Quick Vid: Tom and Jerry Movie 2021 (Review)

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Why do they keep making Tom and Jerry movies?! STOP STOP THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD

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HarshDude126 Prije 11 sati
"Jerry's gagging on Tom."
Innocent Child Gaming
Innocent Child Gaming Prije 6 dana
F for the original Tom and Jerry creator
-EliteElijah- Prije 8 dana
No one: Saberspark: I don’t care about anything else other than a cat and a mouse fighting each other.
Guardians of the gamers Guardians
Guardians of the gamers Guardians Prije 9 dana
I like the movie
Paolo Quate
Paolo Quate Prije 13 dana
That's the problem with all these Tom and Jerry movies. They try to mix Tom and Jerry in with other shit like live action humans and frickin Willy Wonka. It just will not work. People come to see Tom and Jerry movies FOR TOM AND JERRY!!! NOT ANYTHING ELSE. They need to make a movie where it is just Tom and Jerry and nothing else that distracts the viewer. I really wanted to like this movie, but I don't. I agree with the 3/10 rating, might even be 2/10 for me.
Sibir Lupus
Sibir Lupus Prije 14 dana
So the only thing Saber liked in this movie were the anthropomorphic animals. Sounds like a typical furry to me! Hehehe ;D Just ripping on yah Saber! Keep up the great work! :)
I am CooperClimb!
I am CooperClimb! Prije 16 dana
Peytonian Prije 18 dana
Thats accually very intresting im not trying to push my opinion dont get me wrong but I think the complete oposite I get bored when tom and jery are on screen
WigWoo1 Prije 20 dana
I just wish Tom & Jerry didn't look so flat colored. It looks like the lighting and shadows don't realistically look like its affecting them. They look so bright in dark scenes. I think they would have looked better 3D without the 2D textures on them. I wish they would have gone for the more realistic style like Detective Pikachu or the Sonic Movie
Hydrov Prije 14 dana
it brings out the cartoony
Hydrov Prije 14 dana
no i’m glad it’s that way
MysterionPlays 123
MysterionPlays 123 Prije 21 dan
I loved the movie it was one of my favorite movies
Plutodragon Prije 21 dan
The ultimate form
The ultimate form Prije 22 dana
im 12 and i was forced to watch this movie by like 7 people and right after watching it i wanted to kill myself
Giran 0
Giran 0 Prije 22 dana
The real Tom and Jerry movie was made in 1993 and i still watch it to this day
Giran 0
Giran 0 Prije 22 dana
It can't be a Tom and Jerry movie if Robyn Starling isn't in it
Honar Palani
Honar Palani Prije 25 dana
Butch the black cat made an appearance in this movie. And he sounded black.
Altmetalpunk Prije 29 dana
Warner Brothers cant just do animated films anymore. They only do these hybrids now. Space Jam was awesome but it was a human going into the cartoon world which is why it worked. We dont want to see cartoons come into our world. WB needs to stop.
Mayo Poppins
Mayo Poppins Prije 29 dana
"Oh no, Jerry's gagging on Tom" *uh yeah, Saber what the fuck?*
Nekuia Ostergod
Nekuia Ostergod Prije mjesec
Cartoons in human world is a real interesting story and can totally work, it has worked in the past. It just needs a proper set up... Tom and Jerry were never about the humans out side of "Eek a mouse! Get it Tom!" Then slapstick ensues. There has been humans in Tom and Jerry shorts and shows, but only there to act as a world building, never there for a plot.
Amurro Ray
Amurro Ray Prije mjesec
i made a comment to top my comment
Amurro Ray
Amurro Ray Prije mjesec
i made a comment to be on top of a youtuber
Blushing_plush2008 Prije mjesec
Tom deserves better 😭 we should make a petition to stop Tom abuse ✌🏻😭
The ultimate form
The ultimate form Prije 22 dana
James Patrick Buchanan
James Patrick Buchanan Prije mjesec
Please consider reviewing the animated segments of the 1945 musical comedy Anchors Aweigh. The movie is remembered for the musical number in which Gene Kelly dances seamlessly with the animated Jerry Mouse (voiced by Sara Berner). Tom Cat appears briefly as a butler in the sequence supervised by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The animation was entirely undertaken by Kenneth Muse, Ray Patterson and Ed Barge.
