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I wish Italian people were real...

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David Bodor
David Bodor Prije 3 dana
I am honestly shocked that you didn't even mention slightly that the story is like 140% a gay story with gay messaging about what it feels like especially as a young person all just packaged up as something that is plausibly deniable. Like from the moment that Alberto is "outed" and Luca's reaction. The whole Alberto being jealous, the friggin "Some people will never accept you, but some will. And he's good at finding those that will" line, like come the fuck on.
Pro_Rookie_Gamer Prije 3 dana
Did you steal your thumbnail back from the guys that stole it? >D That's hilarious!
Andrewgtv05 Prije 4 dana
Say I would like to know why you changed the video thumbnail to an ad that stole it?
Skav Lad
Skav Lad Prije 4 dana
Im not sure if it’s just me but I loved absolutely everything about this movie, simply Story aside, I think it was a great story, great characters, great setting (I love old seaside settings). I just loved it.
slomo life
slomo life Prije 4 dana
Disney plus for free? So you get it once you pay for Disney plus? Does this mean other movies in Disney plus Aren't free?
Sofia LAM
Sofia LAM Prije 5 dana
Can you review She-Ra, its a great show :)!
RMG Prije 6 dana
Pancake Plus
Pancake Plus Prije 7 dana
I love love love this movie, I relate to it on another level, as it almost represents being gay or transgender. it's very personal in that aspect and there were some parts that made me cry
Foolisharachnid Prije 8 dana
Luca was a great movie but its fandom is s t r a n g e
Dat curly hair boi
Dat curly hair boi Prije dan
@Mystic MikeI’m glad that I don’t look at a fanbase and just watch something
Dat curly hair boi
Dat curly hair boi Prije dan
@Mystic Mike just stop talking about the fanbase
Dat curly hair boi
Dat curly hair boi Prije dan
@Mystic Mike yes we can.
Mystic Mike
Mystic Mike Prije dan
@Dat curly hair boi not anymore 😭
Dat curly hair boi
Dat curly hair boi Prije 5 dana
Can we enjoy something without saying the fandom sucks?
Jasmine Dancer
Jasmine Dancer Prije 9 dana
I actually liked how simple but sweet the story was :) I thought the movie was super cute over all
Gabriela Heart
Gabriela Heart Prije 14 dana
Saberspark: I mean- *Ad cuts him off* LOOK WHAT I JUST GOT IN THE MAIL!
SnekkittySnekSnek Prije 15 dana
The villain is Senõr Vespa
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog Prije 15 dana
I believe the theme for the movie is acceptance, and I like that because it has broad possibilities. LGBTQ+ relate in wanting to be accepted. furries can relate in wanted to be accepted. many communities can relate. band kids can relate. anyone who feels uncomfortable in their own skin can, and I think that’s really sweet, because some simple sea monsters who want to ride a bike can give people that feeling of being able to relate and compare their individual lives to the movie
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog Prije 15 dana
I really liked Ercole as a villain. It was refreshing to not have some major plot twist or relative or over complicated back story. He was just a jerk who you knew was the villain right away and could take an immediate dislike to
Scott Tice
Scott Tice Prije 17 dana
I got a Luca ad for this video lol
Baby Tom and Jerry
Baby Tom and Jerry Prije 17 dana
This movie is da best
watcha lookin at Huh?!
watcha lookin at Huh?! Prije 21 dan
Tbh the only thing i found disappointing on luca was the Location. Sure Porto rosso is a real place but the buildings n the port didn't actually exist. Wish they could've just name a city where the place is actually true in real life.
daily dose of music
daily dose of music Prije 21 dan
I agree that Luca’s plot was pretty simple, and that the conflicts were solved too easily, but something about the plot still really hooked me (get it, fish pun?). It was heavy on emotion, (I cried, ha) and sometimes, I think we all need a simple-plotted, emotion-inducing movie. And, I mean, the animation… it was just INCREDIBLE. I went to Italy a year ago and they captured the vibe PERFECTLY. Overall, I really enjoyed watching the show.
Eduardo Matamoros
Eduardo Matamoros Prije 22 dana
Almost forgot to say that they are pretty gay cause berto got envious bc Luca got interested in Giulia
Wes Syde
Wes Syde Prije 24 dana
I watched it in part on tiktok💀
ComicsUniverse Prije 24 dana
Who actually expected that Saber will turn into a sea monster splashed by the water? I did and I feel dumb now.
