What the HELL is Peepoodo & The Super F*ck Friends? (I had to censor everything in this video lol)

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I've seen some graphic stuff before but this...this is something else

Check out the series here: peepoodo.bobbypills.com/

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Saberspark Prije mjesec
No joke, this one is next level and doesn't hold its punches. God speed to those who check it out
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf Prije dan
@Rain and Sentry⬛️🟪⬜️ awesome, me too
Rain and Sentry⬛️🟪⬜️
Rain and Sentry⬛️🟪⬜️ Prije dan
@Cursed Wolf yes
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf Prije 2 dana
@Rain and Sentry⬛️🟪⬜️ is that an asexual thing in your name :0
Bree Duffy
Bree Duffy Prije 7 dana
Godspeed more like godspeed you black emperor (seriously, look up lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven, it's a really good album.)
Imma Gecko
Imma Gecko Prije 7 dana
I saw it and actually enjoyed it. No, not in a sexual way, but the plot was solid, and generally one of the best series I've seen. Vikings will always be my favourite, but this was actually very good. It held up on the info parts,like it actually it's using poem to teach astronomical parts of the sexual organs, as well as the psychological side to it aswell. Overall, great stuff. Just watch it on incognito mode
Draco Rex
Draco Rex Prije 5 sati
TruecarioZ Prije 11 sati
I have unfortunately heard of this, and seen it....
luffy11234 Prije 18 sati
You talk about this show in such a weird way. You just seem to lump Season 2 into season 1 already while talking about nothing about that season. And as a person who watched both, season 2 seems to ditch most of that "education" angle and gets way more into sexual tones. And Season 2 is the one that got that crowdfunding, season 1 just appeared but again, you keep talking like the entire thing was crowdfunded. This was a confusing video man. You also dont mention that there is an english dub for the first season, and in the french dub peepoodo is voiced by french goku. I was lucky enough to learn from a reddit post about the show, and the episode that got it removed from youtube was the one with the jerking off VR stuff. I ended up watching an external link somewhere else. I almost put some money into the kickstarter, but I ended up not going along with it. Still need to buy some merch, there is a lot of merch for this show actually.
Just Another account
Just Another account Prije 23 sati
Well this is fury bait now isn’t it
Someone I don't know
Someone I don't know Prije dan
I think that Saber would love Panty and Stocking!
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf Prije 2 dana
The fact that this has 69k likes makes this so much better
Jigi Suika
Jigi Suika Prije 2 dana
11:34 cocomelon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Csongor Andras
Csongor Andras Prije 3 dana
Netflix said that this was too sexual... and then they've made... Cuties. But yeah I get it. The title is pee poo do. So it must be 2 girls and a cup animated version.
Meh Prije 2 dana
It's not but ok
Zozeph1212 Prije 3 dana
69k likes, fitting
KingStarscream 86
KingStarscream 86 Prije 3 dana
.......I wish I really was a robot, so I could at least erase the third episode from my data banks....*shivers*
HyperNeko2000 Prije 3 dana
I watched Season 1 and 2 and loved it. My boyfriend did not, to the point where he said he would block me if I kept sending him "weird shit" lol
GECKO Prije 3 dana
Bless, this vid has 69k likes
Ceirra Valencia
Ceirra Valencia Prije 3 dana
They should put it on adult swim
Chris the Chilled
Chris the Chilled Prije 3 dana
Season 2 Ep8 is peak fiction. Change my mind!
Lemon Toast
Lemon Toast Prije 4 dana
I watched episode 3...
Brickabang Prije 4 dana
“Where do we get animators boss?” “Try the website Rule 34-”
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang Prije 4 dana
this really reminds me of fritz the cat, though less edgy
Ada Prije 4 dana
Netflix haves a weird hate-love relationship with France regarding censoring and rejecting things... Like Cuties and this series lol
Mr. PLUFFY Prije 4 dana
😡 Oh yeah this is the one would really horrifying the world!!!!! 😥 I'm very sure to your conversation about the show.
