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Saberspark Prije 4 mjeseci
What did y'all think about the show?
flashergoldpower15 Prije 3 dana
It's really everything I kinda wanted in a adaptation. And Mann season 2, 3 and beyondbis about to get ready ficking bonkers
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Prije 12 dana
@The Lord of luncheon I am lonely
The Lord of luncheon
The Lord of luncheon Prije 12 dana
@Mario Lopez who are you talking too?
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Prije 12 dana
I think I might be mortally scared thank you
thetrueCrystalvixen Prije 17 dana
I thought it was pretty cool, and blood thirsty. Also alot of characters for people to be thirsty about (Omniman, everyone wants that bastard).
Alicat Gtz
Alicat Gtz Prije dan
I was fortunate enough to watch this show before the memes and before it was spoiled for me. My husband got spoiled for it instead XD and he urged us to watch it before it got any more spoiled. I highly recommend the show. It’s a bit predictable at one point but the execution was beyond what I was expecting. That first episode really makes you believe your about to watch your nice normal super hero show but by the end you sit in silence and shock as it completely decimates that idea.
Kiriel Stoneborn
Kiriel Stoneborn Prije 8 dana
I was watching each episode the day it came out so luckily nothing got spoiled for me, and I have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed the show. As someone i know pointed out to me there is quite a bit of gore or blood in the show but to me it didn't feel excessive when compared to how shows like the boys got, Invincible felt like it used what seemed like a very reasonable degree of blood and guts that you could reasonably expect to see in a world where superheroes and super villains/monsters exist, but at the same time you typically see the heroes not going to extremes against unpowered bad guys or speedsters accidentally running through people. There are bound to be accidents granted but the heroes actually hold back where they can or when they or when they feel it would be wrong to not do so.
John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin Prije 8 dana
Loved many things about the show, mainly hate Amber!
Roiben Blitz
Roiben Blitz Prije 12 dana
"I will avoid spoilers." Proceeds to show a spoiler screenshot.
_AsrielRose_ Prije 12 dana
Actually DC comics has 2 animation movies called Justice League Dark, and Aokolips war. I enjoyed those movies. I suggest them. OwO
Leonchris Gabriel Cortez
Leonchris Gabriel Cortez Prije 13 dana
i hate it
Normal person
Normal person Prije 13 dana
godmodders in a nutshell
Adin Schwarz
Adin Schwarz Prije 16 dana
Love this show hate AMBER. I love every other character. Just not Amber.
DMAC143 Prije 16 dana
Absolutely LOVED this show and I loved your review! As usual you did a good job of maintaining the excitement without any spoilers. As soon I finished watching the season I was like, I HAVE to know what Saberspark thinks! We're usually on the same page, and I've definitely watched things based on your recommendations. Absolutely brilliant piece of work!! Absolutely brilliant review!
ik3a Prije 16 dana
U can tell he liked the show cus he can't string one sentance together
Pet Hedgehog
Pet Hedgehog Prije 22 dana
who needs netflix who needs disney+? ive got torrent prime
Your are amazing bois
Your are amazing bois Prije 23 dana
0:43 gta San Andreas
Thegreat Broohighny
Thegreat Broohighny Prije 25 dana
I honestly didn't like Invincible. There's nothing wrong with it that i can point out, it was just frustrating to watch for me. Like, there's a lot of characters that are interesting that just get killed which feels kinda lazy and like their Mary Sue'ing Omniman and his son to me.
Huge Ackman
Huge Ackman Prije 25 dana
I’m so glad I watched it when it first came out
Harrison Fitch
Harrison Fitch Prije 26 dana
If it’s called invincible, then why can i see it?
The Lord of luncheon
The Lord of luncheon Prije 29 dana
unnecessarily long rambles and comments
unnecessarily long rambles and comments Prije mjesec
I assumed that mark got killed by his dad from the meme and thought it spoiled it for me and it really didn’t
Kittenclysm Prije mjesec
Luckily, I found out about this show by seeing a clip from episode one on TikTok, so nothing was spoiled. After I saw the clip, I was like, "You know what? Looks pretty interesting. Think I'll check it out." And I was NOT disappointed!
