Quick Vid: The Mitchells vs. the Machines (Review)

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ono tifu.
ono tifu. Prije 6 sati
i honestly thought that the movie was going on for 2 hours already only to check that its been 1 hour and 30 mins. i dont mean this in a "OmG ThIs Is SoOo LonG aNd BoRiNG" i mean this in a "wow im enjoying this so much. wait how long has it been WHAT TIME IS IT oh its only an hour an a half"
Elite SquezebebelYT
Elite SquezebebelYT Prije 20 sati
I love this movie. There were multiple times where I laughed out loud and it was hysterical
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed Prije 21 sat
My favourite bit is when linda bursts out into super saiyan xd 😂
Tavin Price
Tavin Price Prije dan
I really liked the animation style. I think Sony should make it part of their brand to do unique and revolutionary animation style, kinda like Spider Verse
Kaleigh Marchand
Kaleigh Marchand Prije dan
When you said that you look like the dad to me I don’t see a resemblance.
Spektyr 27
Spektyr 27 Prije dan
Me: hears “Gravity Falls” *frantically logs onto Netflix*
Alliebuh Prije dan
"from the humans that brought you Spiderman: into the spider-verse and Lego Movie"
FouL552 ac130
FouL552 ac130 Prije dan
also the main character is gay
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Prije 2 dana
Or what its actually called "shitpost the movie"
Mitchell Hill Jr.
Mitchell Hill Jr. Prije 2 dana
I saw this movie last weekend and I give this movie a B+. The only problem I have with it, is that Aaron Mitchell sounds like an adult, if not, a teenager.
Mitchell Hill Jr.
Mitchell Hill Jr. Prije dan
@Hello It bothers me that a kid character has an adult voice.
Hello Prije dan
@Mitchell Hill Jr. Pfft silly goose
Mitchell Hill Jr.
Mitchell Hill Jr. Prije dan
@Hello I don't know
Hello Prije dan
@Mitchell Hill Jr. Why else would they purposely cast an adult to play the role?
Mitchell Hill Jr.
Mitchell Hill Jr. Prije dan
@Hello So, they wanted him to have a deep voice?
Max Wennström
Max Wennström Prije 2 dana
Even though the majority seems to hate this movie, I don’t care what anybody says. This movie is special to me and NOBODY can change that.
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon Prije 2 dana
But there was a loose end to the movie that was just completely cut off... The pal phone just dies
Jigi Suika
Jigi Suika Prije 2 dana
This movie is kinda amazing
sliver dargin
sliver dargin Prije 2 dana
I couldn't go two minutes without laughing at this film. 👌
GBandRB Prije 2 dana
I love this movie bruh
Comrade Славянский игрок 251
Comrade Славянский игрок 251 Prije 3 dana
film version of mann vs machine TF2 PLAYERS REPRESENT
MegaPG Prije 3 dana
disney+ user here **grabs pillow** FUCK
Ngl connected was pretty good
Rogue T-Rex
Rogue T-Rex Prije 4 dana
When they went into the toy store and I saw those sillouettes, I legit folded on my chair, hands over my head and screamed FURBIES!!!!! I’m pretty sure I hysterical laughed. That was a riot that they did that- that said- have furbies come back? - I just came back from a check AND FURBIES HAVE IN FACT BEEN MADE MODERN.
istandwithisrael Prije 4 dana
I don't like those movies but I liked the trailer and LOVED that movie It was so clever and fun, and the emotions between the characters were showing in the most perfect way
missingindy Prije 4 dana
Ok but the unrealistic part was the part about pal being thrown out, like when I bump into my roomba, I apologize, and when my mom gets angry at him, I get angry at her
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo Prije 4 dana
My favorite part is when the mom goes sicko mode on the robots
Ellie count
Ellie count Prije 4 dana
don't ask me but i cried a lot with this movie specially at the end, i have to same in my personal opinion some effects where over the top and had some old bummer jokes. but i really liked it.