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo Prije 25 dana
Surprised that you didn't make a parallel to the visuals in Coco, I loved the quality of the animation in that movie.
Kovács Eszter
Kovács Eszter Prije 25 dana
Wow. Guys, the myths are real. Straight people actually dont get it.... Fascinating
NotEmilio Prije 23 dana
DarkLadyJade Prije 26 dana
I thought it was a cute movie. Nice simple story, lovely visuals, gorgeous colors. The scenes when they were eating the pasta made me hungry though.
headass steph
headass steph Prije 26 dana
6:54 so true gay fish ppl real
Kris One
Kris One Prije 29 dana
I don't know what about you guys but when I think about why people in the city immediately accept Luka and Alberto, because they (in my opinion) already know Luka and Alberto when in the film we see that people are watching and cheering them both up, the people in the city have seen who they are inside so when people in town saw that they were both fish people well they were a bit surprised but after the girl's father (sorry I can't remember her name) accepted them The people in town also accept them not because of the girl's father but because they know that the two of them are not monsters that people fear and the acceptance of the girl's father make them more confident.
Lunacious Zucni
Lunacious Zucni Prije mjesec
This movie was so comforting that I fell asleep the first time I watched it. I didn't view that as a bad thing. It wasn't boring. It just was that I was tired and this movie really put me at ease.
Anonymoose Prije mjesec
I went into this movie hoping for something more. It was simply... meh. It's not bad, I kinda liked it.. (Also the whole idea of a town suddenly not attacking the sea folk because of like 2 people. Yeah... Even I was like "Yeah haha okay. Friendship is magic I suppose here too." Eh... but what can yah do.)
Local Tavern's Lute Player
Local Tavern's Lute Player Prije mjesec
Getting butt hurt over someones interpretation of a movie says more about you than it does about them
Aubrey Edwards
Aubrey Edwards Prije mjesec
lol my niece loves this movie. BTW cane you react to Don't hug me im scared. It is on HRpost
Brittany McCarty
Brittany McCarty Prije mjesec
My only question is how can they be sure other towns be fine with Luca being fishboy. Like, he turned fishboy on the train which prolly had people not in town at the time and they ok with that? Otherwise, I like it.
Mjamin Prije mjesec
i really liked luca, but it felt like it almost would've been better as a longish short
creamioux Prije mjesec
I believe this is the best movie pixar made it amazing the animation is ABOUSLUTE wonder
•Mitsuki• (vs dark mod being made
•Mitsuki• (vs dark mod being made Prije mjesec
Short speech: movie is trash
NotEmilio Prije 23 dana
TRANS RIGHTS Prije mjesec
Luca and Alberto are gay
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck Prije mjesec
I thought the movie was really good, not bad. Sure it's not IT'S TOY STORY quality but it's still really good.
alexa Prije mjesec
Luca was one of the best things that had happened to me this year (yeah it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true) the movie was so heartwarming and as a member of the LGBTQ+ and being a person of color, seeing how being accepted for who you are in this movie made me emotional. I really loved it. Plus, the backstory of the plot being about the amazing time Enrico Cassarosa had when he was younger added to that. And in addition, the visuals were amazing and added so much to the movie and helped so much when bringing connections to the characters worked so well. Amazing and can’t wait for a sequel.
Jessica Daniel
Jessica Daniel Prije mjesec
I liked Luka not as much as Soul but it’s still solid and entertaining.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Prije mjesec
Simple ≠ Bad Complex ≠ Good A story doesn't need to be grandiose or over-the-top for it to be good, all you need is a heart[, budget,]and passion
DylanTheDemon Prije mjesec
One of my friends was going to voice Luca in Germany but it had to be halted because of corona:(
OT7 biased Mashups
OT7 biased Mashups Prije mjesec
Luca is a great movie to watch. It has such a contained story, I just love it. It's also nice to have very strong queer vibes while it's sad that it just stayed like that.
