Quick Vid: Space Jam 2 (Review)

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Saberspark Prije 2 mjeseci
only Bill Murray can save me now...oh and where was the Space in this movie? Too much jam, not enough space
Spit Dragon
Spit Dragon Prije 18 dana
You feel old? When Pokemon came out, I was 13! Young gamer whippersnappers
wolfy Prije 18 dana
Big chungus
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison Prije 26 dana
@Toppien I do wish they kept the 2D animation.
Toppien Prije 26 dana
i saw the movie, and i loved literally the first half of the movie, the references, the jokes, everything was on point, then the second part begins where its the big game and suddenly i lost interest, i get the idea behind the game being more of a video-game than a basketball game, but that part was so chaotic it didn't felt even like a video game, it was just senseless chaos, that even the main story got lost between all of the chaos, the models at least for me were good, the 2D/3D animation was gorgeous, but the whole argument on the second half went to the drain, it was just a flex on 3D animation and i would had enjoyed the second part if the story had more time to develop...
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison Prije mjesec
It’s cyberspace. A Cyber-space Jam if you will.
Freesmart Prije 5 sati
Al G Rhytm swearing is funny
SammersM Prije dan
I guess I'm mostly in the same boat, but it kind of bothered me that the Looney Tunes were essentially only part of the story by "accident". Al G Rhythm chucks LeBron into Looney Tunes world and that's why they are in the story. Could have theoretically thrown LBJ anywhere, whereas the original Space Jam's plot came about because it was specifically the Looney Tunes in danger from aliens or w/e. They felt almost sidelined in a weird way, but oh well.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro Prije 2 dana
My main complaint about this movie is that the Animaniacs didn’t get a proper cameo.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro Prije 2 dana
My main complaint about this movie is that the Animaniacs didn’t get a proper cameo.
Baldricksturnip Prije 2 dana
Have not laughed once during the movie.
WeebXanax Prije 3 dana
Buff Cheadle is somebody out there's sleep paralysis demon
Firas Animation
Firas Animation Prije 3 dana
I love space jam 2
BlamedArtist91 Prije 4 dana
I Don’t know, i liked the 3D models
nintendofan Prije 7 dana
There is one thing you overlooked, the big Chungus scene.
Mr. Smart 75
Mr. Smart 75 Prije 8 dana
10:25 Saber - "Running from the cops" Me - "hold up what?!"
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid Prije 10 dana
I watched the movie in theaters, and didn't see a single thing wrong about it. It was legendary, awesome, and so underrated!
Grack Prije 11 dana
Did people actually like Ralph Breaks the Internet? I thought it was awful, personally.
Mercenary Mulluns
Mercenary Mulluns Prije 12 dana
I liked it. Both Space Jam films are entertaining to watch, and in this pandemic we are currently in, I'll take any entertainment that makes me laugh when I can get it.
bread 008
bread 008 Prije 14 dana
The only flaw that is soo obvious is lebron's voice acting. The way he screamed in the movie SOUNDS SO SARCASTIC. Its like the sound when your mom tells you to open up your mouth, like an "ah" sound, but is pretty sarcastic
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez Prije 12 dana
“””””only flaw”””” Yeah, sure
Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins Prije 15 dana
I loved the rap scene only because the all powerful AI is getting roasted by a pig with a speech impediment
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor Prije 17 dana
Despite its flaws , i had a freakin' blast with this movie.
Spit Dragon
Spit Dragon Prije 18 dana
Gossamer The big red fuzzy cute boy
Spit Dragon
Spit Dragon Prije 18 dana
Warner Brothers: "What's a Fur Shader?"
Abraham Lupis
Abraham Lupis Prije 22 dana
Warnermedia should sink, no Pepe LePew but Rick and Morty and Clockwork Orange And Ted Turner contributed a lot to the empire and the corp is wiping out his company
3rdegree Prije 25 dana
Loved the movie!
Påśtëłïxxïë Prije 26 dana
As a kid the first movie the monstars scared me as a kid but after rewatching it, I honestly feel in love with it again. The second one is alright but....idk.
MrFlipperInvader792 Prije 28 dana
3:05 i knew someone would refer to him as his superhero role
bloodrunsclear Prije 29 dana
Memberberries: The Movie
Midnight Prije 29 dana
"I don't know what sport he played but I worship him. " Too true. When I was a kid I was like did this man play basketball or golf I'm confused
Doomchap Prije mjesec
So I have just finished watching it not even 10 minutes ago and in my opinion, the team gathering bit was my favourite. Damn Rick and morty and mad max. Rick and morty best part of whole movie.
