Quick Vid: Rugrats Reboot (Review)

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What the actual HELL did they do to Grandpa?!

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Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
I can't believe that they made Stu a Twitch Streamer
JA1000 Prije mjesec
Talk to me!
Mania Prije mjesec
@Donald S because they wanted a fresh take. Why not watch it instead of talk about it?
Donald S
Donald S Prije mjesec
Why is this in 3D and not 2D
Mania Prije 2 mjeseci
@Cj THANK YOU. Someone who actually watched it with an open mind. Seriously it feels just like the old episodes but I just think that art style is different. The music is still the same, the babies personalities are the same. Sure the parents changed but its to be relevant and keep up with times and to say something about modern times which was what rugrats kinda was about
Cj Prije 2 mjeseci
I disagree the shows evolved more to fit the time I'd say but it's still a good looking animation and the episodes kept me interested enough but everyone got there own opinion
Grave Knight
Grave Knight Prije 2 dana
I mean the original Rugrats was so popular that they showed it during Nick at Nite back when Nick at Nite was still mostly classic, classic sitcoms.
Cofee Spear
Cofee Spear Prije 3 dana
Why do they look so werid???
statesminds Prije 3 dana
I still remember the rugrats movie where timmy almost killed dill lol
statesminds Prije 3 dana
All these reboots are just awful and straight up insulting to original series. I’ve seen some good reboots in movies, anime, games, etc so i dont rule out stuff but bleh
Tess Fabled
Tess Fabled Prije 4 dana
The animation alone makes me genuinely beg for death what the fuck.
Tess Fabled
Tess Fabled Prije 4 dana
Hitmon Chan
Hitmon Chan Prije 6 dana
Gay Betty is fine but Howard should've been included and ALSO gay. They could've easily been each other's beards for a while then divorced when they came out.
Ashima Fifashima
Ashima Fifashima Prije 6 dana
A huge missed opportunity with Howard being removed. Show made Betty a lesbian without giving the idea of parents coming out as gay after having kids. Howard could be the supporting friend of Betty and Father of Phil and Lil. Rugrats at 30 with a new generation of babies would of worked alot better.
Baalf Games
Baalf Games Prije 8 dana
Meh, could have been worse. You didn't even mention the fact that they made Betty a lesbian and gave her a different voice actor in spite of having her old voice actor reprise her role for Phil and Lil.
Squeakins Prije 12 dana
Wait, where's Kimi? Am I crazy or is she not in this reboot? Maybe she showed up as a side character and I missed her? She feels like a better addition to the main cast than Susie, given that she was just as rash as impulsive as the other babies.
Sebastian G. MSFB
Sebastian G. MSFB Prije 15 dana
Betty DeVille is a lesbian now, for whatever reason... need I say more? (And don't worry, i'm not homophobic nor biphobic, I actually do support gay rights. My point is just that being a lesbian wasn't part of Betty DeVille's original characteristics in Rugrats, that's all).
Comet the demon wolf Gaming
Comet the demon wolf Gaming Prije 15 dana
Reboots need to stick to the og story and add to it not keep the characters and throw out the rest
Schmendrick Prije 21 dan
Haven't watched it, probably not gonna. But Stu used to be a toy maker. If he's going to be brought up to 'modern times', he should be a game developer. Instead of bringing in a bunch of gadgets and knick knacks to take apart and make toys out of, he should bring home huge stacks of bargain bin games that he plays so that he can study them. What they did well, what they did wrong, why they flopped or why they soared. Instead of sitting in the garage 'til three in the morning surrounded by tools and making toys, he should be sitting in the living room surrounded by notepads and open CD cases, with discs of games he's finished and unplugged consoles as he swaps between generations strewn about. Stu may have enjoyed his toy making, but he took it seriously, too. And he should have a just as serious modern take.
evenmorebetter Prije 23 dana
TBH I'm just happy to see Klasky-Csupo making cartoons again in 2021, seems like it's been a long time
Momo pear
Momo pear Prije 26 dana
I’m starting to think that if u reboot an old show with *very* dated themes and u have to change/retcon so many things that it ends up turning into a cringefest and is barely recognizable, then you’re just better off creating a whole entire new show to put all those “changes” in Or at the very least you could make a show that’s a nod to the rugrats and not ruin something that may not be perfect, but already stood out on its own
Sebastian Yoshikage
Sebastian Yoshikage Prije 27 dana
the looney tunes show is better then this, to be honest
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller Prije 27 dana
The only thing improved was the art style...but that ain’t much.
StenDarker Prije 28 dana
A reboot should reinvent an IP, not soullessly try to recreate it. More She-Ra. Less this.
