What the HELL is Judas and Jesus? (I'm going to hell for this lol)

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Check out Judas and Jesus here! - vimeo.com/ondemand/judasandjesus

Judas and Jesus is easily one of the most spicy things I've ever reviewed on my channel. I mean, it's a furry adult animated short comedy about the BIBLE...brace yourselves...

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Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
Check out Judas and Jesus here! vimeo.com/ondemand/judasandjesus
gojira 1954
gojira 1954 Prije 18 dana
DemxnXrtz Prije mjesec
why must you give us this link
| ThE • líTtLe • wEiRdO | (。・ω・。)
| ThE • líTtLe • wEiRdO | (。・ω・。) Prije mjesec
itsBETA Prije mjesec
Maria Cheryl Mesina
Maria Cheryl Mesina Prije mjesec
Nite Lite
Nite Lite Prije 38 minuta
That's NOT a Fursona
Pedro Flecha
Pedro Flecha Prije 2 sati
Have you seen Moral Orel? Need to watch
Vibin Lime
Vibin Lime Prije 3 sati
I seen the trailer and I was like WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT
Michael Torres
Michael Torres Prije 5 sati
3:24 Historians: we all know we're this is going so let's just skip to the end
hoodiedog Prije 8 sati
Priests watching this: *confused screaming* Jesus seeing children liking this movie: and that day jesus killed the children! German filmmakers seeing such a movie: are we the baddies? Satan to the filmmakers: i just wanna say that Im a huge fan Supervillians seeing this movie: Thats the evilest thing I could imagine People buying that movie: This is not the law of equivalent Exchange.
Brie Prije 8 sati
See ya in hell buddy!
TelaFazMan Prije 11 sati
I'm the scat man
EvilBob Prije 19 sati
Saber: I'm going to hell for this aren't I? Me, an atheist: probably not.
Drawful Animations
Drawful Animations Prije 22 sati
Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight Prije dan
What the actual hell is this Edit post 8 minutes WHAT THE F*CK WHAT THE F*CK WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK
Evantgse Gaming
Evantgse Gaming Prije dan
They don’t want me to go to hell because ei would call my friend doom guy
Gianna Blades
Gianna Blades Prije dan
I watched the trailer and im already disgusted
Spider-Scholar Prije dan
Watched this video, then the bought 15 min short and watched it. It was really good for what it was, and is more than worth the 2.00$ on the playstore.
Artorius The'Bear
Artorius The'Bear Prije 2 dana
I'm a Christian and I love offensive stuff. I get so sick of people getting offended by everything. So I guess I enjoy the offensive because I can. And honestly, the crusifixion was a spectacle at the time. Records show that there was probably a pretty big crowd. At least until the thunderstorm and earthquake... Also, I totally can see pagan or atheist people viewing Jesus as a hippy. lol. And they are free to feel that way. 😊
FionaAnimates Prije 2 dana
I’m a Christian, and I do hate how blasphemous and disrespectful this movie is. It’s a bad representation of how Jesus is and his character ngl. Jesus does not judge, he loves and corrects. He doesn’t think he’s better than everyone els, he literally ate with sinners.
Kelley Downey
Kelley Downey Prije 2 dana
Saberspark: I fear no man, but that thing... Judas and Jesus: exists *It scares me...*
Meeep Leeep
Meeep Leeep Prije 2 dana
KONO DIODA! Prije 2 dana
I watched it before I watched this. What the actual fuck
Will's Corner
Will's Corner Prije 3 dana
TheOwl Prije 3 dana
As an european Christian i hate this film and I hope the writers will pay for their sins but I approve everything from 7:55 to 8:35. As a viewer all of this was hilarious to watch and I laughed so much that I had to pause the video to go pee
Aernetski Aaron Uenmjeitsnkoflynn
Aernetski Aaron Uenmjeitsnkoflynn Prije 3 dana
'German Origin' *Shows picture of pre WW1 Germany* I felt very happy after that.
Maxime Leveille
Maxime Leveille Prije 3 dana
The sound effects of the video partway through made me laugh so extremely hard
AzureDragonOfNether Prije 3 dana
'Totally not a furry'... I know a furry when I see one. XP
Michaelgaming11 Prije 3 dana
"Furry" Are you a fucking Furry
Generic Goon
Generic Goon Prije 3 dana
He's talking about censoring the thing, yet I scroll down on the right where videos appear and I get one of the videos actually being a thing HRpost is selling and it literally is Judas and Jesus
random lost child
random lost child Prije 3 dana
the fact that this movie is on HRpost movies
BRRGames Prije 4 dana
8:05 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Cherry plays roblox
Cherry plays roblox Prije 4 dana
this should be banned.