Ahri Folf
Ahri Folf Prije 4 dana
stubbled onto this on the anime site i use for well animes and cartoonz. *not nsfw stuff mind you* and well i almost instantly exited when i first played it out of curiosity...
SPEED Prije 5 dana
I've seen decapitation videos Nicer then episode 3
jamir gordon
jamir gordon Prije 5 dana
Decided to watch an episode I saw the 9th episode and literally died. Never again I literally just decided to watch more episodes later after that, lol.
Radosław Imianowski
Radosław Imianowski Prije 5 dana
Review Peepoodo and the super space friends
jay M
jay M Prije 5 dana
If anyone is wondering what the trans episode is it's 14. It's actually really good.
SaviorSen Prije 5 dana
also, 69k likes lmao
Jakey Prije 5 dana
“What is Peepoodo?” “An educational show for kids 18 and above!” *buhscuse me wha-*
Jessi RaRaRa
Jessi RaRaRa Prije 5 dana
Thank you for introducing me to this! I am 100% checking this out. I actually have joked on many occasions that adult sex education NEEDS to be a thing! I am aa 31 year old woman with PCOS. I was explaining to my mom what it was. When I said "One of the things, mom, is that I produce too much testosterone and it messes with my cycle and makes me have more hair." All my mom heard was "testosterone" and this almost 60 year old woman says... "Testosterone? Does that mean you are becoming a guy?" Me and my 18 year old sister were dumbfounded. "No.....mom... It means I produce more testosterone than the average woman.... Mom... You DO know women make testosterone right? And Men make estrogen?" No... No she did not. Me and my sister then had to explain TO OUR MOM! That men just make more testosterone than estrogen and women make more estrogen than men.... But that both of them... Make both.... MY MOM LEGIT THOUGHT ME MAKING TESTOSTERONE MEANT I WAS BECOMONG A MAN!!!
Sleepicacti Prije 5 dana
Holy shit this video is monetized
Aric Hall
Aric Hall Prije 5 dana
12:24 hhmmm yes learning.....
Fancy Prije 5 dana
I paused your video and started watching a few episodes....I'm now back after finishing both seasons. There is no way I would have found this gem without your video! Thanks for pointing this one out!
Lillian Morrison
Lillian Morrison Prije 5 dana
0:20 what is happy tree friends, and should I be concerned its up there?
mehvish anand
mehvish anand Prije 3 dana
CountZero Prije 6 dana
I do consider myself somewhat invincable I watched the german episode while eating a big chocolate
Mike Parra
Mike Parra Prije 6 dana
Nice (look at the likes)
Oop poop
Oop poop Prije 6 dana
You can watch something as fucked up as mr pickles on youtube... You can see something as uncomfortably sexual as big mouth on netflix... Yet both turned this show away... Just how bad is it?.
Amey PT
Amey PT Prije 4 sati
not that bad
Knightmarin Prije 6 dana
I just watched episode 1......I want to bleach my eyes
นิกกี้ กลิ่นลำดวน
นิกกี้ กลิ่นลำดวน Prije 6 dana
Quick vid tugs
BlackLynk Prije 6 dana
Backup Prije 6 dana
You can watch it on newgrounds
Mateusz Witowski
Mateusz Witowski Prije 6 dana
Welp, some knowledge never hurt anybody, right?
Saturn Prije 6 dana
We are all going to get banned
MLG Cactus
MLG Cactus Prije 6 dana
Hold on, is that image on the background at 5:16 a reference to Evangelion?
Lindsay's Blue
Lindsay's Blue Prije 6 dana
I watched the first three episodes and I have to say I skipped the same episode you did which was the third one and dear god
Skunk Prije 6 dana
i want to game end
Marcus S
Marcus S Prije 6 dana
i only got through two ep. It is .....wow . just full on punch in the face with it all
マリ Prije 7 dana
I checked it out! And it's really fun as you said, and very educational. I like how the tone is very fun and not that dark, it makes it easier to take in the educational part. Glad i came across this lol
Vy Meyers
Vy Meyers Prije 7 dana
Balak!! He's one of the creators of the series Lastman. A absolute work of art and my personal all time favorite show. It would be so cool if you reviewed it, it's pretty old now but they're making a second season! Seriously, this dude deserves so much more acknowledgement for all the crazy cool shit he's made
noice guy
noice guy Prije 7 dana
Saber when he bout to get demonitized be like: whelp time to die
Dylan Campbell
Dylan Campbell Prije 7 dana
Agree with everything except the trans part. Very good show about various sexuality’s and educational
Brian Agustin
Brian Agustin Prije 7 dana
"An educational show made for kids 18 and above!" You should know there's going to be ALOT ALOT f second-hand cringe from people watching this.
