Quick Vid: The Mitchells vs. the Machines (Review)

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kidtomme stuff animation studios Inc. or tmation
kidtomme stuff animation studios Inc. or tmation Prije dan
Gen Prije 2 dana
I absolutely adored this movie The scene with the furby. I’ll never forget it lol I wish people didn’t shit on it so much. I saw a lot of that on tik tok, I think it wasn’t even out yet
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey Prije 4 dana
I relate to Aaron so much since I tend to hyper focus on one specific thing and usually it is almost impossible for me to shut up about it.
Paperhead Productions
Paperhead Productions Prije 4 dana
I loved this movie, its a colorful and fun, yet heartmelting movie
Isabella Fortune
Isabella Fortune Prije 7 dana
everything about this movie is amazing. it’s one of my favorites
Jay Park
Jay Park Prije 7 dana
LOL NAH. I was afraid the movie was coming to an end and when I checked to see I was only halfway, I was so stocked. I didn't want the adventure to end. the pacing did make me think it was ending especially at the mall but I'm not complaining at all
Animus Prije 10 dana
I loved this movie!
22 sussy bakas in a doll house at 3 am
22 sussy bakas in a doll house at 3 am Prije 10 dana
I actually watched this movie on my cousin's TV and the movie was really good, even if it has cringy internet memes. It's one of my favorite movies, 13 out of 10 would watch again
PüppyCat Böi
PüppyCat Böi Prije 11 dana
Most of y’all don’t know that the pug is voiced by Doug the Pug!
Idiot idiot
Idiot idiot Prije 11 dana
Fun fact, if you look at the cover of the film you can see a 90's Furby flying on a drone.
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog Prije 12 dana
I watched this right before my older sibling left for college to feel better and now I’m trying to find my old furby
The Book Loving Villain
The Book Loving Villain Prije 12 dana
There were so many funny parts in this movie. The 2 malfunctioning robots fleeing into each other's arms, and playing patty cake, and holding hands. The roombas being like Buttercup and Wesley in The Princess Bride "ouch, oof, ow" as they fall anticlimactic down the escalator. The PAL phone flopping around in anger on the table while the 2 servant bots just sit there pretending like nothing is happening. The giant furby commence the dark feast on the humans. The washer going from delicates, to fluff and fold, to CARNAGE. (With a blender flying in the background). Just... There's SO many. We had to pause the movie at least 20 times to just sit and laugh. I loved it.
Wolfie14 Prije 13 dana
My teacher said that mike was actually her brothers brother in law idk if she was lying…😬
Stacey Leonard
Stacey Leonard Prije 17 dana
I watched this with the kids, my kids thought it was funny, and I thought it was brilliant loved the humor and the way it looked was very hectic but fun to watch. P. S connected 👌
Jessica Daniel
Jessica Daniel Prije 18 dana
I thought over all it was pretty good.
Wolflee66 Prije 18 dana
Aaron reminds me of George from Peppa Pig
Chief 75
Chief 75 Prije 18 dana
The brother literally sounds and acts almost exactly like a kid my sister is friends with
Mamkajiwin Prije 19 dana
What’s up Broski 🦋🦋
The grunt
The grunt Prije 20 dana
I love this film
༺Vanilla BunBun༻
༺Vanilla BunBun༻ Prije 21 dan
spaber forgot to mention that main character was gay! like thats one of the best parts about Katie!
Dahlia the dragon
Dahlia the dragon Prije 23 dana
I LOVE that movie.
Kiro Prije 24 dana
My sister hates it, but i love it XD
Tom and Jerry and Mario brother’s
Tom and Jerry and Mario brother’s Prije 24 dana
I did like this movie though
Gadiel. EXE
Gadiel. EXE Prije 25 dana
The movie of the papu sign : v (a spanish meme)
Super Sonic Bros16
Super Sonic Bros16 Prije 26 dana
Man I can't wait for connected I'm i hate my self -._.-
JackalopeProxy Prije mjesec
This movie was great!
