WHAT DID THEY DO TO BUTTERCUP?! HOW WAS THIS ALLOWED?! (Weird Episode - Powerpuff Girls 2016)

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I'm in a nightmare and I can't wake up

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Saberspark Prije 2 mjeseci
Why won't they just leave this franchise alone?! WHY DO THEY KEEP BUTCHERING IT
Quarry_who Prije 13 sati
I feel you bruh, Ppw was the show I watch with my sister's and cousins when they were the age of the actual characters you have surmised my thoughts in a manner that I couldn't, thank you because if I we're to make a vid on this it would not be allowed here lol
Kirte Moon
Kirte Moon Prije 6 dana
Yo Powerpuff Girls Z slaps
Literal Bunkey?
Literal Bunkey? Prije 7 dana
They want to hurt you specifically, on a personal level.
The legend
The legend Prije 8 dana
@Zevatronic F
Zevatronic Prije 8 dana
F for this franchise
CandidCamzy Prije 5 sati
If the Powerpuff Girls was a house, a beautiful house that was elegantly and expertly crafted from top to bottom, the 2016 reboot burned it all to the ground. And the live-action reboot will be peeing on the ashes.
AceDelta12 Prije 13 sati
SkullBud Prije 20 sati
MultiRobotnik Prije dan
Buttercup needs fat acceptance.
Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez Prije 2 dana
He isn't gonna be have that in the live action buttercup isn't the right race
Meeps Meepy
Meeps Meepy Prije 3 dana
I’m pretty sure that the fly bad guy was in trash and also I do really hate the teen Titans
Outer Space
Outer Space Prije 3 dana
11:33 oh shit man, you shouldn't have done this. The obese fetish community is extremely big, you can find any known female character presented like this.
CreativeToad Productions
CreativeToad Productions Prije 3 dana
he looks so odd in 2016
Cofee Spear
Cofee Spear Prije 3 dana
The PPG anime did everything right while the PPG reboot continues to do everything wrong
statesminds Prije 3 dana
Cant believe they did Buttercup like that ughh
statesminds Prije 3 dana
Senzawa love. 🖤 or should i say Gura *wink*
Rocky Lero Mari0 ADVANCE
Rocky Lero Mari0 ADVANCE Prije 4 dana
Di craig McCracken Actually died?
cero the mouse
cero the mouse Prije 5 dana
What's worst it's that a GoAnimate user makes a buttercup gets grounded series. You got to see this.
Kirte Moon
Kirte Moon Prije 6 dana
Bad and naughty viewers have to watch *DeviantArt Buttercup*
dan the bam bam
dan the bam bam Prije 6 dana
4:28 i was watching the background for this scene and thought "am i seeing a cult ritual?"
Data Bat
Data Bat Prije 6 dana
Has anyone mentioned the guy in glasses who keeps showing up as a guy Buttercup has a crush on who is one of the writers who had a crush on her as a kid yes
CoomberToons Prije 6 dana
I don't think we need to worry about Craig anymore. He's basically reclaimed the girls in Kid Cosmic.
The true Derp God117
The true Derp God117 Prije 7 dana
The audio keeps changing every episode why is it in this one it sounds like shit. Help
Lina Peterson
Lina Peterson Prije 7 dana
With CW it's either a hit (Riverdale) or a flop. Batgirl got another season when it should not have. I am sadly a CW expert and they could do something with it. Riverdale but Powerpuff Girls lol
( IDV ) Joseph The Small Potato
( IDV ) Joseph The Small Potato Prije 8 dana
I like some episodes In the reboot 2016, especially there Big Sister Bliss ( I think? ). But some other episodes is MEH 😑.
Mrgumbook Prije 8 dana
This is the same series a writer shipped his self insert with Blossom. Shameless
MimikyuPlayer Prije 9 dana
I really hope they didn't got this idea from deviantart
chairmanofrussia Prije 9 dana
Instead of making it an episode about self-image and how merit should take precedence over looks, this whole episode was probably just an excuse to draw a fetish...
Blazer Prije 9 dana
Old PPG = God Tier New PPG = Garbage Tier YOUR GARBAGE CARTOON NETWOK GARBAGGGGEEEEE. Put the new PPG in the rejects bin
Toby Brooks
Toby Brooks Prije 10 dana
Buttercup looks like brown Peter Griffin but with muscles
Toby Brooks
Toby Brooks Prije 10 dana
This show is outdated
HelXeen Prije 11 dana
Wait the powerpuff girls twerking...they are like kids. Wait did Netflix made this?