Katness Prije 28 dana
It’s not hollow you’re just old lol jk idk, but I noticed as someone in my 30s, this keeps happening and I’m starting to wonder if it’s me
Osaki Prije 28 dana
You are trying to be so nice because you don’t want to be that person 🥺
Darkest Angel
Darkest Angel Prije 29 dana
They have to ruin childhood cartoons by making them 3D. Not everything has to be 3D animated.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Prije mjesec
I think your standards are set too low from all of those crazy movies
Keith Robinson
Keith Robinson Prije mjesec
The contrast between the original and the reboot is the epitome of everything wrong with the forced diversity that's currently running Hollywood. Back in the 90's, shows were real. Rugrats had groundbreaking episodes that touched on religion, and not just one but several. You had a black character who, albeit wasn't technically apart of the "main cast", was around enough that most of us considered her a main character anyway. We see her celebrate Kwanzaa and saw her own family dynamic, which felt natural. We had an interracial couple with Chuckie's dad and Kira, and a blended family with Kimi. These were all done organically. Now, it seems like every decision made is performative and there's an agenda behind it, and i can't tell if that's just my own perception as I've gotten more cynical with age or if it's reality. But Suzie's character specifically is a shell of its former self. They legit could have just upgraded Suzie's character in her original form and just included her in more episodes. By hollowing her out and aging her down just to force her into the baby group, they effectively ruined what was great about her character, which is so ironic.
Gabriel Arias
Gabriel Arias Prije mjesec
I feel like the 3-D animation looks cheaply done and they don’t move very fluently either.
Princess Strickland
Princess Strickland Prije mjesec
I'm not a fan of this reboot. I grew up loving the original, until the second movie came out. Btw: where's Kimmi in this reboot???
all livesmatter
all livesmatter Prije mjesec
you make grandpa a hippy and ruin hes voice yeah no a clear example why reboots are bad
Keffim Capron
Keffim Capron Prije mjesec
If Jimmy Neutron gets a reboot then God has truly left us.
T.J. Anthony
T.J. Anthony Prije mjesec
Tuxpeng Prije mjesec
The rise of rugrats was way before you could've been watching
winged_ cat_45
winged_ cat_45 Prije mjesec
Tbh I think the new rugrats art style is ugly
Thony Prije mjesec
wtf why they did it as 3D bs pls did it 2D its life less and generic only because it cost nothing compared to drawing 😣😥😩
Y'all Dumb
Y'all Dumb Prije mjesec
I don't like how susie looks in the new one, they got rid of her curly hair and it even kinda looks like her skin isn't as dark...
【𝚔𝚒𝚖𝚒 】
【𝚔𝚒𝚖𝚒 】 Prije mjesec
Why does Kamp Koral look better than this show? Actually, why do any of these shows exist? Why? This Rugrats reboot makes no sense, they need to leave it alone
Prije mjesec
1988 so saber sempai is at da prime age of 40 something
Jordan Giese
Jordan Giese Prije mjesec
The new animation style is so distracting. The characters look more awkward than an Oblivion NPC
Keegan Penney
Keegan Penney Prije mjesec
I cant get enough of this reboot. I gave it 5 minutes and I was back in love like I was a kid again
Poipoigirl Prije mjesec
Like they watered it down
Jack Skellington's Follower
Jack Skellington's Follower Prije mjesec
I think it could have been better if they had a whole new cast of babies/toddlers. The original characters could have been the adults this time dealing with their own lives. It would be more fitting since technically they are millennials.
Papi the skeleton
Papi the skeleton Prije mjesec
I grew up with rug rugrats and I didn't even know there was a reboot
kerri raymond
kerri raymond Prije mjesec
I hate the character personality changes 😒 I hate the new reboot.........My husband bought me the box set of the old rugrats show for my Birthday last month. 🥰
Rachael Downs
Rachael Downs Prije mjesec
The character models don't look terrible but WHY is the lighting so bad?? It's so dark even outside. Where is the bounce lighting? Do they have any lights on inside the house? Do they just use natural light only? Even Jimmy Neutron would have add some bounce light, some extra rim lighting just to make it pop more. All these new 3D reboots seem to only use one or two angles to light a scene... but I guess it makes sense since Millennials can't afford electricity if they have kids 😆
TheTon1789 Prije mjesec
The one thing I'm really happy about is that they kept the child endangerment bits from the original. Whenever they get into real trouble is really when the series shined imo.
Akko Chan
Akko Chan Prije mjesec
The charm of rugrats was that it look like a child drawd it. This looks like vomit
Medusa's Hairdresser
Medusa's Hairdresser Prije mjesec
I'm 17 years old. My dad is the one that shared the original Rugrats with me. I absolutely loved it. It was one of my favorite shows when I was little. But then I saw the reboot and I immediately just wanted to rewatch the entire original show.
theisgood0 Prije mjesec
I can’t believe they even made a remake. Disgusting. My child hood leave it alone!
