I'm SICK of YouTube's Double Standards (how are THESE ads allowed but YouTubers get banned?)

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It's ridiculous how much HRpost restricts and bans content creators for breaking **GUIDELINES** yet willingly promotes hypersexualized and misleading ads on their platform. It's a disgusting double standard and it needs to be addressed

Also go support Telepurte's art, they are awesome and deserve support
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Saberspark Prije 8 dana
The elusive rant video on my channel. I promise I won't make this a habit but I wanted to at least speak out and share my thoughts and experience with this issue. HRpost imposes strict rules on content creators yet promotes ads that clearly violate the same rules. They also turn a blind eye to corporate HRpost channels (music labels for example) and exempt them from their own rules. Worst thing of all is how HRpost has a "shoot first and ask questions later" policy which led to the termination of Telepurte's channel. It's back now but HRpost said "oops our bad" and just pretends like that wasn't a huge mistake that shouldn't happen to INNOCENT creators. All in all, there's a lot to be improved upon for the platform that is HRpost so it can take better care of its independent creators and provide a place where artists don't have to live in constant fear of having their livelihood wiped out with no way to effectively appeal it
Ghost Prije sat
No keep this up and thank you
Monkey Gang
Monkey Gang Prije 15 sati
Savor thank u personaly u tube has lost it and u just made history on I tube. 😊
BONESY LE SKELETÓN!! Prije 17 sati
Ey, don worry its youtube thats in the wrong not you or others that rant obout HRpost being a dumbass
Bk productions
Bk productions Prije 20 sati
If HRpost keeps on Trying make everything family friendly it will not be fair to other HRpostrs who Makes There own Content i’m just saying that if HRpost Keeps on doing that then people will just quit HRpost and then youtube well die it’s just that make a new set rules I’m making everything family friendly it’s just speeding up HRpost death
Frying Pan
Frying Pan Prije dan
contact asa lol
Nick Shaffer
Nick Shaffer Prije 2 minuta
HRpost sucks, Like meat canyons video of SpongeBobs, got on the HRpost kids page. Like wtf HRpost, we all know that is defiantly not kid friendly.
Chibi Plutia
Chibi Plutia Prije 15 minuta
Funny thing is many of these rules always existed, but HRpost never enforced them because no one was making gtdm. The rules and guidelines were a formality until the FTC and Advertisers started paying attention.
Imad Mukhtar
Imad Mukhtar Prije 19 minuta
I saw an ad that was “normal players vs gay players playing [title of the game]” where the normal players suck, and the gay players are better at the game (average skill at the) I have nothing against gay people, but I don’t know how that makes you good at a game
Nebulous Shade
Nebulous Shade Prije 35 minuta
*clears throat* “anyone know the sauce for the right side of the thumbnail?”
Zevilar Prije sat
I think that if YT is so concerned about whether a video can be presented to kids or not, they could make a separate YT platform for kids... oh wait, didn't they do that already? www.youtubekids.com/ Yeah. They did.
TheSmileMile Prije sat
Gotta Unionize dude.
gxmighty Prije sat
Is the slime girl's game good tho
an ace weirdo
an ace weirdo Prije sat
You know what- Everyone who has a twitter acc. Please share this video. If twitter is the only place where they'll listen then lets make them listen to creators.
Mona Prije sat
I don’t get why HRpost has to be child friendly when there’s HRpostKids. Like at that point they’re the same thing
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Prije sat
HRpost is also for teens and above
Rainbow Whooves Productions
Rainbow Whooves Productions Prije sat
I have Been around making videos sense 2014 but i feel like because of HRpost guidelines lately,my stuff won't get noticed anough unless I put it in a category and then maybe I hope it gets noticed, my friends said to me saying that I deserve more subs with is nice to say that but I won't get to 1,000 subs anytime soon or maybe not at all...
projectnoel Prije 2 sati
Yeah, anything even remotely questionable I just mark as 18+ Some of those videos get alot of views, but I don't know how this directly effects monetization.
