Quick Vid: Wish Dragon (Review)

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Hey it's the Chinese version of Aladdin! Kind of...

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Alicat Gtz
Alicat Gtz Prije 3 dana
I honestly really enjoyed the film, it was a great watch. I’d definitely recommend 👍
Jaggo Ferret
Jaggo Ferret Prije 4 dana
I see that allot in chinese animation "more to life than money" seems to be one of the big communist checkmarks in moviemaking.
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown Prije 7 dana
I liked it better than Aladdin in EVERY way, and I love Aladdin. Crazy
Star Fall film
Star Fall film Prije 7 dana
Pretty much long just reminds me of my Mushu in Mulan
Xaeric Prije 9 dana
The teapot was jade, the dragon was jaded.
Melkyn Javier Troncoso v.
Melkyn Javier Troncoso v. Prije 9 dana
Long is a Stand and nobody can deny it!
moogleydoot Prije 10 dana
i think the lighting is a big factor in why this movie looks kinda low budget. to me, it looks flat. there's no ray tracing or sub surface scattering and there aren't a lot of detailed textures. It's a shame they didn't have the budget for that stuff because it would've made a big difference imo.
r i
r i Prije 14 dana
If you think some of this movie has inappropriate implications.. watch all of Nezha. You'll catch what I mean on a few parts
Emily Ding
Emily Ding Prije 17 dana
gotta add of the chinese animation bit and its that ALL SAINTS STREET IS GOOD
Ninsy Prije 17 dana
My brain can't get over the One Piece reference
Miki Neko
Miki Neko Prije 18 dana
I loved Nezha 🥺 I can’t wait for Jiang Ziya~
daily dose of music
daily dose of music Prije 21 dan
Setting-wise, I feel like they didn’t focus on a certain vibe to go for. They just did this in-between mush thing where they didn’t go full out. Otherwise, it wasn’t a bad movie.
Mamkajiwin Prije 22 dana
What’s up Broski 🦋🦋
Boyfriend Prije 24 dana
If Din wished for Long to go to the spirit world I would beat the crap out of Sony for copyrighting Aladdin
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Prije 24 dana
Pls do a review of vivo it’s also by Sony on Netflix and it’s pretty good
Harry Downey
Harry Downey Prije 24 dana
This movie was unbearable Aladdin bootleg horseshit, the concept is Aladdin but modern day
Naima Hervey
Naima Hervey Prije 25 dana
Long reminds me of discord from mlp
Time_TheLynx Prije 28 dana
Honestly,I don’t really like it. I thought it was good when I first watched it,but it got boring and boring and…yeah…
Melvin Prije mjesec
i watched this movie with my grandma, and i actually like this movie a lot. i love anything comical, and long's character development, and how din and lina have a platonic relationship. i also love the bouncy animations ☺️
SamCreeper07 Prije mjesec
This movie was hilarious.
Tapir Prije mjesec
What 2 to in quarantine
What 2 to in quarantine Prije mjesec
At this point Netflix is Throwing everything at the viewer so they can stay
Lentle Pusoloso
Lentle Pusoloso Prije mjesec
e3vL1 Prije mjesec
There's no upcharge for Luca. It's part of the Disney + subscription. Unless you're assuming everyone has Netflix
°grape panda° OFFICAL
°grape panda° OFFICAL Prije mjesec
I watched wish dragon
SirMrMcJack Prije mjesec
I'm happy China gets involved with animating movies. There are lots of interesting stories of which we in the western and European world know little to nothing about, it's exciting!
Wandering Catnip
Wandering Catnip Prije mjesec
"Spray me with your magic juice!" Yeah. Din said that. I made my mum listen to that one part and let her guess what the context is.
Samuel Rosenberg
Samuel Rosenberg Prije mjesec
1:58 Taiwan is not apart of China. Taiwan is its own independent nation. Please go back and edit this so your video reflects that.
TornadicVtFoE Prije mjesec
I knew someone would say something about that as soon as a sorted by new. He probably just went to Google and grabbed a random flag map, its not that important
Maria Skabardonis
Maria Skabardonis Prije mjesec
I found Raya to be prettier but I felt Wish Dragon did a better job with its story and themes than Raya
Bronwyn Ibberson
Bronwyn Ibberson Prije mjesec
Don't forget long-zhu roasting the God of the gates
Maria Skabardonis
Maria Skabardonis Prije mjesec
I didnt hear about this movie until my co teacher showed it to the class and I was surprised at how good it was. It had elements of Aladdin but did it's own thing. I do think they did have romantic feelings that developed when they saw each other as adults. I dont see them as totally platonic
ZeldaSam1 Prije mjesec
1:50 I LOVED IT!!!
