Quick Vid: Beastars Season 2 (Review)

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OWO but in anime

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Louis Peddle
Louis Peddle Prije 9 sati
Well why most people gave up talking about the anime was due to the creator just throwing the series away,she just stopped making the books just up and quit and a great many fans felt like you do,the story of legoshi and Haru got dumped in the trash,what so many people enjoyed about the anime was that story,the manga shifted away after that, and it felt like the first season went no where after that. Many fans in Japan were pissed when the artist just dumped the manga.
xX_ObliviousDragon_Xx Prije 12 sati
Season 3 did get announced
Luxormeister Prije dan
Gotta say my man, I've got a couple furry friends that tried enthusing to me about Beastars and I never much cared. I just dismissed it as a furry show, but once you covered it for the first time way back, I got so excited with this show and resolved to try it some time. And once I finally did, good Lord do I hype this show. It reminds me SO MUCH of the TTRPG "Vampire: The Masquerade". The entire thing about fighting your inner beast and instincts that tell you to kill and feed off equally civilized veings around you. Especially the smell component. It's dark, personal, psychological horror. And, especially something that you would expect to be resolved but it really, REALLY shouldn't ever. It should be a constant part of life in this dark, dark world.
Benersan the Bread
Benersan the Bread Prije dan
My biggest problem with Season 2 is that, for the lack of a better way to put it, it made me feel like I missed like half the anime. When did Legoshi and Louis get so close? Every interaction they'd ever had, as few and far between as those were, was negative until they met again. Despite that Legoshi literally says that Louis "saved" him. At that point I legitimately thought I'd forgotten the last quarter of the first season. Also when did the whole deal with the main Shishigumi guy actually get established? It felt like a decent chunk before the climax of that story arc was taken out. More importantly though, WHY DID LEGOSHI EAT MEAT WHEN THE WHOLE FUCKING DEAL OF THE SEASON WAS NOT DOING SO?! We went through that stupid fucking training arc and the MORONIC grub scenes, and yet he changes his mind at the last second anyway for no reason THEN THE COPS ARRIVE LIKE HALF A MINUTE AFTER THAT!!! The whole fight didn't even feel like a brawl with a man... people eater! Both of them were awfully calm about everything considering Legoshi was fighting the murderer of his best friend and Riz was fighting for his freedom! They just kept stopping like this is fucking Dragon Ball! It completely killed whatever hype I would have had for the rest of the story. I just hope season 3 is so underwhelming that they have to return to Land of the Lustrous.
loliolime Prije 2 dana
They wont talk about season 2 because Haru takes a back seat. I for one really enjoy how the relationship becomes part of the background of the stories mutliple plots because I believe it takes a real take on relationships. Our partners aren't always our main interest in life and I can see how that would be even more the case in their world. We take breaks we work without being co dependent on each other at all times. Also, I really like Louis and Lagoshis relationship later because I personally think both characters are bi. I think even Juno is bi because that part where she hangs out with Haru. As someone who is bi and nonbinary I find deep connection with the characters on how they act and behave around each other as they are similar to me. I like to recommend this to folks because it is queer representation and a lot of people get off put just because it has anthro animals. You are right that a lot of this show is social commentary and that's why I enjoy the show a lot. Haru finds sex as a way to be equal and enjoys Lagoshi because she doesn't have to prove herself in anyway and I relate to Haru a lot. I think a lot of people reduce her to a love interest and I think by keeping her in the back of the writing was intended that way so people could focus on her as another character. I was hoping at the end they would be in all one polyam relationship, but that's all right. I love this show and have read the manga almost to the end. Can't wait to see more! Also, might wont to work on pronouncing shishigumi.
Yuki Kagamine
Yuki Kagamine Prije 2 dana
I didn't really liked Haru so i was kinda relived to not See her that often in season two. But i was tbh more hyped to See season 2 but after watching it kinda like eh..it was good but idk something was missing
gabriel donadelli
gabriel donadelli Prije 2 dana
If we know something about herbivore strippers it's: It doesn't matter if hell lets loose around them... They. Keep. Dancing.