Amy In Wonderland
Amy In Wonderland Prije mjesec
A rare instance where I want to see a sequel but i have no idea what it would be about or how it could top the first.
Eggplant Prije mjesec
Hey I uhh Yeah that's Toronto
Candy Candy
Candy Candy Prije mjesec
I love how the robots get malfunctioned just because they couldn't identify if the Dog was actually a dog or a loaf of bread-
ArtisterMan [animator223]
ArtisterMan [animator223] Prije mjesec
The Pal are voiced both by one famous show moderator Conan‘O‘Bryan.
CrayCray Wolf
CrayCray Wolf Prije mjesec
I watched this movie with my fam for my birthday. We loved it so much. It's a cute movie 😊
I’m Ratguy
I’m Ratguy Prije mjesec
the only problem with the movie is that it's so forgettable for a great movie..
Austin is thicc emo potato
Austin is thicc emo potato Prije mjesec
Aaron saying “what’s a furby” triggered me so much😂
mads Prije mjesec
I know that this is really late, but I just discovered your channel this weekend (which by the way I really love your content and your videos have been the only thing I've watched for three days. Seriously, you combined two of my favorite things: Animation and movie reviews. Anyway!!) I really enjoyed the overall movie but one of my favorite things is the fact that through the entire movie you see Katie's pride pin on her jacket but it is never explicitly brought up until that little end credit scene in the movie and I really love that. It's the subtle reputation, that I want, as a queer person. Yes the stories about our struggles are important, but that is not all we are. This movie could've easily gone in the direction of making Katie's queerness the reason why she was having issues with her father, and it didn't. Instead it made it about Kate's dreams and how her father was struggling with it. I don't know, I just really liked it. ...Wow that was a really long tangent, I'm sorry guys. Edit: I meant representation not reputation lol
Col Dog
Col Dog Prije mjesec
This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my whole life. It’s so cringe, I can’t stand it.
Louis van Wyk
Louis van Wyk Prije mjesec
Catarattwo -
Catarattwo - Prije mjesec
The 2 robots needed more dialogue I love em
Ferre Prije mjesec
Amazing movie, i loved every part of it. You should 100% watch it
familjen furumark
familjen furumark Prije mjesec
The animation style reminded me off into the spider verse.
Pastel Cryptonym
Pastel Cryptonym Prije mjesec
As someone who has a difficulty with focusing (adhd) this movie was perfect for me. It had a great balance of hyper but not too much, and the pacing kept me patient but still kept me interested! I love this.
Bethany Harris
Bethany Harris Prije mjesec
I love this movie...like....everything about it is just top notch
Amity Rosetta Noceda
Amity Rosetta Noceda Prije mjesec
This was a fun movie
Mr potato
Mr potato Prije mjesec
That scene where the mom goes full on anime style and killed the robots
Mr potato
Mr potato Prije mjesec
I honestly enjoyed this movie
•That one person that’s just there•
•That one person that’s just there• Prije mjesec
Me when I heard of Mitchell’s vs the Machines: it’s probably gonna be terrible am not gonna watch it A few months later… My mom: let’s watch it! Me: fine Me after watching it: WHY DID I NOT WATCH THIS BEFORE?
Spam Prije mjesec
I really loved the animation style and the characters of this movie. Story was a little 'whatever' but made up for with the rest of it. I especially loved Aaron, and the fact his relationship with his sister was cute and healthy, not the usual tired trope of bickering siblings. But, speaking of tired tropes... I think my main issue with it was the father, because SPOILERS while he did apologise and try to reconnect at the end, I honestly think his behaviour towards the daughter for 2/3rds of the movie was just horrible, and I didn't really like that she was expected to forgive and try to repair on her side when he didn't even bother to offer her support, show interest in her or even watch her damn movies. He was a really negative influence and was constantly putting her down. It's like he put in 0% effort but she's still expected to meet him half way, and it plays a little too much into the "aw, forgive your parents, they were just trying their best" which can be real fucking toxic at times. Not to mention I disliked the angle it takes where it almost seems to frame him giving up on his ~dreams~ as potentially because of the kids, which isn't a great take, especially when he seemingly still resents it and passes that resentment onto the kids by shitting on their own dreams.
