Quick Vid: Bigfoot Family (Review)

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Bigfoot is BACK (frick) and so is the mom (FRICK)

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Haruo Akiya
Haruo Akiya Prije 3 dana
I didn't know there's a sequel. Huh.
Casey Jewels
Casey Jewels Prije 10 dana
I just watched this movie (not realizing it was a sequel), and the evil oil company thing did annoy me and kept pulling me out of the movie. I know oil companies have done terrible things in the past and still do things they shouldn't, but the evilness of the company in the movie felt so over the top. There was literally only one character in the company that didn't want to hurt/kill innocent people (and his role is super minor). Literally everyone else is shown not to care if other humans die, as long as their secret is protected. Granted, it doesn't help that I didn't really care about any of the characters (good or bad), and so this movie, to me, came off as if it had been created solely for the message that oil companies are evil, without much care for making the movie interesting. I mean, the Bigfoot stuff did intrigue me, but that all stems from the first movie I didn't watch. There was nothing specific to this sequel that made me care--rather, it was just an anti-oil message being shoved in my face without any solutions offered of how to better balance nature vs. the need for oil (there was literally only a single line in the movie stating why oil is needed). I'm not saying any of this as an 'oil companies are great' type of thing. I know there's a lot of problems with how we collect oil. However, the oil company in the movie was just so over the top evil (with no actual solutions being offered to fix the problems) that it made me bored with an already meh cast of characters. It tries to give the solution of just one person can make a difference, but that worked better in The Lorax where the initial product being bought was an unneeded one, whereas oil is still needed in much of the world. I haven't driven my car in almost three months because of medical reasons and it sucks (but I can drive in two more weeks!). It's hard to get groceries, hard to get my medicine, too long of a walk to get to work, public transportation sucks in my area, and I'm just using the oil in other people's cars when they drive me places anyways. I'm all for a better system, but the demand/need for oil rarely disappears overnight (the exception being a pandemic). I honestly don't know much about the oil process, other than it does cause harm to the environment (especially wherever it's being extracted from), but this movie gives me no solutions to work towards--just a lot of negativity towards the "evil" oil industry. Just my experience/thoughts with the movie. Not really looking for a discussion, but just wanting to get my thoughts out.
TheRedComet 2
TheRedComet 2 Prije 13 dana
Honestly I hated the movie
AarowThePotato Prije 17 dana
So i watched the sequel thinking it was just 1 movie '•_•'
Mr peabody 569
Mr peabody 569 Prije 18 dana
I can't belive i watched almost all these peapoles movies i watched turtle vision magic housr robison crusoe bigfoot family african safari 3d
The Polish Beast 94
The Polish Beast 94 Prije 23 dana
Is it just me or reminds me of this movie About Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Especially the scene With when Adam And The Wolf Find The Poisoned Land ? 🐺🐺🐺
Natalie Asplund
Natalie Asplund Prije 24 dana
HAHA I am so glad you did this! haha! Our premier is a dumbass
Matthias Sanders
Matthias Sanders Prije 24 dana
Putan: "Use bomb to get oil. Be sure to act like Texan, to avoid suspicion." Big foot movie happens. "They never knew."
Aidan Fu
Aidan Fu Prije 25 dana
I didn’t know why they needed to put that sexual harasser reporter to make Bigfoot uncomfortable though, it’s just so weird.
Aidan Fu
Aidan Fu Prije 25 dana
When I saw the trailers back in 2017, I thought it was about a boy having growth problems with growing hair all over the place a lot quicker and it was about finding his Bigfoot father. You know what, I actually watched Bigfoot family not son of Bigfoot. Bigfoot Family wasn’t that good. I want to watch the son of Bigfoot.
Kuruma Prije 26 dana
Why is this uploaded in April 1st
fire ball
fire ball Prije 27 dana
The only reason I'm watching this is because son of Bigfoot is my favorite movie lol
Sirsneezalot Prije 28 dana
it's the albertan government, as an albertan, we hate them
Krishna Sai Jonnalagedda
Krishna Sai Jonnalagedda Prije 28 dana
the mom in the movie reminds me of lily gardens
dschourek Prije mjesec
I gotta say that the first one was ok but the sequel was wayyyyyyyyy too cheesy for me
Shadorix Prije mjesec
Hello Bob (beings of blood) im here to tell you that today a leaf fell down a tree
Hydra Spectre
Hydra Spectre Prije mjesec
The French company behind this (Charades) also made The Queen's Corgi, as we established, but they also collaborated with Toho and Mamoru Hosoda's Studio Chizu in Japan on making Mirai. They released Bigfoot Family this year and they are also releasing Belle (Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime) this year. It is slated for 2021 at least in Japan through Toho.