Ms. Wolakking
Ms. Wolakking Prije 2 dana
hearing you say shishigami hurt me
Ruger Vaughn
Ruger Vaughn Prije 3 dana
(Yes yes indeed your true colors a furry coming out) am I the only one when they show the bear in the drama club I had a feeling that he was the killer after all when they point out the Bears in this world have to take a special type of medicine to calm down their muscles
PolarisSuffers Prije 3 dana
God damn it Saber, you've forced me into the same rabbit hole a year ago...
SamiCitrus Prije 4 dana
Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry Prije 4 dana
m a y b e i f f u r r i e s d i d n' t m a k e p o r n o f i t, p e o p l e w o u l d b e w i l l i n g t o t a l k a b o u t i t . j u s t s a y i n g .
Kiriel Stoneborn
Kiriel Stoneborn Prije 5 dana
well hopefully season 3 (if they ever make one) actually dives into legoshi and haru more, cause last I checked they still had some complications with how their relationship together would actually work out, legoshi had worked on overcoming his own instincts but dunno if haru had made any such progress on her prey based instincts
Frozen Eevee
Frozen Eevee Prije 5 dana
I haven't watched the show but this does make me want to give it a shot.
Lucky Prije 6 dana
"I like anthro characters" -Saberspark "I am not a furry" -also Saberspark
Dunkin2200 Prije 7 dana
Beeeep be beeeep beepaa beepbop skdoo skbep skdoo skbep beeeep boop skdoo bap skebap
Bambam Dog
Bambam Dog Prije 7 dana
2 things One Juno is a bitch And two STOP LABELING AS FURRY I AM SICK OF IT
WigWoo1 Prije 7 dana
Shishi gumi... not Gami Lego-shi. Not Le-GO-shi
trasit animations
trasit animations Prije 7 dana
Nicky Melville
Nicky Melville Prije 7 dana
Watching Beastars on Netflix was a nightmare, every time I went on to the next episode they showed a still from that episode that just spoiled the whole scene. White Legoshi that I had no idea about? Spoiled before I could be awed, Fight scene turnout? They showed a still that ruined the fight outcome and it pissed me off
FarApeX Prije 8 dana
I got so much closer to beastars when season 2 came out...I would actually consider this a masterpiece once it finishes
Miles Lugo
Miles Lugo Prije 8 dana
Legosi x Luis
Cameron Skocilic
Cameron Skocilic Prije 8 dana
Personally, I loved season 2 even more than the first!
Aden Anthony
Aden Anthony Prije 9 dana
I in fact thoroughly enjoyed both seasons. I'm really excited for season 3 I want to know what they're going to do with it I hope it's different from the manga I haven't read the Manga but from what I've read in the comments and what I've seen and memes and stuff the manga is not as good as the show is.
TeaMal YT
TeaMal YT Prije 10 dana
hey spark. review the movie wizards 1977. its made by the same creator of fritz the cat
Kalimuri Prije 10 dana
After watching season 1 I binged the whole Manga and yea the last 20% disappointed me as it felt like it shifted to more generic shonen and that ending... Felt like the author just said fuck it and rushed the ending. As a whole I enjoyed it but just wish they could carry it through to the end.
E-Goth Vods
E-Goth Vods Prije 10 dana
Season 2 was a really good ride, i was a big fan almost the whole way through but i was incredibly disappointed by the final scene. legoshi is a good character but like...i dont...understand all of his choices. the way the fight ended also felt so fucking anticlimactic to me. it was like the last episode just...shit the bed so hard.