ゴーTWM Prije mjesec
3:22 Me *is car enthusiast*: _Hang on_ Pop up and down headlights
Nom Nom
Nom Nom Prije mjesec
I think the humans and sea monsters meeting could be more organic by having a time lapse where we see humans and sea monsters slowly becoming more comfortable with each other
KV Productions
KV Productions Prije mjesec
I watched Luka today before watching this video, loved it to bits, I feel like while the story was simple, it did not need to be any more complex, it clicked perfectly with me
CloudShifter Prije mjesec
Idk if there is a poll where people recommend movies or sth, you should definatelly check out "Le Grand Mechant Renard et autes contes", it's the same quality as Ernest & Celestine, StudioCannal once again distributing it. It is very enjoyable in many aspects especially the comedy.
Purple Mousy :3
Purple Mousy :3 Prije mjesec
I can’t wait to see a rip off of Luca 😍
csoki_fanny Prije mjesec
Listen if a one armed guy with multiple knives said his daughter's friends must be protected you'd accept that too
Mother Macabre
Mother Macabre Prije mjesec
I can’t wait for the shape of water style sequel
Papa Junebug
Papa Junebug Prije mjesec
Honestly love that he re-stole his thumbnail from the youtube ads
Oliwia Bergiel
Oliwia Bergiel Prije mjesec
Quick he said
deutgi Prije mjesec
i watched this film the other day and its really nice! i thought the ending was kinda rushed how everyone is suddenly just...okay with sea monsters...but otherwise i loved the simpler premise of it. just some fun :)
Kidinadinosuit Prije mjesec
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ FLASH/EPILEPSY WARNING!!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Adelina Garza
Adelina Garza Prije mjesec
Luca is no masterpiece but it is very sweet and simple and kind of refreshing
cloud 9
cloud 9 Prije mjesec
It always confused me with how they speak English despite living in the Mediterranean
Crimson Petal
Crimson Petal Prije mjesec
Why is the thumbnail like that?
OneiricButterfly Prije mjesec
As an Italian, I found strange hearing the characters mixing English with Italian. It's definetly because I'm not used to it (as in watching a movie in English and then going "wait a second, that's my language!") but it felt both natural and unnatural at the same time. For some reasons it keeps me from immersing into the movie. I'm sure I'll get used to it though lol
SofiaOtaku_GamerUwU Prije mjesec
Esatto,però per me non è innaturale o surreale,essendo che lo faccio QUASI sempre
Kaiser Rat
Kaiser Rat Prije mjesec
I first watched Luca going "This is Spain?" Then they did the Italy hand thing and I was like "Oh."
FunkSwayed Prije mjesec
One if my favorite pixar movies
Awesome sauce
Awesome sauce Prije mjesec
okay, so off topic, y’all can ship what you want, but the argument “they’re children” doesn’t fucking apply to this. It just carries out the stereotype that gay people are inherently sexual. What about kids who are a similar age to them??? Penny and Gumball?? Or Star and Marco??? Connie and Steven??? Literally those two dinosaur neighbours from Mitchells vs the machines??? You’re ALLOWED to have small crushes as kids, whether you interpret it that way or not, it doesn’t matter to me, have your own headcanons but this excuse doesn’t apply to your opinion 💀
Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut Prije mjesec
@Awesome sauce Yeah, and of course, if Disney didn't respond by saying they were just friends, we all know they would have gotten messages from disapproving parents. But I can definitely still see how the story and characters can be interpreted that way. Just because Disney say otherwise doesn't mean people can't interpret the story how they please, because its art. Its ridiculous how all these people feel the need to correct other people's interpretation of the movie, like it somehow effects their own viewing experience.
Awesome sauce
Awesome sauce Prije mjesec
@Mr Peanut it’s also because disney would have lost their “profit” on this movie from russia and china, however I still see scattered hints through the script of Luca that definitely have gay undertones. Though this is just my personal canon!!!
Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut Prije mjesec
I don't know why people think it's impossible to have a childhood crush if you're gay. Like, you can have a childhood crush between a girl and a boy, but a gay childhood crush? No, never. Apparently you don't become gay until you're an adult? I don't know. Lets not pretend the reason the two boys weren't gay was because they were children, because Disney has plenty of childhood crushes between girls and boys in their products. The reason they weren't gay is because its Disney, and because lots of parents of children who don't approve of gay relationships pay for Disney content. It has nothing to do with the age of the characters.
