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Saberspark Prije mjesec
Are prequels an instrument?
Angela Bratland
Angela Bratland Prije 5 sati
N O S A B E R. P R E Q U E L S A R E N O T A I N S T R U M E N T
Jimena Hernandez
Jimena Hernandez Prije 13 dana
Spongebob suffers from flanderization
Talking Weevil31
Talking Weevil31 Prije 23 dana
No saber, prequels are not a instrument. NO mayonnaise is not a instrument either, NO SABER not horseradish either.
ᴀʀᴄᴀᴅᴇ ᴀꜱꜱᴜꜱꜱɪɴ ✓
ᴀʀᴄᴀᴅᴇ ᴀꜱꜱᴜꜱꜱɪɴ ✓ Prije 26 dana
Richards Majestic
Richards Majestic Prije 29 dana
I Love You Saber
Søren the FilmBrony
Søren the FilmBrony Prije dan
...yeah, I'm not watching Kamp Kashgrab in a million years.
Awesomebacon Prije dan
Spongebob ended after 3 seasons and the movie. I don’t know what the hell any of this stuff is anymore.
Juan Marcus Lopez
Juan Marcus Lopez Prije 6 dana
I'll watch the episode Goo Goo Gas any day where the characters turned into babies than this one.
Vanta Prije 6 dana
Saberspark should watch camp camp, it has a similar theme but it's more of an adult show
KannieKosplay yes
KannieKosplay yes Prije 9 dana
"Who doesn't love Spongebob?" Me: *about to raise my hand then I remember the musical and put hand back down*
CyanRyanN64 !
CyanRyanN64 ! Prije 10 dana
No even my little brothers like this trash lol
Damir Babic
Damir Babic Prije 10 dana
they're making the same mistake as Invader Zim Dib focusing on the wrong demographic, if they're going to do a SpongeBob spinoff they should focus on an older demographic, the people interested in a SpongeBob spinoff are going to be an older audience, that's grew up watching it
Official TerristWitTwoTaquitoBoxes
Official TerristWitTwoTaquitoBoxes Prije 11 dana
I Tell Her Mr Tokyo Do Your Thing, I don't need Her, Baby Girl. Do Your Thing. Iced Out Hockey Diamond Ring!
melo Prije 11 dana
now everytime i see one of these videos it makes me sad by how the franchise has really ended but it all about money. to these companys now 😔 but atleast kids are happy it more of the kids opioin not really adults mainly they have a diffrent taste in shows ✋️🌝🤚 👖. 🐌 👞 👞 spongebob and gary
f r i e s
f r i e s Prije 11 dana
The problem I have is that the way they met in show is different from Kamp Koral. Spongebob never knew Krabs until he was hired, Sandy moved to the ocean fully grown, and Squidward and Patrick didn’t know spongebob until he moved in as their neighbors. That’s why I don’t like this show, it throws out any piece of backstory we’ve gotten. I guess the people behind it need to fill up their wallets even more 🤷‍♂️
🤪 OPW OPW 🤪 Prije 12 dana
My hamster has a food bowl
Joe. Prije 12 dana
I wonder how hillianburg would feel about them doing this...
DeppDude89 Prije 13 dana
I just hate kamp Koral it's not as awesome as the original show...
Cringedestroyer Prije 13 dana
Nickelodeon: Am I really going to defile this grave for money? Of course I am!
xxvalkire 999
xxvalkire 999 Prije 14 dana
The second he's gone lol
MrBigRig Prije 14 dana
I’m not even a stickler about good animation, I thought writing and script is more important, but GOODNESS this show looks... just.. unfinished, to say the least. So many textures on things like rocks look weird, and some of the characters and set pieces look almost like plastic, and not a good kind of look. For a spin-off of possibly the most recognized cartoon character of all time, I expected more.
leon The zombie
leon The zombie Prije 14 dana
didn't songebob end after like season 4?
Pin Head
Pin Head Prije 15 dana
Idk they put Stephen's name on it, what do heard he didn't want any spin offs.
Heber Prije 16 dana
In the Camp Coral it doesn't make any sense if Squidward's younger than mr. Krabs I mean at least make to up mr. Krabs a little child to at least Place Squidward a big adult to
Mah name is QQ
Mah name is QQ Prije 16 dana
i think everyone goes 3d now because it´s easier animating i think... less drawwork.