Mattemattics Prije 10 dana
I feel like new anime is huge for the first season, and everyone immediately forgets about it when the second season comes out. Beastars, One Punch Man, Konosuba, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Goblin Slayers, Fire Force
slushy Runner
slushy Runner Prije 11 dana
Season two was great don’t get me wrong but I didn’t like the fact that for half of the season the main character was literally training to not eat meat only to eat it at the end
aiden Prije 11 dana
Chibi Monika :D
Chibi Monika :D Prije 11 dana
Only problem I really had was the lack of Haru, other than that I liked season 2
Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds Prije 11 dana
skadismnm master
skadismnm master Prije 12 dana
sooooo is saberspark a furry
MaddCat Prije 12 dana
Imo season 2 was great... Until the end. The whole freaking season we had Wolf boy working hard to get stronger, like with every damn anime, and to ultimately overcome his instinct to eat meat, but then he does it anyway because this deer said so. And when did he even care so much about Louis in the first place?? I thought he didn't like him all that much, unless I completely misread season 1. The whole thing with Louis and the gang was cool, but then they ended that as well. Was kind of hoping they'd stick to that and flesh it out and followed it as a second story line/arc. And Haru is basically gone now. Why was she even a focus for the first season if she was just going to be put aside? Idk, I liked season 2, just not half as much as season 1
Video for Life
Video for Life Prije 13 dana
10:50 maybe to get to know certain characters per season before the grand finale? 🤷‍♂️
Maravillante Prije 13 dana
This season was a mess and a disappointment with the story and the conclusion
Frisky Prije 13 dana
I’m not sure why, but I feel like season 2 of beastars just wanted to add more but they couldn’t because of that limit. I just feel like there were these gaps between the episodes where they wanted to add this huge lore piece but they couldn’t.
A viewer
A viewer Prije 14 dana
I know it's never going to happen but I would like legoshi and Juno to be together I know it's unpopular opinion but it be nice to see
WarsawEagle Prije 14 dana
Literally everything u said I agree with. Not enough Haru, seems lackluster in story content compared to the first season. It also seemed to do alot more on the foucus of the value of life, which sorta fits I guess. Also seemed to have a lot more comedic moments, which worked out sometimes, but not always.
angewomon143 Kirk
angewomon143 Kirk Prije 14 dana
I didn’t like that haru took a backseat and I didn’t like that legoshi basically lost to his instincts by spoiler….. . . . . Eating Louis’s leg to win against riz, I don’t think I will keep watching if it doesn’t bring haru back to the front but I was very disappointed personally
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Prije 14 dana
yes i too couldn't wait for season 2 and had to read the manga
spyro 123
spyro 123 Prije 15 dana
I'm hype for season 3
Drew Huscher
Drew Huscher Prije 15 dana
This felt like less of a review and more of a synopsis for the show as a whole.
Master Rey
Master Rey Prije 15 dana
As a legoshi x louis shipper, I'm happy the anime is moving away from haru and including our deer boi more!
MoonNonaOG Prije 15 dana
I do wish haru was more apart of the story but I loved season 2. It was great with how legoshi got more of a detective role in the show and more action. I'd say my biggest issue is haru taking a back seat and the end there's a weird time skip that I wish we had more episodes for.
Mr. Rob's Show
Mr. Rob's Show Prije 16 dana
Michael Brew
Michael Brew Prije 17 dana
No, you’re right, Haru really becomes a satellite character once she goes to college and Legoshi quits high school to… fight crime? I dunno.
SMToon Surprise
SMToon Surprise Prije 18 dana
Let's hope Orange Studios improves on some of the issues the manga had
No Name
No Name Prije 18 dana
I feel like the writer for Beastars like Legoshi and Haru at first, but then was like “uhhhhh idk kinda diggin Louis and Legoshi” Which finding out her first crush was Scar from Lion King, makes total sense.
MrAcrizzy Prije 18 dana
I liked Beastars Season Two.
Ofelia the Moth
Ofelia the Moth Prije 18 dana
To be quite honest, season 2 felt darker and even more mature? If that makes sense? I enjoyed it so much, To the point that i just ordered the manga and uh... i may or may not be creating fanart because beastars... good...