LooneyCartoonMan2003 Prije mjesec
Yeah, this movie would have been fully-animated and produced by the Warner Animation Group as a way for this movie to bring the Tom and Jerry franchise back to the mainstream. Yep, seems like the Warner Animation Group has the other film left this year to bring a classic cartoon made in the Golden Age of American Animation back to the mainstream.
LooneyCartoonMan2003 Prije mjesec
Tom and Jerry 2021 is the second live-action movie based on a cartoon and classic cartoon where classic cartoon animals are not photorealistic abominations.
LooneyCartoonMan2003 Prije mjesec
1:31 Just like Casper 1995 and that Rocky and Bullwinkle movie released in 2000.
TraustiGeir Prije mjesec
1:05 But, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and "Looney Tunes Back in Action" did *not* take place in New York... Also, what is up with studios being so obsessed with live-action these days? Disney went straight off the rails, but now Warner too?
Octavin Adi Nugroho
Octavin Adi Nugroho Prije mjesec
Actually.. I love this movie.. Tom and Jerry not loosing their identity .. its hard to make them as a main star with real live action .. So.. it is accomplishment
Nobody Important
Nobody Important Prije mjesec
A couple of buddies and I watched the film together (over discord) and we all bursted out laughing when Tom did the floss.
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Prije mjesec
Hey! I like Tom and Jerry this one is good
What. Prije mjesec
He scripted that burp.
Daniel Will
Daniel Will Prije mjesec
mewee2 Jones
mewee2 Jones Prije mjesec
'It's... actually kinda scary!'
As soon as I saw Michael Peña in this movie I knew it was gonna be garbage. Name one good movie with Michael Peña in it.
Zoe Poptrop Ican
Zoe Poptrop Ican Prije mjesec
Tom and Jerry are both anti heroes and villains.
INFINITY TRAN Prije mjesec
I only came for the nostalgia
Mae Is Typing
Mae Is Typing Prije mjesec
Jordan Bolger played Cameron the bartender so I must stan at least a little
Ultimate Shithead
Ultimate Shithead Prije mjesec
I knew this was going to be terrible before it even came out, glad I didn't want to see it😃
I think if they just had Tom-and-jerry have an adventure in New York have then add an overarching villain then it would have worked out way better than it did here sure they can interact with humans but not for the whole movie of course but it would have ended up being way better as a film
Latinas 317
Latinas 317 Prije mjesec
To me the movie was just all over the place, the names weeent memorable and the actors were just bad.
{Broken•Lotus} Prije mjesec
When my mom saw these cute 3d models with 2d graphics, she just said: “Ugly” *Mom started Mom vs. Daughter War!*
stale teethpaste
stale teethpaste Prije mjesec
the movie tripped me out my friend did edibles and saw it and its like a fever dream
Battery Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't believe you went through the entire movie without mentioning Tom flossing
The Puppet Show 39
The Puppet Show 39 Prije 2 mjeseci
I saw this movie. I liked it
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Prije 2 mjeseci
I guess they just made it for kids and were like, “Tom and Jerry cool with kids so yep make a movie we want money”.
Dancing Demon
Dancing Demon Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey Saberspark, when's that Joshua and the Promise Land remake gonna come out?
Arcten Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks horrible
Mario plushy and Mario stop motion
Mario plushy and Mario stop motion Prije 2 mjeseci
This film is good fuck you people
Marlon94 Prije 2 mjeseci
Another good thing about this movie, was the appearance of Butch, Spike, Toots, Meathead, and even Droopy. Unlike the '92 film, where Droopy was the only one you were related to.