Emppu T.
Emppu T. Prije mjesec
Bigfoot against texan fracking was very interestingly timed. A belgium company doing a movie for netflix about what's going on in the us does seem convenient. Well, i guess if you need oil and oil products, it's best to do it right on your own soil with the regulations and practices in place using your own workforce, rather than get it offshore from who knows where. But that's another story.
Michelle b
Michelle b Prije mjesec
Yoyleb17 Prije mjesec
holy shit they made a sequel???
Zeny get money
Zeny get money Prije mjesec
soon as he said the girl coming back i went on rule 34
McFinnaPants Prije mjesec
It's a bit bonkers that protecting the environment is seen as a political stance...
Saxton Prije mjesec
ive seen this movie before
• Møchi The Wølf •
• Møchi The Wølf • Prije mjesec
The only thing strange is that the title doesn’t have “what the hell” in it (Yes, I know he doesn’t always put “what the hell” in his titles.)
Only Evan
Only Evan Prije mjesec
I watched the last viddd
Rasmus Risanen
Rasmus Risanen Prije mjesec
Of course the oil CEO would want to say a thing which ends up making more profit for themselves.
singing fish collection 2007
singing fish collection 2007 Prije mjesec
Do a review on the 2008 Dr seuss movie horton hears a who
Grif the Crit
Grif the Crit Prije mjesec
When I see the reviews on google, I feel so pissed because you can literally tell that almost all the people were most likely sold out by Netflix to promote the movie. Most of those reviews are the exact opposite of how they are, there are copy-paste parts, and there were enough of them to get around 3.5 stars. At least most people were honest. I feel bad for the people working at oil companies, being lied about, or how kids are getting brainwashed into this. Shameless I say. I just wanted to put my review of the film on here, sorry for being out of place here.
VOIDs World
VOIDs World Prije mjesec
“Who are you goku “😭😂😂😂😂
Ginger-Ale Prije mjesec
The “That’s not how fracking works” complaints are valid, like, it’s a big misconception that there’s explosives involved (there aren’t). But honestly, I don’t mind that being how it’s portrayed. Understanding the actual reason why fracking is bad requires a mid to high level geology education and I don’t think a kids movie would benefit from stopping mid plot to explain hydrology and pressure regimes. There are other mining types that involve explosives that are just as bad, so it’s kinda weird, but yeah. It is what it is for me.
spencer sss
spencer sss Prije mjesec
Oh that was a sequel?
Combo Ultimate
Combo Ultimate Prije mjesec
Hey saber, don't forget Adam's mom is elastigirls sister 😏😏😏
[F3AR] OUTL4W Prije mjesec
0:23 *sudden knocking*
GHOST101131 WHOA Prije mjesec
Saber... we have the biggest oil supply in the world in Alaska and reserved for WW3... let’s just get rid of that oil?
David Nivarlet
David Nivarlet Prije mjesec
"Located in Belgium, France" Me, a Belgian: 😶
Aradiiah Prije mjesec
I h a t e Adam's voice actor, I cringed the whole movie
the unmaker
the unmaker Prije mjesec
Julian Schmidt
Julian Schmidt Prije mjesec
Holy shit thats wild. I live in Alberta and the guy you're referring to is the premier of Alberta, Jason Kenny. He's very pro oil ... obviously
Kev Dog
Kev Dog Prije mjesec
0:50 this guy is the Premier of Alberta, effectively a governor of a province.
Alison G
Alison G Prije mjesec
I still can’t get over that this woman found the mythical Bigfoot and the first thing she decides to do is smash
Tokihiko Tempo
Tokihiko Tempo Prije mjesec
Who would win? A $30 Million Provincially-funded Energy "War Room" or A Netflix Family Film
Eglom123 History 26
Eglom123 History 26 Prije mjesec
Well Netflix has lost much of its good content and the provincial government is standing up for its people. So the government.
coffee addicted _bernout
coffee addicted _bernout Prije mjesec
This shit was two weeks ago feels like yesterday
Jake Wolfenstein
Jake Wolfenstein Prije mjesec
Bigfoot in a vest is basically how i make my character in every game but with the hair of Leon from resident evil 4.