Mahezzaaji Wikandaru
Mahezzaaji Wikandaru Prije 16 dana
Why the animation is worst then in the flashback in spongebob sponge on the run
please subscribe
please subscribe Prije 16 dana
Prime Skeletron
Prime Skeletron Prije 16 dana
You talking about Spongebob as if it being another Simpsons is new information to you is. Really alienating to me. As someone who also grew up with the show, alhough slightly later, its *ALWAYS* been that to me. Did other people no realise this sooner?
Brayden Whittinghill
Brayden Whittinghill Prije 17 dana
Mom Prije 18 dana
The first movie was a good ending
Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid
Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid Prije 18 dana
You know what this means though, right? Right now, we're at that stage where Spongebob is getting a 'kiddy' version and a spin off of side characters. At this point, that means a reboot that 'returns to form', dropping all the gimmicks and updates it just enough but still honors the original will come into play. Think of it like how Scooby Doo went through so many incarnations before finding a good modern foothold with the animated movies and then 'What's New' (and to another extent, Mystery Inc) There will be a time where we might see Spongebob rebooted but in a way that feels like the people working on it remember what made it work and what DOESN'T. Is that being too optimistic? Maybe, but I'm old enough to have seen how long running franchises have a roller coaster when it comes to different series and incarnations, especially those that run as long as they do and the ones that rusually turn out the best are the ones who do try new things but also respect what made the original so good. Kamp Koral is basically the Yo, Yogi of Spongebob; they're trying to be kids in a 'fun' setting but at the most will never top the original and go down as a weird footnote where out of touch exect tried to play it up with kids. IF the show keeps going and we have that 'return', I can only imagine how the newer version will try to experiment to set itself apart while paying homage but that's only IF the people who get their hands on it RESPECT the show. That's the big if when it comes to reboots and sequels; the best ones come from people who respect the source, understand how it work and know how to use any new element to play well with the old. All the reboots and sequels we roast aren't that and come more from a mind that thinks it knows better than the original as well as the FANS, young and old. This is why people hate TTG so much and a lot of really bad reboots. They're coming from a place where the crew want to get famous OFF of it since they're working on an established property that they will act as if they made it. And they act as if they're too good for the older viewers and that the newer views owe them rewards just for existing. You don't go into things like this thinking 'what can this show do for me?'. You should go into it thinking 'What can I do for the show?'
FunnyBunni987 Prije 19 dana
Why did Squidward not get a spin off? It could be about young squidward ( almost spongebob like) growing up and how he became adult squidward that we know.
Дмитрий Иванов
Дмитрий Иванов Prije 20 dana
Ya know, one russian tv-show Kikoriki also had a period of 3d episodes, but apparently it was not so successfull, so they returned to their original format in 2020
Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan Prije 20 dana
Spongebob should have died 17 years ago. Let it end with a little dignity.
Keira Cross
Keira Cross Prije 20 dana
They did the exact same thing with total drama island, No one expected that show to get a lot of seasons And now still playing on cartoon. Network is them at daycare ...... I watched a few episodes and it has its moments but, it lost all the charm the original had, Heck I'd argue the early seasons of the musical world tour stuff is funnier than the prequel type show
Desirée Cornect
Desirée Cornect Prije 23 dana
It would have been interesting to see Spongebob as a kid kind of like Squidward is as an adult, like just really cynical, and Squidward to be full of wonder as a kid but is affected by cynical Spongebob, and throughout the Kamp Koral show we see them become the people they are in the actual main Spongebob Squarepants show. But the idiots behind Spongebob lost that level of creativity a long time ago.
shrub Prije 24 dana
I'm scared of the fact that SpongeBob's going the route of the Minions, Families with small children are bound to watch and like it but they won't know why
bob808sucks Prije 24 dana
viacom doesn't know their own show. first they say that youve never seen spongebobs backyard, yet there was an episode. and now they made spongbob, patrick, sandy, and squidward all childhood friends, even tho there was an episode where spongebob met sandy for the first time. and an episode where spongebob first moved in and met squidward for the first time.
Atomic — Studios
Atomic — Studios Prije 25 dana
Okay this is disrespectful I mean the creators dying wish was for no spin-offs to be made like wtf
Alex Director
Alex Director Prije 26 dana
Disney+: **exists** Paramount: Can i copy your homework?
Selene Afton
Selene Afton Prije 26 dana
But why is nobody talking about how they messed up how Sandy got to Bikini Bottom? She was originally there on a science research thing and got attached and decided to stay but in the Kamp Koral thing she's just there. Explain please??