Lizcatmeow6 Prije 4 dana
I like the movie. Some of the jokes are strange but yeah
Liam Scully
Liam Scully Prije 5 dana
Fun fact Conan O’Brien was in this movie
ExpertXX9 Prije 5 dana
I expected this to be another kid movie that was not funny. I watched it and it was hilarious, good for any age, and I loved the jokes. Made me laugh several times, I loved the scene when the mom is destroying the battle robots and the last one gets grabbed by it's legs and screams "PLEASE, PLEASE!" then gets destroyed. It was pretty funny.
Langodan Prije 5 dana
The real plot twist is that this movie is actually really good. Remember when the trailer first came out and everyone was talking crap about it?
cale jenkins
cale jenkins Prije 5 dana
holy shit, that's boomer as fuck
AARON GAMING 2 Prije 5 dana
Why can't everyone just enjoy the movies characters and not fight about it?
Pulse, And Mr. Person Fail At Video Games
Pulse, And Mr. Person Fail At Video Games Prije 5 dana
I Didnt Like This Movie, I Think They Relied To Much On The Family And Its really Annoying How Katie Wears a Pride Pin.. They Could HAve Just made Her Straight.. And The Family Confluct Is Not Real.. That Stuff Never Happens.. znd the 2 bots were so annoying.
Max Carignan
Max Carignan Prije 5 dana
Spoiler warning! I loved the part of the movie when the wi-fi shut off then there are the people who say “To restore the wi-fi we must make a sacrifice to the router”
SophiaTheSassy Prije 5 dana
It was alright, but the two main plot lines didn't mix well, they could've, but they just didn't.
Renato Barros
Renato Barros Prije 6 dana
This is honestly the best "technology bad" movie I've ever watched
Hamish Paget
Hamish Paget Prije 6 dana
aaron was the funniest character in this film and no one can tell me otherwise
Jason voorhees
Jason voorhees Prije 6 dana
Linda turned into doomslayer at the end
primal game
primal game Prije 6 dana
Long live the michells!! :)
Clariphone .
Clariphone . Prije 6 dana
The brother was the best character. Fight me 😂
Jennie Prije 6 dana
I think one of my favorite things was Katie's relationship with her brother; Literally a breath of fresh air to have a positive sibling dynamic where the younger sibling wasn't obnoxious or gross at all (that was my gripe with Over the Moon) I just really liked that aspect of it. :)
Jc Aldred
Jc Aldred Prije 6 dana
The 2 robots who are good are eggman side kicks done right
ツKirumi’s wife
ツKirumi’s wife Prije 6 dana
Eric and Debrabot best boys in the movie 👌🏼
Huh Neat
Huh Neat Prije 6 dana
I love all the respect payed to early meme culture and modern sh*tposts in the movie, and the fact that the dad feels out of touch with it all
The Blob
The Blob Prije 6 dana
I was planning on never watching this movie because the concept felt a bit preachy to me and I felt it was going to be another “boomers and business men trying to connect to the youth and failing horribly” kinda movie but seeing the positive reviews I might give it a try
Corinne Moreno
Corinne Moreno Prije 6 dana
Katie’s gay and you can’t change my mind
Mintfan 1212
Mintfan 1212 Prije 6 dana
Tbh if this was in cinema it would be good selling and worth it I mean IT was 3 hours long and The tickets cost The exact same
James Chance
James Chance Prije 7 dana
I really love this movie
MrMemeZilla 198
MrMemeZilla 198 Prije 7 dana
"You know what this reminds me of?"
Ian Sanchez
Ian Sanchez Prije 7 dana
remember when this thing was called connected
trickyagent127 Prije 7 dana
I think what makes me love the movie is just the love and passion shown for the movie
trickyagent127 Prije 7 dana
Not that I don't see much of the problems with it, but yeah, can't fault a movie for actually putting an effort (especially in this day and age)
Nepenthes King
Nepenthes King Prije 7 dana
I think the pacing was fine.
