What the HELL is Peepoodo & The Super F*ck Friends? (I had to censor everything in this video lol)

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I've seen some graphic stuff before but this...this is something else

Check out the series here: peepoodo.bobbypills.com/

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Saberspark Prije 4 mjeseci
No joke, this one is next level and doesn't hold its punches. God speed to those who check it out
neolithiumproduction Prije 17 dana
Saber, that show was amazing, funny, and had some great characters. Thank you for showing us this. Was definitely a fun thing to watch. xD
Katie Lucas
Katie Lucas Prije 23 dana
This show honestly had me laughing my ass off and is actually more educational than my middle and high school health classes combined! Episode three was unbearable and I could not make it through it, but for the most part the show is great!
Gaja Jackson
Gaja Jackson Prije 24 dana
Please Review Happy Tree Friends
deeznutsvr Prije 25 dana
By episode 3, it got too bad. Episodes 1 and 2 I could handle. Then there was episode 3.
MalumAtheist66 Prije mjesec
Lucky for you, I don't believe God exists. So I guess you can call it a win-win for both of us, Spark. ;) You'll thank me later.
Dakota Lovell
Dakota Lovell Prije 22 sati
I watched them and I got to say I died laughing in the viagra episode and how dr. Pussycat had to "stimulate" the grandfather.......and poor peepoodo witnessed it all
Pip Prije 23 sati
Really late to this, but! This show is really important I think! It's getting into the nitty gritty and it's very positive! Yes, the third episode is VERY much not my thing, but people need to learn that although some aspects of... well, that, are gross to them, to someone else it's a completely different experience! It's important to learn these things to understand how people experience, well, the experience!
Jon Mcintyre
Jon Mcintyre Prije dan
This feels like a show within GTA 5 or something out of Saints Row
micajango Prije dan
yeah its on newgrounds now :)
Wiktor Plagus
Wiktor Plagus Prije dan
You can watch it ob E621
Pea Games
Pea Games Prije dan
This show is what MTV late night shows had, which 19 years back was especially for me to learn. Sex ed, etc. Those were good times... now they've made sex talks at late night almost nonexistent.
Idrefno2434 Prije dan
I have seen things😳
lazer-cat666 Prije 2 dana
Time to remove this from my watch history
what am I studio
what am I studio Prije 2 dana
Wow I found it uncensored
Felix Villefrance
Felix Villefrance Prije 3 dana
And whiile this is risky to talk about apparently... Then is youtube showing me pro smoking apps :D
Gothimaya Prije 3 dana
So you mean to tell me that Netflix produced their own sexual/adult show but wouldn’t touch this show? Talk about hypocritical. At least the characters in peepoodo are adults. Lol Edit: I am going to feel like an idiot because now I can’t remember the name of that damn Netflix show lol….
Kay Dwessie
Kay Dwessie Prije 3 dana
Big Mouth is also a sex education show. I said what I said.
HAMnPORK GAMER Prije 3 dana
Dud hentai heaven or hanime would've been a place for that but hey idk how much the pay would be
🌹《Velvet.Canyon》🌹 Prije 3 dana
Me hearing 'There's an episode about periods': *oh fuc-*
KaNyE ChAn
KaNyE ChAn Prije 4 dana
That series was Disturbing
David Dyer
David Dyer Prije 4 dana
I'll bet he doesn't have a HRpost Red account, no wonder he had to censor the furries in this video (hopefully still paid for by Express VPN!).
Susan Boardman
Susan Boardman Prije 4 dana
Peepodo The *Pervert*
ralph duran
ralph duran Prije 4 dana
I love season 2 hopefully they make season 3.
Henry Marenth
Henry Marenth Prije 4 dana
I'm honestly addicted. It's a pretty good show with good animation and straightforward info about bodies.
Gina Sonicstar
Gina Sonicstar Prije 5 dana
After watching this show, Evelyn has become my spirit animal.
stephanie Prije 7 dana
My mom is from Austria and every time I visit family over there and watch tv there's a lot of channels for porn, commercials for sex chats you can do on the tv/your phone/online with full on naked women, pretty sure I saw a naked man and woman talking about the weather one time too haha etc that applies to Austria and Germany because I have family who live in both counties and it's always treated as normal by them 🤷🏻‍♀️ The one thing they don't do over there tho is show prescription medicine commercials like they do here in the USA- not once have I seen a commercial talking about prescriptions (you know the ones that talk about "if you have such and such disease talk to your doctor about this pill").
Alfredo jimenez
Alfredo jimenez Prije 7 dana
finally you found it yes finally
RETRO-ROCK Prije 8 dana
11:39 SUS!!!!
Spoopy Ghost
Spoopy Ghost Prije 8 dana
Teh animations and the characters seem cool, apart from the graphic stuff. I would watch this show all of the time!
