The ULTIMATE Cartoon Crush Tier List

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Crushing on cartoon cuties? I guess this is my life now

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Saberspark Prije 6 mjeseci
What are y'all's favorite cartoon crushes?
Yuuji Kazami
Yuuji Kazami Prije 6 sati
@TLK Studios really? Me too, I also love Anna
Proto Z
Proto Z Prije mjesec
I_ Drew
I_ Drew Prije 2 mjeseci
wild Dream
wild Dream Prije 2 mjeseci
Rainbow dash🌈 from my little pony 🤤🤤
Thatmemestar Prije 2 mjeseci
I used to have crush on Lola bunny from space jam . The animators knew what they were doing to make her more sexualised for young audience. Also I am a boy
Dr. Mauser
Dr. Mauser Prije 4 sati
Rescue Rangers and The Rescuers, Can't believe you confuse them..
Ethan Seao-Sandoval
Ethan Seao-Sandoval Prije 11 sati
Saberspark the simp
TheBoltMaster Prije 3 dana
The fact that NONE of the girls from the ben 10 series are here INFURIATES ME
Garlicsquid 5
Garlicsquid 5 Prije dan
OOOliver Prije 4 dana
dont worry saber spark, we’re all lonely as well.
Joshie Washie
Joshie Washie Prije 5 dana
Marceline is S tier in my opinion
hullaut H
hullaut H Prije 6 dana
27:52 i paused here to go do something and i come back and it sounds like you die also just amazing video, top tier
Joshua Drew
Joshua Drew Prije 6 dana
"Raven from That's So Raven" wtf dude? And you have too much of a mouse fetish. Lol.
Din _
Din _ Prije 12 dana
Just gonna call myself out here, my first ever fictional crush was on Lucario from Lucario and the mystery of mew and I've been a furry pretty much ever since
R Mancini
R Mancini Prije 17 dana
Well, im not a furry, but Luna from Helluva Boss 100%.
TheBatman2001 Prije 18 dana
8:10 Jessie wasnt in toy story 1
Lord Trigon
Lord Trigon Prije 20 dana
10,000th person who clicked on this just to find out where Raven ended up.
Merial Jordan
Merial Jordan Prije 22 dana
All guys that are fans of these characters and fans of saber : OH BROTHER THIS GUY STINKS
Kiefer McGinty
Kiefer McGinty Prije 22 dana
Saber: I don't like Vicky, she's uh... Me: Icky?
Alfredo Gaitan
Alfredo Gaitan Prije 25 dana
*misheard "I hate Toph"* It's a good day to unsub from Saberspark.
AlicetheNeko Prije 25 dana
Gwen Stacy, Shego, Loona, Poison Ivy, Raven
Sulay the man
Sulay the man Prije 26 dana
but why :( why does this exist
E Y Prije 26 dana
13:48 XD
Irosour Prije 26 dana
“We’ll do a one with guys later on.” So, when’s that coming?
Vance Lesher
Vance Lesher Prije 26 dana
I agree that Seth McFarlane shows have gone downhill, but only in regards to cartoons, The Orville is actually pretty good.