SkyBlue Prije mjesec
I was babysitting and I saw the cover and I thought it looked a little silly but watched it anyway and ended up loving it. Came home and had my family watch it with me on our family night, they loved it too.
Aquaboii Prije mjesec
The guy bald guy in the white suit should play soccer
A I Prije mjesec
Could you please react to the Indian animated film Krishna Aur Kans? It's about Krishna, a deity in Hindu mythology and religion, who was destined to stop his tyrannical uncle. I get Prince of Egypt and Hercules vibes from that film.
Dawn Paolo Abes
Dawn Paolo Abes Prije mjesec
I definitely don't want to be a movie reviewer as a career because clearly, you don't speak like people who don't watch movies for a living... You sound clearly jaded, just like the dragon character in this film
Dawn Paolo Abes
Dawn Paolo Abes Prije mjesec
But less charming
Big Man Dean
Big Man Dean Prije mjesec
This film is pretty much flawless. It's very well animated, the plot is good, the characters are good and it's actually funny.
Nurul Shoofiyah
Nurul Shoofiyah Prije mjesec
Watch 2 strings. It's a sad movie
Amity Violet Noceda
Amity Violet Noceda Prije mjesec
After watching Wish Dragon, I realized this movie is better than Aladdin
John Zeus
John Zeus Prije mjesec
I agree. I also watched it expecting it to be an "Aladdin rip-off" as they say, but they're clearly different movies that just happened to borrow from the same source material and employed similar tropes. And for some reason, I like Long's character more than the Genie. :)
Chris McDuncan
Chris McDuncan Prije mjesec
Oh man my favorite part of the movie animation wise was when Long became a paper dragon, I thought that was SO COOL
Type 99
Type 99 Prije mjesec
Has been in the teapot for 1000 years but knows of the Qing. The Qing rose and fell from 1644 to 1912 well after his imprisonment and fell before his release.
TruthyToothy Prije mjesec
Judging on what Long looked like as a human in a suit, there's no doubt that he'll get some simps soon. It's just..... I'm starting to feel a pattern. A pattern of people liking characters that look like a hobo, or just looks tired. I can't really describe it.
Average Random Videos
Average Random Videos Prije mjesec
It's one of those movies that seem basic, generic and predictable, and when you go watch it you end up having a blast watching it. I literally just stumbled upon this movie while I was scrolling through Netflit and I gave it a try a few hours ago and I honestly was surprised on how much this movie had to offered. I'll take a good story and character development any day over visuals, 8/10, would highly recommend!
LeafFall Prije mjesec
Im so sorry but i just need to let my frustration out WHAT IT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I’m the best 3 seconds away from cardiac arrest
I’m the best 3 seconds away from cardiac arrest Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s my comfort movie😭😭😭
Max Jung
Max Jung Prije mjesec
I also kind of wish😔that the movie showed Din and Li on that dinner date
Max Jung
Max Jung Prije mjesec
😭and the fact long sacrificed his wish to have a spirit in the spirit world at the end was just so heartbreaking
NickFanboy115 Prije 2 mjeseci
My brother said this movie sucks dog crap but I think it's awesome!
Crystal the Glaceon
Crystal the Glaceon Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah, a Raycon ad! Feels like it's been a while. Because I got them with your code I actually named my Raycon earbuds "Crystal's Sabersparks" in my phone 🤣
XyloWolf Prije 2 mjeseci
I would’ve loved to see this in theaters! So much better than Raya and the last dragon. And he actually looks like a dragon!
Carrie Desaulniers
Carrie Desaulniers Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm Almost see a wish dragon it was good movie I watched in 3 years ago I'm think.
flowey fangirl
flowey fangirl Prije 2 mjeseci
you have no idea how mad I became when in "The Lion King" Nala and Simba fell in love. Brooo, I didn't see the appeal. It ruined their relationship imo (when I watched it for the first time, after that I didn't give a shit) but with this movie, oh boy, I was so happy that two different-gender friends still friends from the beginning to the end. It seems like now days, a boy and a girl can only be friends if they're related, otherwise, BOOM you two are now wife and husband
Zoya Saad
Zoya Saad Prije 2 mjeseci
Wish dragon is a copy of Aladdin
Bomby Animations
Bomby Animations Prije 2 mjeseci
I think this movie is awesome and i think they did a great job with it, 9/10 would watch again
KougaTintinFan Prije 2 mjeseci
A boy and a girl didn't end up together? That's outrageous! IT'S SONY'S FAULT FOR STRAIGHTBATING ME!!! Jokes aside, this and Luca are the movies I surely want to see someday.