Nite Lite
Nite Lite Prije 2 sati
HRpost and Patreon are literally the GTA O of video-sharing platforms.
EliteKnightFanBoy Prije 2 sati
Everytime a HRpost Ads Slaps me in the Face I will Keep Disliking Them...
Nite Lite
Nite Lite Prije 2 sati
I agree: HRpost just ain't shit nu more, and they've stopped caring. That's why people are starting to use other platforms. Simply put, YT is dying, just like that other terrible platform, Patreon.
Freddy Fazbear Official’s Backup Account
Freddy Fazbear Official’s Backup Account Prije 2 sati
haha move to newgrounds
Supersonic Style333
Supersonic Style333 Prije 2 sati
Saberspark: rants about HRpost’s hypocrisy HRpost: “gonna pretend I didn’t see that”
друг Prije 3 sati
HRpost 2021 is really torture of HRpostrs!
Nova7o9 Prije 3 sati
I watch this while a raunchy ad sits in the upper right corner of my screen, which I have tried to make go away SEVERAL times. -_-
David C
David C Prije 3 sati
Dude, alt tech.
Ikouy Bolt
Ikouy Bolt Prije 3 sati
The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, is completely different from the FCC. The former has nothing to do with communications from my understanding.
extrathicc Prije 4 sati
I once got a very sexually explicit ad on youtube of a "dating" app. (You know what kind) So not only does YT have ads that are more explicit that certain p*rn videos, it also promotes ads from literal scams.
Captain Freezer
Captain Freezer Prije 4 sati
As bad as the situtation is it really pains me to be the one to ask. Exactly what the heck is on the right of the thumbnail?
Shaun H
Shaun H Prije 4 sati
Can't wait for the day when PornHub themselves can probably put up an ad on HRpost
Bluez Dragonfly
Bluez Dragonfly Prije 4 sati
HRpost has been so far from its creators and viewers for a long time, and it shows. I came to youtube because of you and a lot of other fantastic creators, because I was tired from TV telling me what to watch. Each day HRpost destroys the "You" part, and replaces it with "Corporate", favoring TV shows and mainstream artists.
Jeremy F
Jeremy F Prije 4 sati
Come to rumble
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Prije 4 sati
I wonder how long it’ll be until it’s gone. Cuz I mean, it’s not gonna get better. They’re gonna stay greedy money-hungry tools.
Hero of Kush
Hero of Kush Prije 4 sati
Ever since HRpost was bought by Google it turned into a corporation
Slovenski Gamer
Slovenski Gamer Prije 5 sati
Just like real life. Civilians get punished, those in charge get away with everything.
Dan McCaslin
Dan McCaslin Prije 5 sati
funnily enough, when he started talking about ads, I got a weird ad about lotion and thighs . _ .
mwilli2132 Prije 5 sati
Here’s the issue with HRpost’s anti-violence policy: even people you upload stuff with video games have to be worried, as, if you think about it for long enough, EVERY video game can be considered violent.
Michele Hastings
Michele Hastings Prije 5 sati
Fedico7000 Prije 6 sati
Brüh, fucking Christ. From the thumbnail alone I can piece enough together to just drop in here and leave this comment, but I seriously am worried for the world and censorship for dumb political reasons. Like... dude, I literally have screenshots of p/rn on screen from YT ads forced in my face before videos of a T rating at most. 😂
Bloody Mobile
Bloody Mobile Prije 6 sati
I hate the fact that you can just do whatever you want, if you have the money to pay everyone that would be upset to just fuck off. "Where's the justice?" got paid to take a vacation with the record labels...
The Merchant
The Merchant Prije 6 sati
Those nine hundred dislikes are people who AGREE with HRpost's retardation
モレナウエル Prije 6 sati
Because they pay.