DiecastReviews Prije 26 dana
Animated women I would be DTF/hook up with: Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), Marceline (Adventure Time), Breakfast Princess (Adventure Time), Flame Princess (Adventure Time), Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), Blackfire (Teen Titans), Terra (Teen Titans), Princess Mulan (Mulan), Bonnie Swanson (Family Guy), Amy Wong (Futurama), Jillian (Family Guy), Lindsay (Total Drama), Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender), Heather (Total Drama), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Trixie Tang (Fairly Oddparents), Anne Maria (Total Drama), Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb), Esurance girl (Esurance), Jen Masterson (6Teen), Tinker Bell (Peter Pan), Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls), Francine Smith (American Dad), Ty Lee (Avatar the Last Airbender), Wonder Woman (DC), Joo Dee (Avatar the Last Airbender), Luanne Hill (King of the Hill), Meg (Hercules), Mrs. Lockhart (Family Guy), Dakota (before transformation) (Total Drama), Barbara Gordon (DC), Poison Ivy (DC), Misty (Pokemon), Harley Quinn (DC), Dawn (Pokemon), Stacy (Rick and Morty), Katie (Total Drama) Animated women I would marry: Raven (Teen Titans), Starfire (Teen Titans), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Princess Elsa (Frozen), Star Butterfly (Star vs the Forces of Evil), Gardevoir (Pokemon), Wedding Ring Princess (Adventure Time), Beth (Total Drama), Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Nicole Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball), Joyce Kinney (Family Guy), Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Rose Quartz (Steven Universe), April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon), Leela (Futurama), Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), Lois Lane (DC), Katara (Avatar the Last Airbender), Rapunzel (Tangled), Colette (Ratatouille), Marge Simpson (The Simpsons), Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb) Animated women I dislike or cannot stand: Tree Trunks (Adventure Time), Margaret (Regular Show), Vicky (Fairly Oddparents), Tootie (Fairly Oddparents), Eva (Total Drama), Blaineley (Total Drama), Courtney (Total Drama), Jo (Total Drama), Sadie (Total Drama), Nancy Gribble (King of the Hill), Peggy Hill (King of the Hill), Lois Griffin (Family Guy), Beatrice Horseman (BoJack Horseman), Linda Stotch (South Park), Sheila Broflovski (South Park), Carol McCormick (South Park) Gladys Sharp (Over the Hedge), Loretta Brown (Family Guy), ‘Granny JoJo’ Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball), Miriam Pataki (Hey Arnold), Shelley Marsh (South Park), Bebe Stevens (South Park), Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
danielmaster87 Prije 26 dana
So many times where he goes, "I don't like her" yet puts her higher than others which he thought were cute.
epicexplo Prije 27 dana
ayo 🤨📸
MYAMOOO myamoo
MYAMOOO myamoo Prije 27 dana
Well let's say my strange cartoon crush is Max in Mini force? I m a girl but when see loona!! It is hard to explain.
Tantibus Draws
Tantibus Draws Prije 28 dana
I just watched this vid 5 times in the past week....more tier lists please.
Stormfather Prije 29 dana
Holly Wood from Cool World
Stormfather Prije 29 dana
You said "the" Justice League animated cartoon, referring to Justice League Unlimited. Have you seen Justice League Action? It was a great show IMO, but got shafted by Cartoon Network giving it bad time slots and no marketing. I'd be interested to see you make a video about it
Jonathan Beacon
Jonathan Beacon Prije 29 dana
That Frankie Foster picture looks familiar...
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije 27 dana
"The number of times I’ve seen this image from my Frankie animation appear elsewhere online when referencing her, I’m almost inclined to believe it’s canon at this point..." - Zone on Twitter
Tantibus Draws
Tantibus Draws Prije mjesec
I love how you had a sultry voice throughout the video.
Alastor Prije mjesec
The only reason I like Cruella De Vil (not live action) is because of her voice actress and and the C O A T
//PROJECT JT314 Prije mjesec
Where would Cindy Vortex and Trixie Tang go in this list? (asking because Jimmy's and Timmy's moms were listed) Also would like to know where you would put Misty from Pokemon.
BIGBOYM08 Prije mjesec
doctor doornail
doctor doornail Prije mjesec
This made me unreasonably angry
doctor doornail
doctor doornail Prije mjesec
VectorTube Prije mjesec
And that is why a lot of people want to rip time and space to enter the FILMS demention
sr.skittle436 Prije mjesec
41:06 i the only one who knows what thats from? Its a p●rn parody.....wasnt your first guess huh?
