What the HELL is Mother Up? (the FAILED girl version of Family Guy)

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Saberspark Prije 2 mjeseci
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Tamara Jane
Tamara Jane Prije 4 dana
Check out Chicago party aunt on Netflix
jdvadergaming Prije 13 dana
American Dad and the Cleveland show are spinoffs of family guy
BLUEBOSTON Prije 2 mjeseci
Saber, Both of Seth's makings, American Dad and The Cleveland Show are not clone of he and other others made them. There's a difference.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Prije 2 mjeseci
Beastars season 2 btw
MastemaJack Prije 2 mjeseci
F is for Family isn't a clone. It's based off Bill Burr's life
GINGERBALLS Prije 7 sati
⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
AceDelta12 Prije 12 sati
I had honestly thought that "Mother Up" was going to be a series about a mom who constantly has to deal with her chaotic family. I was dead wrong.
name not available
name not available Prije dan
why does the blonde woman and the main character the same as Chicago party aunt
Willowthewisp Akane
Willowthewisp Akane Prije dan
Can you review the cw constatein
Darksteel Heart
Darksteel Heart Prije dan
Im pretty sure King of the Hill came long before Family Guy. Theres a slightly different dynamic in the family, but they definitely came first.
アルル ネコ Aruru Neko
アルル ネコ Aruru Neko Prije 2 dana
But American Dad! and The Cleveland Show were made by the same company who created Family Guy (Fuzzy Door Productions).
Simius Prije 2 dana
Funnily enough, I feel like a few of these critiques apply directly to family guy. Peter, as the protagonist, is kind of a bad character. Most of the time when he's on screen, he's either the extreme idiot or the extreme asshole to laugh at, or he's making some out of context reference or low hanging fruit jokes, which the show does a lot of in general. And the storylines are often just a shallow vehicle for jokes. Yet somehow, it works for family guy.
Brandon Gerson
Brandon Gerson Prije 2 dana
it's funny cuz even Family Guy is a rip off of the old show All in the Family...including the opening kinda...
Elyse Laura
Elyse Laura Prije 2 dana
Granted I'm going off what I half remember watching a few episodes of this years ago, but I'm surprised you don't mention that despite how they want us to view Rudy as like a female Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson, unlike them, she's not stupid. We're able to laugh at Peter and Homer's shenanigans even though they're selfish assholes who terrorize their families because they're buffoons. The creators of Mother Up, possibly due to worry over being accused of sexism, chose instead to make Rudy a wealthy high powered music executive. She's clearly an intelligent person, but as a result it just makes her ignorance and indifference towards her children seem even more cruel. Would it have been a better show if they went full Family Guy and made Rudy an imbecile? Probably not, but I think it would have at least achieved what it set out to be as a Family Guy clone that much more.
Aegislash Excalibur
Aegislash Excalibur Prije 3 dana
I'm damn happy I have the most loving mom I could ask for. She raised us very well and shows us nothing but kindness
Aegislash Excalibur
Aegislash Excalibur Prije 3 dana
American Dad was better than FG imo
Nissim1795 Prije 3 dana
THEORETICALLY, they should be able to make a show successful whether the main character is male or female. So given that Peter's kids are his biologically, why would Rudi's need to not be hers? In Family Guy, it's forgivable that Peter is a jerk to his kids because a) they are more or less old enough to process it and the handle themselves and be jerks back and b) the focus of the show varies and is often about his friends rather than his family. Rudi's kids, though, seem much younger and more innocent AND are the focus of the show, so it's much less forgivable when she doesn't care about them. They could have fixed her likability by putting her kids in highschool or giving her a stay-at-home partner (could be, like, a caring boyfriend or even step dad if they wanted to maintain the biological-father-out-of-the-picture plot; a "Lois"-of-reason, if you will)
Xio Reyes
Xio Reyes Prije 3 dana
The only female oriented adult animated comedy I’ve seen actually comes from HRpost. It’s called The Most Popular Girls in School and it’s a blast. It’s about these cheerleaders in high school as they navigate school politics. It’s much funnier than I’m making it out to be.
Δsh Prije 4 dana
The way this started I assumed she was going to adopt a few kids for PR reasons...