Quzi Prije 26 dana
Sandys involvement wouldn’t make sense because there’s literally an episode season 1 where Sandy and spongebob literally meet for the first time
Nerdling Prije 27 dana
I haven’t watched it yet. But I feel it does deserve some hate for the sheer disrespect to Steven hilenbergs wishes. He hated the idea of any spin-offs of spongebob. And the executives literally waited for the moment he died to announce 2 different spin-offs
ragdoll combat
ragdoll combat Prije 27 dana
Spongebob is now getting better again in seasons 10,11,12
rG Flux
rG Flux Prije 27 dana
I Miss the old colors and normal faces in spongebob now the colors are bright and the faces look weird and they stretched out faces like monkey d. Luffy
Dragonhunter45 Prije 28 dana
Luka grino
Luka grino Prije 28 dana
That's why i am happy that Cartoons like Gravity Falls or StarVsTFOE ended at their own time
SuperBulbasaurLogan Prije 28 dana
Nickelodeon Had Done Messed Up Now! Worse Is That They Are Making Their Own Garfield Show.
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije 28 dana
I doubt the franchise will go on forever
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije 28 dana
No spinoffs are allowed to get good reviews
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije 28 dana
I don't want spongeboy to still be good
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije 28 dana
There's no way Kamp Koral is a prequel it looks definitely more like a reboot with unusual weak adult humor
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije 28 dana
I hope Kamp Koral doesn't get good reviews
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije mjesec
I don't accept koral Kamp as canon, the story is completey wrong
mr nobody
mr nobody Prije mjesec
No more milking spongeboy dry
Top hat Clan
Top hat Clan Prije mjesec
I will always like spongebob it’s my childhood
Haticle Prije mjesec
In my opinion the movies are bad and the show is perfect and now with the new writer its gone a bit bad you can definitely tell the difference but the originals and everything before the new writer is gold and nobody can replicate it
MyNameIsInigoMontoyaYouKilledMyFatherPrepareToDie Prije mjesec
Steven Hillenburg said he did not ever want a spinoff show. He died: they announced Kamp Koral a few months afterwards
ً Prije mjesec
All the classic humor is gone. Spongebob has been milked dry. It's over for me.
i_eat_forks Prije mjesec
Kamp corel looks unfinished
Cloudedaurora Prije mjesec
Saberspark: mentions Viacom Angry Monkey Quest Reborn noises
Laila Base
Laila Base Prije mjesec
Okay but the Spongebob musical kinda slaps 😶 I’ll leave
Dominic Alexander
Dominic Alexander Prije mjesec
How old is krabs if he has baby pearl but when spongebob is hired krabs looks fine same with mrs puff hmmm.....🤔🤔
3:09 The new seasons have been good since 2015 👌👌
Trevor Weisberg
Trevor Weisberg Prije mjesec
So I guess Sandy moving in and meeting Spongebob in season 1 isn't canon anymore, huh?
Crewmate Ninja
Crewmate Ninja Prije mjesec
spongebob will be a worser show than boomerang uk shows, they are rubbish let me assure you
AnonymouslyAnnoying Prije mjesec
5:13 Holy hell was that scene even finished??? It looks so cheap what-
Litespark Prije mjesec
The Kamp Koral Klub
Dootler64 Prije mjesec
I'm going to say this the Creator Steven Hillenburg did not want spin-offs of the show
qwerty_masterpigman Prije mjesec
That is very controversial with spongebob fans from the videos I've seen
Long House Studios
Long House Studios Prije mjesec
I dare you to do a review on twokinds!
Rohn Allan
Rohn Allan Prije mjesec
Named quick vid: is 13 minutes
Amazing Meat balls
Amazing Meat balls Prije mjesec
I really hope that the Patrick show is going to be like Family Guy but for kids
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Prije mjesec
Checkout the HRpost show SoongeBob Boyz where they randomly select late season episodes and describe the horror show they just watched.
Addie B
Addie B Prije mjesec
Stephen Hillenburg was SO systematic with his world building. It really does seem like the rest of the team is just kind of.. milking it. On the other hand, the thought of spongebob being celebrated forever, like scooby doo or the simpsons, is kind of exciting to me. But I’m with you, it’s really hard not to feel like a grumpy old person about it
FancyBingus Prije mjesec
*why the hell would they do this*
Roblox Piggy player
Roblox Piggy player Prije mjesec
I like paramount+
Kawaii Emolga
Kawaii Emolga Prije mjesec
I don't love SpongeBob '-' The firsts seasons are funny and stuff, but I never was super enthusiastic about this show
Roman Jimenez
Roman Jimenez Prije mjesec
When Stephen died it had a big impact on us but this is even worse I grew up with sponge bob and as a big fan this is a insult to the sponge bob franchise
Mauowaii Prije mjesec
Okay but why is there a river in the ocean
Chalky Loki
Chalky Loki Prije mjesec
I respect that you aren’t railing against kids’ stuff for ruining nostalgia. I grew up loving some things that people absolutely despised for ruining their nostalgia, and that honestly hurt. So thank you for not partaking in that.