Marquis Yarosh
Marquis Yarosh Prije mjesec
I loved the character development they made for the family history and new things.
Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !
Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers ! Prije mjesec
The main purpose of this show is to get the children of the original audience into the franchise, since they watched it they would want their children to watch it too.
Gallery cat studios
Gallery cat studios Prije mjesec
The deep, dark pit of nostalgic animations continues to grow.
Spicey Rat
Spicey Rat Prije mjesec
No one likes 3D animates reboots STOP MAKING THEM Edit: aside from clone wars. That shows fire asf
High King Trasher
High King Trasher Prije mjesec
Stop unplugging it and plugging it back in, just let it diiiie
Dragon Buckner
Dragon Buckner Prije mjesec
Kinda wished you'd touched on the whole matter of the twins' parents, namely getting rid of their dad entirely and making the mom a lesbian, because apparently it's impossible for a more masculine or butch to be anything but a lesbian... which kinda feels like it's homophobic in the attempt at being progressive.
angel stevens
angel stevens Prije mjesec
rate the new paw patroll movie
LickVinegarKids Prije mjesec
With the advancement of cgi you would think they would come up with new ideas but no it's always reboots
Bitter Yet Civilized
Bitter Yet Civilized Prije mjesec
"Could've been worse but could've been better", so essentially the show is mediocre?
IronOger Prije mjesec
Did anyone follow the Reboot reboot? and how they made the kids who grew up with the show (us) character a basement dwelling neck beard with fandom rage issues they are mocking intentionally. That's the most honest any production has been with us about how they view us and why everything is hack job rebellion production of subversion and character sabotage.
TV MAN Prije 2 mjeseci
Stu's a broski
Trini Tech
Trini Tech Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree with all ur statments
kreatyvkamz17 Prije 2 mjeseci
Companies make remakes in an effort to prey on peoples nostalgia factor, but you can't really capture the spirit of the original show so it will never feel the same. I think Its better they just make a reboot with new characters, but based on the original material.
Elijah O'Dell
Elijah O'Dell Prije 2 mjeseci
I started to watch the original show after Dil and Kimi were introduced through the movies, so I am bummed to not get to see them here. The show's animation is really nice and it captures my niece's attention immediately as opposed to the older one, but glad to get her into it now too. I think the best revision for this show is making the grandpa a zen hippie that is always chill and centered.
Katie Tallman
Katie Tallman Prije 2 mjeseci
I like the age switch with the adults, I think it was done well and will definitely connect more.. but the animation. Hate it. Tommy is almost unrecognizable in some way that makes me want to be angry
TheDeathmail Prije 2 mjeseci
I think this is more of a remake than a reboot.... I feel like reboots are when they boot up the story again...
R B Prije 2 mjeseci
The original series is good (up to a point) but the best part of Rugrats is the first and second movie.
Marmy Prije 2 mjeseci
It really just shouldn't have been rebooted. This isn't a show that needed an update. It was fine how it was with all of its adult jokes and funky animation. It feels like particular characters changed so much that they could've just been new characters. Why not just have a sequel show where the babies are the adults now?
Epic B
Epic B Prije 2 mjeseci
Who is this for?
Minnie Salinas
Minnie Salinas Prije 2 mjeseci
Okay, so demoting Susie from the voice of reason, taking away Grandpa Lou's background as a war veteran and making him a hippie, not letting Angelica actually be a villain, turning all of the adults into Millennials, and taking away the message of Betty and Howard's relationship that you can be competent parents without conforming to gender stereotypes into making Betty a lesbian stereotype. They might as well had made a new show at this point
Raving Rando
Raving Rando Prije 15 dana
Underrated comment.
Peri Flores
Peri Flores Prije 2 mjeseci
One more thing about the Susie issue...in the original series, she had *three* older siblings. Buster, Aisha, and Dexter. So not only did they weaken the token character, they made the cast *less* diverse than before! Jeez.
Tyler Herr
Tyler Herr Prije 2 mjeseci
lmao jimmy looks miles better then this shit i do know a thing or two about shaders and rendering and i could do a better job with blender
Joe Dakers
Joe Dakers Prije 2 mjeseci
1:38 the closest we get to something Muppet Babies related on this channel
Lexi Marie
Lexi Marie Prije 2 mjeseci
Ugh the 3-D animation is soooo bad!
Ragtime Rochelle
Ragtime Rochelle Prije 2 mjeseci
The whole Klasky Csupo aesthetic just doesn't translate into 3d well imo
-- Prije 2 mjeseci
I don’t understand why some people are so hesitant to call series you watch on streaming services “tv shows”. They’re still shows you can watch on your tv.
