What's RUINING GameStop? - The Fall of a Gaming Empire

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GameStop has been rotting away for years now and most people see it as a dying company. Terrible leadership, mistreatment of employees, horrible business practices...it's very clear that GameStop has failed to adapt to a changing market and they were on the verge of bankruptcy but then something interesting happened...something that might save them OR perhaps seal their fate

0:00 Intro
5:30 Origin of GameStop
10:10 What RUINED GameStop? (Part 1)
14:21 What RUINED GameStop? (Part 2)
23:03 Conclusion

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Saberspark Prije 4 mjeseci
Richards Majestic
Richards Majestic Prije 29 dana
That Orange Shirt On Your Avatar Would Sute You Well And That Hair And Those Glasses And That Beard Make's Your Avatar Kind Of Good
Mario Fan
Mario Fan Prije mjesec
I bet villains treat henchmen better than GameStop does
Alisha Sanchez
Alisha Sanchez Prije mjesec
Gus Prije 3 mjeseci
Ronald Neal
Ronald Neal Prije 3 mjeseci
Do what the hell is Peppermint Park? A Seasame Street Ripoff that has some of the Creepiest Puppets I have ever seen!
Adam from Iowa
Adam from Iowa Prije 2 dana
I'm Funcoland old. I still got what is essentially a newspaper with a master list of games for the consoles that existed at the time. The majority of the vintage games were behind the counter and you'd ask for a game after game. Do you have umm Mega Man 4? Yes we do!
Nathan Withrow
Nathan Withrow Prije 12 dana
Soon GameStop is going to follow the same fate as block buster with only one location and people visiting it for nastolga.
C00kii0 Prije 24 dana
I needed new switch controllers, purchased the neon yellow and blue. it was packaged as if it was new but got home and it was the red and blue default colors...
spencer sss
spencer sss Prije 26 dana
I mean why buy a full price $60 digital copy when I can get the same game on sale on steam for half the price or less. Also since Xbox and PlayStation made it so you have to download the physical game on the disk it’s basically the same as a digital one. I still have to download the game, people with slow or no wifi can’t just play games easily anymore, you have to get rid of game son your console to make more space instead of just putting in the disk you want to play. And lastly you can’t let a friend borrow your physical game anymore. And you could resell a physical game but with the prices of GameStop it’s not worth it.The borrowing, not needing to download a game so you can play it when you get it, not having to choose what game to keep on your console and what to take out to download a new game. All these benefits that might’ve made me choose a physical game are gone.
nilla Prije mjesec
I think gamestop still has a chance to service and come back to the classic times and be good again
the good stuff
the good stuff Prije mjesec
GameStop was life in 2016,2017,2018,2019 until 2020 I give this heart to you GameStop ❤️
kiwirocket64 Prije mjesec
I guess GameStop is the block buster of our generation
Sean Taggart
Sean Taggart Prije mjesec
Actually gamestop is going through a change Its being Revived I Think i remember something about Obama helping? I swear im not lying My brain is just faulty
DJ Chameleon
DJ Chameleon Prije mjesec
Was that a QR code?
EverydayLegend Prije mjesec
I heard “ek-setera” one too many times
Mario Fan
Mario Fan Prije mjesec
Well right now
Mario Fan
Mario Fan Prije mjesec
Well right nos
Mario Fan
Mario Fan Prije mjesec
Game stop sucks
s nonya
s nonya Prije mjesec
i mostly went digital but if the price is good id rather get physical
s nonya
s nonya Prije mjesec
publishers should just get over it used games are preferred if the game is in good condition and usually because the price is cheaper.
s nonya
s nonya Prije mjesec
gamestop is awful now so i mainly went digital
Jenny Gholson
Jenny Gholson Prije mjesec
I loved your videos
Your Local Baltimore Railfan.
Your Local Baltimore Railfan. Prije mjesec
This touched my heart, I do hope Gamestop continues to live, I go there for old times sake usually.
