Quick Vid: Centaurworld (and why you should give it a chance)

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The Shotgun King
The Shotgun King Prije 6 sati
I watched this show only because of a meme I saw using Horse, and decided I'd devote some time to binging a short series. It reminded me of why the Bronies eventually came about: a funny cartoon equine-ish show that has deep meaning and attracts older people almost more than the intended audience. I haven't watched much of Adventure Time or Over the Garden Wall, but I can say that I got a sense of dread knowing that something dark was coming, mostly when the Nowhere King's lullaby was first song. I'm a stickler for kids' shows being darker and more grown up, I mean, my favorite animated movie is Kung Fu Panda 2 because it was chock full of darkness that wasn't over the top. The animation is great, the character design is honestly very good too; I love how different Horse is drawn compared to the Centaurs around her. The music is pretty good too, I'm not a massive fan of musicals, but I admit they could be catchy. The comedy is mostly solid, a bit too many fart jokes, but the story is good enough to hook me away from that. The story is really good, REALLY good IMO. I got the feeling of dread really quick, and it paid off, even if the actual dreadful event didn't occur till late in the show. I'm excited for the next season, which really isn't normal for me anymore.
Skekleton Prije 10 sati
Loved the songs, my favorite was the Nowhere King
Ashley Prije 14 sati
I ended up watching the show based on this thumbnail, and I was wonderfully surprised! The opening scene with Horse and Rider caught my eye, then I was thrown by the valley scenes, but I really fell in love with the Fragile Things duet. The usage of music and leitmotifs is masterful, plus the character designs work really well for the story they're trying to tell. The story itself is super intriguing too, and though we already know a decent bit of Wammawink's backstory, it seems like there's more to be learned about the rest of the supporting cast, too. Overall, I'm really excited what comes from this show next!
TheEllusionist Prije 17 sati
The music in this show was way better than any right it had to be
Katy D
Katy D Prije dan
I really liked it. The songs were also great, especially the duets between horse and Llama wink. I loved how it would swing from light and fluffy to dark and serious. Very excited to see how a season 2 would play out.
Some random commenter
Some random commenter Prije dan
just watched it i have to admit its pretty fucking good
pico Prije dan
ZketcherZ Prije dan
I started watching this show as a way to pass time while I waited for the MLP movie to drop on netflix last night and now I'm 100% hooked. I started it on a whim and now I have a new show I want to binge watch
KawaiiKitty Prije dan
It was so good 😍😍
Eternal Miasma
Eternal Miasma Prije dan
I loved how different it was from horses work to the centaur world. It’s like putting a 40k marine into my little pony
Acrillec Prije dan
What got me wasn't the characters or the main characters. It's ALL THE BACKGROUND LORE! It's absolutely amazing! The only opposition that I have is that it's TV-Y7 and within the first 3 minutes of the show you can see that it would be pretty gritty for 7-13 year olds. But it's still an amazing show!
cheshyr1 Prije dan
Kids and tweens are already dealing with more trauma than we give them credit for. Mommy and daddy divorcing, abandonment, alcoholic family members, abuse, suicide in the family or friends, feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, self-esteem issues, bullying at school, etc. They are very aware of what is going on around them. Life isn't perfect. Life can be hard, but it doesn't stay that way. It gets better.
Chris Quesenberry
Chris Quesenberry Prije dan
Thank you for this review. I had written the show off as well, but was legit cracking up through the first three episodes.
Jenna Love
Jenna Love Prije dan
Metalocalypse is yes.
Hope Johnson
Hope Johnson Prije 2 dana
I have to admit that I'm really glad about Netflix's quandary about needing to build up their own animated catalogue. It gives us such amazing entries like this show, Prince of Dragons, Kipo, the new She-Ra and Beastars... at the time being I'm all in for their animated content. While they chew out a lot of crap when it comes to conventional movies, their animation portfolio is amazing at this moment. I have a 5 year old kid and I'm one of those parents that watch all of the kids shows themselves first before deciding what their kid is allowed to watch, so I can make sure it's got decent quality and is appropriate for their age. That's why I currently watch almost exclusively animated shows in my free time and although we also have Disney+ and amazon prime in addition to netflix, apart from the timeless Disney main stays, Netflix is currently my place to go when it comes to quality kid shows that are also very enjoyable to watch as an adult.