Kristofus Clidofus
Kristofus Clidofus Prije mjesec
so invincible is just like Hero Academia and One Punch Man...
CStan Prije mjesec
genius marketing though (even if it wasnt intentional) people would prob wanna watch the show so they dont get spoiled by the meme
I Need to Sell Your Television
I Need to Sell Your Television Prije mjesec
1:35 People who read the comic be like: *Stretches* *Cracks Knuckles* *Sits on chair and gets comfy* "WeLl AcTuaLlY"
Dragon Girl 101
Dragon Girl 101 Prije mjesec
Me and my sister didn't get spoiled from the memes, we just went straight into the show and we loved it! Looking forward to the next season 😊
Adrian Veidt
Adrian Veidt Prije mjesec
if you want something different, try watchmen the man of steel, bvs and ZSJL trilogy. They're all infinitely better than the trash MCU(not marvel) been putting out. also, dude it's obvious you never touched so many excellent DC animated films. Dark stuff in animated superhero films are normal.
Willow_Offical Prije mjesec
Amazon Prime 😤✋ ง( ᐛ )งⁿᵒ ᶜᵃᵖ
•PARTYCAT•PLAYZ• Prije mjesec
*"look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power"*
Dhanvi Bhat
Dhanvi Bhat Prije mjesec
0:18 lmao my friend was like that, but he never had used netflix before and when he did, he completely switched opinions
Shinji391 Prije mjesec
How can say you're NOT going to spoil the show when you have the PREMIER meme and all of its iterations within the first minute of your video? Are you stupid or something? "For the most part I will avoid spoilers" (Omni-Man stands over a bloodied Mark) (Show spoiled within 50 seconds of beginning the video.)
Genesis Perez
Genesis Perez Prije mjesec
This show reminds me of shows like Young Justice, but much more realistic. We are aligned with Mark assuming the show will be as naive and innocent as those comic book shows we watched as kids, but then we get dumped into reality with Mark.
Tomzinho Morais
Tomzinho Morais Prije mjesec
I came for the story, and noticed the “think mark think!” And “LOOK WHAT THEY NEED TO HAVE A FRACTION OF OUR POWER” were from this in the end
NIGHTCORE Prije mjesec
Its overkill
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey Prije mjesec
Is it just me or does he low key look like JJJ
Mr potato
Mr potato Prije mjesec
Dudee i loved the comics
None Of Your Business
None Of Your Business Prije mjesec
I only watch amazon prime videos because I have prime cause I usually need to scamble to get supplies for school (I don't like beesass as much as everyone else) but they do have some great shows! I loved invincible, and I loved good omens too! I watched the Boys too, and I enjoyed it, even though looking back i didn't enjoy it as much as the other two I mentioned. Prime video, at least for their originals, seems to give a lot of free reign to creators and allows for shows that potentially wouldn't have has a platform elsewhere. Maybe I'm misinformed about all of that, but because its not Amazon's main funding, it probably is allowed to be more weird, unlike other platforms. Again, I'm probably wrong and being overly optimistic.
szewei1985 Prije mjesec
This may be anime of 2021 haha
Saucy Mongoose
Saucy Mongoose Prije 27 dana
Not an anime
Mr. Quackers
Mr. Quackers Prije mjesec
i feel so lucky to have watched this show with fresh eyes before the memes were blowing up,
Nessa049 Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it from marvel?
Green-Gamer AKA Connor
Green-Gamer AKA Connor Prije 2 mjeseci
i haven't seen the show, but i have seen clips. and i'll say, omni man as a character is Mind Blowing, if you got what i was talking about then you may scream
Potato Patato
Potato Patato Prije 2 mjeseci
The comic isn't actually as good as the show. Since Kirkman is writing for the show, he was able to improve on his original story with everything he's learned.