Cheeky FTW!!
Cheeky FTW!! Prije 9 dana
Why does that look like a cool anime cover when the icon is on the screen??
Bone tnuc
Bone tnuc Prije 10 dana
Anyone else binged the whole 2 seasons after watching this video?
hello Prije 11 dana
man, it's so adorable that you think that people would actually watch this show for education, or that this show was just made for education.
Ashly Makuaole
Ashly Makuaole Prije 11 dana
Wuts this
Ashly Makuaole
Ashly Makuaole Prije 11 dana
Magpienificent Prije 11 dana
I’m going to hell for this
Novisor Prije 11 dana
I understand that why it was band.
Thundertazzy 412
Thundertazzy 412 Prije 12 dana
I have watched it It's entertaining to say the least
midnight Luna
midnight Luna Prije 17 dana
I stopped at right there at episode 3 when they just started pissing in their mouths 0c0"
neolithiumproduction Prije 18 dana
I'm an adult and not afraid of the warts and all. I'll have to check this out. I kinda suspect what the pig episode must have been about. Might skip that myself, as if it is...I can live without that. xD Edit: I have returned from the world of Blackpill to say...Peepoodo was amazing, funny, and worth watching. I genuinely enjoyed it till the end, and had so many laughs along the way. (and learned some things) Thanks, Saber. (Also, yeah...I figured that's what ep3 was about.)
Dusty_Ashes Prije 19 dana
Pov: your trying to make out whats going on behind the blurs
Tom and Jerry and Mario brother’s
Tom and Jerry and Mario brother’s Prije 20 dana
I’m wondering the voice actors of this show that your showing
PARICYTE Prije 14 dana
In season 2 episode 8, it shows the voice actors of the doctor and peepoodo.
Diana Rose
Diana Rose Prije 20 dana
from someone who watched it all, it's actually really good, especially season 2. it's funny, the characters are great, especially doctor pussycat. like she is genuinely such an enjoyable character. Seaason two episode 8 is one of the best things I've seen in awhile to be honest. Just don't watch season 1 episode 3, it's very gross and serves no greater purpose lol
Luigi Super
Luigi Super Prije 20 dana
So who wants to do the peepoodo challenge... I have accepted the challenge and I'm gonna go do it
Derek Schaaf
Derek Schaaf Prije 20 dana
I watched the first episode... Wow, it really doesn't pull any punches
Brenton Herbert
Brenton Herbert Prije 21 dan
Oh hey i love this show! Good bit of fun but also informative... and not over saturated with your normal "adult" stuff.... Like swearing every second word. Its adult without the normal adult tropes you see in literally ALL adult movies "How do we make this show known its for adults?" "LETS MAKE THEM SWEAR EVERY SENTENCE!"
Zackman92 Prije 21 dan
The series is on e621 *let that sync in..*
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ
Gabriel Valiente Toppat ඞ Prije 22 dana
Website:for *children* over 18 Me:bruh wtf
StichyTvGamer Prije 22 dana
I seen happy tree friends
SparrowWing Prije 22 dana
Xander Voros
Xander Voros Prije 22 dana
Didn't HRpost had porn ads once and they were caught red-handed so in their fault they should have just left certain things and been smarter. Nope HRpost dose what HRpost wants
Average roblox player
Average roblox player Prije 23 dana
lol i watched this on newgrounds once and ivve been scared since
SaberStreamXXX Entertainment
SaberStreamXXX Entertainment Prije 23 dana
I love how Netflix refuses to touch this but Cuties is just fine. Like Netflix, you're as bad as HRpost and their adds!
SonicaKuroiTenshi Prije 23 dana
then you'll love big mouth
Fire puppies
Fire puppies Prije 23 dana
The prof looking like Sally Acorn a bit with that color scheme
Kadyn Weisser
Kadyn Weisser Prije 24 dana
I loved the show! I'm straight, and always have and will be, but I loved the character of Evelyn, she is the first trans character I have loved and felt connected to. I also love how she is given a spotlight, and it isn't just for publicity or some other BS.
Gargwin Vinesnake
Gargwin Vinesnake Prije 25 dana
So could BlackPill compete with HRpost if enough creators moved there?
WingDingfontbro67 Null
WingDingfontbro67 Null Prije 25 dana
It's nice to have a sex ed show that isn't just sugar coated gobbledeegook like just give it to us straight.
Otiose Prije 25 dana
Why is the white bear from bear bears here
Alex The Ferret
Alex The Ferret Prije 25 dana
Just finished episode 3, that was questionable.
Alex Prije 25 dana
I know balak he’s the same guy who created a certain female character.
