The Top 5 BEST Cartoons of 2020

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Real talk, 2020 had some pretty great cartoons. Let's check em out!

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Saberspark Prije 5 mjeseci
Made a mistake in this vid and said that the pilot of Helluva Boss came out in 2020. Correction: it was late November of 2019. My bad!
Indominus Gaming
Indominus Gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Wish you would have included “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” which is a really cool animated series on Netflix. I would suggest you watch it and maybe even do a video on it.
Cosmic Lightning
Cosmic Lightning Prije 4 mjeseci
You also kept calling luz dare you. Don't be like the other actor on the other show that no one speaks about. It's pronounced l uuuuu z.
look a dude
look a dude Prije 4 mjeseci
You also said he'll of a waus
Meonlight Prije 4 mjeseci
I hope kids don’t see that.. word
Some German Soldier
Some German Soldier Prije 4 mjeseci
You should do a review on "A Teacher" that is on Hulu. You could probably make a lot of jokes about it.
hgdge Prije 6 dana
great list imo lots of new stuff to watch
Bloxyoyo Prije 6 dana
kasceem dacres
kasceem dacres Prije 13 dana
What about invincible
Mauro F. Rovira Romano
Mauro F. Rovira Romano Prije 20 dana
Solar Opposites deserved a spot on this list or at least one honorable mention
Yung Potato
Yung Potato Prije 25 dana
11:31 you showed us aliens and stuff but you didn't even tell us the show..
Peridot 5xg
Peridot 5xg Prije 29 dana
This guy should do a vid on Infinity Train like for real... part of me wonders if he even knows seasons 2, 3, and 4 exist
Dominic Alexander
Dominic Alexander Prije mjesec
Paul 9
Paul 9 Prije mjesec
So were can i watch primal?
Noah Tyler Pritchett
Noah Tyler Pritchett Prije mjesec
try KissCartoon
Winter Prije mjesec
Helluva boss is the best, and I also liked kipo and the wonder beast
Gecko Soup
Gecko Soup Prije mjesec
Looks like I need HBO max 😭
Blue Miaou
Blue Miaou Prije mjesec
3:47 obviously the villain is Amelia
FancyCatYT Prije mjesec
Adventure time has a lot of lore: like the fact the ice king (simon) takes care of marceline after his wife leaves him because he was obsessed with a crown.
Space Dinosaur
Space Dinosaur Prije mjesec
I do solemnly vow to protect the innocent, to stand up for the adorable, and to throw down against evil all across the universe. I shall refuse no cry for help and accept no reward. Nothing will slow my laser sword, not asteroids, sub-space anomalies, or time travel paradoxes. For I am hero, noble and rad. Every breath I take is a promise of justice, and when evil gets Fancy, we break that biz down. - Vow of the Bravest Warriors.
Wongo C.
Wongo C. Prije mjesec
Lol, HBO MAX didn't buy the AT: Distant Lands specials from Cartoon Network, they're under the same company lol.
tamara molina
tamara molina Prije 2 mjeseci
I was avout to judge the one that you were gonna put as the first one and then i saw it was primal
~EmeraldDiscordian3 Prije 2 mjeseci
Vellaha H
Vellaha H Prije 2 mjeseci
YES! I loved blood of Zeus so much, Personally didn't like what they did with Zeus but they were tryna show his good side for a change.
Critique Critique
Critique Critique Prije 2 mjeseci
Man I agree with Close enough I'm not sarcastic
kae Prije 2 mjeseci
Midnight Gospel, Hilda, and Kipo and the age of wonder beasts are my top 3
Codemations Prije 2 mjeseci
i love helluva boss and my sister does too
7Write4This9Heart7 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yay! So glad 'Close Enough' was on here! I loved it! The crude scenes/jokes weren't my thing, but the rest was hilarious, unexpectedly so!
Brian Yates
Brian Yates Prije 2 mjeseci
Goddamit moxie I just bought those fucking eels!