Overdrive outer Shaxson
Overdrive outer Shaxson Prije 4 dana
He should have a censor with a lawnmower sound effect
The one and only WM1
The one and only WM1 Prije 4 dana
"Vegeta he took your do"
Me want Krinkov
Me want Krinkov Prije 4 dana
These looks like people from a hot wheels dvd
Squidylich Prije 4 dana
the issue with the writing stems from a flawed concept. Adult animation is flooded with stereotyping, and most female stereotypes tend to be.... unpleasant? and when there's few to no male characters to play this off of, you're just left with a gross pile of garbage. There is no dynamic beyond "unpleasant woman is unpleasant to other people". You cannot try the sort of characters that work in a marriage scenario without the marriage, because then you end up with just an unpleasant person without the sweet, sometimes overly so, moments.
justin tuffo
justin tuffo Prije 4 dana
lets igmit it rick & morty is the next big successful long staying animated show
Emperor Trevor Norton
Emperor Trevor Norton Prije 4 dana
Kinda off topic but I think that family guy couldn't survive without the voice of Death himself Norm Macdonald so that is why they were saying goodbye to adult swim
statesminds Prije 5 dana
"Why would 2 self centered adults have kids?" Should somebody tell him lol
Rex Prije 5 dana
You know, actually American Dad was made before Family Guy...
Joshua Bogart
Joshua Bogart Prije 5 dana
Whats your opinion on housebroken?
Michael Haneline
Michael Haneline Prije 6 dana
oh man, you reminded me that The Awesomes existed and was cancelled by Hulu. Sad now...
Raven’s Art World
Raven’s Art World Prije 6 dana
I watched a decent amount of this show and it doesn’t feel like I watched it. It was such a weird show that didn’t feel real
some human with internet access
some human with internet access Prije 6 dana
"Why do self centered people have kids?" It's my turn to tell my story. My father was an actual sociopath, compulsive liar and a narcissist. I genuinely think the only reason he had children was to "continue his bloodline", he doesn't see his kids as individual people, he sees them extensions of himself. An heir, a prop to manipulate and use for selfish purposes such a leaching off us later in life. That man does not love his children. I say "his children" and the word "us" because he fooled around with many different women in life to fulfill his bloodline. I currently live with my mother and my step father, my step father isn't that much better and no matter how hard my mother tries to hide it I think deep down she resents me. I'm planning to move out soon. Thanks for reading to anyone who gets through this.
Skullmalice Prije 6 dana
Tbh Mother Up has a more original art style and better animation than any other Family Guy clone
TraDigitalGaming Prije 6 dana
Should do a video on "fugget about it" i thought it was a good animation but apparently a lot of people never heard of it
winxclub998 Prije 6 dana
you cant say cleveland show is copy of family guy when its made by the same ppl it was its own thing but it also still interacted with peater and every one frmo time to time it was fun and great show honestly family guy is not as good as it used to be in its erly days not something i can watch any more back to back to back like how i do american dad or cleveland show or bobs bugersbut its still a good watch sometimes
MissCookieThief Prije 7 dana
I have never heard anybody pronounce Saskatchewan as shashewan
primal groudon
primal groudon Prije 7 dana
Honestly I prefer Dunkanville to family guy, it's genuinely funnier
ArtsyMcFartsy Prije 7 dana
You should review F is for family. Trust me.
Peter PGN
Peter PGN Prije 7 dana
You know that some of the “clones” are made by Seth macfarlande
Yeet Boi YEET
Yeet Boi YEET Prije 7 dana
the clevlend show and american dad are based in the same universe it cant be a clone bc its made by the same pepole to and f is for family is a good show
ꪉꪖɀỉ᭢ᦋꪖ✞ Prije 7 dana
Im watching family guy as we speak
Logan Hernandez
Logan Hernandez Prije 8 dana
Think all these movies are bad? Watch the assy McGee series and make a video about it
Thespokenone Prije 8 dana
Why use silhouettes for the main characters for the intro of the program? It's like they don't want you to remember them.
Aleplayer’s Domain
Aleplayer’s Domain Prije 8 dana
I understand the importance of inspiration but I’d still at least make my show more original and use it’s predecessor as a blue print, lol.
mysticx0 Prije 9 dana
the show started from a position of wokeness. which means it could only be bland, unfunny garbage.
ParaVet Prije 9 dana
King of the Hill came before family guy so it's definitely not a rip off of Family guy.
ImmmaNormal Mortal
ImmmaNormal Mortal Prije 9 dana
Lil'Fox The Hylian
Lil'Fox The Hylian Prije 9 dana
Mother up with a Karen haircut
Lil'Fox The Hylian
Lil'Fox The Hylian Prije 9 dana
It's weird
Epesi Prije 9 dana
The most self-centered people I know have five kids, all biological. That said, I can see where Saber's coming from with that comment. I wouldn't want to watch a sitcom about those people either. Just because a premise is realistic doesn't mean it's entertaining.
Cenk Tüneygök
Cenk Tüneygök Prije 9 dana
This is the cheapest animation style. I know because the Turkish cartoons also use this style. It's horrible to look at.
Itz Rainbowtastic
Itz Rainbowtastic Prije 9 dana
If this woman seriously liked Family Guy and wanted to create a female Peter Griffin, she would have known that Peter isn't a narcissist by a choice and genuinely cares about his entire family, he's simply very fucking dumb.
