The ULTIMATE Cartoon Crush Tier List

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Crushing on cartoon cuties? I guess this is my life now

Link to the list:

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Loona Pic in the Thumbnail

Saberspark Prije 2 mjeseci
What are y'all's favorite cartoon crushes?
Andrew_ Moreek_69
Andrew_ Moreek_69 Prije 2 mjeseci
Your mom! GOT’EM
Deon Cap
Deon Cap Prije 2 mjeseci
Bugs bunny
Weird_Boy Prije 2 mjeseci
TheReal SlimShady11
TheReal SlimShady11 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ambar Perez i feel a disturbance in the force( jk he's my favourite character)
dank neko 기묘한
dank neko 기묘한 Prije 2 mjeseci
A car
Moonbeam 87
Moonbeam 87 Prije 24 minuta
The first who is Francine Smith from American Dad, She's Married to FBI AGENT Stan Smith, Her Children are Steve and Haley Smith, Haley is The Hippie of the Family. Rebecca Cunningham from Tale Spin, Bought the Sea Duck and Balloo's Business, and Named it Higher for Hire, Personality She's the Gadget Hackwrench of Tale Spin. Ms. Sara Bellum From the P.P.G. "I Have a Name too Goliath, The Humans gave it to me a long Time Ago, I Am DEMONA." Fifi le Fume.You can Leave Starfire in S Tier Next to Ty Li, and the Girl Squirrel from The Sword in The Stone is a Red Head, + her Heart gets Broken by Arthur.
Aernetski Aaron Uenmjeitsnkoflynn
Aernetski Aaron Uenmjeitsnkoflynn Prije 3 sati
Spoilers but Marceline is a lesbian. Sorry if you just found out.
weedongding Prije 5 sati
To me what makes this video even better is that I imagine the list as: S - Marriage (Maybe Have Kids) A - Date B - One Night Stand C - Drunken Fling D - No F - Kill Her With Fire!
weedongding Prije 6 sati
Anyone else here heard about the Gadget Cult? Wonder where they'd place her on this list?
Ion King
Ion King Prije 12 sati
You wouldn't just drive her, you'd bulldoze her
ChexMixKitty Prije 12 sati
I see you sneaked in Bloo Me in your thumbnail
Dio brando official
Dio brando official Prije 18 sati
He put Gloria in D-tier, DISLIKE.
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Prije 19 sati
"But like, she's a cat" A few minutes later "If she was a feather duster I would say like, S tier but she's a human so like, ew."
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Prije 19 sati
Him not realizing that Marcelene is a lesbian
TR8R YT Prije 22 sati
this is just 1 hour of pride being lost. i can relate
DistractedFeliax™ Prije dan
There's no Marie Kanker and I am disappointed
Anthony Lampedusa jr.
Anthony Lampedusa jr. Prije dan
“YEE HAW WOODY IM A TOY!” Saberspark - 2021
5 Percent Juice
5 Percent Juice Prije dan
I mean, I'd grab shots with Bambi's mom...
Popw wrestling
Popw wrestling Prije dan
1980 sheera leader of a rebellion. Attractive no question top tier. Dafney cute. Was kind of bland at the beginning. Got a better personality later so later dafney mid tier. Velma smart great. Looks too much like saber so no. 😆 Hackgirl. Top tier. Strong character short fuse that's hot. 😆 fun video. Snow White. Pretty and cute. Princess types are meh tho so lower than mid tier. 😆 crazy video. Wonder woman. Top tier.
Popw wrestling
Popw wrestling Prije dan
April I Neal was a reporter that was really gutsy. Ended up fighting among the turtles. Didn't make a big deal about the turtles. Kind of funny she put up with the funny turtles too. And pretty character. Is put her in idk where since I've never given this a serious thought. But she sounds great. She deserves to be higher. MS vellum type. Shed go up there with her. Jessica rabbit same as betty almost cuz she ain't funny.
i think your crazy
Please! I have no soul!
