Animation... the "Animated Stories from the Bible" was one of the best Christian series I ever watched... from ex Disney animator
Stuart Dunlop
Stuart Dunlop Prije 22 sati
8:40 Yeah, can they tell us the Bible Story of Lot? Or Sodom and Gomorrah?
JohnHerblore Prije 23 sati
Wait... American Churches have gift/souvenir stores? That would really hamper my respect for ceremonies and the general feeling of the spiritual place. Please say i got this wrong.
Flamthrowr Prije 5 sati
Churches don’t, no. Sometimes they have a bookstore with devotionals and stuff. But at events, like church camps and youth conferences, yeah, there’s gift shops like that.
Stephanie Westrup
Stephanie Westrup Prije dan
AidenVlogs Sweebroek
AidenVlogs Sweebroek Prije dan
searched for a video of dancing monke, found *B I B L E T O W N*
AskLeepyBoy Prije dan
I remember watching a wholesome anime about the bible, I think its name was Bible Black
Thicc n rich
Thicc n rich Prije dan
Im an aithest who hates christans sometimes no offense but this is werid
Dan Alexander Legarta
Dan Alexander Legarta Prije dan
In the Philippines, every sundays a tv network is playing tagalog (our language) dub of Superbook (a better Christian cartoon)
Rexus Prije dan
9:16 Best animation ever
Alexandra James
Alexandra James Prije dan
I honestly would say most Christian movies I do not like, I do not watch, and It’s all crap. as a Christian I’m disappointed 🤮
Stolenkingdom Prije dan
By not watching it I'm saving myself from the horror that is vegitales
Boy in blue
Boy in blue Prije dan
Those kids look like they perpetually pick their noses.
jrcharney Prije dan
Maybe it was a younger, more naïve me in the earily 90s looking for their cartoon fix, but the local Christian TV station had me hooked on two animated shows that were "anime" style: Superbook (1981) and The Flying House (1982). Each series was 52 episodes. Superbook namely focused on the Old Testament while The Flying House focused on the New Testament. Even if you weren't into Chrisitanity, this was beautifully done. In addition to your standard set of Bible Stories, there were quirky characters, this almost TMS-like animation style done by Tatsunoko Production, and it even had the approval of Pat Robertson with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) as the distributor. This was the earily 1980s, right about the same time televangelism was taking over Conservative Christian "Moral Majority" America. Tatsunoko would go on to co-produce some legendary anime staples (Macross, Robotech, Eva!) Fast forward 30 years to a reboot of Superbook (2011) aaaaaaaaaaand it's--decent? CGI animation (not as bad as Bible Town), they managed to snag Cathy Weslock, Sam Vincent, Shanon Chan-Kent, even Nicole Oliver. You would think with a cast like that, it would be on par with VeggieTale. It's far from it. Oddly enough the show is going on five seasons at this point. At any rate, the original Superbook was an influence of Natasha Allegri (Adventure Time, Bee and Puppy Cat). The new Superbook looks more like it was influenced from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I'm sure who ever is keeping it going is paying a ton of money...where they are getting that money: who knows.
Katuhkleezm Garusunkima
Katuhkleezm Garusunkima Prije dan
dingo animations made the YEE meme
MultiRobotnik Prije dan
How come no mention of _Sparlock the Warrior Wizard?_ when comparing Christian animation?
MultiRobotnik Prije dan
Why didn't you adress the _" An Adventure with a capital G?"_
Rador Dekeche
Rador Dekeche Prije dan
"Even the story about Jesus" No shit sherlock, practically everyone that's met a christian knows that one. Though, specifically, which one? Now, if you really wanted an obscure bible story; what about the baby foreskin dowry?
Rick of the Rick
Rick of the Rick Prije dan
Its bad because it plays off the idea of christian persecution "Well the movie doesn't look as great as what disney makes because evil satanic people wont give money to this little studio trying to spread a good message, so give it/us money and you will see better things." Trust me, I too went to church for a long time and I was literally taught that christians where persecuted, in a country where 97% of the population is christian.