Ofelia the Moth
Ofelia the Moth Prije 18 dana
mike 55
mike 55 Prije 19 dana
I feel season 2 left alot of loose strings that left me asking "what about this person or what happened to this"
Max Horizon
Max Horizon Prije 19 dana
I don't mind that Haru got pushed to the side by Louise in the 2nd season. I enjoy watching the relationship between Louise and Legoshi. Everything was building up well but then the final fight happened and it was so choppy that it took me out of the moment. Ultimately the season was still fun to watch but the last episode was a lit of a let down.
Monketron Prije 19 dana
Didn't even know season 2 came out, didn't see any ads for it. I think most people who watched season 1 went and read the Manga, since the story was so good.
Thomas Dickensheets
Thomas Dickensheets Prije 19 dana
7ANKOUCH Prije 19 dana
S2 ending is bad in my opinion :/
ignus hakari
ignus hakari Prije 19 dana
N.0.R.A Prije 20 dana
Pina I looooooove Pina
the nontoxic memer
the nontoxic memer Prije 20 dana
Wait what makes someone a furry I watched Beastars season 1 and 2 like what is it
Spark Prije 20 dana
Digby Dog
Digby Dog Prije 21 dan
so after finally watching the anime. i must say there is not enough Haru for Season 2.
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
@Digby Dog Same here.
Digby Dog
Digby Dog Prije 19 dana
@DragonStarPlanet if i am being honest. I do hope the anime differs from the Manga and does make Haru a main character again :(
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
I do agree. I watched S2 and it was like being an Arc itself to Legosi powering up his body, while Louis becomes the new Mafia boss, plus Juno as always on behind the scenes on certain episodes.
SaskProtogen Cyus
SaskProtogen Cyus Prije 21 dan
End of season 2 and I still have to ask: what is a (the) Beastar? I mean, they vaguely suggest a hero figure, but their is no detail (pun intended :P)
Ubiquitous Philanthropist
Ubiquitous Philanthropist Prije 21 dan
This type of animation style may not be cheap. But god does it look cheap, and to me at least just terrible
Mari The Black and White Marionette
Mari The Black and White Marionette Prije 22 dana
I personally really liked season 2 more compared to season 1. I dont care for Haru as a character, but I loved the symbolism of season 2.
TACOMILK87 Prije 23 dana
the masked man has good analysis of beastars
Ew Ha
Ew Ha Prije 23 dana
I found the name changing on netflix really jarring. When I watched season 1, the subs must have been based on the original japanese audio. So I got used to the names of haru, louis and a few others. In season 2, netflix seems to have used the english dub as the basis for the subtitles so suddenly you have hal and rouis used to refer to those characters, and it's really annoying because you clearly hear "haru" in the original japanese audio yet it always says hal in the text. They also must have gender swapped the snake in the english dub because the subtitles keep reffering to the clearly male voice as "her" and "miss". Honestly, how hard would it be to just have two sets of english subs? One for the japanese audio, and one for the dub. They already do this for hearing impaired subs, so its not like it isn't technically possible.
Lilothestitch Prije 23 dana
I love both seasons
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
Same here
Wu Liuqi
Wu Liuqi Prije 24 dana
Let's hope Orange Studios improves on some of the issues the manga had
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
I think that's a good idea. Because some anime shows correct anomalies within the manga.
Juan Frate
Juan Frate Prije 24 dana
this season was kinda good, but the ending was dumb, not for what they do but for the context it had. They didn't had to do most of the things they did, some of their problems had really easy solutions and they went for the "i have to fight because potato" bullshit.
goblinoid Prije 24 dana
Reading the manga, uh? You're a couple of alliterations away from turning into Geoff Thew! No, but seriously, I love that you're also analyzing popular anime too. You should watch OddTaxi, I'm not kidding.
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
I saw Odd Taxi and loved it. It's like being a lineup of awesome shows like Aggretsuko, Beastars, BNA, and Oddtaxi.