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije mjesec
"The number of times I’ve seen this image from my Frankie animation appear elsewhere online when referencing her, I’m almost inclined to believe it’s canon at this point..." - Zone on Twitter
Cartoon Man
Cartoon Man Prije mjesec
Marceline bubblegum are my favorites
BoosT Prije mjesec
Robinhood and legoshi
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Prije mjesec
I'm watching a grown-ass man talking for an hour about the female cartoon crushes he had in childhood. And I'm into guys, not gals. What the hell am I doing with my life? XD Thing is, Elsa doesn't cry much. She hides a lot, she conceals things a lot, she keeps secrets and is very reserved which I can see how that would be deal-breaker for many guys, but... I don't recall her crying that much. More like being anxious and paranoid. You'd probably spend half the time placating her because she'll think something horrible will happen like every second of her life. For a woman with ice powers, she really doesn't know how to chill... Damn, I feel like Saberspark is feeling insecure about his crush on Rainbow Dash. I mean, he totally sounded like a tsundere when he talked about her. All that he needed to add was "baka!". She's not a good mum, she died. Can we talk about victim blaming for a moment? XD --- As for favourite characters: Hiccup and Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon Tigress, Viper, Crane - Kung Fu Panda Marlene, Skipper and Kowalski - Penguins of Madagascar Pitch then Jack, Tooth and Aster - Rise of the Guardians Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Hans (until the twist, I prefer to pretend that it was Hans' evil twin afterwards because that twist is just so bad) - Frozen Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus and Pascal - Tangled Varian and Cassandra - Tangled the Series Megamind - Megamind Lisa, Bart, Marge, Moe, Ned and Smithers - The Simpsons Jin - Abominable Mulan, Mushu and Li Shang - Mulan Tiana - Princess & The Frog Pocahontas - Pocahontas Nala, Scar, Zazu, Kovu and Kiara - The Lion King Bambi's Mother, Bambi, Faline - Bambi Kusco, Yzma and Kronk - The Emperor's New Groove Piper - Piper (short film) Diego, the baby dinos, mamma dino, Rudy - Ice Age Blue, Jewel and Nico - Rio Joy and Fear - Inside Out Randall - Monsters Inc Kevin(a) - Up Merida and Queen Elinor - Brave Kenai, Rutt, Tuke - Brother Bear Fiona - Shrek Bagheara, Kaa and Shere khan - Jungle Book Jack Skellington - Nightmare Before Christmas Esmeralda, Frollo - Hunchback of Notre Dame Hades, Megara - Hercules Jasmine, Jafar, Genie, Rajah and Iago - Aladdin Sebastian - The Little Mermaid Stitch - Lilo And Stitch Also, if we're allowed to include anime characters: >> Ibuki, Louis, Juno, Legoshi, Haru, Elle, Tem, Pina - Beasters >> William then Julius, Marx, Nozel, Fuegoleon, Rill, Yuno, Klaus, Finral, Langris, Nacht, Patri, Licht, Rhya, Damnatio, Noelle, Mereoleona, Mimosa, Letoile, Vanessa, Secre, Dorothy, Kahono, Rouge, Gimodelo - Black Clover >> Keigo Takami, Tamaki Amajiki, Shoto Todoroki, Fumikage Tokoyami, Shota Aizawa then Endeavour, Bakugo, Deku, Uraraka, Momo - My Hero Academia >> Mewtwo - in anything Mewtwo is in, I honestly am a sucker for this lab creation of a pokemon. I don't know why, but I am. Also, Cilan from Pokemon... don't ask, I couldn't tell you. >> Violet Evergarden >> Haku - Spirited Away >> Charce and Luca - Astra Lost in Space >> Lloyd Asplund - Code Geass >> Ukyo, Gen, Senku then Kohaku, Chrome and Yuzuriha - Dr Stone >> Yu Ishigami then Chika, Kaguya and Miyuki - Kaguya-Sama: Love is War >> Bishamon and Kazuma - Noragami >> Norman and Emma - Promised Neverland >> Cherry Blossom - Sk8 the infinity
Jesse The King
Jesse The King Prije mjesec
That picture of Frances/Frankle tho (If you know you know ;))
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije mjesec
"The number of times I’ve seen this image from my Frankie animation appear elsewhere online when referencing her, I’m almost inclined to believe it’s canon at this point..." - Zone on Twitter
Porpoise Power
Porpoise Power Prije mjesec
Sadly Elinore from Wizards is not on the list.