Gad Castillo
Gad Castillo Prije 2 mjeseci
Sarah 🎀
Sarah 🎀 Prije 2 mjeseci
Midnight Gospel no joke, helped me get through the loss of my childhood dog. Of course, it was sad, but I learned how to cope with it through love & gratitude. Yes, the existential crisis aspect of it is scary, I was afraid of that too at first (and I've already had my fair share of crisis's) but the way Duncan Trussel handles these subject matters, is so gentle and introspective. It showed me a whole new light of LOVE, and how there simply can't be tragedy without it. This is coming from a normally pessimistic person, and I was so glad I watched it. You *will* probably cry, but more in like "omg that's sad but also so sweet" type of way. 10/10 I highly recommend to anyone & everyone. I hope Saber will give this show a chance because although it may appear heavy, I came out of it with an overall feeling of gratitude & love.... To me, it's worth it, (and I'm a wuss) because these are issues humanity as a whole *cannot* avoid, (i.e. losing someone you love). Duncan talks about his experiences with loss, and vicariously we can learn a lot through his experience, acceptance, and closure. It's extremely healing.
Noahshad09 Prije 2 mjeseci
Netflix has “the dragon prince” it’s pretty good Edit: “hilda” is pretty good also
Troops of fame
Troops of fame Prije 3 mjeseci
I love hella boss
Hagen Smith
Hagen Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Fire Prije 3 mjeseci
The midnight gospel was so fucking good
Endie The ender man
Endie The ender man Prije 3 mjeseci
Regular show:for 20 year olds Me:I love regular show even though I’m only 13
That-Lesbo-Fnaf-Theorist Prije 2 mjeseci
God damn 20 years old?? You sure?? Damn im oldddd i loved regular show as a kid and im not that much older than you-
Weird Thoughts?
Weird Thoughts? Prije 3 mjeseci
Why did he have to say Luz wrong so many times. WHY
Ageha Vercor
Ageha Vercor Prije 3 mjeseci
My man's SERIOUSLY sleeping on Infinity Train. Or as I like to call it........................ Therapy Train.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Prije 3 mjeseci
Marceline and Bubblegum's relationship dynamic works well and I do think it develops organically, but I'm about to get controversial here. Bubblegum is a terrible character and person, Marceline deserves better. Change my mind.
Nelson Shmelson
Nelson Shmelson Prije 3 mjeseci
I think The Midnight Gospel was really, really good. Deep topics aside, I think it did amazingly with how it portrayed interesting sci-fi/worldbuilding concepts through visuals alone, without ever even paying mind to them in the dialogue. I love that kinds stuff.
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott Prije 3 mjeseci
I tried watching Close Enough and find the humour super cringy, and the characters unrelatable, idk. Probably doesn't help that I'm 23 and not in my 30s. It doesn't know whether it wants to be wacky and outlandish or grounded so the tone is also all over the place
Franco S
Franco S Prije 3 mjeseci
whataday77 yeet
whataday77 yeet Prije 3 mjeseci
Kelsey Yerger
Kelsey Yerger Prije 3 mjeseci
Its curveball.
Tino G
Tino G Prije 3 mjeseci
Say could you review a few Japanese anime movies by ghilib studio. May I recommend grave of the fire flies
Kai M
Kai M Prije 3 mjeseci
i gotta say, if you ever do come to the point you can handle midnight gospel, please give it a watch. it's one of the greatest cartoons ever created imo. merging these heavy topics with all the fun visuals and whimsical settings gives you such a unique experience, even if you're not buddhist. i rewatch it all the time, and cry every time.
DakNJaxter Prije 3 mjeseci
The "running errands" montage from Close Enough was legendary!
Hannah Angelika L. Ayap
Hannah Angelika L. Ayap Prije 3 mjeseci
Luz' name is pronounced as looze or loose JENJEJEJENE
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Prije 3 mjeseci
I love Primal it is amazing.
Maria Elisa Cruz
Maria Elisa Cruz Prije 3 mjeseci
I thought Amphibia season 2 launched at 2020?
Deidre Smith
Deidre Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
Gravity Falls needs a spot here anyone else agree????!!!!
cringy cringe
cringy cringe Prije 4 mjeseci
I luv alien worlds
TorqueEmUp Prije 4 mjeseci
Surprised Beastars didn't get an honorable mention either.
Zillafeet Prije 4 mjeseci
I hated Regular Show. I lost complete interest after Mordecai dumped CJ during green guy’s wedding.