Player Sam
Player Sam Prije 2 mjeseci
you know…people always mention The Boys, and now Invincible, but no one talks about The Tick. And that makes me sad. GO WATCH THE TICK, PEOPLE!
Devang Gadgil
Devang Gadgil Prije 2 mjeseci
In the first few episodes I think there's a bit too much puking
Alysia Garver
Alysia Garver Prije 2 mjeseci
This show is honestly fantastic. Highly recommend it
Super Manny GAMER
Super Manny GAMER Prije 2 mjeseci
Well its safe to say that was just a theory..... a FILM THEORY this is not film theorist so I'm gonna stop now
John Leonard
John Leonard Prije 2 mjeseci
You and I both agree that the superhero genre is suffering from fatigue. The MCU should have ended with Endgame. Change my mind.
Wraithling Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait how can you review a show without spoilers?
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Prije 2 mjeseci
Carnival Row wasn't bad and now invincible being pretty good gets me pretty excited for what else they make
QueenKunta Prije 2 mjeseci
I really appreciate how most of the teenager characters were more fleshed out than they usually are in these kind of shows.
templargfx Prije 2 mjeseci
I didnt even know this show existed until I saw a 'when the doom music kicks in' video featuring the big fight. Despite seeing that sequence it didn't spoil the show at all. Very well written
Johannes Lade
Johannes Lade Prije 2 mjeseci
"I'm not gonna spoil in this video". Immediatly spoils the show by showing the meme.
Bread Apologist
Bread Apologist Prije 2 mjeseci
Eh, It was good until the huge twist at the end where Indiana Jones turns out to really be Darth Voldemort. His motivation to destroy the earth by eating all the plutonium on the planet and vomit into all the water supplies was just to obvious. Of course Frodo defeats him by using kaioken x20 with ninja clone jutsu, there by summoning captain picard to beam Voldemort into SCP 106s pocket dimention via the transporter on the Imperial star destroyer USS Krusty Krab.
Nuesh B
Nuesh B Prije 2 mjeseci
I still watched after I was also spoiled by it through memes on Twitter. I still think it's awesome.
Thundertrain2930 Prije 2 mjeseci
J. K. Simmons is some sort of voice god he even got into gravity falls
Demo Demon - Gaming, Music & Tech
Demo Demon - Gaming, Music & Tech Prije 2 mjeseci
"You have to think mark" hits a lot harder when you know xD
Technofox Prije 2 mjeseci
i never saw the show but i heard about over and over
Daniel Bazzana
Daniel Bazzana Prije 2 mjeseci
Invincible and the boys are the sole reason I signed up for Amazon prime. Both shows are amazing, finally some good super hero stories.
Mitsuba Sosuke
Mitsuba Sosuke Prije 2 mjeseci
The art style reminds me of legend of korra on so many levels
Flynt Coal
Flynt Coal Prije 2 mjeseci
I watched this show after a video popped up in my recommended talking about top deaths or something and I loved it.
Dawn Walks
Dawn Walks Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh damn a completely spoiler free review! Good freakin job man!!
garfield50004u Prije 2 mjeseci
I opened prime and invincible just popped up as newly released. I was Ok let me just watch the 1st episode. If i like it, i will continue the series. My Initial impression of the 1st episode was like meh just another bunch of saving the world superheroes. And then the last 5 minutes changes everything. Holy fucking shit, wtf did that happen. After those 3 episodes, i started recommending friends that you gotta watch this amazing show. Glad i watched the episodes at the time of weekly release expecting what is gonna happen and never disappointed. No memes or youtube videos to spoil me.
Thomas Devlin
Thomas Devlin Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh it's too late for me, I've already absorbed this entire show through osmosis and I haven't seen a single episode
Biografi Prije 2 mjeseci
IM do not that care about the show IM only love the meme think THINK
Nicholas Filippelli
Nicholas Filippelli Prije 2 mjeseci
Great video, after seeing this I went and watched it. It was good. Thanks for the great review and the great videos you do
Tim Oaks
Tim Oaks Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't be sleeping on Doom Patrol.....