Northumbria Bushcraft
Northumbria Bushcraft Prije 11 dana
Regarding the live action adaptation, i thought the powerpuff girls were meant to be you know... girls? Not women old enough to be the actual powerpuff girl's mothers. And of course there is a fatty with pink hair in the background and they race-swapped one of the characters. That image speaks 1000 words.
Alex Arriaga
Alex Arriaga Prije 11 dana
Bubbles: no mi gusta *face included* Me: clearly the writers didn’t go beyond rage comics when researching meme references
Sebastian G. MSFB
Sebastian G. MSFB Prije 11 dana
Despite Ms. Bellum's presence, I still suspect that the Powerpuff Girls' live-action adaptation on CW will be even WORSE than PPG's 2016 reboot, I know it will be worse, regardless of Ms. Bellum being mistreated in 2016 but treated better in live-action. I could just keep feeling it up-&-down!
I'M●LESBIAN Prije 11 dana
Wow this is like the original teen Titans and now it's teen Titans Go ;-; but i mean I like teen Titans Go and the reboot of power puff girls but i definitely like the originals better 😶
Laben Venci
Laben Venci Prije 12 dana
Funniest part is that after the announcement of the Live Action series and months of negative backlash on social media, CW announced that it would be scrapping the pilot for their planned live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot and are reworking the series apparently.
Azael Olsen
Azael Olsen Prije 12 dana
At least Craig has created a new series ( which i just learned about now ) which is Kid Cosmic. You should check it out in a future video or something ( that is if you want to )
•Honey_Bee •
•Honey_Bee • Prije 13 dana
Wait how does the power puff girls hold chopsticks-
tyrantking9000 Prije 13 dana
*Sees thumbnail* "The fuck did they do to Darwin from Gumball?" _That's Buttercup._ "WHAT DID THEY DO TO BUTTERCUP?!"
ꨄClxúdiiꨄ Prije 13 dana
First off, WHY would Buttercup want to get buff when she has SUPER STRENGTH?! Two, WHY would they reboot a show without the ORIGINAL CREATOR?!
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi Prije 13 dana
Uhh irl am i the only one who likes the new Powerpuff girls?😭 I grew up with thr new one-
Kaim Argonar
Kaim Argonar Prije 13 dana
I was just about to comment about the superhero episode when you brought it up first- I personally love that episode, even though I can't really remember it. I just love superhero episodes in cartoons in general, I love seeing the ideas the show creators have for super heroes, that episode and the Kim Possible one in particular. (Since those two are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head)
BingBingWahoo Prije 14 dana
Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith Prije 15 dana
You know, I grew up with the original Teen Titans, and when I first saw the remake I felt the same way you felt in this video. I walked way feeling betrayed and shaken to my core.
꧁Flo̸wer꧂ Prije 15 dana
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Botanahazard Prije 15 dana
They missed out on buffercup. They're all fired
Michelle Kirch
Michelle Kirch Prije 15 dana
I hate Tara strong yo
I love the part where buttercup was buttercup
WITTO Sama Prije 18 dana
Is Buttercup naked???
Katana Rose
Katana Rose Prije 19 dana
I loved the anime remake and the original when I first saw the new one I cringed hard
wolfy Prije 18 dana
Anime is cringe
Just A Fellow Samurai
Just A Fellow Samurai Prije 21 dan
Well there is some good news, the live action one is currently in limbo. The script had been leaked and it got ripped about by fans. There was also a test screening of it and no one liked it. It was negatively recieved. The creators even agreed it was bad and that the script was awful. They said they were reworking it.
TimberJackEB Prije 21 dan
If the live action adaptation is adequate, perhaps the franchise can be salvaged, one step at a time. If otherwise... Let's just say it may be for the best if they take a break for half a decade or so. Then again, My Little Pony kinda went downhill until generation 4. Actually, not really. The show did well, just that the quality got a little worse for wear.
Kiki03000 version 2.0
Kiki03000 version 2.0 Prije 22 dana
Wait...how was Lauren murdered by Hasbro? Because of MLP or something else?
ElFreakinCid Prije 13 dana
Hasbro removed her from the show's creative team after she finished writing season 2.
