What the HELL is the Smurfette Principle?

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Saberspark Prije 2 mjeseci
Am I going to regret Googling Sabie a week from now? Probably lol
Mikayla H
Mikayla H Prije 7 dana
It’s amazing how Sabie’s voice and intonation sounds just like yours and the way you talk
LB Dvorak
LB Dvorak Prije 9 dana
WEEK FROM NOW??? Bro “they” are faster than that
Smusky Prije 12 dana
Well now you made me think about it & I'm curious
DΩGSΨS Prije 2 mjeseci
Ima do it.
The Midnight Otaku
The Midnight Otaku Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark I think you’ve made Sabie’s popularity bigger than... (scans the SupremePrincess fanart) ...yeah.
Moonbeam 87
Moonbeam 87 Prije 2 sati
I'm a Ray-Ban Man Myself.
Moonbeam 87
Moonbeam 87 Prije 3 sati
First Yeah Lets Talk about Jem, Where do you think the word Synergy Comes From. It comes from the Name of Jem's Super Computer Synergy, Jerrica Benton "Show Time Synergy". Now About The T.M.N.T April O'Neil was NEVER a Smurfette, She's a NEW YORK NEWS REPORTER FOR CHANNEL 6 NEWS, Which is Why Her Weapon is a Camcorder. Smurfette is a Girly Girl, April O'Neil is a Tom Boy. Huge Difference. As for Thundercats 1985, lets do a run Down of the Females, Wily-Kit, Cheetarah, Robear Belle, Nada, Willa, The Female Unicorn Keeper, The Wollo's Daughter at THE END of The Tower of Traps, Queen Tartara, Tahshi, Evil Chaser Mandora 1st Class, And those are in the Episodes I saw In my Childhood, There are Lots more, Thundercats doesn't Belong on this list.
Ruth Bogan
Ruth Bogan Prije 16 sati
best intro of the year 0:00
Moonbeam 87
Moonbeam 87 Prije 20 sati
DistractedFeliax™ Prije dan
Why are you beating that poor man, are you misandric?
Celeste Kuusisto
Celeste Kuusisto Prije dan
I like to write myself somestories with were few women in the stories. I can though explain why: It's hard to write a tasteful and working female/Girl/Woman character. The woman character with more important role than just a short lived support or loveinterest is hard to give to woman because I think people want more from female character rather than from male character. As an example, when you see a female character, you expect the character to have: -Good Design -Understandable backstory -Clear goals -Clear imterests -Some sort of drama (Otherwice she has basically nothing to do with the story) -Either really weak or really strong and shows it -Have to know what they do or they appear whiny or vain character -Little secret in the character gives her a reason to be there -Also, they can NOT be perfect unless they are villain, because they are accused of being Mary-sue immediately -They can't be better than the male characters without being unrealistic or op. -Even if the story is good, it's easier to nickpick on flat female lead or important female character -Basically, when writing a female character, you have to make a interesting woman, who could live in our world When writing men: -Good design -Understandable backround -Clear goals -Something mysterious about the character, makes them interesting -Some drama makes them more interesting or annoying. It's a hit or miss -While they can be little vain or just for laughs, them being annoying doesn't necessarily ruin the whole character -While the character may appear flat, if the story is good, it's easier to forgive flat male character. This may be oversomplified and even though if the story is good, people will for some reason forgive bad male character rather than female character. I think it's because people want female characters to be memorable and for them to stand out. This is purely how I see the deal and I know it doesn't have too much to have with the video, but decided to write it down anyways. A little tips or feedback would be nice
Colonel Jinkuro
Colonel Jinkuro Prije 2 dana
19:00 absolutely disagree. Representation is the least important thing in any story. There’s a reason batwoman and female 007 flopped hard. When you put politics and agenda into a media it tends to be a dumpster fire. The only things a story needs to worry about is having a good story and facing good characters. That’s it. Those are the only two things that matter. If they want a gay or black or strong independent woman in there it’ll be an after thought and it shouldn’t define the character. Getting real sick and tired of these femninazi’s and woke people.
omar pikm
omar pikm Prije 2 dana
Pikmin 3
astrological rat
astrological rat Prije 3 dana
lmfao thank god IT passed both tests
London-Sabers Prije 3 dana
Ok, so does the Transformers animated movie count? It did have a lone female character who was hyper sexualized but she had no romantic association with any of the male characters & she was established as a warrior first & foremost. In fact she didn't have any other function as a character other than a very mildly maternal role when it came to Daniel, the human child. Also does the original TMNT series really count? Even in the original animated series, long before they introduced the character of Venus as the first of a number of female turtles, there was the other major female character that everyone seems to forget about: Irma Langinstein. I only remember her because as a teenage kid I was never really attracted to April, I preferred Irma.