Blejzak Prije 2 mjeseci
Even having seen the meme I was legitimately shocked when it came to some scenes, as they pace the first action scene much like in Teen Titans or Batman Animated Series, and then it's very unlike those shows. I kinda forgot about the meme then and there, until I knew the scene it was taken from was coming, and even that surpassed my expectations. Great writing on this one for sure.
latiosfreak Prije 2 mjeseci
they added a very relatable character in amber- i too am a very toxic person :) jk its william for simping
Tea Bear Loves The Tea
Tea Bear Loves The Tea Prije 2 mjeseci
I love and dislike the show. I mean. I really do love the show but. It just felt like everything was going waaaaay too fast and it's just so graphic. I was mostly confused at the beginning but at the end everything sort of made sense. I also cried at some parts because Mark is so handsome and when I kept on seeing him get hurt. My heart just broke... 😭💔 I don't want my handsome boy to get hurt or worse. Die... 😢😔💔💔💔💔 He also has a girlfriend buuuuut. I DON'T CARE ABOUT HER OKAY! HE IS STILL MY LOVE! 😡❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'LL SIMP FOR HIM NO MATTER WHAT! 😩🤚💖💖💖😍😍😍😍🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐
I have no common sense But
I have no common sense But Prije 2 mjeseci
I pirated the series and i can say it’s worth every penny
raiden stark
raiden stark Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark should read more comics
MajesticSiren Prije 2 mjeseci
Animated really well. But the writing is really bad. So bad my teeth hurt
Ray Navillus
Ray Navillus Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, great cartoon. And the shock value... Oh boy, strap yourselves in folks and just watch it, for anyone interested!
Anti 1 Training
Anti 1 Training Prije 2 mjeseci
Think Mark Think! How could Saberspark not be a furry, when he talks about Furry content!
LeoDoesYoutube Prije 2 mjeseci
I know! The same thing happend to me. It’s so Funkin good
Vulpax 84
Vulpax 84 Prije 2 mjeseci
It's so weird, bc the animation reminds me so much of 90's - early 2000's Saturday morning cartoons that I always loved as a kid, like Young Justice, Justice League or Batman: Brave and the Bold, where it feels nostalgic But then BAM, end of the first episode it's just "Ohhh shit"
I’m A Tiny Tiger
I’m A Tiny Tiger Prije 2 mjeseci
i’m not going to watch this video until i finish the first season that’s out. but what i will say (as someone who started watching with no spoilers at all) was that it quite literally blew my fucking MIND. i went into the first episode thinking it was gonna be just another superhero cartoon about a marvel character that existed but no one ever really heard about until this cartoon decided to bring him back up yada yada. i also started watching because the character designs were cool looking and i liked that mark was asian. i thought the swearing was nice and added to the show and made it feel more real. (spoilers) AND THEN HIS DAD KILLED THE FUCKIN PROTECTOR HEROS AND SHIT AND WOW I WAS LIKE HOLY SHIT THIS IS. THIS IS. WHAT THE FUCK and that’s the story of how i fell in love with this show because it really JUST did. that. like. no restrictions man the guys and gore and the exploration of the speedy guys head wow.
Ashe Prije 2 mjeseci
You know... I began watching the show because of the memes and the animation, I was expecting its brutality and the gore and the violence... And it still caught me off-guard several times. This show knows how to execute (pun intended) its plot with the violence. The characters feel very fleshed out, each feeling like they have their own lives and goals, even if they don't have a major role in the story. Haven't had a show put me at the edge of my seat, shaking with panic, like this one. Can't wait for season 2!
darked12 Prije 2 mjeseci
The memes are the thing that made me watch the invincible
Aid Hil
Aid Hil Prije 2 mjeseci
Me trying to recommend this to everyone: do you really think I’m not going to spoil literally everything if you don’t watch this now? You are waiting just to ruin the show think mark think!