Ava Smithers
Ava Smithers Prije 2 dana
The nowhere king kinda looks like elias from the ancient magus bride
yorisano Prije 2 dana
hyperion Prije 2 dana
centaur world was awesome
Matsu G
Matsu G Prije 2 dana
I absolutely love the Whale shaman song, It resonated with me, it is a great show!
Epic Derp
Epic Derp Prije 2 dana
I can't get past episode one. I don't really care that lala world or whatever is supposed to be glitter sparkle happy world to contrast war horse land. It feels like a waste of my time. I just don't like how pushy touchy feeley the characters are. It feels invasive. The polar opposite did more harm than good in my opinion.
Arlen Prije 2 dana
Glendale(the kleptomaniac Gazelletaur) is an absolute LEGEND.
BethK Bose
BethK Bose Prije 2 dana
Quicker synopsis: Korra the explorer and female Spirit are fighting a war in mewni. When Aku's evil soldiers attack and separate them. Using a magical girls talisman Spirit is teleported through the stargate into adventure time. Where she meets the fanfic versions of my little pony's pinkie pie... And various other fan-art characters... They gather magic items and meet at the end of the world to fight Amelia from infinity train and the litch from adventure time... Or is he Elias from the ancient mages bride? Anyhow. Hippo-lita joins in and now they banish the litch to the sucky avatar world... So they can train an army to defeat him once and for all... Also, minotaurs are some how snarks in the other world? Whatevs! Theirs singing and dancing! I love this world! When's season 2 coming out?!?! I'm being serious btw... I love the show... It makes fun of all my favorite cartoons growing up the same way Rick and Morty makes fun if sci-fis I loved... And it... Is.... AWESOME!!!! won't get that "I don't know him" song out of my head anytime soon! I want it as a ringtone for my ex!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁
Pog (˘・_・˘)
Pog (˘・_・˘) Prije 3 dana
Karl P
Karl P Prije 3 dana
i already watched centaurworld, but wtf you literally showed the finale and horse and rider together lmao, spoilers in a 'you should watch this' video???
Rando Prije 3 dana
My favourite song definitely has to be the nowhere king, the calm tune but unsettling lyrics make it so awesome!
zebedie2 Prije 4 dana
I was worried it might be a little woke, but it's actually quite good. It makes fun of itself a lot like the worship of trevor (cuthulu) makes a quick appearance. Feels a bit adventure timeish in terms of the humour.
Violetta Prije 4 dana
When I first looked at the show, I thought that this was an adventure time rip-off
Wicked witch Animations wwa
Wicked witch Animations wwa Prije 4 dana
Has anyone else saw how smooth the horse has gotten in video animation wise?
Lady Freya
Lady Freya Prije 4 dana
Impacatus Prije 4 dana
I could tell from the first episode that there was clearly talent and passion behind this show, but at the end of the season I'm still lukewarm on it. I know the cartoony and dumb look is intentional, but it still detracted from my enjoyment of the dark and serious parts.
Der Hoff
Der Hoff Prije 5 dana
if only the songs weren't so many and so bad - they don't say almost anything and stretch it in 3 minutes that are not good as a song anyway. a song in a cartoon should be good or provide exposition and the songs in centaurworld did neihter still loved the show though :D
Ethena Heart
Ethena Heart Prije 5 dana
I loved the show the only character I didn't especially like was the tall skinny girl who stole everything she got on my nerves to me other than that I loved everyone and everything about the show and I can't wait for season 2!!
Red Tsar
Red Tsar Prije 5 dana
Ehhhhhhh yeah no thx
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶ Prije 5 dana
Nowhere king (who was he before?) Is just the nowhere man but with a symbiote and the forest spirit
The888gamemaster Prije 5 dana
Anyone else been listening to the music of this constantly? The music theory behind it is amazing and super beautiful.
Nightshock YT
Nightshock YT Prije 5 dana
That small voice took me down the rabbit hole.
