What the HELL is Oaxis? (come on Butch...$270,000 for this mess?)

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Shoutout to PieGuy for being the tip of the spear with the Butch Hartman stuff

Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanks to Helix for sponsoring this video! Get up to $200 off your Helix mattress + two free pillows at helixsleep.com/saberspark. I'd recommend this to Butch but I don't know how he sleeps at night
Zizzy afton Playz Roblox Minecraft and more!
Zizzy afton Playz Roblox Minecraft and more! Prije 21 dan
EDDY DU Prije mjesec
SoulStar Sketchin'
SoulStar Sketchin' Prije 2 mjeseci
Just wanna say I love the fact that you did a face reveal just for this alone in order to drive the point further home with OAXIS and it’s nonsense
Dexter Adams
Dexter Adams Prije 2 mjeseci
I got a Helix as well. It's great!
NightTime Noctis
NightTime Noctis Prije 3 mjeseci
What I'm trying to say is Why was any of this a surprise? Of course it's gonna be shit.
R Diaz
R Diaz Prije 4 sati
Today I found out that Butch Hartman blocked me from his Instagram, I finally made it! 👌🏻
Agustin Pellizzari
Agustin Pellizzari Prije dan
You had AMOGUS 3 right there abd you didn´t show it? dislike and reported, now the magnum opus of humanity is gone
Preston Crowther
Preston Crowther Prije 2 dana
Used love this guy rip the old butch
Axel Prije 4 dana
The funniest thing is that the entire concept of oaxis was lifted and put into Kidoodle TV, but that is actually a finished platform that isn't bible-thumping shit
ThatDudeWithBoobs Prije 5 dana
Yes, I'm commenting this request on a video that's over 3 months old now, BUT!! Saber, could you possibly make a second channel for your twitch Vods? I barely have any time to watch you live on stream, and twitch isn't kind to me on mobile lately, but I'd love to be able to see your streams on here whenever I have free time! Just a suggestion, watching you rant irl is oddly therapeutic for me 🤣
Manny Manito
Manny Manito Prije 7 dana
butch has become a waste of everyone's time
Cyber Garudian
Cyber Garudian Prije 7 dana
It seems like they made a reboot on oaxsis TV
hullaut H
hullaut H Prije 8 dana
i love how much you're kept up with modern humor, keep it up
Gemma Low
Gemma Low Prije 9 dana
Bitch Hartman: I made your childhood me: oh yeah I forgot you created mario
mako Prije 10 dana
Butch Hartman enrages me. I genuinely believe that he is mostly talentless and that his tv shows are only successful due to him utilizing the talent of other people to make his very basic ideas into something worth watching. By himself he is not a creative or talented person. And he’s also a shitty and dishonest human being on top of it all
JT Smith
JT Smith Prije 10 dana
Oaxis? More like Shitaxis!
Flippy Frogman
Flippy Frogman Prije 11 dana
Butch: I created your childhood Me who grew up with SpongeBob: 😒
Adrian Uritescu
Adrian Uritescu Prije 11 dana
SilentVinyl Prije 12 dana
oh boy
Luna Wolfheart
Luna Wolfheart Prije 15 dana
I'm starting to wonder if butch just took credit for someone else's ideas or if he got stuck on some art block for awhile and it somehow made his art worse
poly cube
poly cube Prije 17 dana
I commented it before, probably on this site, Butch Hartman is a slightly more functional less creepy John Kricfalusi.
Zivox Prije 18 dana
I really can't understand the people that still believe that Butch actually deserves credits for those shows. As soon as i saw the very first drawing videos he made on his channel... it confused me. It looked NOTHING like the old style of the shows. It's also impossible he suddenly ''lost'' this artstyle. That's not how it works. He is just a big liar in my opinion. I even kind of almost doubt he ''designed'' most of the characters he takes credits for. Maybe a few sketches here and there? Funny coincidence i actually found the real ''animation'' design artist. (I am an artist myself) I stumbled over some sketches i found somewhere online about a year or so ago and noticed they were drawn in all of those shows artstyle. But to my surprise they were watermarked by a complete different artist. So i looked it up. Turns out it was from an artist named Stephen Silver and his site called Silvertoons. He has a bunch of sketches and artworks in his portfolio from FOP and DP. ( Check it out.) You can really feel in his other drawings it is his artstyle. It's the whole flow of the lines. He actually seems to be a cool guy and deserves alot more credit. I am pretty sure without this guy and his awesome artstyle, we would not have had the same experience with all these shows.