Cliche _
Cliche _ Prije mjesec
wait for it
ShadowSnek Wolfington
ShadowSnek Wolfington Prije mjesec
I love how every single one of these on the playlist is just "WHAT RUINED **insert famous and random company**
Pokéfan Forretress
Pokéfan Forretress Prije mjesec
4:49 I highly doubt any of those will happen in the near future
JD M1275
JD M1275 Prije mjesec
2000 zero
2000 zero Prije 2 mjeseci
Please it can't is only shop were I can get my bobux psp cash and steam cash...and fan mersh.
ProtoRetro Prije 2 mjeseci
That culture is still there, in EB Games Australia. EB Games Canada has been gamestopifed but not EB Oz. EB Australia is still just like the old EB. I WANT to work at EB Australia, something that cannot be said for anywhere else.
ProtoRetro Prije 2 mjeseci
If digital downloads eclipsed physical world wide then gamestop would have been out of business in 2017. Physical reigns king world wide. Only in America has digital become king.
José Zembenico vela
José Zembenico vela Prije 2 mjeseci
Whats ruinnig Thomas AND friends
KaZa MaHa
KaZa MaHa Prije 2 mjeseci
gamestop did a pubic service where they thought everyone not to be paperhanded and to HODL!!!
PorkinsHoldIt Prije 2 mjeseci
Excellently explained! I hope you made some tendies my dude
Lazy Boi
Lazy Boi Prije 2 mjeseci
EB games was way better then gamestop.
Mr. NoViews
Mr. NoViews Prije 2 mjeseci
Q: How bad is Gamestop doing? A: Yes
DÒctØ_ ØctÓ
DÒctØ_ ØctÓ Prije 2 mjeseci
Short answer? The COVID-19 virus. And the fact that the corona virus is forcing people to do online shopping.
ScizzorJ Prije 2 mjeseci
GameStop is like ancient Rome they where the biggest empire then it failed
Dylbill56 remixes
Dylbill56 remixes Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't know this for sure, but I heard that Gamestop actually destroys games. If that's the case then I'm not giving them a cent.
Mega Bolt
Mega Bolt Prije 2 mjeseci
I never did like GameStop in the first place since, they monopolized so many good game stores like FuncoLand, Software Etc. & EB Games, put them all under their one name then, took out all the classic games & accessories(gun controllers, super scopes, etc.) dating back to the NES era and, placed only current day items in their stores that nobody actually wants to buy from them... Also seeing as AMC Theaters & GameStop were apparently going to die because of the shutdowns, was that stock market thing that happened with them actually save them? Bought them some borrowed time on life? Or, speed up the process of them dieing out? I've been wondering about that specifically.
Kayleigh Brown
Kayleigh Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
So, reddit decided to play capitalism at it's own game and hustled a bunch of millionaires out of their money. .... That's gan damn beautiful
Cutie Oranges
Cutie Oranges Prije 2 mjeseci
I swear to god I sold a Nintendo game and no joke got 19 cents for it,I could sell its plastic for more than that
Wario DS
Wario DS Prije 2 mjeseci
I remember once when some older gentleman was visiting gamestop and wanted to trade in some console games, he was gonna get like 5$ for around a half-dozen games. I just said outright that he should go "sell them on Ebay", this infuriated the *unt that worked there. Was gonna buy Mount & Blade, sort of regret that I ended up buying it. One of the things I hate about Gamestop/EB Games is that they bought up an old gamestore in my town. It was quite a cool place, they had not only console games but tabletop games, P&P roleplaying books and even Warhammer mini-figures. All of that was later removed cause Gamestop is a cancerous waste of space that only wants to push generic crap and funko-pops.
Mysterykiddo 2
Mysterykiddo 2 Prije 2 mjeseci
I have a request: "What ruined Sword Art Online"
7Write4This9Heart7 Prije 2 mjeseci
Everything after s1e7
AuraTale Prije 3 mjeseci
GameStop stock now at 260.00 again... What a crazy ride!