Geo H
Geo H Prije 5 dana
I never watched it before but by watching I'm gonna watch it and I'm gonna enjoy it
Crimson Kraxal
Crimson Kraxal Prije 5 dana
I watched it and it was pretty good so I agree with you
Rmode Prije 5 dana
I if you don't know if you should watch it, I highly recomend giving it a try. It can get suprizingly serious and can hit the feels.
A Quarter of Roses
A Quarter of Roses Prije 6 dana
Just so you know, Wammawink is an alpaca uwu
Nom Prije 6 dana
I need season 2. Tree shaman give it to meeeeeeeee.
Fizzy the Fox
Fizzy the Fox Prije 6 dana
So I gave the show a chance and it was a Great choice because I'd love the animation the characters and definitely the humor so I'd give it 11/10
Beetle_Wings Prije 6 dana
Ceuntaurworld has to be my favorite show, the animation, the story, EVERYTHING.
Alex Kubrat
Alex Kubrat Prije 6 dana
Useless fact: I can't watch this AVI file because I live in Czech Republic. Plus Netflix is littlebit stanky with regions and I don't trust Nerd VPN.
Spontaneous Dreamer
Spontaneous Dreamer Prije 6 dana
Who thought horse was a guy👉👈
DETOXOLATE Prije 6 dana
Im okay with the visuals being sugar coated. My problem with the show, as well as other 'quirky' shows, is that the characters sometime compete for quirkiness which make them feel same-ish. As different as the main character Horse is she talks just like the other characters and her voice doesn't really match the appearance. Wish they went for a less high pitch voice.
Kaede akamatsu
Kaede akamatsu Prije 6 dana
Thanks for the good review sometimes I’m like “there’s no way he will like this weirdness” then your like “yes”
Kaybee Prije 7 dana
imagine it's exactly what you think except it's *extremely high quality*. Impressive smooth and flourished animation, music like that of a broadway musical, really good voice acting, a story that makes you feel things. I started in with reservations and now I've seen it 2 1/2 times. It's my new comfort show
Nor-ow Turner
Nor-ow Turner Prije 7 dana
Just finished binge watching this show like ten minutes ago and can I just say THANK YOU for giving it some attention, I’m seriously in love with it
Dawn Gull
Dawn Gull Prije 7 dana
It is amazing 👏
DragonGirlGamer 13
DragonGirlGamer 13 Prije 7 dana
Just binged it, I LOVED IT!!!!!!! It's so.....dark. Dark and cutesy at the same time, it's wonderful.
chyrsalxs Prije 7 dana
I finished the show in 2 DAYS. Im rewatching it rn.
BitterJoy Xx 🇮🇪
BitterJoy Xx 🇮🇪 Prije 7 dana
During the first mere minute of the show I thought 'is this a kids show or a silly adult show like Bojack or Rick n Morty?' and than bamn, read that it was PG. After the Suicide episode I was blown away, it gave me such MLP vibes. After the Nowhere King appeared I was even more blown away, my jaw was dropped and I had to show my mother it. *Spoilers* The line that gave me CHILLS was "When he sees the light leaving your eyes" with the kids singing in the background as it panned into him with ooz dripping down, the chimes and lullaby like music also creeped me out, amazing.
Window4503 Prije 8 dana
This marks yet another show I’ve tried to hate-watch only to enjoy one of the musical numbers, get sucked in, and binge watch all the episodes in one day. Yes, I just got done….and no, I’m not crying…these are just frustration tears.
RedCornix Prije 7 dana
Yeah, that was about what i walked into too.
YEET Prije 8 dana
Jacob Savitz
Jacob Savitz Prije 8 dana
I must say think you for informing people to watch this show. I wouldn't of given it a chance if it wasn't for you. An For anyone else was wondering about the show it's like if Steven universe and Rick & Morty had a baby and some how the beloved HRpost videos of Charlie the unicorn got in there. That's 100% what the show is like.
Lil' joins the game!
Lil' joins the game! Prije 8 dana
YAS, MAN, YAS Why am I saying yas? Because YAAAAAAS
Andrei Caldararu
Andrei Caldararu Prije 8 dana
The Rider's design reminds me of Korra from "Legend of Korra"
Sparks28 Prije 8 dana
i originally only watched this for Lea Salonga, Jessie Mueller, Kimiko Glenn and Renee Elise Goldsberry, but i realised what a masterpiece it actually is. Fun fact: i am listening to the soundtrack as i am commenting this.