Please! I have no soul! Prije dan
I was a weird ass kid.. a list: Leonardo: Ninja turtles Sonic the hedgehog Shang (mulan) Woody Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) Wilbur (meet the Robinsons) Moses (Prince oc Egypt) ( i know! It was weird) Link
donovan crommedy
donovan crommedy Prije dan
Yes I’m not the only person who had a crush on Ariel when I was a kid!
Papersak Prije dan
Shego had me questioning me sexuality for a bit rofl. She's so goddamn cool, I don't know how to sum it up. And I don't even like villains! But I loved her for some reason! 😆 When you tiered her I was like yyeeeeeah 👍
Moar Mosspato Productions
Moar Mosspato Productions Prije dan
13:48 "Terra from Attack on Titan" _I can't wait for a attack on teen titans special_
Lucas Mcnutt
Lucas Mcnutt Prije dan
11:45 ahhh same fam
humm i don't see olive oyl
5:56 we bout to get sammy classic sonic fan up in here
Jim Clark
Jim Clark Prije 2 dana
Bro what?
Blake Gaston Bosarge
Blake Gaston Bosarge Prije 2 dana
real bro u better like sonic
Liam Curran
Liam Curran Prije 3 dana
duded stop calling your life sad the more you say that the sadder it will be.
poop poop
poop poop Prije 3 dana
1. STOLAS (Helluva Boss) 2. Blitzø (Helluva Boss) 3. Millie (Helluva Boss) 4. Catra (She-Ra and the princesses of power) 5. Adora (She-Ra and the princesses of power) 6. Lilo's older sister 7. Vaggie (Hazbin Hotel ) 8. Maleficent (can't spell) 9. Starfire (Teen Titans ORIGINAL) 10. Charlie (Hazbin Hotel) Top 10 (I think I'm a lesbian 0-0)
Dylan Mahaffey
Dylan Mahaffey Prije 3 dana
A few surprises on the list, but pretty good overall. Glad Raven was an A.
Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter
Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter Prije 3 dana
I only have 2 crushes, Gwen Tennyson and marinette du-pain chen. Do i feel ashamed for that? Just... a bit...
johnkarakash Prije 3 dana
"No... I'm going to read the bible instead." Ha ha ha ha ha!
Stop Motion Studios - SMS
Stop Motion Studios - SMS Prije 3 dana
Uhhhhhhhh I’m on the weird side of HRpost again aren’t I
ArcaArcqツ Prije 4 dana
Video game waifus are better *egoist smug face*
Kymonster 195
Kymonster 195 Prije 4 dana
Yo why’d katara make it only to C tier
DeepFriedSalt Prije 5 dana
BLASPHEMOR!!!! Rapunzel is S tier.
Steam Phoenix
Steam Phoenix Prije 5 dana
Here are some of my cartoon crushes. Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, Android 17, Zarbon, Supreme Kai, and the final form of Freeza from DBZ, Edward, Envy, Lust, Greed from FMA, Jotaro, and Holhorse from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. If we're going old school, then I would like to add Johnathon from the Secret Of N.I.M.H, Starscream from the original Transformers, Cleo from Heathcliff. Oh and Sebastian and Grell from Black Butler 😘 Had to post here instead of where Saber had it pinned probably because of stupid YT. I think they did it to be mean.😤
Calextrix Prije 5 dana
not really a cartoon character but I used and still do love the character, Elora, from the Spiro games
Die Prije 5 dana
Ok but why am I surprised that Daria is in the same tier as Ms. Puff
Evalise Pilkington
Evalise Pilkington Prije 5 dana
"Terra from attack on titan" ....... If only 😔😔😔
Saintbow Prije 5 dana
Yup...everyone is going to be hitting up some reddit and rule 34 after this. What about some Morgana (Darkwing Duck), Arcee (Transformers), Kimberly (Space Ace), Princess Daphne (Dragon's Lair), The cat girl with the big rack from Ready Player One (You know the one...)
Everette Bradfute
Everette Bradfute Prije 5 dana
I would date Twilight Sparkle because of her personality.
thekingjdd Prije 6 dana
@ Saberspark I'm glad to see sawyer, Shego, and Nani in the s tear they deserves it but I hope you do more of these it was the best video I've watched all week + there are a lot to characters to go for instance Callie Briggs from swat cats, crystal from star fox, and Gwen Tennyson just to name a few TTFN Saberspark
NHalo22 Prije 6 dana
CLEARLY Joshua’s mom is an absolute #1. I mean, unlike all the other characters, her perfection is beyond Rule 34’s grasp.