Jake Ceccola
Jake Ceccola Prije 3 mjeseci
I worked a game stop for roughly 5 years between high school and college and oh boy could I tell you a story. 1st of all I do want to pre face this by saying that a lot of the coworkers I worked with were really cool people, they were very relaxed , However it waz the management that made us all have a hair stand up. When incident that struck a chord with me after watching your video is when Batman Arkham origins released. This was a few months after it came out. Not only did a new copy come with the deathstroke code, but it also came with a promotion to get $10 off the season pass. So 16 year old kid comes in and wants to buy the game. He goes for a used copy that was retailing about $50, I let him know that a new copy is on sale for 30 and having played the game myself I definitely recommended because it was just more Arkham. I let him know that a new copy is on sale for 30 and having played the game myself I definitely recommended because it was just more Arkham. I told him about the promotion and that the new copy was guaranteed to come with the deathstroke code and he was happy because he got to save some money and I remember being 16 years old and having tp save money for games before I started working. Literally 5 minutes later I'm in the back Room getting chastise for Selling a new copy over used one. I frankly didn't care because I would do it again and that is something, to my team's credit, that I was respected on is the fact that I didn't push anything that I didn't think was good Management was not a fan of it but I just remember Thinking how stupid at all was
YoshiPool Prije 3 mjeseci
"Guys" I grew up with GameStop Love it or Hate it, he's spitting facts. (joke)
Gojin Ryong
Gojin Ryong Prije 3 mjeseci
GME 200 today this vid aaged bad
Morgan Hughes
Morgan Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
If Gamestop wasn't hemorrhaging money, I would love to see them make a exclusive deal with indie devs and console manufacturers to make physical copies. I know that dlc and downloaded games are what most people use, but seeing fire emblem radiant dawn being released at $40, only to sell up to $130 tells me it'll happen again
Morgan Hughes
Morgan Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
The amount of decent copies of pirated GBA pokemon games in circulation that still sell at used game stores and conventions also proves my point.
_a simp for toga_
_a simp for toga_ Prije 3 mjeseci
What ruined game stop was the horrible repainted marvel legends every month For 5 years
Mustafa Kulle
Mustafa Kulle Prije 3 mjeseci
It's not a good idea for a game store to be owned by one of the competitors. If Gamestop becomes an "Xbox Store" then it will prioritise one console over the others and it will alienate the other games and customers. I think in that regard Gamestop needs to remain a neutral seller of games.
Gumballfan 123
Gumballfan 123 Prije 3 mjeseci
Another option for GameStop is that they follow Colen's plan of turning GameStop into the "Amazon of Games" where used games and console could be bought at a more reasonable price compared to independent sellers from Ebay or Amazon.
Haliegh Summers
Haliegh Summers Prije 3 mjeseci
So true a new sequel called 2021! It feels just like 2020! HoOrAy
The Everything Channel
The Everything Channel Prije 3 mjeseci
B**th i got a wii u, xbox 1 +360, a switch, and a pc, no console wars for me, i just dont like the ps controllers
Cat Kat⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Cat Kat⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije 3 mjeseci
I remember playing the sample games a long time
RhonniChan💋 Prije 3 mjeseci
My boyfriend is a AM for a GameStop so I sent this to him He was like "yeah, spot on"
Shane c
Shane c Prije 3 mjeseci
Reddit: And I took that personally.
Ewan Lundy
Ewan Lundy Prije 3 mjeseci
Have you taken a look at what's ruining Thomas & friends which Mattel was now doing you know that 1984 adaptation to the reverend Wilbert awdry's Classic railway series books that started from 1945 to 2011 if you don't mind me asking? . I was wondering if there was gonna be video about that Thomas the tank engine happens to be my favourite childhood memories which I grew up with
Irish The Hedgehog
Irish The Hedgehog Prije 3 mjeseci
I saw a video on youtube that said "Gamestop is closing down and it's your fault" I didn't watch it because I was wondering is it really our fault that Gamestop is closing down?
Dababy Convertible
Dababy Convertible Prije 3 mjeseci
I remember when i went to gamestop. Things were going well until i traded. Now i just buy my games digitally now.
igor leban
igor leban Prije 3 mjeseci
I would like to see a What's RUINING / RUINED about Chuck E. Cheese’s.