Clownfish _
Clownfish _ Prije mjesec
BROO you should check out the movie ‘Justin and the knights of valor’
pepermint Prije mjesec
In the first movie- bigfoot: by the time i was 12 i was waxing my back every weekend with ducktape In the second mivue- bigfoot: one of my experiments went wrong, my dna mutated and turned me into bigfoot So which one is it?
Common Lune
Common Lune Prije mjesec
I live in Alaska and this movie actually upset me. The reason being they made it seem like ALL oil plants are evil even tho it’s fine if you’re doing it safely. Oil is how we get most our money and so it’s a big deal
GreenBeetle Prije mjesec
Saver spark dictionary Not possum = It's mamal normally called Raccoon. Ex: A not possum wreck in to my trash.
Maggie Skrzypińska
Maggie Skrzypińska Prije mjesec
Belgium is NOT in France, please.
the crow show
the crow show Prije mjesec
I think the Texas guy looks like Walmart shaggy
Serenity Darkheart of The Shadow Realm
Serenity Darkheart of The Shadow Realm Prije 2 mjeseci
I had no idea that Bigfoot family was a sequel. I just happened to watch Bigfoot family with my daughter recently and we loved it. Now I'm gonna have to find the first movie and watch it.
Flame Prije 2 mjeseci
they have good textures that are only complimented with the lighting
€%*£#•¥} Prije 2 mjeseci
But propaganda in media does occur.
livesigh Prije 2 mjeseci
The sequel is vegetarianism propaganda in my opinion
Tijl Gees
Tijl Gees Prije 2 mjeseci
Froggo Blobbo
Froggo Blobbo Prije 2 mjeseci
I didn’t even realize this was a sequel
Alex Lugo
Alex Lugo Prije 2 mjeseci
This isn't the first time the Canadian oil industry has gone after pro-environmental media. There is a mobile game called Thunderbird Strike in which you play as a Thunder Bird who destroys oil pipelines across the land. The creator got legal threats from the oil industry.
THE melon god
THE melon god Prije 2 mjeseci
the mom looks like sabiespark
Todd Blair
Todd Blair Prije 2 mjeseci
Хакан Калленджи
Хакан Калленджи Prije 2 mjeseci
0:25 **Loads shotgun** I'mmmm ready!
Rocky Music
Rocky Music Prije 2 mjeseci
Oil,s bull crap 💩 and diservervs to be destroyed that’s the moral of the story 🙃🙃🙃🙃
ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴ ʏᴏᴜ
ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴ ʏᴏᴜ Prije 2 mjeseci
My 8 year old brother found this movie and has been watching it on repeat. I despise it. Please send help.
R Prije 2 mjeseci
*sigh* Unzips
Gorem Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked the first movie, and tbh this movie would be fine if they took out all the oil bits :p And they were a bit more technical with how frac'ing actually works, lol. Using a friggin' Neutron bomb to blow up oil
RSanimations Prije 2 mjeseci
Odd Oscar
Odd Oscar Prije 2 mjeseci
Why does the dad look like Shane dawson
Pyre Dynasty
Pyre Dynasty Prije 2 mjeseci
All I wanna know is: are they called the Bigfoots or the Bigfeet?
skitoftheday456 Prije 2 mjeseci
I saw this movie on netflix a I loved it
ProxyDoug Prije 2 mjeseci
The mom shares her name with the main character from Bombshell and Ion Fury, Shelly Harrison.
XxJayKayxX Prije 2 mjeseci
Went to watch it before finishing this vid, and Arlo's character upset me so much 😭 he looks so lovable, but he is arguable the most evil dude in the film, he was EXCITED to mount drones to try and kill Adam and co and bragged about blowing up his foster care, lmao One thing I notice about the Bigfoot films, the villains have no qualms with straight up murdering their opposition, in quite brutal ways. The first film had the hair dude lock Adam in a burning car and throw it off a cliff, and in this one they throw him down a mineshaft and then throw down a minecart, then try to blow him up, like DAMN TL:DR; Arlo is FOR SURE a serial killer wanted on multiple warrants, I just know it
tz ok
tz ok Prije 2 mjeseci
i love shrek
Justin Prije 2 mjeseci
GOD DAMN IT KENNEY!!! It's Trump wannabees like you that make Alberta the embarrassment of our country. My Aunt and Uncle live in Alberta, and they are environmental fanatics btw, and they tell me that Kenney has been called Trump Jr. And Saber, Kenney is the Premier of Alberta, or version of the Governors that you have in the states.