SoberCaine Prije 2 mjeseci
Long is Hot. that's is the Fact and his backstor is awesome!!! I like him
Mary Ann Lewellen
Mary Ann Lewellen Prije 2 mjeseci
Plot twist: wish dragon can let you wish for more wishes
Jazzy Jock
Jazzy Jock Prije 2 mjeseci
We’re not gonna glance over the fact that Jackie Chan is actually the executive producer of this movie are we? And that the entirety of the movie’s cast is made of Chinese actors? Look at the Credits y’all! They entail everything 😂😂
Jazzy Jock
Jazzy Jock Prije mjesec
@Max Jung Well they sorta did. I wish that too. Also yes Jackie Chan was lol. That Kung fu had to have came from some where 😂
Max Jung
Max Jung Prije mjesec
WAIT JACKIE CHAN WAS A EXECUTIVE PRODUCER FOR THIS MOVIE? How dare😭✋not show Din and Li on their official dinner date as buddies like what the hell? I was so ready for them to hug and embrace/reminisce on their past like😔l wanted to see the two of them being all buddy, buddy again like in the first half but now as young adults
Zexoni Prije 2 mjeseci
Hello here's a movie that I recommend you to review the movie is called dog gone trouble and it's basically where this dog named trouble gets in a bit of some trouble in the city now I didn't really like it as much but, I wanted to see it reviewed.
cucuy workshop
cucuy workshop Prije 2 mjeseci
In wish dragon visuals I think it's best to compare it to Mickey mouse club house were both designs appear to be very kidish with big eyes and bright colors very little attention to the building ya know. There is also very bright colors with no lighter tones to bring more depth in the design the character design have no depths when it comes to colors it's very one tones and so making it very plan.
Michael Butler
Michael Butler Prije 2 mjeseci
Long is what I’d prefer Shenron’s personality to be.
TehWhiteTiger Prije 2 mjeseci
I enjoyed this more than Luca tbh
Moleje1337 Prije 2 mjeseci
It is an Aladdin rip off, but it's fucking good.
euphorya Prije 2 mjeseci
What’s weird to me is that one of the Aladdin straight to VHS tape sequels, “Aladdin and the King of Thieves”, the one when Aladdin meets his dad, there is Mida’s golden hand that turns anything it touches into gold. The villain of that movie dies the same way. He gets turned to gold. I’m not saying that Wish Dragon is an exact copy of Aladdin but you have to admit, this one took a lot of inspiration from Aladdin and it’s sequels
Z-rod Stanford
Z-rod Stanford Prije 2 mjeseci
Your excited about China controlling our media?
Z-rod Stanford
Z-rod Stanford Prije 2 mjeseci
So its exactly like the Genin.
ma lak
ma lak Prije 2 mjeseci
Did yall forget the fact that the main character's name is an Aladdin reference????? Like it's Alla *DIN*
ultrahotty Prije 2 mjeseci
"dragon" his feet, eh?
DonDon11x2 Ohiri
DonDon11x2 Ohiri Prije 2 mjeseci
The movie was really good tho
Jinxed Out
Jinxed Out Prije 2 mjeseci
chu should check out The Dating guy (❁´◡`❁)
Cendicate .L
Cendicate .L Prije 2 mjeseci
My 2 year old nephew wanted to watch this and at first I was like meh then I was like wow! I loved it!
among the derps
among the derps Prije 2 mjeseci
It's sad at the end there friend ship will never end long and did it's sad lol it was funny when the guy hit the bridge all the gold. Scaterd but I hope they make part 2
ZM YT Prije 2 mjeseci
you never have a friend like me
Derpy cookie
Derpy cookie Prije 2 mjeseci
I saw wish dragon with my cousin it was good
Jeffrey Chen
Jeffrey Chen Prije 2 mjeseci
He used an image that included Taiwan as part of the CCP :(
Loath Bringer
Loath Bringer Prije 2 mjeseci
Ceci Ng
Ceci Ng Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah this movie kinda reminds me of Aladdin wth
Cassandra Fong
Cassandra Fong Prije 2 mjeseci
Do a review of She-Ra on Netflix!
rgar22 Prije 2 mjeseci
Is he not going to mention how EVERYTHING is giggly?