MandrakeMoorglade Prije 3 dana
I remember there being other female smurfs. There was one who was really good at growing plants who I think was introduced in the comics before smurfette. I forgot her name though. Daisy smurf? I'm pretty sure she was in the astrosmurf comic which was published in 1970s. It's been decades since I read it so I might be wrong, but I vividly remember there being a female smurf in that comic that wasn't smurfette, in fact I don't think smurfette was even in the comics back then.
Dave Speelman
Dave Speelman Prije 3 dana
Last thing lol you could also do a video on how father or father figures are pretty much dumb and incompetent compared to their wives. Ex Homer and Marge, Peter and Lois, Fry and Lela, couple from King and Queens, George and Angie Lopez, Jerry and Beth from Rick and Morty, Anchor Man, AL Bundy from married with children. I'm sure there is more but it seems pretty pervasive as well.
Dave Speelman
Dave Speelman Prije 3 dana
To be fair each smurf was defined by one character trait. So everyone was one sided and kinda stale. Also to be fair April was just a random human. They targeted her to get to the super powered ninja turtles. Also again Princess Leia was a bad ass female character who didn't really need saving. Shit she saved Han and fought with a blaster, was also hot doing it.
poop poop
poop poop Prije 3 dana
She-Ra and the princesses of power is AMAZING!!! Especially the reboot!
Masterzoroark666 Prije 3 dana
Masterzoroark666 Prije 3 dana
Oh my This reminded me that cursed conversation about Smurfette, Smurf village and kid smurfs with my friends on one party
Catalina Gearbox
Catalina Gearbox Prije 3 dana
but Leya was her own person. that didn't take no shit from anyone
The Boobfather
The Boobfather Prije 3 dana
We call the reverse the Rinnosuke Principle.
i am a person
i am a person Prije 3 dana
13:27 I thought that was adolf duckler because if the clothes
Trenton Michael
Trenton Michael Prije 4 dana
Ahem, Pokémon Indigo League. (Example: Misty, Ash, Brock)
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Prije 4 dana
I lowkey have a friend group that is nearly all guys but I’m the one girl...... You see I’m gay.
Stormer Kromy
Stormer Kromy Prije 4 dana
As an author, I accidently did not fall to this. I only have a trio with a guy, a girl and a robot. The guy is gay, the robot feels no love and the girl is not there as a lover
MagicLars15 Prije 4 dana
Adaptation, not adaption.
FullMoonDeria Prije 4 dana
Gargoyles falls under the Smurfette principal? But that show has some of the most diverse and kickass female characters of any cartoon and are far from side or background characters. Elisa, Angela, Demona, Fox, Hyena, Princess Katherine, Tom's mother, the Weird Sisters, the Banshee, Elisa's mother, Maggie the Cat, Fox's mother, Delilah (in the comics). Also it and a several of those examples also pass the bechdel test too I think. A few of them definitely have female characters that do more than serve the male characters, even if they do sometimes need saving. A lot of "token" female characters were easy to identify with and were great actual role models, or even acted like people you'd meet and I wish there had been more like them. Callie Briggs, Ann Gora (Cats-Eye News), Lexi Bunny, Gadget Hackwrench, Sally Acorn, Princess What's-Her-Name, Elisa and her mother, Trixxie and Rose from Jake Long, and Sam from Danny Phantom all come to mind as a start. I'm glad for the context matters part, because I've always felt that looking at things too surface level can somewhat take away the impact that characters can have.
Мария Власова
Мария Власова Prije 4 dana
18:21 I didn't expect that, but as a russian I confirm. We do have a cult dedicated to this character
7 Err 0 r 2
7 Err 0 r 2 Prije 4 dana
I know this has nothing to do with the video, but can you talk about She-ra and the princesses of power? It has amazing representation, and I personally love the plot. It’s a series with 5 seasons on Netflix.