Old_Sparky13 Prije 6 sati
The appeal of Telepurte's content, aside from the daily uploads and overall quality, is the charming dance bwteen cuteness and borderline (!) pornography. His animations hint at sexual themes without ever displaying anything. That's my take on it at least. And this content, that can only considered to be sexual in a very broad sense is easily flagged and punished with obliterating vindictiveness. While these porn games still enjoy a vast audience for their advertisements. This whole trouble gets even more funny if you life in a few selected countries. In my country, HRpost wants you to proof to them that you are of age with your freaking ID card so you can watch anything that is considered adault content. Without my ad-blocker I would still get to enjoy the porn ads, though. Ah, HRpost... Every new day makes me consider alternatives to your shallowing service
Frays77 Prije 6 sati
I got an ad on youtube of a loli girl lifting her skirt and there was an option to "lift higher" 😭
I gotta kill something
I gotta kill something Prije 6 sati
Create a new app to replace HRpost. #replaceyoutube
ZeroJump Prije 6 sati
I got these ads for a time now they are gone thank god
Klariz Gemperle
Klariz Gemperle Prije 7 sati
What the heck is wrong with everyone
eWos MrV
eWos MrV Prije 7 sati
This is the second time i am so agree with an opinion
Mysterious Venus
Mysterious Venus Prije 7 sati
yea HRpost double standards is pretty dumb I mean I once saw that "children content" and I literally wanted to bleach my eyes
Joy M
Joy M Prije 7 sati
It's just capitalism Saber, the advertisers control what you get to say, what you get to see, what you get to do, who you get to talk to, how you talk to them. it's not youtube, they don't have any more control over it than you do, but this is the system yall say you want, everyone won't shut the fuck up about "AdAm SmItH" and "WeAlTh Of NaTiAiOnS" but this is what all this shit leads to. if another website came up and replaced youtube, it would be exactly the same. it will never get fixed, it will never be replaced, it will always bee like this, because MONEY MONEY MONEY is what we singed up for.
Meredith Ambridge
Meredith Ambridge Prije 7 sati
RULES and GUIDELINES? And yet, nude and sex videos fly under youtube's radar without them noticing it (I think). (I'm talking about HRpost Philippines.)
~Princeofdeath5(~死の王子5) Prije 7 sati
F's in the chat for Teleparte I love his channel and twitter!
tgtgtgtg1234 Prije 7 sati
Content creator union. Just a suggestion.
Jordan Blackstar
Jordan Blackstar Prije 7 sati
there is a hole different app for kids called Kids HRpost and youtube still make youtubers make kid safe video stuf
Jordan Blackstar
Jordan Blackstar Prije 7 sati
sorry I forgot to put two f in stuff
THE GREAT PAPYRUS ! Prije 7 sati
I have a plan to crash the algorithm. Reply to me if you want to know how
EggBootleg Prije 7 sati
I once saw a hentai manga ad on HRpost called "I turned into a girl and turned on all the knights"...
cj Prije 7 sati
my eyes°_°
zoinks gang
zoinks gang Prije 8 sati
pfft don't look up "how to draw videl" on yt
Isaac TRC
Isaac TRC Prije 8 sati
12:45 Oooooooohhhh. It's because the shorts reuploads aren't original content that violates the ToS, they stole it, so it's not theirs, so it's fine.
Yukimare Prije 8 sati
And then HRpost allows ad that are blatanly linked to porn. Seriously. Sometimes it's even hinted heavily in the ad itself, and all it takes to access the porn is just 3 total clicks. I'm looking at you, comic websites...
Kayn is Pain
Kayn is Pain Prije 8 sati
I see telepurte I click
Joey Prije 8 sati
"We did it by mistake" (READ: "We did it intentionally and we hoped you wouldn't raise a stink about it")
GoldenAdrien Prije 8 sati
I can completely agree with this, they really have double standards, especially since they already have a specific spot for children content only
Big J
Big J Prije 9 sati
It also doesn’t help that HRpost has a bad habit of demonetizing controversial content, especially anything related to China, which is absolutely infuriating in my mind.
