HOW DID THIS AIR ON TV?! WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY STOP IT?! (Weird Episode - Total Dramarama)

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This is one of the most uncomfortable things I've EVER seen and that's saying something

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Saberspark Prije mjesec
I feel like I only have 30 days to live after watching that episode...ALSO I promise I have uploads coming out soon that involve compelling topics with quality research and presentation! This channel isn't JUST smut and weird cartoons. Just lemme finish my mobile game ads vid, my Sailor Ballz vid, and my Jehovah's Witnesses cartoon review first. PROMISE
GrimTomb Prije dan
Dude I really wanna get into the tv industry to make sure censorship is done for the right stuff and not unnecessary stuff that’s for like adults kids shouldn’t have this sorta pedophilic stuff on tv
Carlee Spindler
Carlee Spindler Prije 6 dana
I know what you mean. That fart episode was sick as fuck.
Brilliant Sparking
Brilliant Sparking Prije 7 dana
Wait, should I watch this video?
e is for exsistential crisis
e is for exsistential crisis Prije 13 dana
30 days of suffering
Jayms Pingkian
Jayms Pingkian Prije 29 dana
Pls do what the hell is super shiro is ruining the crayon shin Chan franchise.
Jessica Eaton
Jessica Eaton Prije sat
I completely understand. This episode shouldn't exist. I am sooooo confused as to why people would think this is ok.
Merchant Ziro
Merchant Ziro Prije sat
If people are wondering why aliens don't wanna hang out with us, I think I found the reason why.
Sh H
Sh H Prije 4 sati
blame canada
PupperFsh Prije 6 sati
CANT have swear words or guns but we can have this
Raccoonus Maximus
Raccoonus Maximus Prije 13 sati
Popee the clown is less deranged than this... and that show was designed to be deranged...
サキュバスのロクスラ Prije 16 sati
saberspark crying makes me happy
Adrian Shift
Adrian Shift Prije dan
As a Canadian. I hate this. I wish to cast it into the pits of hell. No... Worse.
海賊 ☠️
海賊 ☠️ Prije dan
Even as a kid I thought total drama island was gross asf, tbh I hated it. Characters are always eating gross shit and vomiting,, PROJECTILE vomiting, vomiting on each other, getting covered in vomit, or vomiting and then making out w someone right afterwards, or even vomiting in other characters MOUTHS.. the vomit sound effects from the show still haunt my fucking nightmares. Also there’s censored nudity, frequent sexual innuendos, and sexual situations. It’s fucking weird to put stuff like that in a show marketed towards minors,,, on a TV channel that mostly airs children’s cartoons. Years later, literally the only thing I can remember about the show is how fucking weird and gross it was,,
kittenesque Prije dan
Yeah, they could have had him have a vacuum or something rather than sniffing????? Like. Ew.
Ulysses Prije dan
Not hating on the braps. Ain't my brand of tea tho.
Prototype Games
Prototype Games Prije dan
The fart fairy is on the FBI's most wanted list
HeromanV3 Prije 2 dana
Want me to call the SCP foundation instead of the army? What a weird nauseating episode...
Walgreens TechnoBlade
Walgreens TechnoBlade Prije 2 dana
It might not have even been the writers, it could have been one of the animators
•𝒫𝓊𝓅𝓅𝑒𝓉• Prije 2 dana
I literally took fairies and fart fetish and made them into an episode
Amsie02 Prije 2 dana
This is disturbing
//2020MadeExistencePain\\ Prije 2 dana
I’m scared My uncle lives in Canada Please spare his life PLEASE TOTAL DRAMARAMA
ordis canet
ordis canet Prije 2 dana
Even Terence and Philip would be ashamed of Canada
Xander Prije 2 dana
As a Canadian, Total Dramarama is the worst thing to happen in the Canadian cartoon world. My son was watching that episode and when I saw it, I closed my son eyes because of how disgusting it was. I almost threw up. It was so horrible I ban him from watching it. Instead we watched some Adventure Time.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Prije 3 dana
Whoever approved this episode to air on children's televisions should rethink their life choices for a solid moment
Desert Rain
Desert Rain Prije 3 dana
I might love ripping a good fart and a good fart joke, but this? Ho boy, this pushes boundaries to the max. This crosses over to borderline sexual.
𝕂𝕚𝕥𝕜𝕒𝕥'𝕤 ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕠𝕦𝕥
𝕂𝕚𝕥𝕜𝕒𝕥'𝕤 ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕠𝕦𝕥 Prije 3 dana
Mana-Pixel Prije 3 dana
as a canadian im dissapointed
Igiem Prije 3 dana
Hi, Canada boy here. I'll have to make this quick because my polar bear stables are melting, but we are doing fine. Thank you for the concern though, we appreciate the thought.
Havoc Prije 3 dana
So the entire episode is basically a fart fetish?