Tabitha Alphess
Tabitha Alphess Prije 9 dana
This show was recommended to me by a friend, and it was a total drug trip the entire time. It was surprisingly dark and mature though, which took me by surprise. This is not usually the kind of show I watch, but now I'm looking out for season 2
Strawiie CloBo
Strawiie CloBo Prije 9 dana
Literally only watched it because of this review I has uncertain at first but I trust the word of saberspark It was so worth it
Dove wing
Dove wing Prije 9 dana
Whoever voices Horse is an amazing singer
Miss Milk
Miss Milk Prije 9 dana
They're built like cute dumb
TheKingOfCheese Prije 9 dana
I did a quick Google search for this show, and the first thing that stood out to me was "Producer: Louis J. Cuck"...That's gotta be a last name that helps you grow some thick skin.
Shapyra Prije 9 dana
I thought it is gonna be cringy girl stuff..it really was not. i love it
Chris Daughen
Chris Daughen Prije 9 dana
I haven't seen it, but just from the title I thought of the fever dream that was Almost Naked Animals.
isaac valdez
isaac valdez Prije 9 dana
Such a good show
Darth Nekros
Darth Nekros Prije 9 dana
I saw this thing, and i completly disagree with you
Captain Canary
Captain Canary Prije 10 dana
Just towards like- current animation in general, probably if i had to put a finger on it- Steven Universe onward. Dunno why but a vast majority of it just feels way too- off. I dunno, i'm very aware that there are some more serious and mature moments, but- a lot of it feels way too much like white noise for me to care.
Captain Canary
Captain Canary Prije 10 dana
not being a hater, but i am legitimate perplexed by my own displeasure.
Sr Lacky
Sr Lacky Prije 10 dana
I got reminded of Charlie the Unicorn when i saw this video
liquidcatt Prije 10 dana
I finished watching it yesterday and I loved it so much I hope it gets renewed
MegAlterMW Prije 10 dana
(Some spoilers in this review.) Thanks to your recommendation, I checked out this show, and really enjoyed it! I loved the animation and the story really drew me in. Zulius is my favorite centaur, and Rider was my favorite character design. I’m hoping that if and when season 2 gets picked up that we might see more of Horse and Rider’s backstory of what life was like before the war, or even more of before Horse ended up on Centaurworld. The only thing that kinda bothered me a bit was how many songs were in each episode. It felt like each episode had five songs each, and even as a musical lover, it felt like a bit much for me personally. Especially since a lot of the songs have the same theme. Now, I didn’t hate the songs. None of the songs were bad, in fact the singing is amazing in a lot of them. One of the songs Horse sings in like the second episode about Rider even made me cry. But, it did feel like a bit much having so many songs in each episode. I love them, but I personally would have preferred less at a time.
Lps Sugar
Lps Sugar Prije 10 dana
So I watched the series and I REALLY enjoyed it but something that bothered me is after horse and rider met up at the end, horse stayed that very cartoony look and I get, up until that point and when they met, horse was worried that rider wasn’t going to recognize her and I love that but after they reunited I kept hoping horse would turn back because during the whole fight and after when they were taking about war etc.. horse’s cartoony balloon look KEPT distracting me and bringing me out of the moment and i don’t know if this bothered anyone else but while they were fighting it was REALLY distracting and I kinda wish that when horse went in the human world she would be that more realistic version of her and when she was in the other world she was cartoony again( just a idea) otherwise I LOVE THE SERIES SO MUCH!
Kittysune Prije 7 dana
i believe she has to stay in the human world for a longer time to get back to normal since she took some time to get cartoony in the centaur world
Kayla Transue
Kayla Transue Prije 10 dana
I’m glad I gave it a chance! So amazing and emotional 🖤
ShiaraMoon Prije 10 dana
Please try this show. I NEED more of it!
Frostfeather1212 Prije 11 dana
I absolutely adored this show! I really hope there will be more!