Mike Pardi
Mike Pardi Prije mjesec
Alberto exclusively kinda sucks
Krista Kalnina
Krista Kalnina Prije mjesec
I think pixar didn't explore the underwater world to make it as boring as it was for luca, to see what he sees every day, so that we could feel like Luca, and explore our world from a different prespective. At least that's what I think...
Superbly Prije mjesec
Et in Arcadia ego
Et in Arcadia ego Prije mjesec
I haven't seen it myself but it does give me a sense of innocent wonder ala Studio Ghibli.
Dragonsmith Prije mjesec
I can see the enjoyment of the movie but they had so many story plots that they just didn’t care to flesh out like why the mom hated the land so much the towns people hating the sea monsters and then immediately forgiving them. I mean we didn’t get to see Luca and Alberto really mingle with everyone at all it was basically Gulia and her dad. And I wasn’t really into the whole bike race to win the Vespa either that took away from other story elements they could have focused on. I just feel like they missed a lot of things they put into the movie and just like couldn’t make their mind up about what they really wanted to do. It didn’t feel to me like the ending was terrific more like oh yeah that was expected.
C4l1f0rnI4 gh0s7 ! !
C4l1f0rnI4 gh0s7 ! ! Prije mjesec
When you say you don't like Luca: "And then i returend in my dark dungeon,all FUCKING ALONE
Denz Igop
Denz Igop Prije mjesec
I love the ending is just a magic spoon box
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen Prije mjesec
I think the town was intimidated by Julia’s dad so they were fast to accept Luca and Alberto
Dogman Horror & Scifi
Dogman Horror & Scifi Prije mjesec
I tried to watch this recently and really couldn't get into it at all. However, I agree it's gorgeous and well produced. A real gem. Maybe I'll try it in the future some time and appreciate it more.
Stickman Productions
Stickman Productions Prije 25 dana
M4x0r Prije mjesec
Is the thumbnail sponsored? Looks like the ad.
Gallery cat studios
Gallery cat studios Prije mjesec
I legit watched the whole movie thinking they were latin American💀✋ i was wondering why everyone looked white.
Ben Goldsmith
Ben Goldsmith Prije mjesec
Late to the party on this one. Just watched Luca and honestly loved it. To me it felt very much like a metaphor for being LGBTQ+ The main characters were hiding in plain sight and at the end when they were revealed, Luca's grandmother said something to the affect of 'Some people may not accept them, but other will.' And as a member of the LGBT+ that really resonated with me.
Mr potato
Mr potato Prije mjesec
I love representational movies it's fun to watch
Maro Ali
Maro Ali Prije mjesec
Luca is the most gay movie from Pixar, change my mind
Duz_Machines _84
Duz_Machines _84 Prije mjesec
Disney: Let's make people pay 30 bucks for a movie nobody asked for and doesn't make sense at all! Pixar: Eh, let's make this movie with a massive fan base free to watch on Disney +
°♡RaspberryTwist♡° Prije mjesec
I watched this with my mom the other day, we didnt regret it. Both of us agree the best line was that part when Luca called the villain a "Catfish, a bottomfeeder with two sad little whiskers"
Bruno Games Blogs Brasil [REBOOT]
Bruno Games Blogs Brasil [REBOOT] Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark once again making a Review video dude this movie is not good it disregards everything that pixar has done so far The movie just has no emotion that makes you really sad I hope pixar stops trying to be a Disney but with the best 3D animation in the world This movie was clearly made to make a lot of money
Jianna Sandoval
Jianna Sandoval Prije 2 mjeseci
It felt more like a long short film and that's another reason why I love it so much. 😭🖤
SuperBowserMatt Prije 2 mjeseci
As being 10% Italian this movie is ok for Pixar though it’s fine
Frosted Felony
Frosted Felony Prije 2 mjeseci
Luca and Alberto: *found out* Town people: angry Guilia: "No they're my friends!" Town people: *"Understandable, have a nice day."*
SirLegend5000 Prije 2 mjeseci
What's up with the thumbnail? I never saw an ice cream in thumbnail before.
Hatttetttt Prije 2 mjeseci
It's a very nice and simple story, but absolutely stunning visually.