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison Prije mjesec
I don’t think this movie really deserves the hate it got.
Tony Pringles
Tony Pringles Prije mjesec
Space jam 2 was so bad. Just reference on top of lebron James on top of reference. Space jam 1 was also bad but at least the music was kinda nice. I mean 1 was an event not a movie, this just wasn't s big enough event
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez Prije 12 dana
@Minos Kronides Didn’t you just get on my case about responding to comments I didn’t agree with. LOL, hypocrite.
Minos Kronides
Minos Kronides Prije mjesec
the only point where there are references/cameos in this movie are in that one less than 10 minute scene where they find looney tunes characters in franchises, and at the game, where they are literally just spectators doing nothing
Molly Hendricks
Molly Hendricks Prije mjesec
I know that the plot of Space Jam 2 is dumb but I really enjoyed watching Space Jam 2 and it has become one of my favorite movies this year.
jayla richards
jayla richards Prije 17 dana
Umesh Kumar
Umesh Kumar Prije mjesec
Space jam 2 SUCKS!
Minos Kronides
Minos Kronides Prije mjesec
@Umesh Kumar well yes, no one would see it though if they didn't sort by new, your lucky i even gave you the satisfaction of replying otherwise that comment would be literally nothing
Umesh Kumar
Umesh Kumar Prije mjesec
@Minos Kronides lol, I dont care that you sorted by new, my point is that you said nobody was going to see it, yet you saw it by sorting by new. Not rocket science, bud.
Minos Kronides
Minos Kronides Prije mjesec
@Umesh Kumar yeah that's cause i sorted through newest first dip shit, did you even read my comment?
Umesh Kumar
Umesh Kumar Prije mjesec
@Minos Kronides you saw it
Minos Kronides
Minos Kronides Prije mjesec
what is the point of this comment? nobody is gonna see it because its gonna get flooded by other comments, the only way anyone sees it is if they sort by newest first, and even then your not giving an actual point to argue with, its just a blank statement that has nothing anyone can take away from. also its still better than the first, and i don't need to bother giving reasons because you didn't either
Rєαl Ɓєηנαмιllιση
Rєαl Ɓєηנαмιllιση Prije mjesec
Nobody's gonna talk about how Lebron is giving Lola bedroom eyes in the thumbnail?
PaulRk11 good
PaulRk11 good Prije mjesec
maggotbreath Prije mjesec
its better than the 1st one.
elegant Lilac
elegant Lilac Prije mjesec
Space jam was my childhood, and they wonder why I got the space jam McFlurry at McDonald’s.
grindorbuzz 795
grindorbuzz 795 Prije mjesec
I personally preferred Mike Tyson’s punch out as a kid
Raptor Red
Raptor Red Prije mjesec
This was a dumb film but I enjoyed it. It was awesome
Robert Wood
Robert Wood Prije mjesec
I agree with Sabers take on it lol
Shadow300 Prije mjesec
I watched it recently
mr. mask
mr. mask Prije mjesec
everyone hates this movie
Meme Man
Meme Man Prije mjesec
Yes! Someone else loves this movie! I know it’s silly but.. if you think about it… all movies are silly!
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Lawson Prije mjesec
It's bad, and sometimes in a bad in a fun way, but it's a REALLY fun movie to make fun of afterwards.
Minos Kronides
Minos Kronides Prije mjesec
bad but fun movies are 10 times better than boring movies
Rafa The Beat
Rafa The Beat Prije mjesec
I agree, it's dumb, but in a fun way.
Wilson Rosa
Wilson Rosa Prije mjesec
Pepe le pew
Samm O'Connor
Samm O'Connor Prije mjesec
Good movie
my local milan cringe gacha memes
my local milan cringe gacha memes Prije mjesec
I watch the film it's amazing
Snapdragon Prije mjesec
The song is hype The rest is meh and boring
Hresvelgr Prije mjesec
Allan Edwards
Allan Edwards Prije mjesec
I was not going to watch this, but not I definitely am.
bob Prije mjesec
You forgot big chungus 𝚠𝚑𝚢?
motion1 picture
motion1 picture Prije mjesec
Everyone criticises this movie for having for IP forming but when the MCU dues it they love it. The avengers was literally the same thing, put IPs together and create films on them. Not saying this is a better movie but be consistent with criticism.