Dazzle! The HiveWing
Dazzle! The HiveWing Prije mjesec
5:15: Katie and her father reconne- grow closer to each other
Thalia Horta
Thalia Horta Prije mjesec
When you said that you looked like the Mitchell vs the machines dad I don’t think their talking about you in real i think they’re actually talking about you in animation person character mode
quint Prije mjesec
I really appreciate how the brother and the sister didn't fight. They had a healthy relationship and looked like they had so much fun with each other.
WONDERingNymph 14
WONDERingNymph 14 Prije mjesec
I personally didn't mind the pacing; because of how they put things where they did and at what level of chaos they set it at, myself and my family really related to it more. The pacing story-wise translated from how the Mitchell's themselves are and what they attract because of that same hecktic-ness and chaos.
Nicko Arellano
Nicko Arellano Prije 2 mjeseci
Watched this with my little cousin. Cute movie :)
Rainbow Wolf • 67 years ago
Rainbow Wolf • 67 years ago Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved the movie. But I think it's not rushed. Not the quality. But the story. Like. The "mark Zuckerberg" scene was like: (spoilers) Oh hey look a new phone! New, better and this old garbage? *Throws it away* this is old! (The phone had ai so it had feeling and it got hurt by that). And then immediately it went 'omg these robots are going crazy. All of them. And within a day or so they have an entire empire and everything. Like ..??
Debasmita mandal 1805530009
Debasmita mandal 1805530009 Prije 2 mjeseci
Linda: *aaron in danger* Linda again: *Peace was never an option*
Debasmita mandal 1805530009
Debasmita mandal 1805530009 Prije 2 mjeseci
I felt pretty understood by this movie. I'm not 'obsessed' with movie making or electronics, but my dad is almost just like Katie's dad. So I guess I can slightly relate with this movie. Even my brother like dinosaurs!
H3ll0 K1tty
H3ll0 K1tty Prije 2 mjeseci
Eric And Deborah bot are my children and I stand by that statement
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo Prije 2 mjeseci
This looks surprisingly timeless. I'll have to check it out.
Eva Moure
Eva Moure Prije 2 mjeseci
lizzy ace
lizzy ace Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought he would talk about this but he didn't my favorite part about the film is the way the 3D animation has 2D in it it just makes it even more better you know
Kioko Prije 2 mjeseci
The best thing is, Katie is queer, and Sony made a really good representation of the LGBT community
Soph_ irrelevant
Soph_ irrelevant Prije 2 mjeseci
It seems this is controversial, but the only thing I’d change about the movie is Aaron’s voice, it’s probably supposed to stand out but it’s too much for me
Æterna Prije 2 mjeseci
I like the film, I do. But those eyes. *Those eyes scare me.*
Ava Haller
Ava Haller Prije 2 mjeseci
Going to be honest I really really didn’t vibe with this movie. The characters felt annoying to me...
RZONE2000 Prije 2 mjeseci
i watched it with my fam. and lol my parents are the same with smart devices. we had so many moments of laughter. this movie did what a lot of movies in the last years coudnt. a big 10/10 from me it just hit the spot in the perfect way
Tralfazz74 Prije 2 mjeseci
Me, my mom, and sister give this movie the honorary title of, "ADHD: The Movie"
Paul Chen
Paul Chen Prije 2 mjeseci
It is good because they focus on story and characters rather than trying to be woke. I like the whole family angle. It is almost conservative in tone.
Dapper Tiky
Dapper Tiky Prije 2 mjeseci
The robots are the best characters, you can't change my mind
Amzing Caroline
Amzing Caroline Prije 2 mjeseci
my favorite part was when the robots drew some faces on their screen and said they were "Very human faces" that was just amzing
WolfQueen Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved when the roombas fell down the escalator. I was in tears, laughing so hard.
Adam Holland-Gresock
Adam Holland-Gresock Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm so glad that although Gravity Falls writers made this, Alex Hirsch did not touch this! He'd have ruined it!