Gazza Boo
Gazza Boo Prije 26 dana
Type the shows full name in a search engine and it'll take you to their official site. All episodes in English and French for free. YT won't allow me to put the name in.
Super Killer443
Super Killer443 Prije 26 dana
I'm sorry I can't do this, I just-I just can't 4:47 this is how far I've reached I can't keep torchurin' me-self just no No NO nnnnnnnnnnnnope nnnnopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope So much-Nope
Jacob Drolet
Jacob Drolet Prije 26 dana
Jennie Prije 26 dana
The only issue I have with the entire show is Peepoodo himself; How old is he supposed to be? He's literally referred to as a child in an episode in S2, and well, that's not a good thing. All the other characters are adults, but he's the only one who is kind of ambiguous in that regard. I like the show, it's funny and I like how they treat everything, but that's just the one thing that keeps bothering me. :(
DAKAR Prije 26 dana
how i wish i clicked on this first before looking it up edit : i went 3 episodes in and at 6:46 im lke you know what f*ck it i have 4 joints lined up lets fucking dive deep ill be back edit:2 just finished ep 5 holy fuck what is wrong with me why did i laugh so hard
ShieldWolf Prije 26 dana
Oh my fucking gosh... this show is ridiculous. I did some... research of my own after seeing this. XD
Flareon Gaming
Flareon Gaming Prije 27 dana
Closest we see and hear saber say “trans rights” and that’s why I want to watch it
DIO Duck
DIO Duck Prije 27 dana
Michael Lovecat
Michael Lovecat Prije 27 dana
This is why furries are seen as sexual...... because of shit like this
FungusBoi119 Prije 27 dana
hello das all
MYAMOOO myamoo
MYAMOOO myamoo Prije 27 dana
I will choose helluva boss that's more appropriate.
Rättchen Prije 28 dana
The second season is just gorgeous. I started watching it, thinking "well, another weird shit to watch and scare my friends with" but in the middle I really started to like it. By the end of season one I was like "I NEED MOAR" and by season two I just straight fell in love; animations, plot, everything is great.
Molten Freddy
Molten Freddy Prije 28 dana
Jeremy Brummel
Jeremy Brummel Prije 28 dana
Trans Positive? That is already a put off, but there is curiousity. Edit: I got as far as episode 8, I too could not fully pay attention to all of episode 3, but I throw in the towel when things got gay.
Jeremy Brummel
Jeremy Brummel Prije 21 dan
@Jennie Let me try and make it overly simple. In terms of one of you initial concerns, many, if not most, consider a rose to be a rose, even with it's thorn cut off, and rather not have it normalized. All the stuff I saw I rather not have normalized, aside from geriatric sex, and that I still find gross and a put off... I do understand many, such as yourself, do not consider sex among such groups as you were referring to as abnormal, gross, and some even share some of the more extreme behaviors of the series as a normal part of every day life. I also generally do not condone bullying for any reason, what might be considered bullying may be up to opinion, but I am not a fan of unnecessary assault and battery. Matter of fact, people sometimes have a loose concept of hate, but going Anakin or Venom Spiderman is downright unhealthy, and I encourage everyone to avoid going down that road. Fear and anger are natural, and just need to be dealt with calmly, terror and hatred is a disease that is contagious. I do not hate Hitler, he just needed to be put down. I do not hate the Devil, he just can not be trusted. Let's see if this passes the spam.
Jennie Prije 21 dan
@Jeremy Brummel I wouldn't know, I haven't gotten any notifications that you replied since the last one I replied to. If you're willing to have a civil conversation about this I also disagree with you being censored.
Jeremy Brummel
Jeremy Brummel Prije 21 dan
@Jennie Look, I replied at least a couple times, but I can only assume a spam filter is blocking it, despite I avoid pointless insults and usually slang. My appreciation for HRpost is steadily decreasing. I do not mind talking about this, and do not take criticism personally. Censorship, yes, but criticism, no...
Jennie Prije 25 dana
@Jeremy Brummel For some reason I cannot see all of your comment, but I can see enough of it. Homosexual activity is no more gross than heterosexual activity, because anything sexual Gay people do Straight people can and do as well. If you find the idea of being with the same sex unappealing that's fine! That means it's not your orientation, and that's important for you to know about yourself. I'm a woman, and I'm not attracted to women at all, so I'm straight, but at the same time I'm not that attracted to men either and not interested in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. I'm Asexual, meaning I don't really do any type of attraction. However, I fully support all kinds of relationships so long as all parties are consenting adults and everyone is being treated with respect. That's the only thing that should really matter to anyone else on someone else's relations. You can think it's icky all you want, again that's a personal preference, but voicing that just makes you look like either an immature kid crying about cooties or a bigoted jerk who can't just move on about their day. Kinks are completely different things to sexual orientations, you can't even compare them.