The Proud Demon At Your Doorstep
The Proud Demon At Your Doorstep Prije 7 dana
So like spoilers but Did anybody know that Katie and Jade are together? Just listen close in the ending when Katie is on a call with her mom, her mom asks about her and jade lmao
Brayde__thedino Prije 7 dana
he even has the same outfit as the dad The same face the glasses are the same the wideness is the same wait a minute he is him nobody can say I'm wrong here
Toonfield Animations
Toonfield Animations Prije 7 dana
I was pretty surprised too when they were at the new base and still it wasnt that close to the end.
K1D._ Prije 8 dana
I’m the 36k like 😩✨
SG_ Studïøs
SG_ Studïøs Prije 8 dana
Wait- Was Katie wearing rainbow pin? Like a pride pin
central Prije 8 dana
As soon as you mentioned clone high I instantly thought back to "Nothing bad ever happens to the JFKS!"
AnonymousTheHackerGuy Prije 8 dana
Katie looks like Saberspark but as a female from another dimension
Ranbooi Prije 8 dana
Ngl....those robots tho...
PriVer Animation
PriVer Animation Prije 8 dana
My thoughts exactly! I thought it was very entertaining, but also felt like it would "never end". Overall, would still recommend for the animation style alone ^_^
Ryan Pelkey
Ryan Pelkey Prije 8 dana
I just found out that katie Mitchell is LGBTQ (or lesbian) if you didn't know that yet
PugFighter Prije 9 dana
diabrog Prije 9 dana
I felt like this movie was just a modern version of "The Goofy Movie"
Kai Pie
Kai Pie Prije 9 dana
I agree there were scenes that were a bit overwealming but i still really enjoyed the movie, i loved the humor and characters were quite solid ;) . Also i love that in the credits there were family pictures of the people who took part in the movie, that made the creators stick out to me and connect with their creation even more
Jasmin Aviles
Jasmin Aviles Prije 9 dana
Here’s somthing to review: Jurassic park camp cretaceous, I haven’t watched it but it looks bad lol
AwesomeSause Prije 9 dana
Boomer humour the movie
Tuco Rodas
Tuco Rodas Prije 9 dana
Best scene hands down was the donkey being swept away by the tides "HE BELONGS TO THE CANYON NOW"
JustSomeDrunkDemon Prije 9 dana
My favorite scene was the robot on the tv that explained the humans launching into space
Atticus Brown
Atticus Brown Prije 9 dana
Honestly loved this movie. Great VFX, or as close as you can get to VFX in an animated movie :P
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Prije 9 dana
I didn't really like this movie. The pacing is quite bad, the most of the humor didn't really get me to laugh, the villain was your generic [I am evil for the sake of the story], the "emotional moments" didn't reach me, I hate how much the word "weird" is thrown around in kids movies these days, and the main characters feel like your generic [we're quirky and "weird"] family. It amazes me that the men behind Lego Movie, Into The Spider-Verse, and Clone High made this.
SophiaTheSassy Prije 5 dana
Personally, it wasn't that bad. But I felt like the two plotlines clashed, and the characters felt stereotypical (like you said
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Prije 9 dana
I also hate how much "saving the world" is used in today's kids movies. I liked it in Lego Movie because of how the movie is. Can't really describe it. I also like Into The Spider-Verse partly because it doesn't use this "let's go save the world" clićhe.
Turtel Of Wisdom
Turtel Of Wisdom Prije 9 dana
ExonerateSound Prije 10 dana
This was a really good movie in my opinion.
Thebluegamer2201 Prije 10 dana
ive seen the movie and i liked it very much
Galacta Animates
Galacta Animates Prije 10 dana
Am I the only one who noticed the rainbow flag pin that Katie wears?
exchangel !
exchangel ! Prije 9 dana
im pretty sure she gets a gf at the end
Galacta Animates
Galacta Animates Prije 10 dana
Eric and Deborahbot are the best characters You can't change my mind
Luna the Deathfire
Luna the Deathfire Prije 10 dana
I have been hearing about this movie I needa watch if
Bryan Pez
Bryan Pez Prije 10 dana
Ngl one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while both parts being I have the attention span of a five year old and a lot of colors and pictures Is enticing and Arron is an absolute chad and the best character in the movie.