SaltyTabby Prije 10 dana
"Why would Selfish people have kids??" Dude, have you seen most parents? I can think of so many friends who have parents like that. Parents that aren't together anymore and never should have had children. I don't understand it either, but people are stupid and act on impulse.
Razmakai Prije 10 dana
As a Canadian, I found your pronunciation of Saskatchewan hilarious x,D
TheFatestPat Prije 10 dana
Hey, don't imply that American Dad is a Family Guy ripoff. That show is actually funny.
faith chea
faith chea Prije 10 dana
Roger from American Dad proved that bad people can make good characters. He selfish and horny and will kill anyone for his own reasons. But the writers made it all so charming, instead of coming off as annoying. Roger even said that people will forgive anything if your charming enough. In one of the episodes Roger robs Jeff, and its funny because how it escalates in such a ridiculous way. I always laugh at the thought of a comeback and kick me whistle🤣
Plasma Prije 10 dana
Looks like they hired god 2:15
Xvladin Prije 10 dana
Link me to rule 34 All Grown Up
Lil'Fox The Hylian
Lil'Fox The Hylian Prije 9 dana
Maximus Rivera
Maximus Rivera Prije 10 dana
Saberspark you do know American dad and Cleveland’s show is from the same show
Ildirim Nize
Ildirim Nize Prije 10 dana
... Louise is PRETTY huge in Family Guy..... same for Francine for American Dad.
XiXAMXSSGX Prije 10 dana
I actually like mother up. It's a pretty funny show. Also this is not a family guy rip off you should actually attempt to analyze the show instead of just talking shit about it.
Pump Hates You
Pump Hates You Prije 11 dana
D Prije 11 dana
It's hard to make a female lead role without offending people. Most American shows are over weight men with slim attractive women, if it was the other way round I'm sure people would be offended with how women are portrayed
MadCarTK Prije 11 dana
Aye hold up KOTH was here first. It aired in 1997 and family guy came 2 years later. Or did I miss your point?
Melissa Maynard
Melissa Maynard Prije 12 dana
F is for family beats family guy in the dirt
Charaline Dreemurr
Charaline Dreemurr Prije 12 dana
Well. I hate to say it but some people have children for the power fix that comes with bossing someone around
Revolver Snake
Revolver Snake Prije 12 dana
I don't know how much F Is For Family is a Family Guy clone
Titan X
Titan X Prije 12 dana
Man, I learn new things everyday in HRpost.
2chaskell Prije 13 dana
iv kinda moved away from family guy and american dad; they get some laughs but i've really realized how poor shows are where the entire premise is how horrible and unlikable the characters are meant to be. both shows started with just the dads that way but over the years have developed where every character is a horrible person in their own right and only strive for shock value. to many shows take this route now and suffer for it. i like shows like bobs burgers and duncanville because their more relaxed,realistic and slice of life based; their situations aren't to far-flung from reality and their characters mostly act like real people. even the few anime/manga i actually bother to be interested in now are slice of life ones. maybe its my taste changing since i'v turned 30 but i know i see how poor and distasteful they former shows are. i mean the simpsons still gets flak but they have still endured because they never sunk to the level of family guy or american dad, which is why it will likely outlast them. ok, rant over :)
ImAGdDmnDragn Prije 13 dana
Family Guy was like the 5th or sixth clone after Simpsons if I remember correctly.
Lethauntic Prije 13 dana
I never liked when the back-of-the-box type quote is basically just, "diversity in the industry". It's a broad way to put it, I know, but my point is that I care more that a show, game, what have you, is good, not that it's "introducing diversity" or whatever. I'm all for more diverse content, because why not? Worst case I just won't watch it. But I feel like making a show with the intention of, say, being "the girl version of family guy", makes it sound more like a gimmick rather than anything more. Make a good show that happens to have whatever characters you want, rather than trying to fill a gap in the market regardless of the quality. These people can do what they want, but a bad show is a bad show at the end of the day.
Lenny The Cat
Lenny The Cat Prije 14 dana
Mystic the Manakete
Mystic the Manakete Prije 14 dana
With the idea of her being the legal guardian of her sister's kids, I came up with a new name for the show under that concept: Up The Auntie It works with the American pronunciation more than the English lol
Shrimp .aquaimpetus
Shrimp .aquaimpetus Prije 14 dana
Bob's burgers is perfect and I hate you for not loving it
Rusty 2010
Rusty 2010 Prije 14 dana
Rudi is basically a Karen before Karens
Akuun Reach
Akuun Reach Prije 15 dana
A quick google search was just too much to ask King of the hill first aired in 97, while family guy didn't air until 99, so how is king of the hill a clone of family guy?
animagreed Prije 15 dana
I am have to second guess being a subscriber. Bob's Burgers and King of the Hill are both God awful garbage. If you like them then yourjudgement may not be good.