Adam Holland-Gresock
Adam Holland-Gresock Prije 2 mjeseci
@TacoBelle He'd have most of the characters be mean and mostly unlikeable, the ships that are good would go nowhere, characters who deserved more would be put on the sidelines, there'd be a girl who always gets her way, and if she doesn't, she'd be happy to doom the whole world just for that, and Hirsch would shoehorn that old tubbo Soos in there, hogging up all the screen time when he didn't need to even be there most of the time. He'd also just have Kevin Micheal Richardson doing 90% of the background characters instead of having a variety of them. Alex Hirsch, in my opinion, is a Hack.
TacoBelle Prije 2 mjeseci
how would he have ruined it? also, didn't he voice a single-line background character at the end?
Maya Watkins
Maya Watkins Prije 2 mjeseci
The gibbion monkey in the glass of water made me laugh so hard. All in all the movie was amazing.
Red Moon Squad
Red Moon Squad Prije 2 mjeseci
*B-29 Mitchell noises*
Frisk Sanders
Frisk Sanders Prije 2 mjeseci
Doesn't katies dad look like the neighbor from hello neighbor?
Reinebow Prije 2 mjeseci
I hate that this movie was the perfect representation of my family. My younger brother loves dinosaurs (he outgrew them but still). I'm a graphic designer and am always with electronic gadgets but my dad (who isn't into gadgets) sees this as a hobby and always would guilt trip me into almost becoming a pilot like him. We would often butt heads and Mom would stay quiet or try to diffuse the argument. I spent the whole time watching the movie just straight up wiping my tears because I could relate to Katie so bad. But I do love the movie.
Matheus Mariani
Matheus Mariani Prije 2 mjeseci
when a movie makes a middle aged dad using a phone not cringey, you know the movie works
Emerald narwhal
Emerald narwhal Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved this movie so much, I swear-
Ashh Prije 2 mjeseci
Seeing Katie be a baby in 2003 and going to college this year really fucked me up abit. I’m a 2003 baby and it’s really hard for me to grasp my growing up with a shitty life and almost being an adult. My dad and I are similar to Katie and her father when he says he doesn’t want her to go to college for film. I wanna go to art school and I just don’t wanna be a disappointment. This movie right now was what I needed I think I wanna go to art school☺️
PaperMania Prije 2 mjeseci
The Mitchells vs the machines is my all time favourite movie and I rate to Katie Mitchell. My mom says I AM like her. Lol
robin Prije 2 mjeseci
The dad is a DILF
TacoBelle Prije 2 mjeseci
blocked and reported
Realistic Power
Realistic Power Prije 2 mjeseci
I just watched this movie yesterday! It is awesome!!
sawtooth the hzd referencing loomian
sawtooth the hzd referencing loomian Prije 2 mjeseci
I was gonna click the video but league of legends ad said no
Blurryink Prije 2 mjeseci
i feel like its really difficult to make a movie around the idea of the internet and technology without it seeming "cringe" or super outdated ex.) Ralph Breaks the internet, Emoji movie etc...) the Mitchells Vs the machines I think handled it really well actually, yeah there were some internet jokes that some people would find "cringey" but overall it was a really fun movie and handled the themes of technology and family really well compared to others, it embraced its wackiness and knew it was an animated movie. I feel like a lot of films these days try too hard to have realistic art styles or super deep stories and lore etc... which isn't bad, I mean I personally prefer those types of stories anyways but we've been missing out on the fun goofy animation that doesn't take itself too seriously and that really take hold of the animation medium. glad to see more of those films coming out.
Mauowaii Prije 2 mjeseci
queenvie808 Prije 2 mjeseci
I could barely watch this movie because it brought up my dad trauma (because the dad in this movie is also a bag of shit) but I was forced to watch the whole thing and I’ve been really depressed about it ever since 🥲 Even though the dad got a redemption arc, I’m still holding out on a death scene for him
Abdul Eve
Abdul Eve Prije 2 mjeseci
The dialogue was so cringe I had to switch to the Creeds 2 just after 10 minutes
The Dastardly Lizard
The Dastardly Lizard Prije 2 mjeseci
My favorite character is the dog... or a pig... dog... pig... dog pig dog pig dog pig (buzz) Loaf of bread- AHHHHHH
Jakov 9000
Jakov 9000 Prije 2 mjeseci
So some guys workt with gravity falls and the father is rick i think ricks name is from rick and morty.