Sinmenon Prije 4 dana
I remember watching a documentary on netflix on the original He-Man cartoon and toys and they tried their best when releasing the original She-Ra show, calling female writers and so on. However, they got a bunch of dumb rules from the executives, like "girls can't fight/punch/kick", so their options of an action show were limited. The executives still seemed to have this kind of mentality for a while now, like when the producers of Young Justice mentioned that the show was cancelled because despite it being a show for boys, girls were the ones watching and girls "don't buy toys".
{Jose} Prije 5 dana
Feels like im watching saberspark in an alternate universe
Kayleigh P
Kayleigh P Prije 5 dana
19:26-19:33 I laughed way to hard when he screamed 😂
CharlieCollyer Prije 5 dana
Please do a video about the Gadget Cult!
General Kenobi Animations
General Kenobi Animations Prije 5 dana
18:29 Ah yes, because only sith deal in absolutes!
flurry island
flurry island Prije 5 dana
what about the snow queen? it was made for both girls and boys and it is very female impowerment. the girl literally saves the boy!!
darkmikasonfire Prije 5 dana
I absolutely hate even the concept of the bechdel test, cause it's used to state how horrible and sexist men and boys and companies are, always spouted by other women, but these same women ignore the fact that their favorite movies are mostly romance films, to which next to NONE pass the fucking bechdel test that these women hold in high esteem. The bechdel test is a disgusting joke, used by sexist people to try and state other people are sexist.
Michael S
Michael S Prije 5 dana
She needs her own channel. Sabersnark. I won't watch it.
Paula Prije 5 dana
omg, whats the name of cartoon in 13:15? I remember watching it as a kid, but don't remember the name :(
Backonja Prije 5 dana
Wait a sec, gender-bender version of Saber in this videois voiced by Elsie Lovelock?! Omg! I CAN'T BELIVE IT! CHARLIE'S SINGING VOICE!!!!
Saintbow Prije 6 dana
Every time you hear "Independent woman", take a shot...
Bassline 3584
Bassline 3584 Prije 6 dana
I just wanted to mention something. Episode 4 of starwars is literally just the classic knight saves the princess story just in space. heck, obi wan is the wizard, han is the rough, chewy is the animal companion, r2 is the bard, and c3po is the... gay one?
MarloMarz Prije 6 dana
Mason LeNoir
Mason LeNoir Prije 6 dana
Everyone chill till saberwoman is back lol (It's a joke don't come at me feminists)
Mathew Hex
Mathew Hex Prije 6 dana
This smurfette principle has annoyed me since I was 6 or 7. So ‘91 or ‘92
CalciumChief Prije 6 dana
1:25 It's about a company wanting to sell toys for boys, so they make a cartoon, but a cartoon with only guys in it would get a backlash.
Coralynn Jarvis
Coralynn Jarvis Prije 6 dana
One movie I watched that only has one girl was 1917 but it wouldn't have historically made since for there too have been more. Sometimes you don't need females to tell an engaging story. But that is no excuse to only have a female for the sake of having a female.
Ryno Mclaughlin
Ryno Mclaughlin Prije 6 dana
I think Kanga is an exception to the principal or rule, Winnie the Pooh's characters aren't really defined by their gender at all other than Christopher Robin, yes Kanga is female but she fills more a motherly role not just for Roo but for the others as well, she's also just as wise if not more wise than Owl. I dunno, maybe my incredible nostalgic soft spot in my heart for Pooh Bear is clouding my judgement but I'm certain any and all Pooh movies and shows are perfectly fine for both genders of kids.
Maxxor - Overworld Hero
Maxxor - Overworld Hero Prije 6 dana
In all seriousness, are you guys siblings but don't know it? Because wow.
tpeianlee Prije 6 dana
I can see how people can also be annoyed if no females existed to move the plot forward.
Tiana Tampico
Tiana Tampico Prije 6 dana
I was talking with a guy friend about the manga Claymore. He said he liked it except it was hard for him to get into it because the cast was all these awesome warrior women and one guy that isn't very effective. I put my hand on his shoulder and said "welcome to my childhood" and he immediately got it and sympathized.
Jazzer995 Prije 7 dana
With at least 20 examples (if you add half ones up) of the shows you listed with only one female representation at least the female character was useful and helpful and not in distress most of the time. With just the four modern examples you showed of female led shows, %75 of the show's major male characters in those shows were either evil, incompetent, useless, idiotic, or a combination of all four. Ron Stoppable was the only character that gradually improved over the series.