Monty Ray
Monty Ray Prije 18 dana
Fairyodd parents is my favorite because of the magic muffin episode i need that muffin
Levi Antler
Levi Antler Prije 21 dan
I hate Butch. I really do. But I think we don’t need to be ripping on his art abilities. Some of us (myself included) aren’t good at art, but are trying to be. And if we see that drawing, we’d go “that’s really good. I hope I can be that good” just to hear others go “lmao that’s shit.” It’s not nearly as good as his other drawing, but the drawings themselves aren’t bad.
DeoxysDNA Prije 23 dana
As an artist I think you were being a little hard on some of the drawings lol
Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett Prije 23 dana
“I made your childhood” Daniel Antonucci, Joe Murray, Stephen, Hillenburg, Rob Renzetti, Steve Oederek, Craig McCraken, Lauren Faust: Are we jokes to you?
Jacob Drolet
Jacob Drolet Prije 27 dana
Valiry R
Valiry R Prije mjesec
excited for truth about oasis video lol classic
TheForkLord Prije mjesec
oaxis? more like hoaxis
ThatToastyNavySheep Enterprises
ThatToastyNavySheep Enterprises Prije mjesec
Butch: “I’ve Created your Childhood” Me: (all of my stuff was.)
GuyWithTheGreenHat Prije mjesec
Nice job Butch. You messed up.
Avery Richter
Avery Richter Prije mjesec
Maybe that could be your next video in the future 'What Ruined Butch Hartman'
【𝚔𝚒𝚖𝚒 】
【𝚔𝚒𝚖𝚒 】 Prije mjesec
That fart noise scared the soul out of me, rip
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler Prije mjesec
Saberspark's videos sound better at 1.5x speed.
RulerOvAll Prije mjesec
Does Saberspark have a podcast yet? He needs one!
Claire Glover
Claire Glover Prije mjesec
“I created your childhood” Me who’s childhood consisted of pepa pig and Dora the explorer: no you didn’t 😒
Fire Prije mjesec
How does his art manage to get so much worse as time goes on
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Prije mjesec
All his cartoons are overhyped dogshit Atleast these ones picked by Nick (Johnny Bravo was actually his best shot)
thawhiteazn Prije mjesec
Eh I didn’t care much for Butch Hartman’s shows anyway.
jesteringjahollycat Prije mjesec
Oh of course Butch Hartman would advocate homeschooling AKA a softened term for, more often than not, underground child abuse. Disgusting.
cincymutt1812 Prije mjesec
I wouldn't go so far as to insinuate that he didn't design his original cartoons (that had a very simple style) just because his attempt at new/more detailed art isn't up to par.
Bottled Poe
Bottled Poe Prije mjesec
That guy on among us 3 looks like he’s in pain
Demonic Prije mjesec
Seeing how you actually look in real life,I think you look like Leonard Hofstadter from BBT.
Kym O
Kym O Prije mjesec
Butch: EVERYBODY LOOK HOW GREAT FAIRLY ODDPARENTS IS--!! Spongebob, Rugrats, Invader Zim, and Hey Arnold: *whistles nonchalantly and keeps being the true best Nick toons in the bg*
Kym O
Kym O Prije mjesec
@Marshmallow Cello Obviously I meant OG SB. We ain't gonna judge Rugrats or Hey Arnold by their movies or Invader Zim by the Hot Topic merchandise, either. XP
Marshmallow Cello
Marshmallow Cello Prije mjesec
Yeah, I wouldn't put Spongebob anymore in that pack.
Sagethethird Prije mjesec
butch fartman
mchnhed Prije mjesec
BTW.....you have a great voice.
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser Prije mjesec
4:07 caught me off guard XD
The Nex Reviews
The Nex Reviews Prije mjesec
Just now getting into what the hell this is and frankly im just befuddled. Seems that good intentions paved the road off a cliffside.
Mister Sippi
Mister Sippi Prije mjesec
Yea it appears so. He seemed to be more excited about the idea of a streaming platform rather than the logistical aspects of it.
Anthony Kerr
Anthony Kerr Prije mjesec
Did I ever say i like your voice? Because I like your voice.
Krysta Briley
Krysta Briley Prije mjesec
Why did they make the layout look like Ebaum’s World?
cedenoa001 Prije mjesec
Omg a video where Saberspark shows his real face
Akinokaze Haruichiban
Akinokaze Haruichiban Prije mjesec
Maybe his lawyer's told him that all he had to do was take the service live to fulfil his legal obligations post-kickstarter, and that he could then take it down immediately and keep the money with no recourse from the funders?