European Mapping
European Mapping Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey I have 3 cartoons I want u to review , what should I do ?
05Matz Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, that was our idiot Conservative Party Premier (as in the current leader of the province, who instituted an unaccountable government "War Room" specifically to go after people who "denigrate" the oil industry). He's... I can't find words that are HRpost-safe.
toxicsugar art
toxicsugar art Prije 2 mjeseci
As a former conservative albertan (not exactly liberal or anti-conservative or anything either tho), I never understood why the right is so obsessed with oil. Like if there are other ways to make energy why not try them? It’s not a morally-driven thing right?? so why?? Also it goes without saying that getting this upset over a movie is stupid. Like I’d get it if the movie was trying to spread more explicitly harmful ideas, but as it is the message is just....not that.
Eglom123 History 26
Eglom123 History 26 Prije mjesec
It’s are major industry. Like how Hollywood protects films and drugs.
Bailey de Bagel
Bailey de Bagel Prije 2 mjeseci
Okay but this comment doesn’t change the fact that... shut up. Just, shut up. Now.
Anthony Solis
Anthony Solis Prije 2 mjeseci
I was wondering if you could review this movie called 9 but I need to warn you it is pretty grim but it has a happy ending 😕
Loke Egilsønn
Loke Egilsønn Prije 2 mjeseci
so can i just recommend a video ya should REALLY watch? a french movie named: Kirikou and the Sorceress which is about a little new born baby that goes on some sick adventures and can probably outrun Flash if he wants too
Scrap gamingX
Scrap gamingX Prije 2 mjeseci
big foot I must say is amazing
Masiy Campbell
Masiy Campbell Prije 2 mjeseci
Please do Godzilla vs Kong review
Tempest Tossed
Tempest Tossed Prije 2 mjeseci
"They live together in a small house." (Has a staircase to a second story.)
Gargwin Vinesnake
Gargwin Vinesnake Prije 2 mjeseci
KKKenney, making Alberta famous for all the wrong reasons.
Water Sheep
Water Sheep Prije 2 mjeseci
the way he says hayop ka lmao, it was wrong but yet adorable
Zillafeet Prije 2 mjeseci
Have you ever done a review of Adventures from the Book of Virtues? That was one of my favorite shows on PBS as a kid and I considered it way better than the Arthur and Wishbone show.
Zillafeet Prije 2 mjeseci
Just out of curiosity, have you ever done a review for the film The American Rabbit?
pillo44444 Prije 2 mjeseci
You should watch Peepoodo
Emanuel Silvera
Emanuel Silvera Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey saberspark maybe you can start a game review Channel you know like reviewing video games of course there will be anything for you to review gameplay writing and visuals and the quality of the cutscenes.
Taylor Panda
Taylor Panda Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey @Saberspark have you ever watched le monstre de paris? It's an animated french movie about a flea who grows to the size of a man and can sing. I love the movie but I'd be interested in seeing you critique it!
Lampy the cat
Lampy the cat Prije 2 mjeseci
3:38 she’s a furry.
Cesar Bermell
Cesar Bermell Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey man can you do another tier list like the one you did with the cartoon crushes but instead of cartoons they can be from anime or video games
rygiel rico
rygiel rico Prije 2 mjeseci
What the hell is saberspark
Slirp Prije 2 mjeseci
Happy Tree Friends!!!!! Pls!!
Furry Mike
Furry Mike Prije 2 mjeseci
Sabyspark ❤️❤️
Da survivor
Da survivor Prije 2 mjeseci
Its weird the son doesent sound like a guy
Draws_Inklink Prije 2 mjeseci
Saberspark i found a movie you coul watch and review, its called The Thief & The Cobbler its in youtube and its free! i hope u can find it interesting nwn
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow Saber went there 😅🤣🤣.
Doglia Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey saberspark. You should review this movie: huevos little rooster's egg-cellent adventure. Its a mexican movie with anthropomorphic eggs
Mamkajiwin Prije 2 mjeseci
What’s up Broski 🦋
telund kellogg
telund kellogg Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey come on he cares about his family like when goku black said he killed his family and he got all mad
Dominic S
Dominic S Prije 2 mjeseci
I didn't know this movie was a sequel until a few minutes ago lol, just thought it had really bad exposition.
Mr. wing
Mr. wing Prije 2 mjeseci
when will sabie return
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