CatFishyYT Prije mjesec
This show looked AWFUL it’s really gross
albert Chan
albert Chan Prije mjesec
The animation looks terrible for me
Jervis-Jehan Laurent
Jervis-Jehan Laurent Prije mjesec
The 3D and 2D sponge bob cool :)))) :P 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😋😋😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋 :) :> :)))))) 😋
darkxaur Prije mjesec
I'm not even going to start on the continuity problems with Kamp Koral.
Netska T.
Netska T. Prije mjesec
Don't buy Raycons, do yourself a favor. If you have money, invest on something better. If you don't, buy yourself some wired earbuds, sometimes way better than bluetooth ones! Nice video though!
Iridescentclaws Prije mjesec
I can’t be the only one who finds the visual aesthetic of Kamp Koral creepy. I haven’t watched any episodes but the lighting seen in some of the clips seem weird. There’s other shots that seem kinda but in others it just seems really dark and poorly shaded. But Idk that’s just me, just nitpick
plush universe
plush universe Prije mjesec
Spongebob went downhill in season 6, but them redeemed itself in season 9
GalaxyOddity Prije mjesec
The first stuff was better Because they weren’t so focused on making it for kids it wasn’t originally FOR kids
Mercenary Master
Mercenary Master Prije mjesec
I kind of like this... I too have mixed feelings about this however I do strangely enjoy the show...
Mikhaela Mejia-Velano Year 07
Mikhaela Mejia-Velano Year 07 Prije mjesec
Didn’t the SpongeBob had a new movie? Also , the characters are adorable :)
Madness Nevada Hank J. Wimbleton
Madness Nevada Hank J. Wimbleton Prije mjesec
you got to think people are saying spongbob saw sandy first in the camp but then in the 1 or i think its the 2 season he saw sandy fighting a clam but my thought is that spongbob might have bin friends with sand but when he got older jelly fishing he went in to a coma and forgot about sandy, so sandy forgot about him in texas but she when to see the sea life and they became friends again please dont hate on me its just a thought i had of this.
ROBDEWAND Prije mjesec
why the hell is sandy even there ? They first met as "adults" in one of the first spongebob episodes.
Keiji Johnson
Keiji Johnson Prije mjesec
Okay, is this even a REVIEW at all? Because this just plays off as a glorified RANT about the show and the service as a whole than an actual review on the show itself!
Jerome Alday
Jerome Alday Prije mjesec
Yeah, He only started the REVIEw midway through the video. Gotta get that watch time somehow 😅
HyperNeko2000 Prije mjesec
Seeing the small clips of the old Spongebob episodes was my favorite part of the video because it brings back funny memories
Diesel Miller
Diesel Miller Prije mjesec
I have all three services which is really useful
Jerome Alday
Jerome Alday Prije mjesec
Luke_The_Ripper Prije mjesec
Wait, a Raycon ad without the Raycon joke? I mean, "Watch out Spongebob, Viacom wants to make a baby spinoff with you! Oh no, he can't hear me, because he's wearing his Raycon earbuds!!" would be such a good joke there XD
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Prije mjesec
This is amazing.
Thundy Prije mjesec
I grew up watching spongebob since I was 6 and I'm very disappointed with how bad it is nowdays
TwilightWolf032 Prije mjesec
But Sandy didn't get to Bikini Bottom until she was an adult...
Chester Dagoc
Chester Dagoc Prije mjesec
Angered at disney when i find out the secret of kells lost at the oscar awards and up won :/
Kameron Gatton
Kameron Gatton Prije mjesec
9:27 what in the living shit is that what the fuck is that
Kameron Gatton
Kameron Gatton Prije mjesec
The new duck tales looks great and I kinda like it and its pretty good with the story of what I watched but this is just what the fuck this looks like clay or playdow and It looks horrible compared to the original
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella Prije mjesec
Big companies really looked at beloved shows and thought "hmm... I see what you're going for... But what if babies? Everyone loves babies" I've never met someone that loves babies that wasn't my grandparents. That's not even a joke, that's just how it is
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena Prije mjesec
When you run out of ideas, you do Muppet Babies
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