Jarry Do Thing
Jarry Do Thing Prije 9 sati
Something i want people get TO THE POINT and not just say god now hell your talking about Oh sorry it just never mind
Silver Blade
Silver Blade Prije 9 sati
Its fucked up that YT has killed the self-sufficiency of their channels, meaning that only established programs/financed former TV shows are the ones who can afford the time investment but enjoy the reach of YT. channels starting out or who doesn't do sponsors, have to be funded by a third party site like patreon. Its almost exclusively sponsored content or creators with financing offsite that survive being content creator on YT. YT probably still has the most reach but the least profitability. It sucks
Silver Blade
Silver Blade Prije 9 sati
What could the difference be? Could it be that ads are purchased space that HRpost clears before it goes up. Vs videos who aren't curated, doesn't in and of themselves pay YT anything for the space it takes up on their platform.
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura Prije 9 sati
HRpost Video: Has a woman's toe HRpost: *A n g e r i* HRpost Video: Literally hentai HRpost: ok cool
exursix Prije 9 sati
youtube takes down content creators for the dumbest things thinkable AND YET A DAY AGO I GOT A LITERAL TENTACLE HENTAI GAME AD.
AhoyAndGradeAUnderASupporter 21
AhoyAndGradeAUnderASupporter 21 Prije 9 sati
Also there is another problem. If re-uploaded Imbapovi videos that are Lewd and disgusting are allowed, why are some Call of Duty that explain tips are inappropriate? Down Imbapovi!
DearLife GameYT
DearLife GameYT Prije 10 sati
youtube Always Been Lıke That Lıke I Have Seen A Vıdeo 100 Lıkes And 4 Vıews Bruh
Jordan B Wolf
Jordan B Wolf Prije 10 sati
The YT algorithm: "Guilty until I say otherwise!" "Oh by the way, did I mention I'm the judge?"
The Memer Man
The Memer Man Prije 10 sati
power brings corruption
Okami Prije 10 sati
I may not have a channel, but this is a problem I have. Ads are forcing themselves everywhere. What’s more is that not only do I get spammed with 5 of each of those company’s ads, but I actually went to HRpost 12 TIMES IN A ROW TO SAY “STOP SHOWING ME THESE WEIRD ASS MOBILE GAME ADS AND THESE STUPID CORRUPTED MOBILE PHONE SELLERS!!” But they keep doing it!!!! None of my ads are like new video games like the new Warhammer and Sony games but are all lewd mobile game ads!! I actually heard that a new Warhammer game had an ad on HRpost and I said “I’ll keep an eye out for it but after a whole month, nothing. I searched up the ad and said “This system is fucked up!!!” If anyone knows how I can stop these ads, please let me know. I really don’t want these ads anymore. I just want stuff like new console games, therapy apps and news.
Halo Vail
Halo Vail Prije 10 sati
this is literally making me have second thoughts of making a HRpost channel. if it will end up into a shithole. to be honest I do kinda wish that there would be a new platform that is like HRpost but without it's flaws. I honestly don't watch mature, etc, etc stuff myself. But I just feel so bad for every content creator that had had to deal with the algorithm or getting their channels deleted and more. Plus I really hate the double standards aka the corporate greed. Not everything revolves around money, but in our world today I know that is very far from the truth. This is one of the reasons why I dislike being a human, meaning that I am related to the same species that are so... rather not say it. I just want things to get better, but that is asking way too much.
that $coutdog
that $coutdog Prije 10 sati
Caleb and Sophia?
Dusk Rainfall
Dusk Rainfall Prije 10 sati
for those ads ? so simple.. M O N E Y
Darth Backstabber
Darth Backstabber Prije 11 sati
It also doesn't help with the age restriction when you're forced to send a literal picture of your ID just to be able to see a video where someone says "fuck" a few times too many
Johnny Norris, Jr.
