The Lola Bunny Controversy (and why people need to chill)

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I never realized people were so passionate about furry girls ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

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Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm afraid to read the comments lol
Kirte Moon
Kirte Moon Prije 16 sati
Bro I know you won’t read this one but just can’t get over the fact that you used ‘It’ll Be Okay’ when making a joke about Honey Bunny near the beginning, implying you’ve either seen or at least know about Friendship is Witchcraft lmao
YuYee Prije mjesec
13:40 as if your opinion matters to die hard fans of Lola cmon dude what century are you in 😂?
EDFstreams Prije mjesec
Don't worry I'm going to check
Joppe Geelkerken
Joppe Geelkerken Prije mjesec
【Tatiana】 Prije mjesec
Same honestly
LPs Kitty
LPs Kitty Prije 10 sati
She coming back baby in the new space jam
SauceV ichealM
SauceV ichealM Prije 10 sati
Draw he-man with no muscles pls.
Sock_Demon 333
Sock_Demon 333 Prije 14 sati
I quite like both of the designs yeah probably because I found Lola sexy but I also liked how she didn’t let her looks completely define her sure they didn’t do much with her personality but she was goofy, a good player, and was independent so I also have respect for her I do hope that they do a little more so people don’t only see her as a sexy bunny and an actual character
deadpoolnerd Prije 17 sati
I didn't even notice a difference I thought they just had her in a longer jersey. So to see some outraged I was so confused. And I didn't know space jam was her character's essential first big coming out.
aidan norton
aidan norton Prije 23 sati
they should've taken Looney Tunes Show Lola by Kristin Wigg into this new film not this bland looking bland sounding Zendaya Lola 💀
Medusa but in the East Blue
Medusa but in the East Blue Prije 2 dana
The only good thing about space jam TBH
John Woodard
John Woodard Prije 3 dana
Bro... Lola needs justice in the new movie 😔
Ty Edwards
Ty Edwards Prije 3 dana
And also she’s gonna be 3D in the next movie
Kakakshi Prije 3 dana
Marshie_Zilla _Tatoes (on break)
Marshie_Zilla _Tatoes (on break) Prije 3 dana
Well, in the New Recent full Length Interview, The Cast Actually thinks That Lola Is Lebron's Best Side-kick when it comes to basketball, and LeBron Literally answered that Lola was the Reason why He Brought the team together, so yeah i think she sill get an even bigger role in Space Jam 2 than in Space Jam 1, Where she's not just a spouse, And Yes i know that People keep telling me that "But Lola's good at Basketball, She Inspires people to be strong and sexy at the same time!" Yes, But The Majority Of the Movie's Context is Her swaying her hips and Letting the camera And Music Guide you to where you want to see her..and that is.....Yes, Mostly her Body, Mostly her Talking in a Sexy Voice, Mostly her Being Accompanied by sexy Jazz Music, Even with all of those People deffending her like "Lola's not just sexy, She's Good at Basketball Blah Blah Blah" I still think that Movie only wanted Lola to be a Sex doll and Not have actual purpose in the story but to be Bug's Girlfriend
Da MLGMAN06 Prije 4 dana
fat bugs bunny fat bugs bunny
TheBenvelope Prije 4 dana
I have to say that the reason I am personally upset by the change, is due to the fact that Lola is the pretty girl who happens to be an amazing athlete. One of my exes who is still drop dead gorgeous, big breasts, nice butt, stunning face, just the perfect woman in terms of looks, she was also the second best basketball player in the school both in terms of guys and girls, super fit, and incredibly sweet and she said Lola bunny inspired her to be an athlete and then she got hot and now she is literally the human version of her. That's my issue is that Lola, even being a femenine body type, gave those girls the go ahead to be in sports at a young age, the same way Bruce Lee have the smaller guys hope that they could become more physically overwhelming than the big dudes. We'd see the same backlash if a cat dude portrayed Bruce Lee even if his skills were perfect to play him. That's how I see it
The Nonfictional Explainer
The Nonfictional Explainer Prije 4 dana
I'm in the mountains
dbz storyeis
dbz storyeis Prije 4 dana
I never noticed that their was a chance to her chest I only new about the clothes
Nehemiah Kurfessa
Nehemiah Kurfessa Prije 5 dana
Lola bunnies personality is just to be bugs bunnies fling
AutographedShaggy Prije 5 dana
I have no problem with the redesign for Lola. What I have a problem with, is removing Peppy le pew
darkmikasonfire Prije 5 dana
I hate lola's personality in the animated show, but her design is fine, I don't like the design for the next space jam her face looks weird because her cheeks are significantly bigger and I don't like it. I don't care whether she's wearing a proper sports bra or not (cause let's face it that's what's really happening). As for all the guys wanting her just to be hot, I mean I always thought she was suppose to be the loony toons version of the female fatale portion of jessica rabbit's character. I didn't know about that tomboy design that they never used, I love that one the most.