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 Prije 11 dana
Watched it, loved it, so unapologetic and heartfelt, I actually cried at couple of times, this show made me cry for pastel colored horse people.
Sapphirewingthefurrycritic Prije 11 dana
I just remember the names of Horse, Zulius, Wama winks, Rider and Glendale. Mostly because Glendale is kind of hard to forget.
crystal_wolfy 217
crystal_wolfy 217 Prije 11 dana
The song for the nowhere king gave me chills and I loved it
Smogget Prije 11 dana
I watched all of it, and I'm not a huge fan. It's not bad, but it felt like an amalgamation of other (better) cartoons. The songs were fine, but none of them really stood out to me. They all had a similar ballad format, and the voice actors who sang sounded so alike that I could shut my eyes and have no idea which character I was listening to. The Nowhere King is an obvious homage to No-Face. Not a bad one but also not my favorite. All of that said, if I had seen this at age 13 and not 32 I would have loved it.
Everic Kellogg
Everic Kellogg Prije 11 dana
I got 3 minutes into the video and then binged the show, loved it and then finished this video
Chyna Rabbit tune
Chyna Rabbit tune Prije 11 dana
I love centaurworld and horse is my favorite character and the songs were beautiful and I am glad you like it and they are thinking about making season two
Filip Granberg
Filip Granberg Prije 11 dana
I really didn’t care for the fart jokes, which I’m usually fine with. The more adult jokes snuck in were golden and reminded me a lot of Adventure Time. By the end of the season, I got really invested and I want more! Most songs are great, even though they’re mostly nonsense, which is the point.
Brittney Nichols
Brittney Nichols Prije 11 dana
The best thing about the show to me was the Nowhere Kings' theme song. It gave me chills.
Ubebaby 7
Ubebaby 7 Prije 11 dana
I love this show!!! I love centaurs with a passion!!! Watching it knowing it features my favorite type of mythical creatures 24/7 makes me SUPER DUPER HAPPY
KrissieDeathy Prije 11 dana
I am super obsessed with your cat now. Such a cutie!!
{ • Crystal Kitty • }
{ • Crystal Kitty • } Prije 11 dana
Centarworld is one of my favorite shows i watched all 10 episodes on nextflix in the matter of 3 days
sircorneilous Prije 11 dana
You already got me hooked on trying it out. Also once I get enough resources I would love to stream my cartoons to Netflix (because I wanna make cartoons in many verity of audiences)
Arin Prije 11 dana
*chair screeches loudly as I turn around in class to address you* UM actually wammawink is an ALPACAtaur hur hur hur not a lammataur. Fake fan. You will now be banished to the in between.
Kitt Mayzee
Kitt Mayzee Prije 11 dana
At first I was so weirded out of the trailer like “What? Why does that giraffe have a human head..?” But I’m so glad I saw this video, I’m really glad I got the chance to see this vid
Goliver1234 Rosenlund
Goliver1234 Rosenlund Prije 11 dana
The Series mmmmmmmm it was buytifuld
Writing_Monkey Prije 11 dana
I tried watching it. And there was Horse's rationality which kept the over the topness in line, but when Horse's tail started talking to her, I was done. 😅
Sprinkle Girl
Sprinkle Girl Prije 11 dana
The girl Jackie from buzfeed draw off worked on this
Milky_dream Prije 11 dana
Im proud he likes centaur world (i also watch centaur world and i like it)
Susie Jay
Susie Jay Prije 11 dana
Hey, uh, Saber, can I uh, borrow some *m o n e y* ?
__ Prije 12 dana
This is *way* outside of my normal viewing .. but I watched it following recommendations and comments from friends. And was blown away by how... How.. I really don't know how to categorise this *thing*. But it is an amazing thing.
dj Prije 12 dana
Okay,but Saber didn't even mention the MUSIC!!!!!
WildCatTheBold Prije 12 dana
As a person reacting to this show. Trust me its worth the watch. Its does get a amazing once you get pass episode 1. Highly Recommend. Hope it gets a season 2.
RustyCog Prije 12 dana
I thought the same thing until I watched it and realized it is obnoxious it is drawn out and it is weirdly designed
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