Johnny Norris, Jr. Prije 11 sati
While naturally, anything cogent, well-thought-out, and reasonable will get drowned in a sea of memes and "hot takes," that has never stopped me before. There was a line from the epilogue of Star Trek IV by Doctor McCoy, whereupon, after being exonerated for the violations of Starfleet Regulations committed in Star Trek III, the Enterprise crew are offered a new ship to replace the one they had to blow up in that previous film. On the shuttle taking them to this new ship, McCoy states "The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe...we'll get a freighter." It was interesting to me to read in a book once (Star Trek Movie Memories by William Shatner, edited by Chris Kreski), that the Russian Dub of the movie, at its premier, drew a huge laugh from the audience at this line, which the English speaking version of the film did not. So, then, Russians thought someone saying "the bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe" was funnier than Americans did. Why? It would be because, having lived under a fascist regime all their lives, Russians could see the humor in the situation much more clearly; fascism is nothing more than bureaucracy run wild, to the point where it ***CENSORS*** everything that it doesn't agree with. So, excuse me for being ultra super blunt, but when you hand your phone to your kid to keep them the fuck out of your hair for 20 minutes, remember that you are turning our fucking culture into a fascist nanny state, one little data point into the algorithm at a time, every time you do that. Don't let your fucking kids play with your phone. Monitor what they watch. Don't be stupid, do your work. Since the goddamn 80s (when I ought to have been too young to understand it, but I wasn't cuz my parents paid attention to me and answered my questions honestly, what a concept), this "Moral Panic" bullshit has been chipping away and chipping away at "what artists are allowed to create." What if (GIGANTIC SHOCKER) it _doesn't fucking matter what artists goddamn create and you really ought to stand up to these fucking fascist ass pigs before it's too late?_ There, that's my rant.
ThatOneMuffin Prije 11 sati
I got an ad that was called "are you single?" 😳😳😳😳😳
Some Guy
Some Guy Prije 12 sati
I mean the reason for their shitty policies on videos in the first place is that advertisers start pulling advertising if they see a hint of sexuality because of an outdated and misguided belief that their ads being shown over a video containing cleavage will cause people to abandon their brand in droves. Anyway they don't show ads over ads and removing sexualized ads would cost them money directly so lmao
Wandering Modeus
Wandering Modeus Prije 12 sati
+1 sub. Continue to stand by your fellows.
Jaish JAUFAR Prije 12 sati
this is why there are alot of gaming channels, because its so easy to not get banned.
Willow Tree
Willow Tree Prije 12 sati
i am so fuckin tired of youtube. theyve been total morons for ages and theres massive hypocrisies
Pun Onn
Pun Onn Prije 12 sati
The wise person has his eyes in his head, but the fool walks in darkness. And yet I perceived that the same event happens to all of them. Then I said in my heart, “What happens to the fool will happen to me also. Why then have I been so very wise?” And I said in my heart that this also is vanity. For of the wise as of the fool there is no enduring remembrance, seeing that in the days to come all will have been long forgotten. How the wise dies just like the fool! So I hated life, because what is done under the sun was grievous to me, for all is vanity and a striving after wind. Ecclesiastes 2:14-17 But even as the bad side of youtube still exist, as long as the humble content creators stay in the right path of following the rules, it is worth it.
Soldier Stride
Soldier Stride Prije 13 sati
Whatever you do. Whatever you say. Whatever you post. HRpost's not gonna care anyways. );
Wh0_Am_ 1
Wh0_Am_ 1 Prije 13 sati
It's legit. YT want to throw the book at you without you being able to return the favor. So they leave the public definitions vague and their moderation teams definitions strict. AAAANNNNNNDDDD then you got your "Accidents"
Soldier Stride
Soldier Stride Prije 13 sati
To get lots of views with minimum effort: Make shizposts. No money but hey it's fun.
Noobmaster74 Prije 13 sati
Holy heck I just watched one of their videos
イチゴ   ケーキ
イチゴ ケーキ Prije 14 sati
there was this animator named tripixle and i don’t know what happened to her she just disappeared. she’s gone and i loved her animations.