Everette Bradfute
Everette Bradfute Prije 6 dana
To be honest I think I like the stalker Lola better.
KIRBIFAN79 #3310
KIRBIFAN79 #3310 Prije 6 dana
I agree with the tier list
stephen51991 Prije 6 dana
2:38 "-and which of these people are just some furries in denial" Joke's on you- I was never in denial.
Marcus The Handsome
Marcus The Handsome Prije 6 dana
I like how Joshua and the promised land is S rank.
Hanami63 Prije 7 dana
I just don't like the jersey she's wearing in the new design. It hurts my eyes to look at. Maybe if they changed the colour it might look better?
yoshid Gamer YT
yoshid Gamer YT Prije 7 dana
The problem is not she is sexy or not, it is the reasons why prodctors change her design
PSICadet Zen
PSICadet Zen Prije 7 dana
To me she's basically just wearing more clothes in the new design that are baggier
Kurt axl Peña
Kurt axl Peña Prije 7 dana
Hmm intersting
Only Evan
Only Evan Prije 7 dana
E Squad
Anjaney Asreet Rout
Anjaney Asreet Rout Prije 7 dana
Personally I prefer the OG Space Jam version. That Lola had her own charm with the perfect balance between sensuality and strength. She was well aware of how attractive she really was and used it to distract others or catch their attention when necessary. At the same time, she would beat down morons for underestimating her and hated being looked down upon. Hell, she was even one of the strongest players on team. This duality really sold me. As for the "New Legacy" movie? I dunno. The premise doesn't bad to me tbh.
Hentie Dj
Hentie Dj Prije 8 dana
this and hurambe and we got riots
curlkat the kneecap theif
curlkat the kneecap theif Prije 8 dana
I honestly liked her better in Space Jam haha I WANT TO HARM THE 1940 BUGGS BUNNU
TheMF Prije 8 dana
Meep Meep
GODRilla Prije 8 dana
I like rabbit tots
Slick Prije 9 dana
You a furry
Slick Prije 9 dana
I am so confused
*Randomia gang*
*Randomia gang* Prije 11 dana
Zendaya is gonna be voicing Lola bunny in the new movie
Yoshi Main
Yoshi Main Prije 11 dana
As long as the movies good/fun to watch, idgaf about Lola's design
DJ Tundra
DJ Tundra Prije 12 dana
Ah looking back at watching this on TV maybe like once, I now realize my crush on Lola Bunny lol
asadd2 Prije 12 dana
My fav so far is the Looney Tunes Lola because she actually has personality there (and is entertaining), the old lola is just "the female sexy one" I dont mind the new lola not having the looney tunes personality, as long as she just has SOME personality
Drop Pop Covers
Drop Pop Covers Prije 13 dana
bugs bunny drag queen of the year
Alexis Bloodwood
Alexis Bloodwood Prije 13 dana
I'm crying at Nick's commentary on the side. Additionally, I want to add that the guy who had the entire attic of Lola Bunny merch; due to quarantine, he actually got to organize it!
Max Hidrogo
Max Hidrogo Prije 13 dana
I agree with Twitter
Kayla Ching
Kayla Ching Prije 14 dana
The new design of Lola in “The Looney Tunes Show” doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that she’s just a dumb blonde now. If you want to add more to a character, cool. But not when you use an overplayed trope that practically doesn’t exist anymore.
Kayla Ching
Kayla Ching Prije 14 dana
Edit: “Looney Toons”. Sorry. Don’t have an actual edit button on YT using the Safari app.
Eli Dehmlow
Eli Dehmlow Prije 15 dana
you think that this is controversial try Tomboyish
Jessie Perry
Jessie Perry Prije 15 dana
"Since we're not related it'll be ok" god that must be a skipped song in some households in Alabama
Goatman Brigance
Goatman Brigance Prije 15 dana
Ooh! Undertale music! Likey likey!
EzioAuditore117 Prije 16 dana
"Lola was originally Bugs's cousin" **aggressive banjo plays while eyes are red**
Gianluca Olivas
Gianluca Olivas Prije 16 dana
im not a furry. *But...*
Superstar5 Prije 17 dana
They should have her old design mixed with her new personality. Edit: I didn't realize the 1996 Lola was fanart, my bad.