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Prije dan
The eyes are just 👁👄👁
alucard / Vlad Drăculea III
alucard / Vlad Drăculea III Prije dan
Bible town is woke trash
LOOL IDK Prije dan
When i grew up i would watch this series called ''SuperLibro'' and uhh now i see that bible town is a rip off of that series though i find that quite amusing
LOOL IDK Prije dan
or is it just me
ㄖ𝒯𝓇𝑜𝓅𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁ㄖ Prije dan
I love how saber tries to save us from wownow
Some Body
Some Body Prije dan
Do you think you could review Morel Orel? I love that show so much and I would love to see your opinion
Rfkgaming Prije dan
I watched it and I enjoyed it like it's the best thing >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> SO MUCH THAT I RIPPED OUT MY EYES NOW I NEED TO FIND THE BRAIN BLEACH
A U B R E Y Prije dan
7:13 This movie is so bad Saber's character made a new facial expression
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon Prije dan
Hunter1s1k screaming the entire bible is a 10/10 on Christian IMDB
Chaotic Gremlin
Chaotic Gremlin Prije dan
The children look like glass dolls that were given just enough consciousness to feel pain.
Ayo it’s Chocolate milk
Ayo it’s Chocolate milk Prije dan
I am Christian myself but not even I would like this it literally feels like the characters are making fun of Christians in general I’m glad that my parents never really gave me any kind of Christian cartoons or stuff like that the only thing I ever got that was kind of close to Christian media was VeggieTales and the prince of Egypt but I went to church basically all the way until I was 15
Aric Gill
Aric Gill Prije dan
Excuse me while I hang myself with a noose made of Lego chains after seeing this after seeing a full episode of the Thomas All Engines Go reboot.
Kat And Baldi
Kat And Baldi Prije dan
I’ll stick with Veggie Tales and The Chosen, thank you very much 😂😂
Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson Prije dan
Controversial idea: Cristian animation companies need to hire some NSFW artists/content creators. You can't tell me NSFW artists and animators don't know what people want and like. Sometimes a bit of darkness, raunchiness and vulgarity is needed to balance out the sickeningly sweet message of find Jesus makes it that much more bearable. Maybe I'm wrong. BUT At least they'll animate the faces and movements well enough.
David 1234
David 1234 Prije dan
8:16 obviously the blind one is trans
Nikolas Palma
Nikolas Palma Prije dan
i hate movie rip offs 👎
Raul Macias
Raul Macias Prije dan
Allahu Akbar!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Prije dan
I didn’t like it
IamNoobkunYt Prije dan
They owe us 1,000,000 eye bleaches
Anonymous_Phr0g Prije dan
As a Christian, I gotta say that I personally hate these kind of movies. My eyes are bleeding.. Also I love your vids! Have a great day ^^
LEONESSA Prije dan
Superbook was a good Christian animation before it went 3d
Lillith Plays
Lillith Plays Prije dan
You should've done monkey Moses when you revealed Wownow
Lillith Plays
Lillith Plays Prije dan
Wait until Benjy Gaither realizes he got two spots in the top 5 of a genre with stuff he admits is terrible.
Kataliste Prije dan
One of the only other Christian media that I appreciate other than veggie tales is Evan Almighty, I watched it all the time in Sunday school and loved it. Idk it might be bad but I still enjoyed it.
The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher Prije dan
What’s annoying is that at stories in the Bible have tremendous potential for quality animations, but few with the ability have the will to make them.
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake Prije dan
American Christians really are something special...this would NEVER fly in Europe...
Dan Kuehn
Dan Kuehn Prije dan
I’m Christian and all but I can not stand this weird, low budget, gross 3D animation.
Keshang _Laow
Keshang _Laow Prije dan
I stopped going to church when my grandparents moved to Oregon. I was banned from the church across the street from me when I was a kid. They still remember me and what I did and they make me feel like shit by saying that I live right across the street but never go to church like they don't know they banned me for years.
Megamax Prije dan
I've never been a Christian and I'm a white American, a group that is typically Christian, and I feel like even if I had to resentfully create content for Christians I would at least have a standard for what I create. There is almost no way that most of these animations are created by Christians that are actually serious about being Christian, or about being a writer or an animator. Again, not a Christian, but I can't help but feel sad when I see the kind of garbage Christians will consume out of religious devotion.
ozbypop 11
ozbypop 11 Prije dan
Please review Pilgrim's Progress!! It's really good
Mark Stephen Serrano
Mark Stephen Serrano Prije dan
Tammy would be a star in the asmr industry!
MP CABS Prije dan
Im Christian but it seems i didn't wacth any bible show while things on my tv is cartoon natwork
Sina Disse
Sina Disse Prije 2 dana
Where I live we never had veggitales (or any religious kids shows, I don’t think) so I was really weirded out by that when I found out about it a teen lmao
Kool Aid
Kool Aid Prije 2 dana
dude who ever like this movie can shove it, just look at them what are they looking at?