Blurple Guy
Blurple Guy Prije 6 dana
where the hell is tari from meta runner
MeinCouch123 Prije 6 dana
Not a singly Totally Spies character? Downright shameful
Star Prije 7 dana
joshua's mom
E Prije 7 dana
So... Saber would do a feather duster?
charl X
charl X Prije 7 dana
Jims hawkins mom, god tier Shes SO FUCKING SUPPORTIVE, supportive and nice and works hard lilos sister is also god tier for me, its not just mom factor
Samuel Prije 7 dana
Skipped to the end and was happy to see Joshua's mom in the S tier
Darkdude  4459
Darkdude 4459 Prije 7 dana
Mine are gwen and charmcasrer from ben10 and amy from futurama and heather from total drama and jillan from family guy
Chunky Bro
Chunky Bro Prije 7 dana
A: Bubbly / Goth Girls B: Step on Me &/ Mommy
Pax Ryder
Pax Ryder Prije 7 dana
Video Game F/Os (Fictional Others): Taira No Kagekiyo (Genpei Toumaden, oh yes, an obscure Namco title that is not always talked about in the U.S.) Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's, the spoopiest, but very likeable) Video Game Crush Simps: Orianna (League of Legends, I kid you not, I had simped over this robo lady since I was a teen) Great Oni/Mysterious Buso (Saturday Night Slam Masters, HE LOOKS SO NICE, AAAAAH!!!) Roadhog (Overwatch, he a savage...) Shulk (Final Fantasy, loved his Smash Bros skins...) Sans (Undertale, I like the skeleton...) Rasta Beast (Everhood, love his design...) Green Mage (Everhood, HIS FIGHTING MUSIC, YES!!!) Red/Pink (Everhood, quiet protagonist, until he is Pink...) Cartoon/Anime Crushes Giroro (Keroro Gunso/Sergeant Frog, I SIMP OVER THIS DUDE, HE SERIOUS AS HELL!!!) Blitzwing (Both his G1 and Animated appearances in Transformers, HE'S A EXTROVERT DECEPTICON TRIPLE CHANGER INDEED!!!) Starscream (Original G1 Transformers continuity appearance, I feel guilty with this dude...) Reggie (Archie cartoon series, I formerly simped on this sassy dude when I was a kid or teenager)
Waco Taco
Waco Taco Prije 7 dana
Alternative title what cartoon character would I bang
P-WingBlade Prije 7 dana
He's such a liar about some of these. LMAO
Maddie Weigel
Maddie Weigel Prije 7 dana
Azula I support your placing also I'm a stan for Katara
Pulse Voyd
Pulse Voyd Prije 7 dana
when you just spent the better part of the last hour watching someone simp
Diego Lorente
Diego Lorente Prije 7 dana
I don’t have a cartoon crush
Ang Fan
Ang Fan Prije 8 dana
Ang Fan
Ang Fan Prije 8 dana
All helluva boss\hazbin hotel girls
peach fuzz
peach fuzz Prije 8 dana
What tier list maker is he using??
KING_ Y9K Prije 8 dana
where is wendy from gravity falls 😑
JP The Psycho
JP The Psycho Prije 9 dana
Dark skinned, strong, independent women and polygonal lionesses, got it, good to know
CyborgJiro Prije 9 dana
I also like Firey and bubbly and tsundere girls and red heads lol.