CoyoteHOOHOO :3
CoyoteHOOHOO :3 Prije 17 dana
Im so glad saberspark thinks the same as the spy. I mean whats so funny about a fat buggs bunny??
angell Prije 17 dana
When you get jealous of a rabbit because it has what you don’t 😭
calebmon Prije 18 dana
The new design still sucks people suggesting anything other than it looking like shit compared to the original are just lying to themselves and others for woke points.
CHONK is ROCK Prije 18 dana
Has Saber finally admitted he's a furry yet?
oblivexx Prije 18 dana
Slap mc D in the face by saying teenage lola is really bugs bunny's age. She just looks young.
MAGAT slayer
MAGAT slayer Prije 18 dana
I cannot be the only one who looooooved the psychological deviation they gave Lola in the TV series. making her kray kray, *chefs finger kiss* I know, I know... "not all women are crazy!" ...yes, we are XD just not LOLA BUNNY CRAZY
MAGAT slayer
MAGAT slayer Prije 18 dana
cannot unsee chungus lola... XD
Wolf Tamer
Wolf Tamer Prije 18 dana
So am I the lone furry that prefers more personality than cleavage and busts?
Bugbait⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije 18 dana
I'm sure that they care about personality too, but think about it like this... They're likely social outcasts, so they probably end up thirsty af from lack of human interaction.
Kiwi Bastard
Kiwi Bastard Prije 18 dana
This is hotel transylvania invisible man all over again
Ummm What was it
Ummm What was it Prije 19 dana
I just realized HE HAS THREE FINGERS (not counting the thumb)
J-man fred
J-man fred Prije 19 dana
don't heart my comment
so what im a furry
so what im a furry Prije 19 dana
The new design is better
Breyden Taylor
Breyden Taylor Prije 20 dana
you need to do an ep on helluva boss
S̴H̶A̵D̸O̴W̶ ̷F̸R̶E̴D̷B̷E̴R̷ ̵
S̴H̶A̵D̸O̴W̶ ̷F̸R̶E̴D̷B̷E̴R̷ ̵ Prije 20 dana
︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Prije 21 dan
Informative video. It's great to see the evolution of the character that became Lola Bunny. I'll admit she was one of my cartoon crushes back in my tween years. And, yes, when people think of Lola, they think of the more sexualized versions made by furry artists. That's besides the fact that there was an official poster where she was quite busty, or at least gave the illusion of large breasts because of cleavage. I know. I had said poster. But the rioting occurred when they showed the redesign. I liked the "sports bra" hypothesis. I was annoyed by "They took away what made Lola great: her bouncy milky bunny baps". She was what she is in the original Space Jam. She was not Jessica Rabbit nor Minerva Mink. I will watch this movie once it's released. Only people who won't watch the movie are the angry thirsty furries disappointed with the new Lola design, and the LeBron James haters. Sidenote: that 4chan screenshot? Just part of the collection belonging to the one known as the Lola Bunny Man. I know the guy. And he would love to see this video.
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn Prije 21 dan
It only gets worse with the recent Invisible Man controversy for Hotel Transylvania 4.
memezo shitmada
memezo shitmada Prije 22 dana
Idc about the redesign but how tf is she supposed to play basketball with no KNEECAPS.
The Nonfictional Explainer
The Nonfictional Explainer Prije 22 dana
spiderman is 20 times better i have to state
Defenger Prije 22 dana
And here I am not knowing that new Space Jam is coming out
Nathan Reaves
Nathan Reaves Prije 22 dana
Amazing how Joshua ATPL is at the top of the list in the beginning
jim martin
jim martin Prije 22 dana
I'll stick with Betty Boop, she wore stockings and heels. Oh and she wasn't a rabbit, lol.
Nicholas Herczeg
Nicholas Herczeg Prije 23 dana
HBOMax introduces Loony Toons:After Dark. "Your Childhood is all Grown Up" 🤔
Loitersake Prije 23 dana
13:33 Really?
Legend no Densetsu
Legend no Densetsu Prije 23 dana
Heh, it's not much different than when the FFVIIR trailers came out and some people were saying they felt personally attacked because they destroyed a video game national treasure by reducing the size of Tifa's chest.
TheGoatArmy 669
TheGoatArmy 669 Prije 23 dana
I’m glad they gave a fair change to Lola. When I was a kid, I felt SOOO uncomfortable with ever screen time Lola made in first Space Jam movie. Guess I wasn’t a dumb idiot...