Ccs60 Student
Ccs60 Student Prije 4 mjeseci
Saber should really check out one piece its pretty good
Mims Zanadunstedt
Mims Zanadunstedt Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm not a normie so Regular show n its spiritual sequel aren't really grabbing me. I'm basically a neet who had psychosis once and now is on the computer all the time. Midnight Gospel looks cool but it might get heavy or bizarre judging from some of those visuals. I am definitely curious tho but if it hits hard like Bojack I might wanna hold off. I like Helluva Boss, and recently saw Wander over Yonder and enjoyed it (ending was a little unresolved tho, but not bad).
Kim Andre Snippen
Kim Andre Snippen Prije 4 mjeseci
Spartan 1337
Spartan 1337 Prije 4 mjeseci
i think helluva boss is overrated
Joaquín M
Joaquín M Prije 4 mjeseci
Close Enough is trash compared to Regular Show.
Allan Edwards
Allan Edwards Prije 4 mjeseci
People mentioned Infinity Train and they're right.
axel mannni
axel mannni Prije 4 mjeseci
Where amphibian Hilda infinity train
k Prije 4 mjeseci
Midnigh Gospel was great. It's actually not as dark as you think. They often speak of hope and moving on and drugs. lol But I totally understand the feeling. That's why I haven't watched Bojack, I did my homework on it and watch people talk about it but I don't think I can do it. It hits too hard.
OctoPlushCity Prije 4 mjeseci
Helluva Boss was created in 2019.
Kani Prije 4 mjeseci
I watch cartoons everytime when im high, and thats been fine so far, but midnight gospel has like 5 frames per Second ,and that was the first time i vomited while high. So jeah , the advice for that Show is , dont be high while you wach it
Kani Prije 2 mjeseci
@That-Lesbo-Fnaf-Theorist thanks , hope youre Well too. Have a nice dsy and greetings from gernany
That-Lesbo-Fnaf-Theorist Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kani well, you live and you learn i guess. You learned something. Glad your ok though
Kani Prije 2 mjeseci
@That-Lesbo-Fnaf-Theorist yeah, wasnt pleseant , but thanks
That-Lesbo-Fnaf-Theorist Prije 2 mjeseci
You ok after that? Sounds rough
Tfnafplayer 1
Tfnafplayer 1 Prije 4 mjeseci
No Lumity is the best couple in history
Madeline U
Madeline U Prije 4 mjeseci
Ratatoing when?
millejoe001 Prije 4 mjeseci
Harley Quinn and Star Wars The Clone Wars The Final Season should also be on this list
Gay Catgirl Go Purr
Gay Catgirl Go Purr Prije 4 mjeseci
No Shera? Your list is incomplete then
Qoi Pond
Qoi Pond Prije 4 mjeseci
Holding out for some decent mlm couples in 2021. I feel like every other show people talk about these days has happy wlw who have developed personalities beyond their sexuality, but there's a serious drought of mlm content with the same treatment
That-Lesbo-Fnaf-Theorist Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly yeahhh your not wrong, we see lots of great, fleshed out wlw couples (Like in Adventure time, Technically TOH with ship hints, and so many more to mention from She-ra alone) But yeah men dont seem to get the same treatment and its kinda sad
mothra lord
mothra lord Prije 4 mjeseci
No book 3 of infinity train??
Billy Mullins
Billy Mullins Prije 4 mjeseci
BEWARE, spoilers on Primal section. Thanks for ruining it for me!
JBlask Prije 4 mjeseci
SS: Owl house is only a honorable mention. ME: *frowns* SS: Number cartoon is Primal Me: *smiles*
Super Funtime Foxy
Super Funtime Foxy Prije 4 mjeseci
Primal at #1? Respect, man. Respect.
no? Prije 4 mjeseci
Saberspark! Have you watched hilda ? I heard it's a great show on netflix , just saying you should check it out 👀
Heather Pony
Heather Pony Prije 4 mjeseci
I started watching glitch tech and I couldn't get into it.... Does it get better?
Rhina studio
Rhina studio Prije 4 mjeseci
Steven universe should be in this vidoe
최효진 Prije 4 mjeseci
Ik it's a bit more adult but Big Mouth is great
Nyron Arnold
Nyron Arnold Prije 4 mjeseci
12:37, That's not his pet. She's his fiancé.