ButtSolution Prije 24 dana
The manga crashed and burned, basically killing all of the hype around this IP for everyone except people who like it for...other reasons. The snake security officer being introduced, doing nothing of any real consequence, and vanishing forever is just a glimpse into the many overall problems that the manga has. The author doesn't really have a grasp of how to incorporate characters into an overall narrative, and just uses them whenever they're convenient to what's currently happening--sometimes forgetting that they exist in the process. At the very end of the manga she actually introduces a character that at first glance seems like he'll be critical to resolving the main conflict, only for him to do nothing and then vanish. It's all very slapdash and amateurish. I hope she improves, but I kind of suspect Beastars was her one big break--and she blew it.
zach johnson
zach johnson Prije 25 dana
Yo idk if you'll see this or not considering it's an old video. But I completely agree with you, I was sad she wasn't in it more, but I did over all enjoy where the story went in season 2. I just think there was so much story elements going on that they just didn't have time for her. It really is feels bad, and when she even brings it up that they haven't been doing much and was gunna look for someone else. I was like yah that makes sense, but damn... Like you can't keep your girl up to date? Maybe she could have fit in in a more supportive role somehow. Idk. But thank you for the good review man! :)
Lord Yoe Hann
Lord Yoe Hann Prije 25 dana
I thought the first thing he would talk about is Juno's body in this season.
Gen Attels
Gen Attels Prije 25 dana
What do omnivores represent in the show?
Aleva paprika yt
Aleva paprika yt Prije 25 dana
I love beastars it's awesome anime UwU I waiting for season 3 best anime who I ever whatch!
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
I'll be looking forward to it.
Lou Vu
Lou Vu Prije 25 dana
9/10 made cry five times
Jaeger31 Prije 26 dana
My only complaint about season 2 was lack of haru they built up her story being part of main focus but completely lost her importance in season 2 she just became a side character you only saw a few times
Jacob Lackey
Jacob Lackey Prije 26 dana
I still hate this series as someone who used to think it was his favorite thing ever
Josephomar3 Prije 26 dana
I wold say Shishigumi it sonds beter to me
LongTale Animation
LongTale Animation Prije 26 dana
BEASTARS seems more of a take of BDSM dynamics/Roles/Toxicity
INIGHTCORE CH. Prije 26 dana
And he said he's not a furry....
Lily Engel
Lily Engel Prije 26 dana
Is it just me or was Juno less of a girlboss this season
Kristalgic Prije 26 dana
I have to say, the arc with fighting Tem's killer didn't really make sense to me. I kind of understand that beating him in a fight is a representation of Legosi beating his instinct and the idea of how society views carnivores. But Legosi is almost killed several times and his life is on the line for it, because he doesn't want to go to the police for whatever reason? And Louis even loses half a leg just so Legosi can beat Riz, and then Riz is pretty much unphased and gets caught by the police anyway? It just felt like the sacrifices were so high for no reason. Legosi fought the Shishi Gumi to save Hal's life, but it really felt like the stakes in this season were self-inflicted for reasons that don't make sense.
Arauea oder eif aurea
Arauea oder eif aurea Prije 26 dana
noone: sabersspark: legOUshi
Wolfman Shaq II: The ShaqeningTM
Wolfman Shaq II: The ShaqeningTM Prije 26 dana
"Will the anime override [the manga]?" I really, really doubt it. They've been pretty faithful up to this point. Things that I can think of that have been different boil down to just different translations or interpretations of showing things like the bloodlust on screen. The story is still basically the same, down to even the side stories, like the Leopard who hangs out with that sheep for a day. The only thing I'm confused about with the adaptation so far, and this could just be me remembering it wrong, but the "school segregation" problem seems to be unresolved in the show? I could've sworn they did SOMETHING in the manga. Then again, maybe what I'm thinking of is resolved in the next story arc, because as Legoshi says in the last scene of Season 2 [spoilers spoilers spoilers], he leaves the school. There's the whole bit about how the Principal agreed whoever found Tem's killer should be made Beastar, but they couldn't give it to Legoshi because not only would that be a scandal, making a meat offender a Beastar, but he was leaving anyway. Could've sworn the school paper got together and stopped the segregation, but maybe story-wise, that's something that's explained at the beginning of the season 3 story arc. I still haven't read all of Beastars though. I know Haru kinda takes a backseat, but I'm still enjoying it so far. I'm buying them as they come out officially translated from Viz so currently I've read up to volume 13, and I think there's 22 or so. (Vol 14 comes out this month, heyoooooooo.) I also bought and read the first book of Beast Complex which I would recommend checking out as well. It's different, it's a lot more rough, and I don't know what it's EXACT connection is with Beastars because I know Legoshi shows up in a panel but that might have just been an artistic choice to reference him. Beast Complex is like if you took all the side stories that happen on Beastars - the chicken selling eggs, the leopard with the sheep, etc. - and you just made an anthology of them. I really enjoyed it, a lot of it was very touching. There's a second volume of it but I don't believe Viz has officially released it in English.