23Bumolo23 Prije 4 dana
7:54 I love this, it made me laugh
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Prije 4 dana
Even Judas betrayed Jesus IRL, but seeing him getting this image God might will turn his anger on the creators of the film.
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Prije 4 dana
The heart and mind may laugh, but the spirit and soul breaks
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Prije 4 dana
I'm disappointed in humanity, I never knew this, and as a Christian it hurts Evan more, we all make mistakes but this is an abomination, this is why my faith in humanity has gone down and more faith in God wiping it all clean peeks to the top, It's time to stop. It's time to reset
Kagemusha Shien
Kagemusha Shien Prije 4 dana
8:00 now that is what I want, it's funny and no curse words are heard but it is clearly your swearing and it hurts but you made a mistake and you tried to fix it
regina smith
regina smith Prije 4 dana
saber:thats a big no no from you tube. me:MY EYES
Mr.J Prije 4 dana
Why would anyone make this.!!!
Blackhearted Shaman Jr.
Blackhearted Shaman Jr. Prije 4 dana
Just saying but HRpost actually put a buy for the short in the similar videos.
100% Juice
100% Juice Prije 4 dana
I wish I did not see this
Dakota Rain
Dakota Rain Prije 5 dana
Watched the entire film, and concluded that Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified if he wasn’t such a cockblocker lol
Leon's European island adventure
Leon's European island adventure Prije 5 dana
Bruh, the censoring rant there halfway through the video was fucking gold.
Quintz Goff
Quintz Goff Prije 5 dana
No I’m not going to hell well I don’t think so I didn’t witness the full animation with my own eyes.
Ilias Hans Triebener.
Ilias Hans Triebener. Prije 5 dana
All inappropriate cartoons are much worse than Happy Tree Friends!
Jacob Squishy
Jacob Squishy Prije 5 dana
The way this dude meme-censored every freakin' curse word made my day
Sugilite EX
Sugilite EX Prije 5 dana
That THING in the thumbnail looks like Toriel from Undertale
TF2SPY962 Prije 5 dana
Your thumbnail is incorrect, your not the one going to hell, it's the people who created this that will
Ryan Prije 5 dana
This is a perfect example of just because it's satire doesn't mean it's good. lol
MEGA NTN Prije 5 dana
Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry Prije 5 dana
It's weird that HRpost is anal about this undercover furry reviewing this, yet Judas & Jesus is one of the recommendations just below this video at the time of me typing this.
Fag Lord
Fag Lord Prije 5 dana
7:51 best part of the video
wolfstalksthenight Prije 6 dana
i think the best part of this was the sound censering deal i almost fell out my chair laughing
Saintbow Prije 6 dana
Out of all the sounds...i was not expecting a murloc to be used. i now how tea coming out of my nose....
herIes Prije 6 dana
same, for some reason I gave PTSD from either hearthstone or Warcraft III
Putinelu Alin
Putinelu Alin Prije 6 dana
So where is the uncensored review?
Mr.Depression Prije 6 dana
Saberspark is gangster till he's covers something so offence he has to turn it into a minecraft painting
Cheese Powder
Cheese Powder Prije 6 dana
alex hernandez
alex hernandez Prije 6 dana
...is it just me or does he kind of end his sentences like moira?? "jesas"
Timothy Abbott
Timothy Abbott Prije 6 dana
I feel sorry for the people at the film festivals
Anti Sanity
Anti Sanity Prije 6 dana
"Spicy..." *Bruh that aint spice thats fucking arson*
Lush- Lad
Lush- Lad Prije 6 dana
This movie is SPICY
Aryan Angel 88
Aryan Angel 88 Prije 6 dana
For some reason HRpost isn't letting me delete comments I can only edit them LOL but not only is Jesus sometimes called the Lamb of God but priests often refer to members of their Church as members of their flock as well!
Valderon Prije 7 dana
Why are all these adult cartoons all so ugly and poorly written? I could see a place for adult animation but they always decide to just turn it into junk.
Burning Kitsune Mask
Burning Kitsune Mask Prije 7 dana
I loved Super Ted as a kid
Lil Fleming
Lil Fleming Prije 7 dana
We were all going to hell anyway so eh
Diana Diaz
Diana Diaz Prije 7 dana
As the European girl myself I can confirm that in terms of religion we like to claim how we are religion but in reality we make fun of it everyday and curse it on daily bases whenever something doesn't go our way.
Saskue Prije 7 dana
3:42 A M E R I C A
とある魔術のルーザ Prije 7 dana
This being censored as [oof] makes it even more [bonking] funny.
Starlight the tribewing
Starlight the tribewing Prije 8 dana
When are you going to look at Samantha Samsung lol
Ravenwashere 1776
Ravenwashere 1776 Prije 8 dana
I actually found a free version of this on Facebook..... I don't know what to do with this information lol. I'm intrigued, but also terrified.