Andrea Marini
Andrea Marini Prije mjesec
What do you mean with "all that money Is not showing"? This shit has AMONG US 3 in It. *A M O N G U S 3* !1!1!1!1!!!1!1!1!!1!1!!
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 Prije mjesec
I'm starting to think that Butch is a phony, he's not as great as everybody thinks he is.
sushi Prije mjesec
everyone in the comments like "no you didnt create my childhood you idiot" offering a different take: personally he DID create my childhood. but like, why would that give him any right to be a piece of shit person? what does he think he's gaining by selling himself like that
DwayneStorm Prije 2 mjeseci
He talks about this being a family friendly "Christian" thing, but then he has Among Us on there which is literally about killing people🤦🏿‍♂️😂
K1NG Wolff
K1NG Wolff Prije 2 mjeseci
Personally, if I was Butch, I’d make Oaxis a platform for just animation, like new cartoons that can’t get picked up
Accurate Man
Accurate Man Prije 2 mjeseci
tbh i think he released it for a day so he doesnt go to court for it being a scam "i released it and i never said it would be for a long time"
Broken door
Broken door Prije 2 mjeseci
He didn’t really make my child hood I feel like spongebob took care of that but I used to watch very odd parents
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy Prije 2 mjeseci
Butch, you created one piece of my childhood, that place is shared by many other creators who made the games, tv shows, movies, music and books that I loved back then. You are only one part of that, and not even the part I look back on with the most fondness. You should be proud of your achievements, but like, not this proud.
Snackish Prije 2 mjeseci
In defense of Christianity, please. And I mean PLEASE do not use this man as an example for Christianity. There’s lukewarm Christians who refuse to uphold God’s commandments and genuinely have a relationship with Jesus and twist God’s word for their own belief those Christians are the ones constantly ruining and tainting God’s commandments. Believe me, I was one myself before I rededicated my life to Christ and stopped twisting God’s word for my own benefit. He is not a good example of a Christian, sadly most people just sit behind the Christian title and use it when it’s convenient but don’t even care to know Jesus or his will for their life. God bless! ♥️
First Last
First Last Prije 2 mjeseci
Wish I never found his HRpost channel 🤦🏾‍♂️
Sano BR
Sano BR Prije 2 mjeseci
More like " *Hoaxis* ", amirite? Heh, heh? 'lright sorry X-D
TheRealWaffles Prije 2 mjeseci
0:41 sus
Retrobrigade Prije 2 mjeseci
Top 10 youtubers who are more attractive than their avatar implies: Dark horse Saberspark suddenly takes the #1 spot.
Cherie Barbee
Cherie Barbee Prije 2 mjeseci
In no particular order, a list of people who were faceless when I was a child but were important to me: Shigeru Miyamoto Junichi Masuda Tara Strong Veronica Taylor Jeff Bennett Steve Blum Mark Hamill Rachael Lillis Eric Stuart Pokémon Stadium announcer Craig McCracken and more… Childhood is about more than media, but if that’s what we’re talkin then Butch Hartmann is a tiny speck in a gigantic whole….
SethTheAwesome Prije 2 mjeseci
Oaxis sounds too much like the evil emperor in a fantasy novel.
Nazurix Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol first time seeing you actual face. IT feels weird.
Screaming monkey
Screaming monkey Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly, i did not have cable when i was little, so the people that were my childhood was basically anyone who worked on a pbs kids show.
Bigster Man
Bigster Man Prije 2 mjeseci
Unnecessary question but where did you get that footage from 0:41 IM NOT WEIRD
Paganavenger89 Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the reason why I am no longer a fan of Butch Hartman’s cartoons anymore.
xEternalEclipse Prije 2 mjeseci
I hate that at 6:30 I got an ad for 'Twork' music video. Dx
SputnikMan Prije 2 mjeseci
Oaxis sounds like the company of the main antagonist in a Bond film
Jacob Soper
Jacob Soper Prije 2 mjeseci
Artists should focus on making quality. If they have some message they want to convey through their work, that's fine. A lot of great art synergizes story and having something broader to say. But people like Butch seem to fall apart when they're not having money thrown at them and an army of collaborators to carry them. In his case he's sitting around tracing other people's art instead of making interesting new art to keep himself relevant. And that indicates deeper problems, IMO.
Parzival Prije 2 mjeseci
15:25 why the heck is Matpat there?