Missy Zalgo
Missy Zalgo Prije 2 mjeseci
Huh guess i'm the only one that relates to the mother in the protective department lol
EasoBento Prije 2 mjeseci
The mitchels vs the machines is one of my favourite movies from now on. It is damn hilarious, has a lovely art style and all in all feels really unique. One thing I didn't enjoy that much, is that the emotional scenes were cut off pretty quickly, so there was always happening something in the movie. Almost a bit too much in my opinion. A really good movie, but the emotional aspect was too short in my opinion.
Whiterose Prije 2 mjeseci
I love this movie but I hated how I cried and laughed at the same time 😭🤣
J. P. Yadav
J. P. Yadav Prije 2 mjeseci
This movie is comedy masterpiece for me like at this point almost every animation is masterpiece for me. If this movie was even 3hrs long; just showing Mitchell's day to day like after getting those 2 robots I would have watched it. I really wanna see more of Mitchell's in future like a tv show
Je Keogh
Je Keogh Prije 2 mjeseci
I love it
BabbyClouddeBirb 1331
BabbyClouddeBirb 1331 Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m legit 26 mins in to the movie and I feel like it’s almost over 😅😅you’re right
Henry Hankins
Henry Hankins Prije 2 mjeseci
Here's something somebody made a meme about the name of the movie somebody made a meme where they redid I think where instead of Mitchell's vs the machines it's Mann vs machines they even made the people on the car or in the car to be more specific unless it's the pug to be the people from TF2
asadd2 Prije 2 mjeseci
4:23 "a mark zuckerberg of apple" you mean Steve Jobs :D I'm pretty sure that character in the movie was inspired by Steve Jobs. Zuckerberg has never been very innovative/creative to begin with, he's a lowkey robot after all the movie was amazing, the Gravity Falls-humor really showed here and there. What I liked a lot about this movie: it felt very much like a personal project. There was a LOT of heart and soul in this movie, gave me a lot of vibes as if somebody told us a story of an experience they have actually lived through, that's kinda rare in animated AAA movies and it adds a lot to the overall charm and charisma of the characters
Grim Rose
Grim Rose Prije 2 mjeseci
My favorite scene was when the robots started to pretend to walk down some stairs and came back up with poorly drawn faces. Deborahbot and Eric were great
Oblivions Ghost
Oblivions Ghost Prije 2 mjeseci
All I gotta say is Deborah and Eric- Love them to bits- They- They are amazing. I love the energy this movie has, I got really sucked into it and had actually no clue how long the run time was. The style is charming, it gives me gravity falls, rick and morty but 3d vibes. I was instantly drawn to Kaitie as we both basically make art, though in different ways. Plus if find that we're similar personality wise, I also saw a lot of my friends in Kaitie personality wise. This movie is bright, beautiful and honestly full of personality. Lost my absolute shit at the furby part like- It felt like a cult, which basically is Furby's in meme culture- Again love this movie and I'm glad its getting all the attention it is, I'm also glad you enjoyed it Saber. Imma go back to my artist corner and draw lol-
Creative Cupcake
Creative Cupcake Prije 2 mjeseci
Take a drink every time Sabar says the word “Connect” LOL
Creative Cupcake
Creative Cupcake Prije 2 mjeseci
I just finished watching the movie a split second ago and I fucking ADORED IT!! I wanted to see your review on it Sabar dude! 💞 Loved this, dude! :D
°♡RaspberryTwist♡° Prije 2 mjeseci
I really felt a connection(oh wow) to this movie, Katie's personality matched mine a little too well, and all the characters just being there made me happy. Also Gravity Falls writers, that made it a whole world better. I cant wait to see more from Sony in the future!
MissesKitty Prije 2 mjeseci
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