dayneplaylogic Prije mjesec
Dribble these cheeks Bugs. Let's see how stinky those fingers can get.
alec Mortensen
alec Mortensen Prije mjesec
Can we think its was a talk to the furture or do you think its a More comedy
Sonic Bloodshed
Sonic Bloodshed Prije mjesec
this is the best movie I’ve ever watched even if it’s the only movie I watched fully
emperors man
emperors man Prije mjesec
Tgis review is very good but i had 1 problem with ya. Do not schit on my boy porky raping the schit out of the goon squad
Cart Ep
Cart Ep Prije mjesec
The thing that bugs me about the original compared to the new one is that the old one feels like a bad movie that just happened to get popular, but the new one feels like it was genetically engineered in a lab to be a success.
Cellmit solos
Cellmit solos Prije mjesec
Honestly, the big problem is probably the way lebron mixed into the movie, no hate on him but I honestly think he messed up the movie in a way
NJ_16 Prije mjesec
Space jam 2 is the definition of money grab absolute trash lol
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Prije mjesec
I would watch this movie but I just really dislike Lebron James. I just don’t respect him as a player at all compared to how much I respect Jordan. He just complains to much and is known for quitting on his team.
SquallyCoin 5664
SquallyCoin 5664 Prije mjesec
The Space Jam Legacy: Our movies suck, but gosh are they a fun time.
BringItON4 Drago
BringItON4 Drago Prije mjesec
Why do Lola and Lebron look they about to smash?
problem? Prije mjesec
big chungus is in this movie.... *10/10*
Sonicplys 64
Sonicplys 64 Prije mjesec
Stephen Curry would have made this movie Oscar worthy.
Johnnyboi_64 Prije mjesec
You didn’t talk about Big Chungus
Tishan Bowen-Gordon
Tishan Bowen-Gordon Prije mjesec
This movie was boring. It was not funny. The only kinda funny part was the Michael B Jordan appearance. Other than that Its just another nostalgic cash grab.
Dylan O' Shea
Dylan O' Shea Prije mjesec
Space Jam A new legacy is not a heavy story based movie but what do you expect it's freaking Looney Toons. Space Jam is just a big fun movie and I feel like the criticism it receives is very controversial.
timothy fain
timothy fain Prije mjesec
Not gonna lie this movie is a perfect example of what's wrong with hollywood in general to me it felt abysmal and out of touch I walked away just feeling bored and angry
SuperJerry'sReveltion Prije mjesec
I know Im very late but I'm gonna be blunt this movie is gonna have its fans years from now the first space jam at the time was bashed now its loved (not really praised but people enjoy it) the Looney Toon show was also bashed and nowadays people love it Im sure in about a decade this movie will have a fanbase
jayla richards
jayla richards Prije 17 dana
I absolutely agree!! 😊
ahxolotl Prije mjesec
warner brothers always knows when they're selling out with animaniacs and space jam
Yalicia Noble
Yalicia Noble Prije mjesec
I'm glad there's someone else who loves this movie too. My mom and I watched it, and we both loved it.
Alex Spooner
Alex Spooner Prije mjesec
I Agree, The Film Has It's Problems But I Still Had A Fun Time With It & Loved It. I Did Also Prefer Watching LeBron James To Michael Jordan As I Feel He Is A Slight Step Up From Can't Act Jordan. I Also Liked It Better Than Ralph Breaks The Internet Too As That One Bored Me Just A Bit
trickyagent127 Prije mjesec
I think what bothered me so much about this movie is the why. There is no good reason for this movie to exist other than to make money. With the original Space Jam, at least you could argue that it was something we'd never seen before, but this isn't even that. Not to mention the fact that, there's even less of an excuse for the movie to be so shallow and empty, when there's so much money behind it, and knowing that, yes, it will probably make money just because it's Space Jam 2. Yes, Space Jam 1 was stupid, and was literally based on a show commercial, but it was also this crazy idea that caught our attention because, yeah, that sounds whacky and weird as hell. Space Jam 2 is just the tried and true Hollywood move of making a sequel that references a bunch of stuff, does the bare minimum to remind us that it's a sequel, and then you remember that you paid for this, that we paid for another unoriginal movie Hollywood through out, and we just gave them another reason to not make anything original
trickyagent127 Prije mjesec
TLDR: Space Jam 1 had an excuse to be stupid, Space Jam 2 didn't
KIING 0F H3ART Prije mjesec
Thing I like about Space Jam 2 : *B I G C H U N G U S*
ProJatior Prije mjesec
I have mixed feelings on it. I feel like they focused too much on things the original didn’t do well and missed what the original was in the process. I don’t hate it but I don’t really love it either.