Dynamite May
Dynamite May Prije 2 mjeseci
Raycon sucks
Kinesha Shekhar
Kinesha Shekhar Prije 2 mjeseci
I love wish dragon. 🐉
xiao wencui
xiao wencui Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s maybe because Luca is Pixar
Ryan Luong
Ryan Luong Prije 2 mjeseci
I cried when Mr. Wang was about to die and he cried because he realized that for all his life's work he felt like he failed his daughter and left her with nothing.
NoteStrat Prije 2 mjeseci
Moss, imagine deleting your own comment
_sneakaboo_ Prije 2 mjeseci
The fact that they didn’t follow the “you lied to me!” trope alone makes this one of my favorite movies
Nick V
Nick V Prije 2 mjeseci
“Obsessed with saving his company, aka making money” Oh, and not suddenly putting everyone who works for him out of a job...but screw everybody not at the top just to mess with the guy at the top, huh?
Erif The fox
Erif The fox Prije 2 mjeseci
This movie was so nice Witnessed concept art And ever since i was hyped Same with raya Raya was….eh Wish dragon led up to my hype
Sydney Apacible
Sydney Apacible Prije 2 mjeseci
I was watching a video where a Japanese drawer was talking about why some images just don't look good. And the biggest reason was contrast. The film uses a lot of pastels, but it's a very washy pallet with almost no contrast. So it has less impact. That's what I'm guess is happening here, the colors just kinda blend and it feels, meh. But maybe there's just too much pollution in the air to get the crisp contrast ahahaha.
🖤PollutedPluto🖤 Prije 2 mjeseci
Gonna watch this and other Chinese animated films. The cover art is actually pretty nice and I like the character models. But it seems heavily inspired- But the Chinese take on popular stories etc. I'm here for the dragon. Gives me Mulan's dragon Mushu vibes sassy. (MUSHU WILL ALWAYS BE SUPERIOR THO)
Edits with Coco
Edits with Coco Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok it’s like big hero 6, Aladdin, and Mulan.
Tan Hong Xuan
Tan Hong Xuan Prije 2 mjeseci
Dom : family it's the most important
Maroš Mráz
Maroš Mráz Prije 2 mjeseci
Fun question. Who else noticed in a trailer Long saying he can’t bring people back to life but not making it to the movie?
Michael Finnemore
Michael Finnemore Prije 2 mjeseci
You should review pop punk zombies
MagicUniverse4ever Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked the relationship between Din and Lina. It's nice for once to see just a platonic friendship between a boy and a girl. Also Long is adorable!
the Hamurai
the Hamurai Prije 2 mjeseci
Tbh the sadist part of the wish dragon is when long discovered that shrimp chips don't have any shrimps in them
Dumbledoresarmy13 Prije 2 mjeseci
I saw a single trailer of Wish Dragon alongside a bunch of other trailers for upcoming movies. It didn't show the studios behind it or where it would be available, but the trailer made it sound like... basically Disney's Aladdin with a modern backdrop and a dragon reskin for the genie. Based on that trailer, I 100% assumed it was some low budget Chinese studio making a cheap knockoff movie for a buck. Also, the CCP doesn't allow many foreign movies each year into the market there - you have to get special permission and the movie can't offend the party in any way to even qualify. ex: The 2012 reboot of Red Dawn made EXTENSIVE edits to the film in post to qualify to be shown in Chinese cinemas and despite the steep cost they still weren't allowed to. So, regarding the popularity of Nezha, Chinese movies have a huge home-field advantage in China where the global competition is suppressed. This definitely contributes to that popularity disparity you're seeing.
••Cloudii•bubblebeans•• Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked the first nezha movie
RelaX Prije 2 mjeseci
Let's be honnest. It really looks like Aladdin. But Disney doesn't hold the monopoly on stories based on a genius giving wishes. The have become so huge in the entertainment industry taht people assume every story comes from them. I even saw people comparing the wish dragon to Mushu from Mulan, even if the only thing they have in common is being an asian dragon. Genius giving wishes is a tale old as storytelling itself, and I see nothing wrong in using this basis to create a new movie.
Pinkish Haven
Pinkish Haven Prije 2 mjeseci
This movie is fun. I literally laughed out loud when they were burying the chicken😂 We have chickens and we did the same.
Big OofYT
Big OofYT Prije 2 mjeseci
I dont care what anyone says this movie was adoravle asf! And i loved the message it represented.
Melissa Fedora
Melissa Fedora Prije 2 mjeseci
Melissa Fedora
Melissa Fedora Prije 2 mjeseci
We are number one
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