Compact Gaming
Compact Gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Why do you sound so much like jorobe on tiktok
Overly Tamed
Overly Tamed Prije 4 mjeseci
Saber you should check out this Malaysian cartoon show called Boboiboy. The original is on HRpost and the newest series Boboiboy Galaxy is also on HRpost. The show has 2 movies.
Celtic Prije 4 mjeseci
You should watch Carmen sandiago
dexsú Prije 4 mjeseci
aight let's pretend that saber didn't reveal all the plot twists lmao but yall better watch kipo if you haven't already
Tyler S
Tyler S Prije 4 mjeseci
Long gone gulch
The Gaming Burglar
The Gaming Burglar Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm also a big fan of helluva boss, and also hazbin hotel
ultraverse studios
ultraverse studios Prije 4 mjeseci
Made in abyss
Tazzer88 Prije 4 mjeseci
Thankful that you at least gave a passing mention to Glitch Techs. That show needs all the love it can get to get more episodes!
glitched CeReal
glitched CeReal Prije 4 mjeseci
My likey craigy of the creek
Whispers Keep
Whispers Keep Prije 4 mjeseci
YES Somone that brings up Primal, its AWESOME
Daidz Prije 4 mjeseci
Im really really confused on how you got to see those other episodes of Primal?!?! HBO only has 5 episodes, I don't understand- even Google movies only has 5 episodes
Smauggish Prije 4 mjeseci
Also, I knows those feels of existential dread 🥲 if you’ve ever heard of Caitlyn Doughty, she’s a mortician who’s helped me a ton with those feelings and her channel Ask A Mortician. Besides yours Saber, it’s one of the best fan bases I’ve ever been a part of 😁❤️
heonk Prije 4 mjeseci
what about hilda😭
Smauggish Prije 4 mjeseci
Saberspark pleeeeeeaaaaaase review Hilda on Netflix!!! You won’t be disappointed 😃
Shane Keelinghamm
Shane Keelinghamm Prije 4 mjeseci
owl house should have been #1 though primal is really good as well
Dian Van Wyk
Dian Van Wyk Prije 4 mjeseci
In "blood of zues" i called the bad guy mr well done because of the way he died
Dante GZ
Dante GZ Prije 4 mjeseci
Saber: I'm a big fan of post-apocalyptic *all he talks about are the anthro creatures and the animals Yeah, the "post-apocalytic" huh?
12 Iris Su
12 Iris Su Prije 4 mjeseci
I like blood of Zeus
chillinweirdo Prije 4 mjeseci
You forgot to mention Amphibia*
why duty
why duty Prije 4 mjeseci
my best cartoons movies is long gone gulch and and South park the movie and IGOR
Jeremy Mincey
Jeremy Mincey Prije 4 mjeseci
I wouldn't call fang spear's "pet", they seem more like equals
bugman bugman
bugman bugman Prije 4 mjeseci
you wouldn't watch the midnight gospel because they talk about Death a lot? well how did you watch "Soul" then?
dftf Prije 4 mjeseci
Spoiler-free index: 0:15 ... Number 5 2:16 ... Number 4 4:43 ... Number 3 6:41 ... Number 2 9:24 ... Honourable Mentions 11:47 ... Number 1
Legoshi x
Legoshi x Prije 4 mjeseci
Saberspark there’s this Disney movie called Oliver and company i was thinking about it today and it really cool and I think u should do a review of it
Artsy Banana
Artsy Banana Prije 4 mjeseci
There’s this HRpost by the name of Torriku Sotaru (hopefully I spelt it right) With PHENOMENAL animation and they’re starting their own thing by the name of “Ghost Club” A few teasers has been released and I feel like it’s something you might wanna take a look at Idk if anyone else has talked about it but i love it already and wanna share it with people
Jade S
Jade S Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey, Saber! Once the English dubs of Anpanman come out, will you be covering that? It's a Japanese anime that's super popular there but never even got a real English dub or subs in spite of it! It's been running for decades now and I think it's a pretty cool series.
Semaj Harris
Semaj Harris Prije 4 mjeseci
Omg Marceline is mixed. Half vampire half black
Semaj Harris
Semaj Harris Prije 4 mjeseci
This reminded me. My uncle thinks we don't have enough nukes to destroy the planet. Oh how naive.
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