Colton Mitchell
Colton Mitchell Prije 2 mjeseci
Saber, buddy, chum, pal...you did not just use an old gregg clip in a fuckin Pixar video 😂
mark 154
mark 154 Prije 2 mjeseci
oh my god saber you're an ice cream cone
꧁𝑳𝒂𝒓𝒂 𝑱𝒐𝒛𝒊𝒄́꧂
꧁𝑳𝒂𝒓𝒂 𝑱𝒐𝒛𝒊𝒄́꧂ Prije 2 mjeseci
I just watched it and it is really nice movie. I totally recommend it.
phanfinger Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how Luca and Alberto were entirely motivated by a vespa. So simple but it works so well
Glory Alia
Glory Alia Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is there now an icecream in the thumbnail
KougaTintinFan Prije 2 mjeseci
I headcanon fish people being descendants of the deep ones. At least humans' fear of them would make more sense. And am I the only who's bothered about the fact antagonist's name is Hercule?
Sgrinwaipwr Prije 2 mjeseci
I think it was Possum Reviews who said nothing about the plot made it need to be in Italy, it could have been set on any coast in the world. Make me think sometimes they pick these settings based on where they fancying going on holiday for their research!
Stella Prije 2 mjeseci
Plot wise it always felt more like the Croods than the Little Mermaid to me.
Camille D' Aquarius
Camille D' Aquarius Prije 2 mjeseci
"Coral reef" Saber, that's a goddamn rock.
chrdotexe Prije 2 mjeseci
fuck happened to the thumbnail? lol
Pan-Man Prije 2 mjeseci
Why’s there an ice cream next to Luca…just curious about that, before it was changed Saberspark was the one next to Luca but for some reason there’s an ice cream…why ?
Mustard Crøw
Mustard Crøw Prije 8 dana
I think it was because an ad stole his thumbnail so he added the ice cream.
Stickman Productions
Stickman Productions Prije 25 dana
It looks weird overall, like the Luca not capitalized like it always is, and for some reason at the end of the video there was a still image of a magic spoon box.
Pan-Man Prije mjesec
@NuclearNatoCat fr! Thought it was just me going crazy, but it’s he chained it on purpose but didn’t really understand the ice cream but igs it was just for fun ?
NuclearNatoCat Prije mjesec
I was thinking the same... whats with the random ice cream.
Ergotth Prije 2 mjeseci
Silver Eagle Studios
Silver Eagle Studios Prije 2 mjeseci
I really like it. I'm watching it on Disney+ as I'm writing this. But it felt as if it was a lot like Coco. I have 10 reasons why it does, spoiler alert of course: 10. Both protagonists are scolded by their family for their interests in things they are against. 9. The protagonists go in disguise with an ally to explore a world they have little knowledge about. 8. While in their journey, the family chases after them. 7. The main antagonist is a fame loving jerk. 6. The protagonist and their friend work together to win a competition. 5. The family learned to except the very thing they were against the whole movie. 4. Lots of cultural beauty and world building regarding the foreign countries they're set in. (Unless you're Mexican or Italian, it's not foreign) 3. Family has expectations for their son even though they don't want it. Isn't that pretty much every Disney movie though? 2. Very old lady in the family is also in on what the rest of the family hates, but it's not much of a plot device. 1. Even though the family is seen as the antagonists until the end, you can understand that they truly care for their son. Also, unrelated, Giorgio Giorgioni Pasta in Luca is to me, most definitely, subtly referencing Giorno Giovanna.
Crazy Kay
Crazy Kay Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly, I need a simple, cute story here and there. My emotions are strong and I'm very emotional. So as much as I love them, shows er movies er whatever with deep emotional plots, they sorta mess me up for a good while. So I'm always thankful for something simple and cute, but not boring. Just something to have a good time with
Asyfa Anastesiana
Asyfa Anastesiana Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait why is there suddenly an ice cream cone in the thumbnail
Asyfa Anastesiana
Asyfa Anastesiana Prije 2 mjeseci
@EL2020 oh thanks dude i didnt know that! Dont know why the company picked a worse font tho
EL2020 Prije 2 mjeseci
Some company stole and modified his original thumbnail to have an ice cream cone, so Saber just took their ad and made it his thumbnail
D34THSTROKE Prije 2 mjeseci
“Quick vid”
Keltucky Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't get me wrong, this movie is stunning and the visuals are amazing but the shippers are kind of ruining it for me
Luke Prije 2 mjeseci
As a teen, the movie was fun, designs were amazing, and the music just made the whole movie even better. 10/10
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