Cofee Spear
Cofee Spear Prije 3 dana
The fact that it's a episode where the main characters are children just feels wrong
boom 350
boom 350 Prije 3 dana
i watch to much bs this didnt disgust me anymorr
Meda Purnama
Meda Purnama Prije 4 dana
To their credit the gas inhaling was animated pretty well.
tundra Prije 4 dana
As a Canadian no it's not don't think that Saber please
SatanRomps Prije 4 dana
So is this like a writer's fetish oooorrrr......?
Starry-Eyed Samantha
Starry-Eyed Samantha Prije 4 dana
I feel violated-
statesminds Prije 5 dana
That's why South Park made Terrance and Phillip do fart jokes as Canadians
lucas Prije 5 dana
the collecting farts bullshit would've been so much less weird and creepy if instead of sniffin them up like that he'd just like stored it in a bag or whatever
notreallythere477 Prije 5 dana
Canadian animation is like food at the Golden Corral's buffet. It's absolutely terrible, it *will* harm you if you consume it, and there is a seemingly endless amount of it that they will not stop pushing on anyone who doesn't run away fast enough.
Luna Wolfheart
Luna Wolfheart Prije 5 dana
I love total drama but always hated the stupid fart jokes they were way overdone
Kastfilms Prije 5 dana
Just curious….was the Lovecraftian god in the beginning just a picture of an Elephant?
Chester Patten field
Chester Patten field Prije 5 dana
According to Terrance and Phillip, Canadians love farts
Vulnresati Prije 5 dana
I hate flatulence jokes, it's right up there with genitalia harm and perverted jokes.
ULTRA PRO DOGE Prije 5 dana
Crimson Kraxal
Crimson Kraxal Prije 5 dana
This is stereotypical child molester,kids!
Damon Jordan
Damon Jordan Prije 5 dana
Maybe fart jokes are a Canadian thing. The creators of South Park are American, but usually do pretty good research. And this reminded me about how Terrance and Philip, a Canadian show in South Park, is basically about farting... So, maybe there is something to it...
Dapotatoman 674
Dapotatoman 674 Prije 6 dana
I can never see the final boss of doom 2016 again without thinking of that image of the fart fairy’s face on the spider mastermind
{avai.exe} Prije 6 dana
This man has a fart kink 😩
Slendr_Playr918 Prije 6 dana
Well, you know what they say: You're either a smart feller or a fart smeller.
Ben Mahler
Ben Mahler Prije 6 dana
It's Canada so this must be setup for a Terrance and Phillip crossover
HOOTY THE GOD [Dendy] Prije 6 dana
ReiBeats !
ReiBeats ! Prije 6 dana
I saw my brother watching this while we were eating dinner... I was so horrified.
Travis B
Travis B Prije 7 dana
anime  fan
anime fan Prije 7 dana
That's mean I'm a kid still almost
Brilliant Sparking
Brilliant Sparking Prije 7 dana
We need to talk to these writer's mothers.
Zoey Barter
Zoey Barter Prije 7 dana
Canadian here, I am now worried for myself…
Canadian Jesus
Canadian Jesus Prije 7 dana
This isn't what I died for
Hey Adora
Hey Adora Prije 8 dana
they fed up teen titans now total drama island :(
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst Prije 8 dana
I really wish sometimes that Canada could just go away forever I'm not even joking *And I fucking live here*
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst Prije 8 dana
I noticed a lot of gross out "humor" comes from Canadian TV shows and I'm noticing a sick pattern 🤦‍♀️
Toby Lam
Toby Lam Prije 8 dana
Cynthia Culiner
Cynthia Culiner Prije 9 dana
this explains terrance nad phillip from south park..............................
Will Austerman
Will Austerman Prije 9 dana
South Park tried to warn us about those Canadians and their fart humor....
Cat Prije 9 dana
I don't want to breathe through my nose again
Karnivore Volpe
Karnivore Volpe Prije 9 dana
Why do I think that’s all that was going thru whoever the fuck made this episode: *“LeShAwNa I NEED yOuR FaRtS!”*
Chocolatecat Gameplay
Chocolatecat Gameplay Prije 9 dana
Still waiting for Chris McClean to reveal the show was just in his head.
Razanne Prije 9 dana
The person who wrote the episode must have a fart fetish and is a pe do at the same time
Vamroc Sylar
Vamroc Sylar Prije 9 dana
I've always heard these kids were clones created for a TDI reboot that never happened and now Chef after having turned on Chris to avoid jail time is being employed at the network owned daycare because the network needs someone they can trust to keep their mouth shut.
Deimos is dead
Deimos is dead Prije 9 dana
This entire episode gave me the same vibe of that power puff girls reboot episode: *sheer horror and disgust.*
Indigo Rosewood
Indigo Rosewood Prije 9 dana
Honestly Dramarama didn't kill the franchise, it was already dead thanks to All-Stars and Pahkitew Island. RR and Dramarama were only spin-off to try to revive it, one much better than the other
Malik Despanie
Malik Despanie Prije 9 dana
"kids content" they said. Its for the kids, not you, they won't know any better! Until they start asking their parents why the fairy's eyes is droopy or worse COPYING THIS GARBAGE!!!!