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS Prije 2 mjeseci
Uh Meow x20
Will and Will Studios
Will and Will Studios Prije 2 mjeseci
I expected nothing, got nothing, felt nothing, and moved on
Dr Demento
Dr Demento Prije 2 mjeseci
Could be worse: Itchy and Scratchy - The Motion Picture... Coming soon on Disney+
SoupLizardd Prije 2 mjeseci
Did no one notice the joker reference when Tom was leaving the subway station
KoroxasHeart Prije 2 mjeseci
Plot twist is that the girl is the main focus of the movie, not tom and jerry.
random person
random person Prije 2 mjeseci
The plot of the movie is very cliche, it’s not interesting, it’s not very original. Like it’s basic story, main character has a problem, thinks they solved it then a bigger problem than ends it with a happy ending. Like any other movie. And I heard it has good reviews...
Billy Gray
Billy Gray Prije 2 mjeseci
At least it's better than Tom AND Jerry AND Willy Wonka AND the chocolate factory
CRIMSON HAWK Prije 2 mjeseci
I hope speedy Gonzalez is in this.
SleepyDraws yt
SleepyDraws yt Prije 2 mjeseci
i actually liked the movie it was kinda like space jam but toned down
Alonso carsales
Alonso carsales Prije 2 mjeseci
I hate this movie
Alonzo Tigerheart
Alonzo Tigerheart Prije 2 mjeseci
This movie should've been titled: "Girl Tries To Get A Job At A Hotel In New York City While Having To Prepare For A Wedding; Featuring Cameos By Tom And Jerry"
Sack fu
Sack fu Prije 2 mjeseci
They where tired of people complaining about Tom and Jerry being inserted awkwardly into pre-existing movies, so instead they made a completely new movie from the ground up and inserted Tom and Jerry awkwardly into it.
EPIC GAMER Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought the movie was really good and I didn't watch on hobo max I watched it on fmovies
drunkknight125 original
drunkknight125 original Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark I love your videos my man but like many other movies why? Would you review this?
SageTDS Prije 2 mjeseci
Other viewers: dislike the movie because of mostly not involving Tom & Jerry Me: likes it because COLIN JOST
Wombos Prije 2 mjeseci
Please do what the hell is foodiverse
Cozi_Animates Prije 2 mjeseci
come on people, we really only wanted to see some ship moments Thank you anime tom and jerry
Ceros Prije 2 mjeseci
Personally I really like the movie, it was very nostalgic and was animated very well for the real world mixed with animation
Alec M
Alec M Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s not at all nostalgic. They completely changed it from the original show.
Kevin Royal Cult LLC
Kevin Royal Cult LLC Prije 2 mjeseci
even the "good parts" are outdated low effort attempts
Flip Z. Fox
Flip Z. Fox Prije 2 mjeseci
So, here’s the big question.. which is worse, this new movie or the first Tom and Jerry movie that came out in 1992?
Shade's Insane Chamber
Shade's Insane Chamber Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved it!
FrozenZenBerry Prije 2 mjeseci
Tom and jerry movies never work? I know you’re not sleeping on Tom and Jerry and the Magic Ring.
DrakeGrandX Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark: “Tom and Jerry movies never works!” Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992): *”You dare to challenge me, mortal?”*
ShinGojira62 Music
ShinGojira62 Music Prije 2 mjeseci
I had the same feeling, I didn't care about the humans, I only care about Tom and Jerry, it's in the "title of the movie"
Maxwe11 Prije 2 mjeseci
lol I knew this was gonna be bad
Dashell Rose
Dashell Rose Prije 2 mjeseci
This movie may have not been that good. But at least the cartoon characters are still 2D animated unlike Disney stupid live-action remakes like The Lion King and Moana where they're all live action.
Dashell Rose
Dashell Rose Prije 2 mjeseci
What's strange about this movie is it did better than Ryan in The Last Dragon which is strange.🤔
A Random Peep.
A Random Peep. Prije 2 mjeseci
Seriously, what's up with their obsession on turning short comedic cartoons to long movies?? My attention span is already short enough, I don't need movies that make it shorter.