Frost Soul7755
Frost Soul7755 Prije 14 sati
Me : makes 40k Ogryn Girl clad in heavy tactical Armor , ammo bag and weapons .... Social Media : BAN IT ! BAN IT ALL ! BURN IT IN HYPOCRISY FIRE ! Also me : Lewd mermaid in a bikini Social media : yeah that's pretty cool , that's nice , very child safe let's promote that .
MyNameGray Prije 14 sati
Thats... Telepurte
SuperAlienTime Prije 14 sati
Seriously, wth is youtube kids for at this point? Its never enforced, youtube overall is really pg-13 at its base, That is literally the age you have to be or older to make an account on here at all. If they find kids under 13, then thats the parent fault and maybe they should be moved to youtube kids, it sucks seeing creators being blamed for things like that.
Dragoonsoul7878 Prije 14 sati
It isn't a double standard, it is eliminating the competition. Big companies all the time break the rules but through chain of command most information about rules being broken is lost. Companies can simply claim it as an accident while using it to stomp down any small individuals. A company can blame X member of it to scapegoat and avoid strikes/punishments as it was their fault but the scapegoat's. As to why they stomp down small groups, it stops them from becoming big groups and in turn someone they compete/have to compromise with. So by creating a rule and convincing HRpost to create limitations they now have a rope. They are holding a rope against HRpost as now they can simply tighten it around HRpost's neck by threatening to pull out. Since they pay so massively for AD space and if the company pulls out and goes public about pulling out... many other major companies will pull out as well. So now not only do they control HRpost, but they can stop people. This is how companies work in of themselves, holding ropes so you can't get out without losing credibility/respect and if you compete... they can use one of these unfair rules to shut you down. They might pay a few million if things get turned on them but you being shut down means less competition and them getting many more millions.
AZ WILL Prije 14 sati
Damn saber, last time I checked you were at 100k good job 👏
Snake Eating Bacon
Snake Eating Bacon Prije 14 sati
I've seen blatant full nudity non censored Minus8 animations on here by random Indian HRpostrs, still up for years. H o w.
Snake Eating Bacon
Snake Eating Bacon Prije 14 sati
Me: I completely agree, I've always thought this while seeing dating site ads on here. *I am a mature person* and want to take a stand against HRpost's blatant bias. 3:14 Also me: Hehehe boobs
Rob DAT BOI Prije 15 sati
Ive been a long fan of Telepurte, very good creator
brickimposter 22
brickimposter 22 Prije 15 sati
If youtube keeps going on this path yeah this site is gonna be dead as dead as a nuclear wasteland
Eggs n' Ham
Eggs n' Ham Prije 15 sati
I'm kind of ashamed by the fact I recognized the artist from the thumbnail
tyler ays
tyler ays Prije 15 sati
While most will agree with what you say. There are other platforms, HRpost can do this because Noone is willing to challenge it. Until a mass movement comes out of HRpost and it loses millions, this won't change
Scyon Barker
Scyon Barker Prije 15 sati
I know it would be challenging but I wish youtubers would do a class action lawsuit against youtube for their double standard for ads. Make them either need to lift restrictions or hold ads to the same standards as youtube videos are held.
AngelicMM Prije 15 sati
HRpost has been trying to be Television 2 for quite some time now, which means bringing over all the baggage that dragged down television in the first place. Why would they allow creative people to make content unhindered when they can just promote Late Night TalkShow#489
Gaster Prije 16 sati
If this such a problem then why not someone try to sue them for it?
Matao Gearsky
Matao Gearsky Prije 16 sati
I'm leaving a comment mostly for the engagement boost, since this needs to be super visible, but honestly it just _really_ pisses me off the way HRpost does most things these days. The whole "HRpost Kids" thing was a horrible way of handling the COPA thing, but their own hypocrisy and automated systems are beyond horrible.
Eternal Prije 16 sati
Mee too kid.
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