Youser Prije 3 mjeseci
As a first year Millennial, or Xennial if you will, I feel nostalgia for Babbage's and Funcoland more than Game Stop. Anyone else remember those days? I was able to get more obscure JRPGs and strategy guides at these specialty shops. Remember strategy guides?? The 90s were good times!
techblackdog deadmeat
techblackdog deadmeat Prije 3 mjeseci
In the early days of gamestop with green, white and pink papers. i made lot of cash from them. I loved GS then. later there were some strange things. like my per-orders not showing up no refun or anything. My points* turning to "Zero" after over 10 years of getting points. I would go to GS, with my friends( almost anyone who knew that i did that) so they can turn in games. they get the 'member bonus' and i get the points. YES i saw working GS points**. i would get people to pay me for stuff from GS points catalog and i order it. I did the same thing with "marlboro miles". But i just get miles from empty pack. i have sold 8 marlboro pool tables. *yes i had tons of points! they were in the seven digits. I was going to order the "ultimate home HD enterainment package" with recliner chairs. **got points games traded in, new and used game purchased, movie traded in and consoles{new, used and traded in}.
Danny Russell
Danny Russell Prije 3 mjeseci
This reminds me of the other day, I drove by a gamestop near me and it was closed down. I felt actually sad cause that gamestop was the only one I could find in my town that had the game Nier Gestalt, my favorite game of all time. I had recently bought an Xbox 360 from a coworker so I could finally play it again. I went to 3 others before one of them called that gamestop and told me they had ONE copy left. I felt like I was on a quest driving over there and finally getting my hands on it, god it felt amazing. Anyways yeah, I felt a weirdly strong connection to that specific one and it sucked seeing it closed. But I suppose it's for the best, I had no idea they were so shitty.
Aiden Aviles
Aiden Aviles Prije 3 mjeseci
Dunlop GreenWood
Dunlop GreenWood Prije 3 mjeseci
GameStop isn't the only the gaming center!
GrimmieLeon Prije 3 mjeseci
well sense my ass work there id like too keep the job that puts food in my house
AeroFrontier496ers Evolution
AeroFrontier496ers Evolution Prije 3 mjeseci
If GameStop goes bankrupt, try to kinda rebuild by making V.R. Games and Board games to come together. Connection.
GAMER NERD Prije 3 mjeseci
You should do Bo On The Go
frybanshee139 Prije 3 mjeseci
Fun fact: this is the first time saberspark hasn't talked about cartoons
YaBoiDustin Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm still buying from GameStop, I want to buy a wii and they have a red one with wii motion plus wii remotes
DatBoi correa
DatBoi correa Prije 3 mjeseci
gamestop needs to sell gaming computers and accessories. then they can sell disks and computers.
Nerdigans Inc.
Nerdigans Inc. Prije 3 mjeseci
I worked there as a supervisor for 2 years. Over $1000 from class action lawsuit settlements can back me up
Ty Love
Ty Love Prije 3 mjeseci
I preordered Final Fantasy VII from Babbage's. Good times.
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche Prije 3 mjeseci
I hope so. I actually do like going to GameStop. Never had a problem with them.
MarioBrosGoatRBLX Prije 3 mjeseci
yes g a m e s t o p employee treatment haha better than how nintendo treats their fans
The Grand Strategy Nerd
The Grand Strategy Nerd Prije 3 mjeseci
I was in college when Halo 2 came out. I was there for the midnight release. Good times.
Jayalal G
Jayalal G Prije 3 mjeseci
Do a video on Indian Animation there is a lots of talented animators ,filim makers in India but its not getting its recognition... Watch "Arjun: The Warrior Prince" its the best Animated movie from India.. please watch it..and do a video on it... & make the industry more popular.. ❤️
Fox Twister
Fox Twister Prije 3 mjeseci
GamePlop the place for you to plop your game down and get 2 cents per game.
Ssjjayden Games
Ssjjayden Games Prije 3 mjeseci
Is Nintendo 5$ cards existing any more
Santiago Razo
Santiago Razo Prije 3 mjeseci
You are saying that they display but there are no copy's of that game well best buy does that too.