Ron Prije 9 dana
I Laughed so hard for 5 mins when I heard the video @8:13 at that sound effect from saber I have never laughed that hard. XD!!
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay Prije 9 dana
7:11 - I guess you can say the wolves NAILED the performance? eh? EH !? :D
SharkieTheGreat Prije 9 dana
6:59 Oh look it’s Minus8
The Confederacy
The Confederacy Prije 9 dana
I watched this and now I realized i saw something worse than the holocaust
AdrianExists Prije 10 dana
I love that I'm allowing HRpost to autoplay your dirty videos and the ads that are playing are like "Download this app called Pray so you can pray".
Арсений Фастов
Арсений Фастов Prije 10 dana
All we see it blur, DANIEL!
Богдан Бессмертный
Богдан Бессмертный Prije 10 dana
Make next video "What the hell is King of fools" Plz
__urbloodx Prije 10 dana
I don‘t know why but I have to say this I saw this short film full when I was like 6-7 dude I was so ducking traumatized and I still have some cutscene in my head.😃
Rhett 8
Rhett 8 Prije 10 dana
Christ dude, did you really need to interrupt your video almost every minute just to tell us how you can't show it? I mean, I'm sure everybody got the hint at the beginning.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Prije 11 dana
Superted was big in the UK
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon Prije 11 dana
7:52 ok that censorship was comedic and clever as fuck.
Zaviuan Phelps
Zaviuan Phelps Prije 11 dana
Did the creators of rugrats get in trouble for this
Shiba InUwU
Shiba InUwU Prije 11 dana
How did this get monetized?
Fish Gaming
Fish Gaming Prije 11 dana
This movie should be removed. And fired this person from his job
Alien Cultist
Alien Cultist Prije 11 dana
Why did I watch it after this, that's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back
Joshua Murray
Joshua Murray Prije 11 dana
XD Are ya winning son?
Ghost of mike past
Ghost of mike past Prije 11 dana
Docdur Dewm
Docdur Dewm Prije 11 dana
U sure that's Judas? Looks a lot like The Devil from Cuphead
Bugsy Quinones
Bugsy Quinones Prije 12 dana
21st century humor audio 7:52
The Loon-belt Extravaganza
The Loon-belt Extravaganza Prije 12 dana
8:33 Not sure why that was so funny to me, but it was
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker Prije 12 dana
Can't believe you can buy this movie on youtube
Ongion Prije 12 dana
I saw this once Never seeing this shit ever again.
A Murder Of Crows
A Murder Of Crows Prije 12 dana
Fun fact: Taking any sound effect and adding reverb to it will make it 10x funnier.
Tom Maldonado
Tom Maldonado Prije 12 dana
The 30 coins joke was bad enough
Khloe Wright
Khloe Wright Prije 13 dana
I’m not going down I’m going up to heaven not under there.
ArtistRG34 Prije 13 dana
I dare them to do a Muslim version.
Combes Prije 13 dana
Actually,in christianity everyone goes to heaven
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker Prije 12 dana
uh, you go to heaven if you truly accept jesus into your heart and repent your sins in or before your final hour. everybody else chills on earth for the rapture to get struggle snuggled by demons. That list includes, folks that haven't had the religion communicated to them in their language, babies, christians who've been faking it and didn't repent in time, mentally handicapped who are mentally not capable of comprehending religion, obviously other religions, Deaf people (to an extent), all animals, newborns( I covered this with babies, just exaggerating the point), pregnant women who dont believe, victims of crimes that left them mentally scarred or damaged. I'm sure I'm missing 1 or 2 groups, but uh yeah heaven kind of exclusive unless you know a guy lol.
Combes Prije 13 dana
@Lynxone trust me
Lynxone Prije 13 dana
Idk if this is true but.
Lunatron Prije 13 dana
see y’all in hell!
Jefte B Delgado
Jefte B Delgado Prije 13 dana
Furry’s search history will be searched later today...
Sally Len
Sally Len Prije 13 dana
Hey which illegal website should i watch this on, i wanna got to hell in style
PyroPikmin500 Prije 13 dana
7:51 when you started to explain what was going on but you added the sound effects to the cussing I will admit this I started laughing so hard.
Itz Bunny from Piggy ÔwÔ
Itz Bunny from Piggy ÔwÔ Prije 14 dana
I just watched helluva boss C.H.E.E.R.U.B ep and i found this on my recommendation -
D00M GUY Prije 14 dana
By the fealty of the golden throne I declare exterminatus upon this heretical video
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker Prije 12 dana
Doom guy confirmed inquisitor? SUS
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