Dexxa Prije 7 dana
Rosey Posey
Rosey Posey Prije 8 dana
I love the rottmnt plug. It destroyed April's damsel in distress role, and she became an absolute badass. Def, the best April out there
Selkie Prije 8 dana
My only issue with these discussions is, what does it mean to “serve the male characters”? Do you mean they only exist to serve the story and plot? Or they are directly subservient to men?
Bill Harrison
Bill Harrison Prije 8 dana
The media has already ruined of the representation of women. Karen's, false rape accusers, thots, SJW's and 80% of any media revolving around court cases. Not sure if this actually is the standard for women but I'm not taking any risks. I already have issues with my own mom. Not to say I hate women. I love my grandma and some of my teachers were actually likeable but girls my age are pretty unlikable except 2 who had same vibes as me and weren't generic.
Red Knight
Red Knight Prije 9 dana
I may be a month to late but, in the original Smurfs tv show, they eventually added another female into the show, she’s a little girl named Sassette.
William Moss
William Moss Prije 10 dana
Toph and kitara had way more conversations then just about boys smh wow they literally did a con job together but you know that was just talking about boys and make up
Joshua V
Joshua V Prije 10 dana
Dat thumbnail tho
bongus the indestructible _
bongus the indestructible _ Prije 10 dana
the smurfette principle: O O O O O x
AceMadness Prije 11 dana
A class in Elementary School was pretty guilty of this principle. I was the only female student in my class before 2nd grade, where I moved to another school (that I HATED with a burning passion). It was crazy.
Yuno Suesocky
Yuno Suesocky Prije 11 dana
Oh..... so the smurfet principle is bad...... damn I think is really good, you see i watch anime as well. Ever hear of a herem...... its used for one man toy get 5 or lotes of girls ...... like....... TO OVER SEXUALIZE THEM
Die eine da
Die eine da Prije 11 dana
Winnie Puuh ist a Girl-
CyborgJiro Prije 11 dana
Must be an American media thing. Just remembering aaaallll the anime with tons of female main characters through the last 2 decades.
monique ferguson
monique ferguson Prije 11 dana
I want her to never come back
FLUXXEUS Prije 11 dana
I've seen several April O'Neil videos... Didn't know she was also in a cartoon 🤔😂
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah Prije 11 dana
*”Let’s talk about feminism in the media..”* Or yeah, maybe let’s not- because I’m sick of hearing about this sh!t every time I turn ANYTHING is on! IDGAF about the _”gender ratio in media”_ - is it entertaining? Then I like it. Does it suck (in the bad way)? Then I *don’t* like it. Oh my gawd, did you just see how simple that was!!?? I accomplished it without even having to do a *”GENITAL ROLE-CALL”* on my favorite CARTOONS/movies/characters/ETC!!!! Seriously, my generation is just...one of the absolute fukken worst. 🤦‍♀️
Bee Gee
Bee Gee Prije 11 dana
I was wondering if the Gadget cult was gonna be mentioned. XD
Missa Peeps
Missa Peeps Prije 12 dana
Kim Possible was my Jam as a kid!
elonda nebelung
elonda nebelung Prije 12 dana
I'd say Ahhh! real monsters is an exception because oblina isn't just a supporting character. She's the voice of reason and the moral compass for the group. There's been episodes focusing entirely around her. She holds an important role in the group beyond being "The girl". There's even other female monsters they show sometimes( to be fair we don't see many monsters besides the main trio and the headmaster all that often)
Sim. Frischh
Sim. Frischh Prije 12 dana
Want a show that passes the Bechdel test? Queen's Blade does! A fanservice show!