The Blarney Stone
The Blarney Stone Prije 7 dana
"When you think about sex education, you think kids in middle school,..." Okay that's a federal offense right there.
Portal World
Portal World Prije 2 dana
In America, we do that for real. Hell, I was educated about it in late elementary/primary school, so… let that tell you how we deal with that.
The just some guy exterminator
The just some guy exterminator Prije 7 dana
No, just, no, i watched a single episode, and are now scarred for life...no...
Donovan Tomlinson
Donovan Tomlinson Prije 7 dana
i like the show
Mok’s Lips
Mok’s Lips Prije 7 dana
It’s also on Newgrounds. If you still use it.
Dylan Vuorinen
Dylan Vuorinen Prije 8 dana
5:05 “kids 18 and above” how can you be 18 or above and be a kid at the same time.
Legend no Densetsu
Legend no Densetsu Prije 9 dana
Netflix: too sexual Also netflix: cuties lol
Miles Gwatidzo
Miles Gwatidzo Prije 10 dana
Season 2's finale was hilarious 😂
Kennedygab Prije 10 dana
What is ice bear doing in there 😳 Sorry if I ruined your childhood..
broken logic
broken logic Prije 10 dana
I love this french anime
floramew Prije 10 dana
I understand that I'm mostly just spoiled, but I'm sad that season 2 only seems to be in French. I couldn't find any English subtitles on the site, but also honestly I couldn't follow subs with the animation moving as fast a this web series does, and I'd lose all intonation & emphasis... hopefully I'll remember to check it again some later date when they've released s2 in a way accessible to me. I loved the first season-- even if e3 was a lot of my squick (I really... really doubt that was beer) I at least appreciated the joke about what drove streubel(sp??) away, along with the fact that he was very clearly a peppa pig style parody. And in general I love how much of this cartoon really does feel like the animators doing what they've made jokes about behind the scenes for years. Not usually this raunchy, but they've always done this kind of stupid shit, and I love that there's a whole web series for it, now.
Teeval Prije 10 dana
Man I just learned a lot from it
ollj oh
ollj oh Prije 11 dana
"I could not finish the 3rd episode" "because i finished and fell asleep". Well its full of scat and watersports, but its way too over the top and cartoonish to be disgusting.
ollj oh
ollj oh Prije 11 dana
Looks like IceBear from WeBareBears had some bills to pay.
Erick Santos
Erick Santos Prije 11 dana
I remember this :') i was sad when it got ran off youtube ngl
Professor Rosenstock
Professor Rosenstock Prije 11 dana
I just saw it, its no worse than some hentai and Sausage party. Just somewhat gross.
TawniAline Prije 11 dana
What about adult swim?
The king Dedede
The king Dedede Prije 11 dana
We aint rated X for nothin
Banana Spear
Banana Spear Prije 11 dana
Im gonna tell you what it is, one of the best things that ever happened to adult animation
𝔾ℝ𝟛𝟛ℕ 𝔻@$ℍ
𝔾ℝ𝟛𝟛ℕ 𝔻@$ℍ Prije 11 dana
3:12 That cat looks like Angel Dust a little bit. Not the face but the....... you know.