CommieRanger Prije mjesec
Saberspark: puts ahsoka in b tier Every star wars fan: it's treason then
CommieRanger Prije mjesec
Unfortunately for you, history won't see it that way, well at least in certain eyes as the sacred book of law states that we choose clone troopers
CommieRanger Prije mjesec
Hol up
Whehehr Prije mjesec
ᴀɪᴋᴏ Prije mjesec
31:10 who? I forgot anyone know
¿Nutareus? Prije mjesec
I love the croods also she has a freaking boyfriend
Origami STARS
Origami STARS Prije mjesec
This is some weeaboo stuff right here lmao 😂.
Gabriel Helton
Gabriel Helton Prije mjesec
you know it is serious when the video is an hour long
Lea Seberg Fladstad
Lea Seberg Fladstad Prije mjesec
My Top Best Fictional/Cartoon Crushes 1. Po (Kung Fu Panda) 2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4. Lenny (Shark Tale) 5. The Tick (The Tick: The Animated Series) 6. Flik (A Bug's Life) 7. Rex (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story) 8. Drix (Osmosis Jones)
the two cousins that share an account
the two cousins that share an account Prije mjesec
Meas a kid: sees Tai Lee and every other avatar girl 3:00 am: scrolling down pictures of all of them
Shawn Inniss
Shawn Inniss Prije mjesec
Don't worry about it Saber, I'm a Sonic fan ( I think you know that by my icon ) I won't scream at you for this . But I know Amy more than Sally.
Camryn Prije mjesec
I was 100% going to dislike the video if Saber didn't put 💖Shego💖 in S tier 😂😂
KICKxURxASS Prije mjesec
Saberspark: puts Joshua's mom in S tier. Me: No! Noooooooo!!!
BLOOD_MOON_1 Prije mjesec
Where are my El Arca de Noe characters? This is disrespect!
Ujjwal Garg
Ujjwal Garg Prije mjesec
Elsa on c tier, are you kidding me???? She should be on top of that table.
Grayve Rose
Grayve Rose Prije mjesec
"A corpse is better than a hippo" Puts a cat in S tier
GuyWardVlogs Prije mjesec
What I’ve learnt is that he like inanimate objects and older woman
Le_inky_creator -20
Le_inky_creator -20 Prije mjesec
| _ | youtube, why did you put this in my recomended
House of the one that speaks
House of the one that speaks Prije mjesec
"She gets the job done "
StikBot Pesky KSTR
StikBot Pesky KSTR Prije mjesec
Yo Daddy RC
Yo Daddy RC Prije mjesec
My top 5 crushes: 1: Starfire 2: ty lee 3: Mei 4: Katarra 5: Loona
Mauricio Sorto
Mauricio Sorto Prije mjesec
Sucks that your friend missed a few good ones from the Mid 2000's. But this was a good run, not gonna lie 😎👌
candy soto
candy soto Prije mjesec
The tier list was so long that he literally started going insane halfway through
candy soto
candy soto Prije mjesec
32:43 that took a turn
They call me quiet kid in the bathroom stalls
They call me quiet kid in the bathroom stalls Prije mjesec
Raven is my number 1
landry west
landry west Prije mjesec
naw naw naw bro charlie belongs in at least high or medium b tier
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch Prije mjesec
you dont have to hide the judy hops thing
Hanki Prije mjesec
Bruh... The tier list is missing Sylvia Marpole from "An Extremely Goofy Movie" are you kidding me?
KillerQueen Prije mjesec
i can imagine this guy being DotoDoya
Shinigami Kiragami
Shinigami Kiragami Prije mjesec
Lol Jessie wasn't in the 1st toy story movie XDXD
Jacksauce Prije mjesec
Me: Debating whether or not I should make my own list with Ben 10 and Total Drama characters on the list
Garlicsquid 5
Garlicsquid 5 Prije 19 dana
Skipper Marno
Skipper Marno Prije mjesec
"He was more traditional" I expected him to be a Raven kind of guy.