Skybound Prije 3 mjeseci
One word: Reddit
Glorious Kitten
Glorious Kitten Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow. To think I nearly applied there 😭 Didn't know shit about GameStop until now. Saved a life. I'm rather fortunate 😌
TheStrGzr9000 Prije 3 mjeseci
Irony ... Serendipity ... Coincidence
I Slay Goblins
I Slay Goblins Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm ready for GameStop to be shutdown. Last week I went to buy the Outer Worlds, grabbed the case, brought to the register, and the guy said "We don't have it in stock you can go to the store that's 5miles from here." Then the other day I went back saw the case for the game and thought, "Okay, now they must have it in stock." Guy said no and that I had to either go to the store 5 miles away or pay for it to get shipped to my house. Needless to say, it was the biggest waste of time.
JoshuaBuildster Prije 3 mjeseci
I loved the second-hand stuff because I love buying a bunch of games for a few bucks
JoshuaBuildster Prije 3 mjeseci
11:27 I dead ass thought he said porn
Fluoride Nova
Fluoride Nova Prije 3 mjeseci
"Jesus returns and we kill him again" 😂
The clip man
The clip man Prije 3 mjeseci
Should I work there still
The clip man
The clip man Prije 3 mjeseci
I can't believe I was fooled into thinking they were closing down
COLT HONAKER Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm ten and I grew up with g stop
Leveraction Justice
Leveraction Justice Prije 3 mjeseci
I honestly hope Gamestop won't go out like Blockbuster did in 2010 and start being more desperate with there advertising.
The TARDIS Prije 3 mjeseci
I just went there to get my Xbox series x and shocked to find empty shelves
Tim Creech
Tim Creech Prije 3 mjeseci
Ya let's give another garbage corporation more money!
gokusondbz Prije 3 mjeseci
One Of My Friends Has Been a Store Manager With Gamestop Since 1997. His a Great Store Manager He Shows Nothing But Respect To Customers. So I've Never Had a Problem With Gamestop In 20+ Years Shopping With Them.
Crystalitar Prije 3 mjeseci
Netherlands has GameMania but got way better experiences with them compared to what i hear about GameStop. 1. Once preordered the steelbox version for pkm Moon. They went through a new pc management rework in the meantime and my pre-order got lost to be in line for the steelbox. I was bummed, as i was rlly early. Instead, they gave me a 10 euro discount for a normal game on the 1st day release. Big respect. 2. Good talks and just good communicatio of when my orders would be there. Nice bonuses. 3. Exchanging games to get discount is like. Turn in a recently played game and get 30 euro discount on a new game. Its good.
Dewey40k Prije 3 mjeseci
Aaaah them good ol' days
Isa Bean
Isa Bean Prije 3 mjeseci
I once sold maybe 5 games to them for $1 or $2. I knew it was a massive ripoff, but I have severe social anxiety and wanted to be done with the interaction. 😔😔😔
Bolt Prije 3 mjeseci
I did use Gamestop once until I switched to PC and learned of Steam.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Prije 3 mjeseci
But I still go to GameStop it is amazing.
Zacman1123 Prije 3 mjeseci
And to think: I wanted to work at Gamestop.
7Write4This9Heart7 Prije 2 mjeseci
Justin Prije 3 mjeseci
Good luck at GameStop Reggie! Let's hope that your body is ready one last time!
Kevin Carignan
Kevin Carignan Prije 3 mjeseci
So... anyone else catch that QR code at 5:50?
Ben Kenobi uwu
Ben Kenobi uwu Prije 3 mjeseci
There should be a movie about this in the future
Justin Prije 3 mjeseci
In Canada it's EB Games (the Electronics Boutique that tried to buy Neostar back in 1996 and Gamestop bought back in 2005) and I still buy there. As far as I know it's still a different entity. The only midnight launches I go to is whenever a new Pokemon game comes out and now I only get a game at EB Games for the exclusive launch bonuses. I had two in the town of 22,000 that I live in and they were doing well. One of them closed because of Covid as it was a small place in a mall and you couldn't practice social distancing.
Raja Prije 3 mjeseci
If covid has showed us anything, these big companies need to go... Especially Gamestop and Walmart...
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