Cheeky Fantasy
Cheeky Fantasy Prije 23 dana
Its the lebron part that killed my enthusiasm - insert cartman rant about money here
Villager #87
Villager #87 Prije 23 dana
**Villager noises**
parsa toxic boss
parsa toxic boss Prije 23 dana
2:33 the man in the high castle sence hmmm canu do a review on that show😁😁
Sparky Superstar
Sparky Superstar Prije 23 dana
There are so many things wrong with this video, I don’t even know how long it will take to explain it all. But for the record, just at the surface, all the people in an outrage because Lola has smaller boobs and less exaggerated sex appeal are stupid. Just the same, the people up on their high horse citing evidence of facts for why people need to like this new design and not the original are also stupid.
Bessie Butch
Bessie Butch Prije 24 dana
Preferred for phone Siri fairy fairy fairy fairy for
Andy Blanton
Andy Blanton Prije 24 dana
A. It's the principle of the thing. 2. People aren't watching Space Jam 2 for strong independent female Looney Tunes. They're watching because they're in their early 30s who saw the first movie as a kid.
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Prije 25 dana
i liked how people complain but they dont know what kind of ride they going to have
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Prije 25 dana
can we just have saberspark have wolf ears for now on?
Joe mama
Joe mama Prije 25 dana
You see I’m not going to contribute to this conversation so I’ll just ask how your was.
Blazers Life
Blazers Life Prije 25 dana
0:16 did anyone see the S rank 😂🤣
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones Prije 25 dana
I didn't care for her personality in the looney tunes show. Seemed she was airhead instead of a powerful female character
NewBoomerangmiaro 777
NewBoomerangmiaro 777 Prije 25 dana
i think the main arument to the furry subject is to some people booba is booba no matter what the booba is attached to
Ashiel03 Prije 26 dana
I think the problem is that most people know Lola from Space Jam and nothing else. Most of them if not all the people complaining about the redesign just didn't care about the Looney Toons Show to know about the changes to the character in it. Me I like the original Lola and I love the crazy stalker version from the Looney Toons Show.
Roman Bukins
Roman Bukins Prije 26 dana
+1 For MLP clip
Trijetz Prije 27 dana
Some people are just butt hurt by change.
Robot12 Prije 27 dana
ik why they did it its for all ages
Preston Knight
Preston Knight Prije 27 dana
7:15. A reminder for myself...
Thom Robitaille
Thom Robitaille Prije 27 dana
Real furries have only 2 ears.
Dylan Cai
Dylan Cai Prije 27 dana
No why did they destroy the original Lola bunny design this new 2021 version sucks early if anyone has a petition on here I want to sign it right now that says bring back original Lola bunny and all of her clothes
Dylan Cai
Dylan Cai Prije 27 dana
I like the original design of Lola bunny from the original space jam is more THICC
Dylan Cai
Dylan Cai Prije 27 dana
Well now I’m probably a furry
V Bbbb
V Bbbb Prije 27 dana
Im so glad you understand :D I feel like nostolgia would play a huge part in opinions out there. Iv never really watched space Jam and, looking at both designs, i like the redesign. That was a long time ago, things are diffrent now, girls arent just in media to be "the girl" anymore.
- Boondoggle -
- Boondoggle - Prije 28 dana
Matthew Terlaga
Matthew Terlaga Prije 28 dana
Was that guy mike row? Jesus what is that from?
anticarrrot Prije 29 dana
Alternatively it say something about how the quality of Space Jam is that removing the fanservice is a base breaking problem for fans of the original. Though IMHO her new face makes her look as old as Slappy Squirrel, which is an odd choice for an athletic character. Also if you really want bunny boobies there are plenty of places on the internet to find them, and plenty of artists who'll draw them any size you want.
ash M
ash M Prije 29 dana
To give my honest perspective on this, as someone who has been in animation for the last 8 years, I do prefer the old 1996 style Lola simply because her sensualness was part of her character and the way she looked worked well with her role, I do wish that the old movie did more with her to expand her character so she didn't play too much into that stereotypical hot girl trope but considering things like target audience, marketing even parodying and fandom, I consider the older style to be more successful. The new design honestly looks fine too, its much more child friendly and that's perfectly fine, but of course, its less risky and if anything looks more boring. Just my 2 cents.
Seaborn Gaming
Seaborn Gaming Prije 29 dana
I think out of all the recent lola, the new looney tunes Lola is my favorite
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