Jeremy Hodges
Jeremy Hodges Prije 2 dana
My family raised me a pretty conservative Christian and I have never even hear of this stuff. My parents never really made me watch Christian shows or media. Heck I grew up watching Gargoyles, Tale Spin, Angry Beavers, Star Wars, and Godzilla movies. My parents are huge classic rocks fans too. I saw Def Leppard in concert 3 times as a child.
Proto Propski - Stream Archives
Proto Propski - Stream Archives Prije 2 dana
3:20 I've seen enough horror movies to know where this is going, goodbye guys. I'm that one sensible guy in a horror movie that leaves you at the gate to hell. Just know it wasn't personal, and you chose to stay despite the blood on the wall saying to leave.
XtremeGondorGamer Prije 2 dana
Honestly I'd rather watch joshua and the promise land instead of this at least that movie has a plot.
Prussian Apples
Prussian Apples Prije 2 dana
NKVD: *”hmm….interesting.”*
EmeraldVenom Games
EmeraldVenom Games Prije 2 dana
" should you be in dream's music video " Is the best and funniest part
A Chicken
A Chicken Prije 2 dana
I love how a third of the video was just you trying to convince yourself to review the movie
Josh O
Josh O Prije 2 dana
the technology of depositing a check with your phone camera blew your mind...? My US bank app has had that function for like 8 years....
Moose Prije 2 dana
In answer to your pinned comment, Saber ( for some reason, HRpost does not want to post this answer in that thread): Because an attitude that as long as it is Christian, it is good enough pervades the entire Christian creative industry. Thus, little to no effort is put into making the thing actually good. Their main concern is the message, not the craft. This plagues everything Christian, from music to books to movies. In this moose's opinion, that laziness ends up hurting the very messages they think are so important. Perhaps not for its intended audience (and that is another reason it is all so lazy), but without a doubt for anyone outside it. This moose does suspect that there are a few in the intended audience for whom the laziness is a major point of criticism as well, however.
cyberwolf2002 Prije 2 dana
Basically Christian animation comes down to only 3 saving graces: VeggieTales, Prince of Egypt, and Joseph King of Dreams... And going waaay back... The Greatest Adventure: Stories From the Bible and the McGee & Me series. (Circa 80s-90s) I watched those as a kid and while McGee was only part animation both were astronomically better than anything made today.
mary morris
mary morris Prije 2 dana
When the Bible said all people are created equal, except for Bible town
Art3mis Prije 2 dana
@saberspark Please do Bible Man
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson Prije 2 dana
Saber: "Trust Me It Works" Me: 0-0 Me: thanks for the tip
Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson Prije 2 dana
The animation is 2× as worse as yours and that's a suprise
ShinyPotato Prije 2 dana
The best way to follow god is to live however you want but just be a good person Not reading bibles and christian movies and going to church and all of that
Subnoa Prije 2 dana
10:41 as a christian, no, I dont even know how this is a thing. Recently I've seen quality stuff but this is totally the opposite. If I had to make a movie about the bible, I would take my time to do smh good, not this kind of stuff. For a reason I dont know, this kind of movies are very low quality but I think its because at that time it wasnt like the great thing to make animations talking about the bible, at least now people is doing a good job with christian animations, I hope they are...
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Prije 2 dana
“I’m sure everyone on the planet watched VeggieTales.” Me: Slowly raises and to say I haven’t...
emperium108 Prije 2 dana
Western Christian animation is the worse thing. Superbook/Flying House was pretty awesome! And that came out decades ago.
Mr Chill
Mr Chill Prije 2 dana
1:48 (off topic) Honestly, Ned Flanders is an unrealistic stereotype of the Christian community. I mean, I'm pretty sure most people knew that but they should've kept him in his original nature when in the earlier seasons he was alot more realistic.
Boo Bah
Boo Bah Prije 2 dana
I find it weird that _Prince of Egypt_ is referenced as 'Christian animation' when it's clear from the various 'making of' bits I've seen that it was, in fact, made as Jewish animation, albeit with Christian appeal.
\ BreadDisposal /
\ BreadDisposal / Prije 2 dana
“Shouldn’t you be in Dream’s music video?” Saber you didn’t have to cut that deep
Ell Chand
Ell Chand Prije 2 dana
Joseph king of dreams is good saber its as good as prince of Egypt. Also listening to you rant makes my day.
Ell Chand
Ell Chand Prije 2 dana
This reminds me of sid the science kid thing with the mouth.
Denizly Cisneros
Denizly Cisneros Prije 2 dana
Only hot people watched VeggieTales
BoX Prije 2 dana
VeggieTales is the best kids show ever
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