Wolfman Shaq II: The ShaqeningTM
Wolfman Shaq II: The ShaqeningTM Prije 26 dana
Finally got around to watching Beastars Seasons 2 so now I'm watching this. Loved it.
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
Same here.
Lucas Sernizon
Lucas Sernizon Prije 26 dana
I recommend reading "beast complex" as well. It tells several stories outside of beastars wich expands the world.
SkaiXMask Prije 26 dana
There will season 3, 4 coming in the future. Maybe 5 depending if they add more to the story
shirobi Prije 27 dana
The 2 season came to late on Netflix. Everyone that likes it as already seen it.
MelReinH Prije 27 dana
No no no, you're not alone. Beastars the manga falls the farther you go. Which is super sad.
Failure Master
Failure Master Prije 27 dana
Why is nobody talking about the fact that saberspark just admitted to being a furry
xXDrEggmanXx Prije 27 dana
I loved the first season of beastars and I feel like the second one was just as good, though I do feel that one major thing missing from the second season vs the first was how hot and heavy things got occasionally with legoshi and the two main female characters. there was really only one scene in the second season when legoshi was looking at Juno's teeth and she got hot and bothered by it. so I feel like that's what the second season was missing... p.s. loved seeing "super sayain" lagoshi xD that was epic! Keep up the good stuff Saber! and stop denying it, your a furry xD get over it lol
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
He said it in Hayop Ka and admitted it. 😁❤💖
anGrEy pigEOn
anGrEy pigEOn Prije 27 dana
The only people taking about season 2 are the people that got robbed from their own season 2 aka “land of the lustrous” who are still pissed at the announcement to this day
Black shadow the diaper boy
Black shadow the diaper boy Prije 27 dana
If this was on adult Swim i give it a chance 100percent
DragonStarPlanet Prije 19 dana
Yes anything that includes Yashahime, and Food Wars with it in the lineup.
Somebody You Know
Somebody You Know Prije 27 dana
I feel like the beginning of the season was great; it brought good ideas. Rouis being the boss and reforming the black market. Legoshi is becoming stronger and using his strength rather than his fangs. But I feel like the last few episodes drop the ball; suddenly, Tem's killer was a background character we didn't know existed. Rouis left the gang, and ruining the great potential the side story had. And Legoshi ate meat, and ruining his character arc.
Grey Warden Invasion
Grey Warden Invasion Prije 27 dana
Or maybe the novelty has worn off. First season was still something somewhat unusual and people didn't just watch it because they were actually into the series but because they wanted to be part of the hype train. The people who were genuinely into it might still be watching but the people who came in with the hype train have already jumped off by now.
Delta Nwachukwu
Delta Nwachukwu Prije 27 dana
I just finished beastars season 2 yesterday and I say it's okay but it has it's flaws
He a furry
mr eyeons
mr eyeons Prije 27 dana
I watched the show so i could watch this
desuetude danye
desuetude danye Prije 27 dana
Tfw the deer realizes he is gay
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