Enamel pin lover
Enamel pin lover Prije 10 dana
Saber meet me behind dennys at 5pm tonight sir
MayMay Deleon
MayMay Deleon Prije 10 dana
love this movie
ZoftWare Prije 11 dana
I'm convinced Eric and deborabot are the main characters
ShadowBlade Ace
ShadowBlade Ace Prije 11 dana
It's a really amazing movie and I can't recommend it enough! Just go watch it!!
wetod the wetod
wetod the wetod Prije 11 dana
I love this movie it's pretty good if there's one criticism have to get about it would be the friendly robots didn't have enough time
Republic of Lemburg
Republic of Lemburg Prije 11 dana
My favorite characters are the robot brothers/Eric and Deborahbot5000
potato Prije 11 dana
"Aaronasaurous Likesius fruitsnacksius"
CodeNameCRAAAZY Ismay_on_HT_discord
CodeNameCRAAAZY Ismay_on_HT_discord Prije 11 dana
just watched The Mitchells vs The Machines. from me, it gets a 102/10!
arain764niara Prije 11 dana
No the pacing was off.
AARON GAMING 2 Prije 5 dana
Your opinion
Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown Prije 11 dana
Katie Mitchell is the openly gay character made by sony
Cole Moclair
Cole Moclair Prije 11 dana
Another cool thing is that one of the college kids is played by Alex hirsch; A cool little cameo
wake up wake up wake up • 89 years ago
wake up wake up wake up • 89 years ago Prije 12 dana
The movie is so relateable about technology and relationship when i watch it i just look at my dad and realize we dont have that much close relationship because of gadgets
Beep Bo bop
Beep Bo bop Prije 12 dana
I loved it when the mom went berserk
Sooletala Satele
Sooletala Satele Prije 12 dana
This movie was like next gen
tiky Prije 12 dana
5:07 If the voice actor of launchpad voiced one the robots then it’s Eric. Cause when Eric says: “what are you doing to me right now?” And it sounded like launchpad in a way
Billy zanders not my name Lol ik
Billy zanders not my name Lol ik Prije 12 dana
What about the furby
Pundertale Fan
Pundertale Fan Prije 12 dana
XD You do look like him! I didn't really have any interest in seeing this movie, but I gave it a chance because I love Spiderverse. I ended up really enjoying it. I liked Eric and Deborahbot the most. And Monchi. Minchin is a pug, so I love him by default. And the fact that Doug the Pug did his voice is awesome.
LucaS_RedDragon Prije 12 dana
the beggining of the movie was actually painful to watch. i really would want to shoot myself rather than watch that bs again.
Mae Mae
Mae Mae Prije 13 dana
I felt like the romance between the neighbor and the younger brother was a bit forced. I wish they spent that time going in depth with more of a friendship then romantic interest, instead of Insta love.
Ebomb 113
Ebomb 113 Prije 13 dana
"To the great darkness..... I return" -Giant Furby, 2021 This movie was truly enjoyable. Its been a while since I have smiled and laughed during a movie as much as I did watching this. I hope it gets more love and recognition
Bunny lhm
Bunny lhm Prije 13 dana
I was oddly excited by the pace of the film! I was like “wow that was great” and then I found out there was more and I got excited about it again. Really fun film but totally get ur critics
Dizzy Reez
Dizzy Reez Prije 13 dana
Thanks to The Mitchell’s vs The Machine’s I got that chances to find a perfect way to make an family in an animation
Nite Owl II
Nite Owl II Prije 13 dana
The Mitchells vs the Machines is the worst animated movie of all time.
AARON GAMING 2 Prije 5 dana
You can say that but feel like many people will disagree with you I'm sorry I haven't watched it btw
QueenKunta Prije 13 dana
Pretty sure the robot and LaunchPad are both voiced by Beck Bennet from SNL. He’s a pretty good voice actor. I enjoyed him in M.O.D.O.K. too!
Sushix 🍣
Sushix 🍣 Prije 13 dana
Im just wondering how terrifying the mother could be since she made the robots feel like... Fear.
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