🖤PollutedPluto🖤 Prije 13 dana
Sometimes the smurfette principle works. But its so tired and overused. I'm so sick of it. They're literally just ThE GiRL. There so the boys can exume all their hormone and there so boys can simp while she typically is friendzoning the shit out of the guys. Or they're extremely annoying and rude and or one of the boys (but still there for hormone ig)
Enderpigboi Prije 13 dana
The Bechdel test and TPN is a funny example personally for me because not all the episodes pass it but that’s only because two of the three main characters are dudes but the main main character is a girl and a cast is 50-50 in the books there are legit so many people that the only reason it wouldn’t pass it’s because Emma is talking to Ray the other main character or she’s talking to her dads but then you also have stretches that have less male characters and the boys are more in the background and also the books are pretty much mostly Emma with a giant cast of characters around her Half boys half girls and most of the people aren’t important anyway exclusive of gender if your background character your background character I just like talking about this I’m not disagreeing with this video I actually think the points made in the video are great and accurate
Multi Mayhem
Multi Mayhem Prije 13 dana
In 2:36 wait a minute I see it on Video that he gender swap to sabie but why she here In this video and I been confused that it she from another Dimension? Or it just A Fake gender character The show?
Homika Prije 14 dana
I generally really enjoy these, but I gotta say she screwed up on some things. Like the original tmnt didn't just have april it had her best friend irma langstein and their coworker who was also a ditz camera guy. I can't see proud family as a benefit they had darker black characters to represent the bad kids. There was quite a few girls in older shows, but it came down to culture, and a show about he man should revolve around he man/ or spiderman / or batman. Adding representation for the sake of it like go speed racers girl mechanic when its heavily dominated by men it comes as off putitng. It's a genre of action and boys love action. Saber getting clunked over the head multiple times in a show about sexism. Seems sexist to me~ 2:42 12:41 19:33 someone call a medic.
ILos ·
ILos · Prije 14 dana
If i ever do a cartoon, it also might include this thing, cause i have no female frends, and dont know how to do a female character
Altefier Prije 14 dana
For those who don't know, Smurfs were invented as chimeras, brought to the world by storks. There were no females because they're a one-gender species, like fairies, for example. Smurfette was the weirdest thing to ever happen to the series.
P Prije 14 dana
Literally every cartoon character in the 80s was a "plot device" meant to distract kids long enough to watch all the commercials. Not just the girls.
Killer Wolf
Killer Wolf Prije 14 dana
Bionicles let’s GOOOOOOOOOO
Aidon tijeirna
Aidon tijeirna Prije 15 dana
make another please
intergalacdab Prije 15 dana
i knew tmnt was gonna be mentioned well not really but i felt like i jinxed myself considering the thought crossed my mind but imo i dont feel like april fits the standard archetype (as of rn) for the smurfette principle like shes a total baddie n shes a hardworker dedicated to her job as a news reporter not to mention shes a loyal ally to the turtles but ngl she kinda gets a few points docked bc no disrespect to the writers but sometimes she has these lines that read as superficial when u watch em today like they wrote em back then so she seemed witty w contemporay viewpoints but now they read more vapid than what they intended so april fits the smurfette principle bc shes the only woman mainly involved w the turtles n splinter but she also doesnt fit bc of her hardwork ethic n bc shes not a romantic love interest im a lil over 4 mins now so im gonna edit n add more thoughts if i need to oh boy 9:03 did i manifest smth right here lol hmmm i would have to disagree w her being mostly being a damsel in distress (ehhh kinda i guess) bc some eps would involve april saving herself n if she needed saving from the turtles it sometimes happened in the middle of an ep (oh also fun to see red sky season tmnt hehe) now im just feel like im commenting my thoughts but dang the disrespect to mirage n 2k3 april o’neil 👊😔 oh i got ahead of myself n going back to smurfette n generally the smurfs i wished id seen the 2017 smurf movie i didnt the know general plot of it so hearing that description i know i’ll definitely have to catch it yes everything abt this was worded just awesome bc yea its not malicious if ur show just has one single female character but it’s also not a bad thing to strive for more but it’s kinda funny bc it’s like “character x fits the smurfette principle bc shes the only girl in a male dominated cast but shes incredibly well written n is a delightful character” n not just being a love interest/damsel in distress
intergalacdab Prije 14 dana
@Homika yep! exactly
Homika Prije 14 dana
April had her coworker friend in the original series though so it wasn't just her, irma worked with april and knew the turtles.
allygamer123 Prije 15 dana
Gahlain Righ
Gahlain Righ Prije 16 dana
Hey man at least it's not like harem anime.
James Thomas
James Thomas Prije 16 dana
gi joe had several female characters not a single female character. scarlet, lady jay, and baroness. i am almost certain there were more but it has been a very long time since i have seen the original cartoon.