Jennie Prije 26 dana
@Jeremy Brummel There's a big difference between being put off by a kink and being put off by an entire group of people who are already treated poorly by many others. The fact that you listed Trans Positive as a put off is the problem; Would you rather they have treated the subject negatively or as something to be made fun of? Again, you can PERSONALLY not like it, but when you physically VOICE it you deserve the consequences.
bruh duh
bruh duh Prije 29 dana
I'm 10! i like it! i cant wait for another season!!
Will Golladay
Will Golladay Prije 29 dana
Maybe being uncomfortable is the point! Sometimes learning new things is uncomfortable but necessary. Imma check this show out.
Acidic Rot
Acidic Rot Prije 29 dana
This is actually really cool and smart, we always talk about educating kids about safe sex and sex positivity but not the adults who maybe weren’t taught that when they were younger or just don’t know as much
Acidic Rot
Acidic Rot Prije 29 dana
Also love that they call it an “educational show for kids 18 and above”
Brother Alaric
Brother Alaric Prije mjesec
Balak is a dood with a lot of talent.
Gremlin_gamer13 Prije mjesec
Why do you need sex education show tho- Idk why adults need this, bc my mum and dad did this without this show.
Orange and MEMES
Orange and MEMES Prije mjesec
Joaquim Prije mjesec
So I watched it after this video, and I am surprised with the level of wholesomeness within this cartoon, lovely in a different way.
payson terhune
payson terhune Prije mjesec
I'll just come out and say it: I love your content but that soul patch on your avatar looks like a vag patch....
panda bby
panda bby Prije mjesec
Maybe I'll work up the courage to watch this...
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Prije mjesec
Watching this after watching the show is very funny 😆 Btw, the pigs episode is basically "2 girls, 1 cup" 🤣
Dizzy Aviator
Dizzy Aviator Prije mjesec
Scat fetishism?!
Renamon 565
Renamon 565 Prije mjesec
Season 1 episode 14 made tuffalo my favorite character. "Vade retro"
HornMage Prije mjesec
FragileBitch Prije mjesec
Saw many animations claimed to be "for adult". But this is the first time I spill my drink from the opening scene just from the episode 1!! This show was totally something. PS. Oh yeah, Don't drink grapefruit juice with Viagra folk!!!
sadam Prije mjesec
He really said pee pee poo poo
Troy Winger
Troy Winger Prije mjesec
( me when I see the happy tree friends pic ) *war Battle ground noises with gunshots*
Sean Shemanski
Sean Shemanski Prije mjesec
I watched all of season 1 and liked it WAY more than I thought I would. It’s actually a pretty decent show. That said, the final episode of season 1 blew my mind. In that episode they have a brief snippet of music that comes from…Mass Effect. Now I fear that whenever I hear that music in game, I’m gonna be thinking about Peepoodo. Wonderful… For those curious, it plays during the bit when Tuffalo is being crushed, shall we say.
Fur Fag Gamer
Fur Fag Gamer Prije mjesec
I like how in the third episode. Peepoodo’s pen pal visits, throws a shit and piss party, gets sneezed on, and leaves in a huff. What a pen pal.
LilUziIntrovert Prije mjesec
I hate that I watched the entire first season and genuinely liked the show
Bryden brutosky
Bryden brutosky Prije mjesec
You literally said youtube is watching you and is gonna demonitize you, and yet the video is named what the HELL
/‘Kwaki the Protogen’\
/‘Kwaki the Protogen’\ Prije mjesec
I watched the whole damn thing. I’m a minor and I find this show when I found it I was like yeah this seems like some what better then what I’m told about sex education.
Wilford L. Hermann III
Wilford L. Hermann III Prije mjesec
0:00 me: see title also me wtafh?
PitBull_7543 Prije mjesec
this looks like a gta 5 show ngl
Anthony Phan
Anthony Phan Prije mjesec
I saw the thumbnail is oh no this is for adults……
Lamp Prije mjesec
For a second there, Dr.Pussycat looks a lot like a sexualized version of Sally Acorn from Sonic SatAM
Charles Pendragon
Charles Pendragon Prije mjesec
yeah, there is no way I am not watching this.
MouseyTrap Prije mjesec
In conclusion: A show that got shot down by almost everyone is better than the majority of most new shows
ArchiveMike DerbyDali
ArchiveMike DerbyDali Prije mjesec
I'm disappointed you didn't mention peepoodo is voice by French Kid Son Goku...
Abbey Axogen
Abbey Axogen Prije mjesec
good thing this is censored, this just appeared in my recommended for no reason and i will never watch the actual thing, cuz i am under 18. duh.
lugi Prije mjesec
why does dr pussycat look like every nsfw newgrounds animation ever
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