I watch Cringe
I watch Cringe Prije 2 mjeseci
I watched it I hated it, all jokes from the old shows are in this movie and just the old joke and nothing new And it was just dumb and the story was so dumb I found so many errors and the characters are dumb
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast Prije 2 mjeseci
It was bad I didn't like how modern it was. I agree that they should've made it more like the original movie where they where all animated! AND THEY WHERE TECHNICALLY SIDE CHARACTERS!!!!
Alnair Yorim
Alnair Yorim Prije 2 mjeseci
This makes me feel like the 1992 version, with them talking, is better.
Montarou -chi
Montarou -chi Prije 2 mjeseci
come on guys it'd not that bad
smb.suicide Prije 2 mjeseci
who framed roger rabbit was in LA
Carbon Roller Caco
Carbon Roller Caco Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark: "Eww hUMANS" OG T&J shorts: "THOMAS!" Seriously, the humans aren't the problem, just the fact that so much focus has to be on them and not on T&J in order to pad out the movie to something resembling movie length. At least it's a good tech demo, which was clearly its REAL purpose.
Username Not found
Username Not found Prije 2 mjeseci
The devil:okay if you make a 2021 live action t🅾️m and jerry movie i will be you can have any power you want also make it take place in New York
Alec M
Alec M Prije 2 mjeseci
And you want it to suck
The Smiling Scientist
The Smiling Scientist Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it bad that i enjoyed Borat more than this movie?
TDLRFilms Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s like the MonsterVerse movies all over again with just humans talking, and talking and they just ruin the tone of these movies! P.S Are you waiting for ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ because I do!
post brohomes
post brohomes Prije 2 mjeseci
Fuck no the animation was straight dog shit
Alec M
Alec M Prije 2 mjeseci
The Grand XBunny
The Grand XBunny Prije 2 mjeseci
The human protagonist was kinda stupid. She was a hybrid of Cliché good person protag and engaging in fraud.
TanBan Prije 2 mjeseci
This movie is just like a tom and jerry short stretched out into a film.
Lloyd Johannessen
Lloyd Johannessen Prije 2 mjeseci
I haven't seen the 2021 Tom & Jerry movie yet but the slapstick is the best part of it, no questions asked.
Ray Palmer
Ray Palmer Prije 2 mjeseci
You’re used to adult content
Indomitable Thunder God
Indomitable Thunder God Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s a common misconception.
Ray Palmer
Ray Palmer Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s because you’re old
Indomitable Thunder God
Indomitable Thunder God Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s definitely not it, you kid
I Ketut Satria Wisesa
I Ketut Satria Wisesa Prije 2 mjeseci
that joker droopy poster carried the movie for me ngl
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Prije 2 mjeseci
Meh, its like a tone downed roger rabbit
Blah Prije 2 mjeseci
Make HRpost videos out of them they were practically made for it!
Simone Mastrolonardo
Simone Mastrolonardo Prije 2 mjeseci
The other only thing good in this movie is Paolo Bonolis' cameo
H. Tom
H. Tom Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m lowkey embarrassed tht my roommates (one being 22 and the other 18) actually enjoyed this movie 😓
H. Tom
H. Tom Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mary Grace Oyangorin tell tht to them, they accused my of being a negative jerk because I didn’t laugh at the jokes and said “i didn’t enjoy it” AFTER being asked. smh 😂
Mary Grace Oyangorin
Mary Grace Oyangorin Prije 2 mjeseci
People have different opinions. Just Let them enjoy the movie
7Write4This9Heart7 Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the problem with EVERY movie like this, where the cartoon characters go to the real world. NO ONE LIKES IT. NO WANTS IT. STOPPP. It's the same with fanfictin were people from the real world go to the author's chosen fandom's world. BOOO.
Go home,nothing to see here people.
Go home,nothing to see here people. Prije 2 mjeseci
Well I liked it
meowpurpur Prije 2 mjeseci
I love that only the animals are animated
Kenny The Trend
Kenny The Trend Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn't have watched Sonic The Hedgehog if they showed him doing the floss. This movie did, so I decided not to watch it.
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