Loath Bringer
Loath Bringer Prije 2 mjeseci
Loath Bringer
Loath Bringer Prije 2 mjeseci
Loath Bringer
Loath Bringer Prije 2 mjeseci
Loath Bringer
Loath Bringer Prije 2 mjeseci
ThePopCultureBuff Prije 2 mjeseci
95% Sure Oaxis was all a Front for Money Laundering
Newt Prije 2 mjeseci
This is my first time seeing sparks face, he looks way better than his cartoon good look man 👍
Hyram Prije 2 mjeseci
Timmy was a spoiled kid, that no one understands, mom dad and vicky always disciplining him
Faron Silverfang
Faron Silverfang Prije 2 mjeseci
To claim that you single-handedly created someone's childhood is quite egotistical. That makes it sound like all that they ever watched, all the video games they ever played, every toy they had, that it was all related to his creation. Sorry Butch, but my childhood was built out of more than just your cartoons.
Player Zero
Player Zero Prije 2 mjeseci
Butch Hartman: “I created your childhood.” People who grew up not watching much Nickelodeon content: “I don’t even know who you are…”
Serena Tsukino
Serena Tsukino Prije 2 mjeseci
This is definitely a scam. Oaxis is a discount HRpost.
Game4play3 Prije 2 mjeseci
Butch "Watch my click bate" Hartman
Хакан Калленджи
Хакан Калленджи Prije 2 mjeseci
Talking of cartoons and nostalgia in the comment section, I just found a TV channel which shows every day at 14:30, 21:00, 00:00 the old Bakugan anime which I LOVED and I am so grateful for. It has other great things too, like the Sonic cartoon, the old Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test and others. The nostalgia hit me right in the heart.
David F
David F Prije 2 mjeseci
You can’t get a licensing deal for 200 grand so I mean that’s why he could only post his HRpost videos
🖤PollutedPluto🖤 Prije 2 mjeseci
Oaxis is just butch trying to make HRpost 2.0 except make it for Karens, kids bop and Christians and on a budget. "We have yt at home" type if energy- I also love how in comedy his own art is there 😭 yes, his art is laughable-
Jolis Parsec
Jolis Parsec Prije 2 mjeseci
Cool video as always, Saber, but why the heck is that Alex dude from YIIK narrating the footage section up in the top left corner? 🤨 Nah, I’m kidding, I know it’s actually you. 😋
Dr.Dementor Prije 2 mjeseci
I made your childhood! I even don't know who you are.
bruh Prije 2 mjeseci
hey saberspark. my man. you are gender.
Turtlegame Prije 2 mjeseci
6:26 didn't expect that peggle 2 cameo
Terabyte Of T flip Flop Switches
Terabyte Of T flip Flop Switches Prije 2 mjeseci
4:09 is that an echoing fart?
C-Virus Prije 2 mjeseci
"I created your childhood. I told your dad to beat your sister and divorce your mom. You are welcome"
SincerelyYour BeautifulNightmare
SincerelyYour BeautifulNightmare Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we please not forget how violently transphobic this animation trashfire of a human being is? To the point where he's openly argued with fans that Danny Fenton isn't transgender?
MegAlterMW Prije 2 mjeseci
“I made your childhood.” I didn’t have cable as a child.
Grape- Man
Grape- Man Prije 2 mjeseci
Butch: I made your childhood Me: **Laughs in "Canal panda"**
Max Telmanov
Max Telmanov Prije 2 mjeseci
Sincerely love your various reviews but do I feel sorry to see you perform webcam model maneuvres for 3 minutes straight. However for all I know situation with mattresses in U.S. is kinda different from the rest of the world so I guess these are good mattresses and you are doing U.S. a favor by promoting mattress technology.
Enosh Starcrod
Enosh Starcrod Prije 2 mjeseci
You dont know someone truly until theres evidence of them being a problem. Basically dont idolize anyone big and appreciate the teams that did most of the work. Butch should not be given the benefit of a doubt
Vampirtulpe Prije 2 mjeseci
I want it to be good so bad, but I know its not going to be and it makes me sad.
durece100 Prije 2 mjeseci
Two Stupid Dogs, Dexter's Laboratory, and original Tom and Jerry cartoons created my childhood, not Butch Hartman himself and his animated shows from Nickelodeon.
Lawnmower Tryhard
Lawnmower Tryhard Prije 2 mjeseci
This feels like the yandere simulator of streaming services
erisnova Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn't be surprised if there were Jehovah's witness propaganda cartoons on this crappy streaming service.
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