MaybeMableMaples Prije 9 dana
This is why we desperately need more diversity in *everything*. God this is the Nazi Goat furry with the stinky feet calling for genocide all over again. Challenge to animators to not put their fetishes in kids cartoons as adult expies. Like it would still be weird af if it was all just adults but to have kids watching this with no content warning is rotted. Like this crosses a boundary that makes uncomfortable 😬
Gôjira Prije 10 dana
Me after watching this: *The blood of Jesus is needed*
Nico The Hero
Nico The Hero Prije 10 dana
it's fun to see Saber freak out now that he knows the "Terrance and Philip" show actually exists in Canadian media.
Random Prije 10 dana
Yeah i did think the episodes where creepy
Lea Seidman
Lea Seidman Prije 11 dana
I’m peaceing out at 3 minutes before I end up on a watchlist.
OceanWolf Prije 11 dana
Well, to quote SouthPark. 🎵 Blame Canada, blame Canada!🎵
King of Gamers
King of Gamers Prije 11 dana
The if the fart fairy were a human he would totally be very high on the FBI’s list
queenz! Prije 11 dana
This is why I watch total drama Island instead 😃🔫
Bushido The Kickboxer
Bushido The Kickboxer Prije 12 dana
What happens to His Body inhaling Farts Bigger than his own size?
Llamason Prije 12 dana
The ironic thing is there are banned episodes of this show.
Butter Queen
Butter Queen Prije 13 dana
As a Canadian, I am not okay
Blue the border collie
Blue the border collie Prije 13 dana
I think total dramarama is better then total drama island
purple girl hehe
purple girl hehe Prije 13 dana
Reapy Reaper
Reapy Reaper Prije 13 dana
This makes me want to not breath
Zaden Cooper
Zaden Cooper Prije 14 dana
Worker: we don’t have any ideas for the next episode. Boss: make one about farts,but have a weird guy that smells farts
Laura B
Laura B Prije 14 dana
Again, I am here watching Saberspark’s descent into madness from which there is no return…
athen tdm
athen tdm Prije 14 dana
Get me a shot gun and the writers
Moss Mother
Moss Mother Prije 14 dana
id rather not take a wiff of this episode.
Mia berra
Mia berra Prije 14 dana
Total Drama always went way wayyy over board with the fart jokes. Like damn that was Owen's entire character for the first season. But at least then it was just bad and gross humor. This is just straight up fucked. Absolutely horrendously fucked up. Who the hell is allowing people to hide their fetishes in shows with the protagonists that are freaking children! The Amazing World of Gumball was a little messed up with the fanfic episode and how the ice cream girl ships Gumball and Darwin even though they're adoptive brothers. But at least that was so very clearly satire and actually really funny. It was very clearly a joke and was made out to be not ok, Gumball and Darwin were making that clear the entire episode by calling Sarah out. But this episode is bordering on not joking. This is straight up some writers fantasy and its so damn gross
Mia berra
Mia berra Prije 10 dana
@Lisa Swayne unfortunately I can't say I remember that lol. Probably for the best I don't
Lisa Swayne
Lisa Swayne Prije 13 dana
girl remember the p*nis showing the entire time too
CommanderZaktan Prije 14 dana
Because Canada
Jahmokae Person
Jahmokae Person Prije 14 dana
This is why I wonder why God let us continue to live
Fuzzy Buzzy
Fuzzy Buzzy Prije 14 dana
The thing that bothers me the most about this episode or really the show in general is not just that it’s gross creepy and reaching fetish Territories but that’s it’s doing theses things with a bunch of literally toddlers. If this was done with the old cast , which even then some of the things they did in the old show was iffy to since they were all around 16 in season 1-2 but it would be a little less disturbing.. only a little.
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Prije 14 dana
This was like my fav show when i was a kid
gamer yoshi
gamer yoshi Prije 14 dana
king_chindrell Prije 15 dana
Okay the show is okay but that episode is just weird
• Dotty •
• Dotty • Prije 15 dana
The fact my little sister watched this- Well, until I decided to change channels cause THAT face... Is disturbing. And it forever haunts me.
Tsuladan Gaming
Tsuladan Gaming Prije 15 dana
From what little I have seen of this season/series, Chef is the best part.
Isabela Menezes
Isabela Menezes Prije 15 dana
1:32 Oh my God, the title😭 Why
Rosie a gacha
Rosie a gacha Prije 15 dana
I live in Canada
Insert_random_name Prije 15 dana
Deadrot Stitches
Deadrot Stitches Prije 15 dana
Psst. It's been a month saber.
Caucasoid Ape
Caucasoid Ape Prije 15 dana
Did they have to give him a Brian Peppers face? and did it have to be children?!
Maevings Prije 16 dana
i get it fart jokes are common in childrens shows but jesus christ i don't find this funny, or a joke for that matter. thinking about how a human being had to come up with such an idea sickens me.
Yokuutsu Prije 16 dana
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