Vic M
Vic M Prije 3 mjeseci
I first got into this show because YT recommended me the ending battle of episode 1. I was hooked after that, and currently binging the comic. It's a cool series!
Video Game Historian
Video Game Historian Prije 3 mjeseci
The people who watched this either A) watched it after seeing the memes B) were fans of the comic and watched it because of that (nerds) C) the very rare few who actually used amazon, looked at “new releases” and just said “hey that looks cool”
Gideon Carney
Gideon Carney Prije 3 mjeseci
Parker get me pictures of spiderman.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner Prije 3 mjeseci
100% agree that it was the perfect timing for this and The Boys. Both are a much more realistic depiction of what a world with super powered people would actually look like and it's a complete 180 comparative to Marvel and DC movie depictions of superheroes, so it's almost it's own genre because of that.
Princes lewis
Princes lewis Prije 3 mjeseci
I absolutely love the gore.
Qairyl Prije 3 mjeseci
You should give X (1996) a shot if you want gory.
jacob Prije 3 mjeseci
JK simmons is both the most terrifying and most wholesome
PeninaChan Prije 3 mjeseci
Saber! Review My Hero Academia!!!!!
Prince Nightblade
Prince Nightblade Prije 3 mjeseci
Invincible did to super heros like what Re:zero did to Isekai anime. Turned it on it's head. And made a masterpiece
Maria Chichilanova
Maria Chichilanova Prije 3 mjeseci
it's Boondocks, but with superheroes
CHUNKY boi Prije 3 mjeseci
Wait it’s not super jjjameson man I’m sad
WavyyAsher Prije 3 mjeseci
I actually came before the 7th episode
Roberto Nome
Roberto Nome Prije 3 mjeseci
basically, the boys' is a dystopian superhero society while invencible's is an utopian one (minus the whole evil alien empire thing) invencible's superheroes are actually (mostly) good guys with good intentions; the govern is actually pretty damn competitive at their job and the vast majority of the cast are actually contributing to save the innocent
Roberto Nome
Roberto Nome Prije 3 mjeseci
@Lamp-Chan _ well yeah. but the great majority of shown super heroes actually use it genuinely for good (such as gotg, the new gotg, invencible himself, the candidates from ep 3, etc)
Lamp-Chan _
Lamp-Chan _ Prije 3 mjeseci
It feels like in invincible most superpowered people use it for bad but they're just not a big deal
Agent Texas
Agent Texas Prije 3 mjeseci
aka dr.disrespect
Agent Texas
Agent Texas Prije 3 mjeseci
aka donut operator
Andrew Carnborn
Andrew Carnborn Prije 3 mjeseci
You should watch Todd McFarlane's Spawn. It's animated as well It's also Image Comics and INCREDIBLY dark and very underrated
Tori McCroan
Tori McCroan Prije 3 mjeseci
I wonder how many characters you can find that were voiced by Grey DeLisle, aka Azula
kittykittybangbang Prije 3 mjeseci
And Vicki
Bryan Kutchens
Bryan Kutchens Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark: "dad why did you kill them?" Omni man : "cuz im evil." Me as a viewer : "seriously? 8 episodes for that?"
Tenth Prije 3 mjeseci
I watched the whole first season in a day lol
LoneColamarine Prije 3 mjeseci
But hey, I kinda hope The Batman Who Laughs gets a movie or series soon. Like... Hell fire, You want DARK? YOU WANT TO FEEL BAD?!! Batman who laughs.
LoneColamarine Prije 3 mjeseci
You missed the chance to be meta and interrupt yourself saying "invincible"
DANK- TheWise
DANK- TheWise Prije 3 mjeseci
I just started watching it and it is F*****g terrifying
AndyMush Pictures
AndyMush Pictures Prije 3 mjeseci
One thing I loved is that each episode was a hour which is rare for main stream animated shows . Giving the narrative time to breathe and develop.
K Tyler
K Tyler Prije 3 mjeseci
I was only spoiled on ep one. So the whole series. I would just yell at my screen “……..ok…….but WHY!?!?”
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