SilentVinyl Prije 22 dana
Insomnia_Gaming Prije 23 dana
Jesus Christ they got Buttercup lookin like a McDonald's chicken nugget
Ghostabee YT
Ghostabee YT Prije 24 dana
I also hate the reboot it really sucked tbh
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Prije 24 dana
It's as if the producers were trying to pander to the DeviantArt crowd...
nathan higgins
nathan higgins Prije 24 dana
When I first saw the image of fat Buttercup I thought it was just some deviantART fetish garbage untill it did something that made the brain in my skull do a backflip. IT FUCKING MOVED.
J M Prije 25 dana
One of the worst rebooting attempts I’ve ever experienced. Granted, I only watched two episodes myself. So, I appreciate your sacrifice Saberspark….even though we all knew the show was trash.
-Errier- Prije 25 dana
Can we just all agree that we want the Old power puff girls back ;-;
Katsuki bakugo
Katsuki bakugo Prije 26 dana
1:14 is that Dexter?..... look at the red head boy with glasses...
idiot with internet access
idiot with internet access Prije 26 dana
my single brain cell that still had faith in humanity just died watching this.
Rory Toy village
Rory Toy village Prije 26 dana
Not to judge: I like the reboot and don’t like the original
Malanok Prije 26 dana
I didn't see the problem with the image until I realised it was meant to be buttercup. That episode sends such a bad message too, getting to that size, either way, the muscles or obesity, would be irreparable back to how you originally were, you'd have stretch marks, bad joint, muscle issues and that's not even mentioning that she was over three times the height of her sisters.
Even Lorona
Even Lorona Prije 27 dana
Hey spark I just am wondering will you ever do a review of my hero academia?
Annic Prije 27 dana
You watched.. 3 seasons of a horrible kids show.. simply for HRpost.. respect
go away you're making my day worse
go away you're making my day worse Prije 27 dana
Honestly in my opinion I liked the powerpuff girls anime for some reason ✋🤧 i literally wait for school to end so I could watch every single episode.
LunaBit Prije 27 dana
If anything, I think this just reinforces the fact that reboots just don't work. Leave the old IPs alone. Leave my childhood alone. If you can't stick even a little to the original, then make something original.
ZEMYXlove Prije 28 dana
The worst part about this honestly is just how good the opening is for Powerpuff girls. I love the art style and timing! But it's opening for this trash!!
Dark Luna
Dark Luna Prije 28 dana
How to know the cartoon world is dying when 4 year old cartoon characters ARE TWEAKING
Dragowolf Prije 28 dana
This is the version of PowerPoint girls I watched i did not think it was that bad but things do tend to get worse with time
Josh Hallam
Josh Hallam Prije 28 dana
Ab-man look like A-train from the Boys I guess he been injecting alot of compound.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Prije 28 dana
🍔Mixels And Sonic Adventures🍔
🍔Mixels And Sonic Adventures🍔 Prije 28 dana
If you think that's weird, TTG had a inflation episode
Kurt Bowser
Kurt Bowser Prije 29 dana
It would be interesting if Whoopass Stew was on Adult Swim or something so we can see a what if the Whoopass Girls wasn’t replaced by the Powerpuff Girls.
Mr. Stripes
Mr. Stripes Prije 29 dana
It's been that weight don't matter, please... YOU"re the one whpo needs to leveae EVERYTHING ELSE allone!!
Reuben Pontoh
Reuben Pontoh Prije mjesec
kinda sad how one of my fav youtubers is hating on one of my childhood shows but i will say it was cringe
Reva Prije mjesec
F 😔
KingtheBingg Prije mjesec
She looks like melted cheese
Kingly Prije mjesec
WAit in that picture of the live action film was buttercup smiling!??!?*
Azazreal Prije mjesec
Ok so its not that i disagree with you but.....seriously......man its just not for us anymore. You think our parents liked most of our cartoons and tv shows? Yea yea i know im gonna get a bunch of ''well actually'' but be serious or even better, ask them! I remember how annoyed my parents got over Looney Toons changing or when the New Scooby Doo show started because they didnt like the new style or the new humor while my brother and I LOVED them. If you dont like it, dont watch it. Clearly the kids DO LIKE IT. Otherwise it wouldnt continue to exist. Move on man. This isnt ''fetishy'' either you're just being kinda creepy with it honestly. Or is every fat person on tv fetishy? If you thought the original series didnt get this weird, you havent watched it recently. Watch ANY episode with HIM and tell me that this is weirder. This entire video is quite literally an ''Ok Boomer'' video. I also hate the new direction cartoons have gone, they are very much filled with fast, insane and nonsensical actions but you know what, thats fine. I dont watch the cartoons I no longer enjoy. There are plenty of shows that are no longer catered to me and i just leave them alone, regardless of whether i was a fan previously (Power Puff Girls, Ben 10, Pokemon, Teen Titans). All you are doing right now is gatekeeping this. You are literally saying ''this isnt like how it used to be and i dont like it'' Shows change, times change and people are also supposed to change. Just a thought.