Queen Kitten
Queen Kitten Prije 9 dana
I can’t tell if he’s messing up things on purpose or not
Sky Bungis Kelly
Sky Bungis Kelly Prije 9 dana
Didn't expect saberspark to betray the mane 6 so badly lol
EazyBreezyWasNotLost Prije 9 dana
Saber: cartoon crushes... **image of Loona appears** Me: **GASP** *how dare you*
OOFMAKER Prije 10 dana
All the twelve year olds got super mad when Lola Bunny got placed in C tier
Jakersrule72 Prije 10 dana
Bruh.... that picture of Frankie Foster in the thumbnail is definitely not from the show...
jfilesgraphics Prije 11 dana
I would have to narrow it down to three people....wait...4 people: Elsa, Raven (Teen Titans), Tinkerbell and maybe Jessica Rabbit
Pet rocks are normal
Pet rocks are normal Prije 11 dana
If you do raven does that mean you're a satanist
Cristofer Andre Carrasco Sanchez
Cristofer Andre Carrasco Sanchez Prije 11 dana
Me after this video: estas enfermo, Bruce Wayne.png
erik 20
erik 20 Prije 11 dana
Spider Sonic Animators
Spider Sonic Animators Prije 11 dana
My cartoon crush is Sam Sparks and mavis
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets Prije 12 dana
Fun fact: Ty Lee is 14 years old
Monster Parts
Monster Parts Prije 12 dana
Dexter's mom's got those YEEKS tho!!!!
Alienhunter119 Prije 12 dana
I don't even know why I'm here right now but when he said to not look up the martian queen without google safe search I thought "no, I'll look it up without it just to spite you" I regret my life choices
Natalie Silver
Natalie Silver Prije 13 dana
the the hell is the vampire queen. ( her name is actually lady demitresqu)
ZerosLastWind Prije 13 dana
Oh we both know where that Frankie’s photo is from 😏
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Prije 13 dana
How I say Mai(from Avatar:The Last Airbender) May How Saberspark said Mai My
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Prije 13 dana
Me When I Heard Him Say Cursonality: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂
Vulvasaurus Lix
Vulvasaurus Lix Prije 13 dana
*I notice you didn't include **_"Princess Angelina Louisa Cantessa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III"_** ... but you can call her, **_"Dot"_** (just don't call her "Dottie," or she'll do you terrible bodily harm)*
urpi Orihuela
urpi Orihuela Prije 14 dana
So you like redheads?
Evan Garryson
Evan Garryson Prije 14 dana
Being a teenager who's seen hazbin hotel, i have a major crush on Charlie
Dem_demy Prije 14 dana
8:06 jessy wasn't in toy story one
04sonicfan Gaming
04sonicfan Gaming Prije 15 dana
I can't believe I'm saying this mine are Loona the hellhound 🐺 and crymini the hyena from hazbin hotel because she's cute 😍 even though she's a background character lol 😆😳
Charli-YearZeta Prije 15 dana
3:09 I thought I saw Count Chokula.
Gogito 74
Gogito 74 Prije 16 dana
WAIFUSSSSS YES SIR, and honestly raven ohhh yessss. I would go with her alll dayyyy
william holloway
william holloway Prije 16 dana
About every five minutes I asked myself "What the hell am I watching"
Prime Eight Skate Co
Prime Eight Skate Co Prije 16 dana
A Guy one is COMING OUT
variémai Prije 16 dana
Came because you had the big three in the thumbnail
NotABot Willoughby
NotABot Willoughby Prije 17 dana
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy Prije 17 dana
This is hilarious. I'm not even drinking. 😅👌👌👌
JR Smith
JR Smith Prije 18 dana
Some of the subreddits I've seen.... are wild for some of these characters
Owlgirl26 Prije 18 dana
All these girls from Disney were on this list, but Mulan wasn't included?? She's so pretty and I knew a lot of guys who had crushes on her growing up!
Oraagarrat Prije 19 dana
No Aunt Kass from Big Hero 6?
Darksunbird Prije 19 dana
Ryoko from tenchi muyo.
Killpop Prije 19 dana
I hate that I know the origin for the pic of Frankie Foster.
Kazuhira Miller
Kazuhira Miller Prije 19 dana
Hey Saber...about that Frankie picture...
Number09 Prije 19 dana
Saberspark "No, absolutely not, shes terrifying" proceeds to put her in D tier. I think this list would be better if D rank was "friend tier" and F rank was uninterested completely tier.
Chris Herman
Chris Herman Prije 20 dana
Idk if saberspark is a furry or not because he's done alot of sus stuff
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