Skipper Marno
Skipper Marno Prije mjesec
I'm so jealous that Velma texts you.
rice cooker
rice cooker Prije mjesec
I watched a guy rate cartoon characters by personality and looks and half or the animal characters are above d tier
SpoderPlayz Prije mjesec
Lmao Jessie wasn't in Toy Story 1
Mr. NiceGuy
Mr. NiceGuy Prije mjesec
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije mjesec
*Pit:* "Is (15 years old) even legal?!" *Viridi:* "It is in Ostia, where Roy spends his days as a noble, being smart, brave, and dependable! I bet he smells like heaven..." - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Vincent Crow
Vincent Crow Prije mjesec
The only right thing about this list is Shego in S-tier. Fight me.
Det. Cactus{RB}
Det. Cactus{RB} Prije mjesec
Kronk is immediate S tier
Angel Love
Angel Love Prije mjesec
Wonder where he’d put Mulan or Anna on the list
Supergodzilla64 Prije mjesec
the only thing this list confirms is that you are a furry
Mari the cookie
Mari the cookie Prije mjesec
Saber, in every video "I'm not a furry !" Saber, talking about a mouse "I thought she was really pretty"
Vance Lesher
Vance Lesher Prije mjesec
There are a select few of us that got flashbacks from that specific Frankie picture. 🤣
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Prije mjesec
"The number of times I’ve seen this image from my Frankie animation appear elsewhere online when referencing her, I’m almost inclined to believe it’s canon at this point..." - Zone on Twitter
ElleyShark Prije mjesec
Dang, now i wish i could make a vid like this. I'm a total bottom and so many of your pick for "step on me" CALLED ME OUT
Sebastian Monnich
Sebastian Monnich Prije mjesec
TheBrazilRules Prije mjesec
If you want to know if a man is a furry, make him do a tier list
TheBrazilRules Prije mjesec
When I think about Marge I just think Mom, So I guess guys into incest like her?
TheBrazilRules Prije mjesec
*Puts a fucking mouse in C tier* "Why did you put the cat of... she is just a cat!" Funny thing is that I was thinking exactly the same thing about Bianca
Rallye Cars
Rallye Cars Prije mjesec
Raven Starfire Blackfire Gwen (Total Drama) Heather (Total Drama) Miss Bellum Dexter's Mom Lindsay (Total Drama) Charmcaster (Ben 10) Paulina (Danny Phantom) Queen Tyr'ahnee
Cezar Prije mjesec
How does this man know every single pony's name from My Little Pony??
Cezar Prije mjesec
Ok I understand that some animal characters are cute looking but how can you have a crush on them?
Cezar Prije mjesec
This guy puts a strawberry and a mouse above actual human characters lol
gst013 Prije mjesec
This video has waifu pillow vibes emanating out in all directions strongly enough that the Voyager probes can detect them.
FlamingSpearYT Prije mjesec
He just put lola bunny in c teir I'm actually gonna have a stroke
EeveeGodz Prije mjesec
I strongly disagree with Bubblegum being in that tier, I have her on my Miitopia team with max hearts for a reason ya know. >:(
ThatAsianboyTommy562 Prije mjesec
Gwen tennyson
William A
William A Prije mjesec
Half convinced that this must have been done with the aid of some liquid courage.
clips to oblivion
clips to oblivion Prije mjesec
Thanks for the r34 recommendations
Vivé la Kowalski!
Vivé la Kowalski! Prije mjesec
Alternate title: a 30 year old man talking about cartoon girls.
Moritz Kaufmann
Moritz Kaufmann Prije mjesec
9:15 shane dawson test
Krisi7575 DB
Krisi7575 DB Prije mjesec
Bruh I can get some of them but the furry ones... I don't get it
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