silverjay Prije 28 dana
Okay first of all, this is fetishy. Showing people with weight is fine, but when its taken THIS far, and especially with a little girl, its not. Second of all, people hate reboots like this because it takes something they've grown up with and makes it worse. It kinda ruins it for them. Not saying that you cant watch it, just saying why others may not like it. And third, its literally his job to watch it. He's a reviewer and watching stuff he doesnt like is what he does.
theisgood0 Prije mjesec
I can’t even believe the show made it to 2016. I thought it died off along with the other OG cartoons.
Vintage Pastel
Vintage Pastel Prije mjesec
I'm guessing most of y'all didn't waste yall time watching all the episodes when your bored Welp I did and I think I remember an episode where bubbles swaers or something-
Izuna Otsutsuki
Izuna Otsutsuki Prije mjesec
I expect the live action show will come across looking like a power puff girls porno
Mulder Starling
Mulder Starling Prije mjesec
Your newer avatar is so much better lol, let's say
Utkarsh Dharmadhikari
Utkarsh Dharmadhikari Prije mjesec
The 'Creators' got idea about this episode when one day, they watched a South park episode where Cartman eats some protein stuff and gets fatter and fatter.
🌸• P X A I N T E R •🌸
🌸• P X A I N T E R •🌸 Prije mjesec
I remember watching that episode, and my aunt close the tv 😅
The Smart-Casual Gamer.
The Smart-Casual Gamer. Prije mjesec
I still prefer your old avatar. It's just in a style a prefer.
MY SKATINBOAD Prije mjesec
im gonna check that weird ass channel brb edit: im so fucking done
Spontaneous Dreamer
Spontaneous Dreamer Prije mjesec
This is sad because Buttercup was my favorite Power Puff Girl and she was like me too 😭
bismar syauqie
bismar syauqie Prije mjesec
You know if Kamen Rider Zi-O focus more on cartoon character aside for past kamen riders I will say that the reebot version of the PPG was basically Another rider version of the Powerpuff Girl itself (A monster and evill version of the original) created after the main big bad stole the OG PPG's power and gave it to other people who was at their lowest point After they turned into another rider version of OG PPG , they probably gonna replaced the excistens of the Original Powerpuff Girls, similiar to this Reebot kinda replaced the OG show, so people who haven't watch the OG will think that this is what the PPG is
Firegetic pyrus
Firegetic pyrus Prije mjesec
existence is pain key word P A I N
phanfinger Prije mjesec
I discovered you through your review of the 2016 show! Ah good times. I'm pretending that this reboot didn't happen.
freakyskull516 Prije mjesec
**plays senzawa's ok boomer** FFFFUCK! ahh! god! my heart...
FirstGazerTB Prije mjesec
Chicken Wings
RyanRedbird Prije mjesec
Powerpuff Girls Z is the best anime I've ever seen, seriously.
Jola 101
Jola 101 Prije mjesec
i am unimaginably upset. when you showed musclecup, i couldn't continue, sorry.
Jamafly Prije mjesec
Funny enough my friend's kids were watching the 2016 PPG and my friend went and changed it to the older one. They liked the older one way better. So glad they like the original better.
nasir McGill
nasir McGill Prije mjesec
Katherine Alberto
Katherine Alberto Prije mjesec
Next saber do one about total eclipse of the kart please and also mention bubbles parody’s song
Anonymous Empire
Anonymous Empire Prije mjesec
I legit thought at first that was just a DeviantArt OC on the thumbnail until I realized how wrong I truly was.
gika kiknadze
gika kiknadze Prije mjesec
God is dead and internet kill him or people on internet
Brian Garrett
Brian Garrett Prije mjesec
He just compared Buttercup to a black man wtf
Typical lJ
Typical lJ Prije mjesec
are u serious
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