Frogs Prije 2 mjeseci
Angelica's hair reminds me of a barbie doll but everyone else is fine, and that upsets me. I can forgive but parents being changed, since it makes a little sense with a new audience and all, but Grandpa being a hippy is just not right.
xXvanilla_sodapopXx Prije 2 mjeseci
The visuals are ugly, was it that hard to just use the original type of animation.
Swagdragon21 Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm still mad how they did my boy Howard
DuMont Pictures
DuMont Pictures Prije 2 mjeseci
You know this has nothing to do with the show, but if Rugrats and other Nickelodeon shows are being advertised on Paramount Plus. Does that mean Nickelodeon is no longer a channel, and it's now just a name?
Angel 101
Angel 101 Prije 2 mjeseci
This show is a good example of how 2D doesn't always quite translate well into 3D
Juan Mena
Juan Mena Prije 2 mjeseci
New Generation ruined everything we had in the 90s. Too much inclusion and political correctness getting shoved in anything nowadays. Back then we didn't needed all that shit and everything was BETTER than nowadays. God fucking hate this generation.
TheDeadCobra Prije 2 mjeseci
Rugrats i will say i never was a fan but i never hated it it was quite good and Grown Up sequel was good two A CGI remake not wise they're looks were made for 2D animation not 3D animations, but the movement is good Parents are ruined why do a in the now year you can make them be in any year and not needed to change them to much They actually put social media in it it ruins it so much
Michael Popup
Michael Popup Prije 2 mjeseci
Yo dude I actually forgot tv existed
Lala Land
Lala Land Prije 2 mjeseci
Hate how people want reboots, hype it up, the reboot comes out and the people never talk about it. It keeps happening and people still think a reboot is gonna be good ...
Lala Land
Lala Land Prije 2 mjeseci
You're 6 years older than me.
Loath Bringer
Loath Bringer Prije 2 mjeseci
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s a shame that people will never realize that taking an old concept, item, or name and stripping it or all original content, changing the things about it that made it IT, just to reboot it for nostalgia points isn’t a god long term strategy. I love Rocco’s Modern Life but when that Reboot movie thing came out, it was so bad that I almost began to hate the original show. If that’s what Nick was going for, then congrats, I guess. But that’s not what anyone wants.
Meowforcats Prije 2 mjeseci
I did the math and Saber is the same age as Philza
Rakshasa Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought Angelica was supposed to be 10
the 23rd president of the US
the 23rd president of the US Prije 2 mjeseci
When the hell did this come out, I have no idea this came out till right now
Puppet Master on VHS
Puppet Master on VHS Prije 2 mjeseci
I was pissed about what they did to Grandpa, they updated a courageous WW2 vet into a hippie. They could have kept the soldier theme and made him a Vietnam veteran. They could have done so much with that, cheap laughs when something abruptly wakes him up, a Veterans Day or Memorial Day special, or maybe they do a serious episode (like they did with Chucky’s mom) and have there be a moment where he brings up a part of what happened during the war. But since Nickelodeon lost its spine some time back, I guess it’s only fitting they make him a nonsensical hippie.
LuigiTheMetal64 Prije 2 mjeseci
"The new show is ugly." So is the original show. The characters are designed to be ugly on purpose that makes the claim contradictory. Even then, no one asked for the show to come back.
Delihlah Prije 2 mjeseci
The animation reminds me of fanboy and Chum Chum 🙃
Snazzyhopper Prije 2 mjeseci
The models look like the toys I had of them when I was younger
Rachael Stain
Rachael Stain Prije 2 mjeseci
Jimmy Union epic
Kanan Jarrus
Kanan Jarrus Prije 2 mjeseci
I never knew this fucking existed. Thanks, Saber.
JJ Elson
JJ Elson Prije 2 mjeseci
I still enjoyed the series, my kids enjoyed it a lot too, which just gave me nostalgic feelings of me enjopying rugrats as a kid
Ellie is Done
Ellie is Done Prije 2 mjeseci
Saber you forgot to mention two big things missing from the reboot: -Howard is gone and Betty is a lesbian (I mean we kinda all knew that but still) -Kira and Kimi are gone which just makes me really sad.
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you Prije 2 mjeseci
Ty The Guy
Ty The Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
The show just looks gross. I don’t know why I just hate how the characters look.
Bloozal Prije 2 mjeseci
they made susie "one of the babies"??? i dunno man...that just dont feel right
Exu Vittorio
Exu Vittorio Prije 2 mjeseci
Another 80s baby 87 here you may be oldest youtuber left
Carrot! Prije 2 mjeseci
I think this reboot too
Troy Martin
Troy Martin Prije 2 mjeseci
The adults voices were TERRIBLE
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