Izuku Mydoria
Izuku Mydoria Prije 16 dana
Wikipidea is Fake :/
DatRangerpugboi Prije 16 dana
There was both BIONICLE and homestar runner. I love these both despite the principle
Alex Wilder
Alex Wilder Prije 16 dana
Thumbnail definitely got me here not even gonna lie, love me some Sabie
leonardo reyes
leonardo reyes Prije 16 dana
Miranda Wack
Miranda Wack Prije 16 dana
Wrt the Bechdel test: I wanted to mention that Alison Bechdel never really proposed it as a "sexism test" where if the media fails then it's capital-B Bad. The term comes from a strip in her comic "Dykes to Watch Out For" where her and her friend Liz Wallace talk about Wallace's rules for what movies she'll pay to go see (the rules being what we know as "the Bechdel test"). As the name of the comic implies, she and her friend are both lesbians, which gives a different context to the rules. It's not just about how there are hardly any women in media, though that's of course an issue in and of itself; it's also about the total alienation of women who love women, particularly in 1985 when the strip was published. If there's never more than one woman, let alone more than one woman whose life doesn't revolve totally around men, then us gay ladies are just kind of adrift. That's a more obscure aspect to the Bechdel test, which is... somewhat ironic. Anyway, keep up the good work! I always love your scripting and enthusiasm. Elsie has a lovely tone and matches your tone impeccably.
Seaborn Gaming
Seaborn Gaming Prije 17 dana
Is the counterpart principle a thing? Such as the female versions of the other characters such as Chipmunks and chipettes, Rowdy Ruff Boys to PPG.
Arianna Counts
Arianna Counts Prije 14 dana
it is the Distaff or Spear Counterpart in which an existing character gets a counterpart of the opposite sex that is technically their own character. But there is also Rule 63-- For every fictional character, there is an opposite-gender counterpart. (Which gets really confusing when you start adding non-bionary, gender-queer, trans, etc. characters with this rule) 😂
Gundam Gaming
Gundam Gaming Prije 17 dana
More Sabie r34 i guess
Iron Will
Iron Will Prije 17 dana
One of the first shows I thought of was the show Recess. But I remember that it had 2 girls but one was more of a tomboy. She wore combat boots and would rather play sports and was actually more like the muscle of the group. Is it still part of the smurfette principal if it has multiple female characters but one acts like a boy?
Iron Will
Iron Will Prije 17 dana
Could the smurfette principal apply for groups with opposite genders? Like can a show with a group dominated by females but has a single male still use the smurfette principal?
Nate Torres
Nate Torres Prije 17 dana
Wait isn’t Winnie the Pooh a girl? Was that not confirmed?
DanHam Prije 17 dana
Gali was a leader among her peers and protector of a nation of wise and powerful women, and I will die on this hill! The toa would’ve never succeeded if it hadn’t been for her cunning and wisdom. And we don’t need to understand how or why robots have genders in the first place. 😆
MountBücke Kreative
MountBücke Kreative Prije 17 dana
Well , He-ma and She-Ra would technically even them out, since they exist in the same universe. But just considering the basic MOTU show, i am not sure that the girlS there would be "typical girl" characters. We got the socceress, which basically is kind of a godess, with her magic powers, Teela, who is in charge of the royal guard and Queen Marlena, who is besides being queen a former astronaut. Not exactly the kind of woman that you would put in kitchen and have them have coffee parties.
Jaziah Jones The Lighting Orange Devil
Jaziah Jones The Lighting Orange Devil Prije 17 dana
I saw the Sonic Boom Teaser Poster i only though Amy is going to be a one girl in Team Sonic but in the show there 3 boys and 2 girls in Sonic Boom.
Kai Knopek
Kai Knopek Prije 18 dana
Gotta join that russian cult 🙏🏼
For SHAD0WS Prije 18 dana
Woman moment
РОГОФОС Prije 18 dana
while not all movies that fail the bechdel test are sexist they all contribute to a sexist tendency in western society
Michael Gbandi
Michael Gbandi Prije 18 dana
So you've started again haven't you?
exile0025 Prije 19 dana
didnt garfield have a few females characters?
0/ 50
0/ 50 Prije 19 dana
Why can’t someone aminate the bat in the girls han d
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TikTok Mystery Boxes - BOX 9!💎 *ASMR* #Shorts
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