T. Stamp
T. Stamp Prije 15 dana
Uhhhh…… I love this show
Ball Sack
Ball Sack Prije 16 dana
David Lawrence
David Lawrence Prije 16 dana
F is for Family is AMAZING!!! back off
Grunkle Pann
Grunkle Pann Prije 16 dana
I'm sorry... There's a WHAT?!
hazyhazu Prije 17 dana
I think DC did a great job with Harley Quinn for adult animation, it’s exactly what Mother Up was complaining about, no female leads. Harley Quinn does a great job with being funny, having great animation, lovable characters, and having a good female lead!! Probably one of the best adult animation product I’ve seen.
Javel Animations
Javel Animations Prije 17 dana
5:12 charcters
Aber_Kadaber Prije 19 dana
American dad was not bad tho :(
Target Dreamer
Target Dreamer Prije 19 dana
I HATE family guy.
Jxudo Prije 19 dana
I honestly can't stand shows like these. The animation is always horrible to look at, there's never any good overarching story, and their terrible idea of "humor" is just a slog. They've got nothing going. No clue how the Simpson's and family guy got so popular.
DragonstarFighter Prije 19 dana
I don't think that King of the Hill should even be mentioned in the same breath as family guy or even the simpsons because everything that family guy, because King of the Hill could have easily been a live action TV show, and there is almost nothing in King of the Kill that is outside of the realm of believably. (Buckley's Angel could even be justified by Louanne hallucinating) where the Simpsons have had more than there fair share of fantastical adventures, even outside of their treehouse of horror and movie universe. Most of them revolving around their near-wolverine like ability to regenerate from grave injuries, especially damage sustained by homer, and being fine in the next scene, where peggy hill spent 3 episodes and as many in world months recovering from barely surviving her skydiving mishap. And omg family guy, you have peter literally being fine after being decapitated or having his head crushed into like a watermelon, and then being fine seconds later in the same scene, deadpool doesn't even come back that fast...
Mr Knight
Mr Knight Prije 20 dana
So basically, Mother Up is like Saints Row 3 and 4 if you pick a women. No hate on saints row, that's just how it feels. 2 was better.
SpookyBean Prije 21 dan
The art style looks like something you would see in the 2000s.
Mr Brick
Mr Brick Prije 21 dan
2:03 The lawn service watching this video: he knows to much, mission terminate Saberspark
NippeliFaktaa Prije 21 dan
All I can hear is Ellis yelling "LIGHT THAT MOTHER UP"
Robert Crum
Robert Crum Prije 23 dana
Why would anyone two selfish parents have children do you really want to know the dark horrible reason okay it's because they want something to replace them when they die that's why they only want smaller versions of themselves don't ask me how I know that I've helped enough kids with bad families to know
kai Prije 23 dana
the mattress ad at the end was so funny for what 😭😭
Robin W.
Robin W. Prije 23 dana
why am I not surprised he wears cardigans
Edgar Prije 23 dana
I would hardly call American dad a family guy clone.
Black White
Black White Prije 23 dana
I watched the first three episodes and gave up after it was very boring. Plus I don't understand why people disregard female leads like Marge and Lois as just the wives of the male lead like Homer and Peter. And what makes the male leads the default leader of the whole show? Cause from what I can tell if you take away either character from the show it wouldn't be as good in my opinion. These female leads are not just the wives of the husbands they are very fleshed out characters and share the spotlight very well to their male counterpart. Shows like Family Guy don't just focus around Peter they focus around the Griffins, The griffins themselves are the leads we follow their stories not just Peters.
Trygveblacktiger Prije 24 dana
I always love "We need more repsentitation but dont wanna put in the work to make it good" Now it dosent always happends but it often does. Like i woulnt mind a animated family sit com with a mother lead that could be fun seeing her dealing with the stresses of life rather shes married,single or divorced. Having to take care of her kids while still having a social life.
Prije 24 dana
You should do a Go Animate Video lol
Kiwi Taliyah
Kiwi Taliyah Prije 24 dana
7:13 - Mr.Krabs
Liam D
Liam D Prije 25 dana
I guess lawnmowers are your arch nemesis
Lord Yoe Hann
Lord Yoe Hann Prije 25 dana
Have you ever seen this cartoon comedy called Fugget about it? It's also like a clone of the other animated adult sitcom.
SilentVinyl Prije 25 dana
Stardog Prije 25 dana
the artstyle looks like a kids show,,,,,, werid,,, unfitting,,,, just,, eh :/
Griffin Morrow
Griffin Morrow Prije 25 dana
F is for family is better than family guy ever was, that's disrespectful AF calling it a knockoff.
MilkiTea Prije 25 dana
Hey don't put F is for Family in with those clones. That's a highly personal show with a lot of thought and love put into it.
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