Chimbo Prije mjesec
Xebron Xames
Valur Kári Óskarsson
Valur Kári Óskarsson Prije mjesec
My favorite scene is when Jordan crashes into a nike logo
ivycross warriors
ivycross warriors Prije mjesec
I've watched the space jam and I really love the goon team designs that. They even added the aliens to as the audience watching. I think they like it.
CrotchWolf Prije mjesec
I haven't seen Space Jam since I was a kid but I do remember not being very impressed by it.
Too Hopeful
Too Hopeful Prije mjesec
I watched this movie with my dad, who not only watched the first film as a teen, but also played basketball on a team. We both had a lot of fun with the film, and when we discussed the movie after we saw it, we came to the same conclusion you did: this is clearly just a marketing ploy, but it was hilarious and we had fun, so it literally doesn't matter.
Honey- Lemon
Honey- Lemon Prije mjesec
I have a move recommendation! “A monster in Paris “
Honey- Lemon
Honey- Lemon Prije mjesec
I have a movie recommendation! “Jack and the cuckoo clock heart”
Mateo Gonzalez
Mateo Gonzalez Prije mjesec
1:03 Things just sort of, what...
Theresa Cherco
Theresa Cherco Prije mjesec
I thought it was cringe i but I liked it
Moose Prije mjesec
It might not be Pixar, but there's nothing wrong with big, dumb fun. This moose hasn't seen this movie yet and was not planning on it, but Saber's endorsement has him interested now.
Lovevideos Collection
Lovevideos Collection Prije mjesec
I dont mind stupid movies. But its annoying when they use their movies to cram as many ip as they can into it. Let the ip speak for itself. Its looney tunes. They didnt need to make it into a big commercial. If they had taken the characters and made it more into the looney tunes madness it would of been cool. Maybe xD I found the actors boring really 🤷‍♂️
who_the_fuck_is_riley ?
who_the_fuck_is_riley ? Prije mjesec
The Porky rap was fucking hilarious
EventHorizonSingularityIsReal Prije mjesec
I'm surprised there weren't yearly space jams, like Madden EA games.
Stim Prije mjesec
also uhm,, big chungus and rick n morty lawl
Ki nx
Ki nx Prije mjesec
The movie is dumb, but it is enjoyable. I love this movie so much. XD
Diego Matuk
Diego Matuk Prije mjesec
nope, this movie is garbage and so is the original. there is nothing charming about it. Stop endorsing mediocrity.
SG4 // Sonic Galaxy 4
SG4 // Sonic Galaxy 4 Prije mjesec
Ratio'd lol
Enclosed Grand Dad
Enclosed Grand Dad Prije mjesec
"Nope, I didn't like this movie, so stop liking it."
Bronze Geklow
Bronze Geklow Prije mjesec
With the easter eggs.. theree also an among us reference if you look closely
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Prije mjesec
I am upset it’s not a true sequel but at least it humorously addressed that it is not. After hearing your take I will give it a shot
Reina the Electro Fox
Reina the Electro Fox Prije mjesec
Fine, I’ll give it an open mind and watch it.
mind assassin
mind assassin Prije mjesec
Why is Bill Murray here? Because everything is better with Bill Murray.
Escapist Prije mjesec
The one thing I will disagree with you is that porkys rap was not cringe. It was fire!
No Friend
No Friend Prije mjesec
I loved this movie, it’s by no means good but neither was the original. This movie knows what it is(a cash grab) but it just runs with it and has fun with it for the most part. This movie is basically a Venom, it’s bad but fun. But this movie was actually enjoyably dumb
kenabi Prije mjesec
meh. just meh.
Sock Puppitier120
Sock Puppitier120 Prije mjesec
Space Jam 2? I love Space Jam 2!
Aggronize Prije mjesec
"The computer's black" might be my favorite line from that movie.
Nyx F
Nyx F Prije mjesec
the only things good about this movie were the scenes of white mamba and lola, and they made daffy wear a sexy blue suit, i did not watch the first one but i feel like the new one is a bit.........🤡🤡🤡🤡
Rior Hanos
Rior Hanos Prije mjesec
At least you've watched the film with an open mind, unlike Schaffrilas LMFAO
Cicabeot1 Prije mjesec
RIP Bugs Bunny
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