Bianca Armstrong
Bianca Armstrong Prije 11 dana
When I first saw this, my mind was into a what the fuck did I saw moment. I’m just gonna say that this show or whatever it is...is nuts and very adult rated.
henry samuels
henry samuels Prije 11 dana
I don't know why the French would put this on there they could just made it for an adults-only and France has some raunchy stuff you should check out the adult themes.
henry samuels
henry samuels Prije 11 dana
They should try put this on Adult Swim
Yoshi Main
Yoshi Main Prije 11 dana
Damn, NETFLIX denied streaming it? Guess they learned from their *last* mistake
Anthony Rojas
Anthony Rojas Prije 12 dana
I have to say I’m not really a big fan of it, I’ve watched a few episodes but it’s too raunchy
FLUXXEUS Prije 12 dana
This show is down my alley 👌 *My deep dark disturbing colorful alley* 😂
FLUXXEUS Prije 12 dana
Netflix... a platform with 2 docs about the PORN industry rejected this, how stupid 🙃
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Prije 12 dana
I saw this show. Not as bad as I would assume. Either that or I'm just numb to the horror life shows us.
JamesAndGames Prije 12 dana
I've always found sex education and positivity interesting and important. I grew up in a household with sex positive parents, who never shied away from stuff like that if me and my sister asked questions. However, because of this I saw how sex education in my schools were severely lacking. As such, I've always done my own research. I was sold on the show the second you described it. For many people, especially those who live in more traditional areas or in places that aren't sex positive, I think this show would help them unlearn a lot of the stigma around sex. Sure, it would be uncomfortable, and I wouldn't force people to do something that would upset them. However, sex needs to be treated like this show treats it: lighthearted, silly, and also serious.
Aditya sundar
Aditya sundar Prije 12 dana
After seeing this review i went and checked it out and ... It was informative
Diego Ventura Rocha
Diego Ventura Rocha Prije 12 dana
7:52 😶. I need so much holy water 🍾
Dohyden2 Prije 13 dana
i've never been DDoSed
PlayerOne Prije 13 dana
Why does this remind me of Princess Robot Bubblegum from GTA 5
Scythe Prije 13 dana
14:17 Idk if I've ever seen you break character so hard to have a mid video crisis before but it made me laugh so hard.
Кирилл Патриарх
Кирилл Патриарх Prije 13 dana
Не нашёл ни одного русского комментария. Надо исправить. Исправил.
PinkCraft Pika Girl
PinkCraft Pika Girl Prije 13 dana
it looks cute... minus the um.. *Adult themes*
Nathan A
Nathan A Prije 13 dana
why do i want to watch it but also want to stay as far away as possible edit: i just watched the pig episode and i’m speechless
ClosedShop Prije 13 dana
Oh no, here come the "I'm not a furry, but-" comments
Joel Bridge
Joel Bridge Prije 13 dana
So I just finished the 2nd season oh boy
Chung Lao Official
Chung Lao Official Prije 13 dana
Balak is a friggun Goat
Irakuy Prije 13 dana
so a friend and I binged Peepoodo and well we got entertaint. But the education part gets less as time goes on . Its still there but its less obvious
Wesley The leader of the sod clan
Wesley The leader of the sod clan Prije 14 dana
Zippy Prije 14 dana
Okay what the honk
Robbie rotten
Robbie rotten Prije 14 dana
I’m not dead
Nebulous Fumes
Nebulous Fumes Prije 14 dana
Came back to this vid just to say; Go watch season 2, it already finished and it was absolutely amazing lmao
laurie williamson
laurie williamson Prije 14 dana
The breezy linda resultspreviously check because copy proximally judge notwithstanding a xenophobic destruction. five, thin crab
fockin great
fockin great Prije 14 dana
Y'know, episode 14 hit kinda close to home with the polar bears story. I always appreciate genuine portrayals of gender identity.
Dreamychan Prije 14 dana
Day 14 of asking SaberSpark to review Doogal It's not adult,but It kinda bad
Connor Tobin
Connor Tobin Prije 14 dana
Seems furries making spark saber’s sona a lion was a good matchup since cat girls seem to grab his attention
Major Luz
Major Luz Prije 14 dana
they might have already done something like this but i really hope they do something about how sex positivity is for everyone and not just for conventionally attractive people. to me thats one of the most important things to consider when discussing sex positivity. also i'm a proud furry and the elephant character is cute you can crucify me facing the white house thank you
Adler. dot
Adler. dot Prije 14 dana
Ok I have seen the entirety of the show, and I like it
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