Quick Vid: Evil Toons (Review)

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The adult version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit that you didn't know about (and probably for good reason lol)

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Saberspark Prije 11 dana
Night time
Night time Prije 19 sati
No among us P L E A S E
YEPitsGOOD Prije 22 sati
• Eigrok •
• Eigrok • Prije 4 dana
*T h i s d u d e i s r u d e*
ZedStep Prije 4 dana
Dani Cunha
Dani Cunha Prije 5 dana
@Tyler Blevins among us
Cosmic Dib
Cosmic Dib Prije 7 sati
Plus Ultra bonk right here.
Edwin Palencia
Edwin Palencia Prije 15 sati
Hmmmm so what I got from this is it’s perfect for a Netflix remake made into a 8 episode series. Why you might say well 1) Getting the right probably would be cheap as fuck. 2)if done right I can appeal to a handful of audience. 3.) like who make ask. People who like B horror films. Practical effect Enthusiast. People with a A fetish to cartoon erotica, Furries and horror porn. 4.) develop actual lore, great character development and story telling. 5.) have it set in the 90s for The nostalgic cash grab. Allowing to use companies that were relevant at the time and still are to get more funding for the film. 6.) have it mostly all shot edited and produced with the current technology use in set time period allowing for less costly production. Audience would thank us for it. 7)! Seeing cartoons are involved wall braking will be so much easier to Incorporate into the film you know how people eat that shit up if done right for your (hardcore movie critics) Or some will be done with like 60 percent of effort for general audience. 8.) last it’s something seen before but done in a manner where it’s unique enough to make it seem like something new fresh and “never before” to attract a curious crowd who is just tired and bored enough of Hollywood’s copy and paste tactics used in modern filming. 9.) o wait I forgot one enough shameful cameos but not to the point where it’s tasteless. The only downfall is me having to watch the film probably more then once to build from it a master piece of shit. Lol.
victoria mudyazvivi
victoria mudyazvivi Prije 21 sat
know what death note is
Seeker Goldstone
Seeker Goldstone Prije 23 sati
2:55 Excuse me! Did you just call David Carradine "This Guy"!? 3:11 Oh... I understand now.
Blaits Prije 2 dana
I'm a little late to this review, but I finally got around to seeing this movie a while ago. Wow... a huge letdown in terms of animation and horror. However, as a movie you could sit down and watch with some friends and give drunken commentary on, it's a few spots below The Room. By that, I mean the movie is amateur levels of camp and stupid with gags that make you question what anyone involved with this movie was thinking. It's seriously stupid but fun to point and laugh at all its cheese and poor direction.
Brenda Gates
Brenda Gates Prije 2 dana
😏 I think I can see ash Williams from evil dead in this movie, (Ash see trailer to evil toons) Ash:Groovy.....
dos YouTube
dos YouTube Prije 2 dana
Girls dont do the delicious 😡😡😡😡😡
omelete ‘
omelete ‘ Prije 2 dana
evil indeed
Fedor Suchkov
Fedor Suchkov Prije 2 dana
But what about boxoffice? Did they make those $140000 back?
Oded Ilani
Oded Ilani Prije 3 dana
I gotta say, the begining with David Carradine is creeply accurate if you think about it
Dusty Fox
Dusty Fox Prije 3 dana
I sure hope someone is making a super-cut of Saber "not" talking about R-rated content while talking about R-rated content. It's endearingly awkward.
WillieManga Prije 3 dana
Honestly, I only heard about this movie from a joke Brandon Tenold made about Dick Miller; "I think Dick Miller is drinking to forget he was in Evil Toons." when reviewing Demon Knight. But sweet Roger Rabbit, this is embarrassing. I know the frame rate on that 'toon is is bad and he looks awful, but still, he's only in it for under 5 minutes despite being the selling point. Laaaaazyyyyyy! Also, funny how this video was released just short of pride month. Heh, not that this is something to be proud of.
Canuck GunNut
Canuck GunNut Prije 3 dana
The actor who plays the old guy in in the van at the beginning is the gun shop clerk who gets killed by the terminator in the first terminator movie. "Just what you see, pal!"
TomoShow Prije 4 dana
They could have called it "Evil Toon," and it would still be clickbait.
• Eigrok •
• Eigrok • Prije 4 dana
*T h i s d u d e i s r u d e*
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin Prije 4 dana
"A clever resourceful producer could possibly make a picture like it for a very low cost if planned carefully... but I couldn't find one so I just gave it my best shot."
Michael Baggett
Michael Baggett Prije 4 dana
when girls say they clean houses, they aren't actually cleaning houses. i thought that was the joke.
TheOldPMC Prije 4 dana
I liked Cool World.
edith animal crossing
edith animal crossing Prije 5 dana
You should review Jiang Ziya, its a very good Chinese animated movie!
plucas1 Prije 5 dana
Ah yes, the NecroMomIcon... They were probably saving that for the MILF version.
ADHadh Prije 5 dana
ROGER CORMAN thought it was too risky?! The guy who made movies over the weekend, almost of them silly B-horrors and who launched a lot of directing and acting careers? That Roger Corman? Wow.
rob mitch
rob mitch Prije 5 dana
Wait back up did I hear that mess up right? Necromomacon? Did something change in the time I got raised back are we bringing undead milf to life now? "Well actually in village there." Oh ya dema derma....ah...giant undead lady. People seriously do we need to talk undead are not sexy most want to eat you. "Oh?" Not that kind I mean the alive kind. "Oh!" Right I forgot that's something people like to. I give up.
DevilJoJo Prije 5 dana
Am I high, or does that look like David Carridine?!
Lioedevon427 Prije 5 dana
Who will win? The author of what is known as "The Animators Bible"? Or some random studio given like 2 weeks to animate something?
Dani Cunha
Dani Cunha Prije 5 dana
We need roger rabbit
SuperNovaThomas Prije 6 dana
ooohhh You think evil Toons is bad that hardly show any cartoons. Try watching Terror Toons.
Its Tailsfan69
Its Tailsfan69 Prije 6 dana
Hey you should make a review of the Karate Kuid Made in 2010 have a good day
Its Tailsfan69
Its Tailsfan69 Prije 6 dana
Lol i spell kid rong sorry
Nick Montoya
Nick Montoya Prije 6 dana
My friend had this and showed it to me, it was Meh
Da Kat
Da Kat Prije 6 dana
Funny how they're like "This could work if it's done very thoughtfully"...and then proceeds to do the exact opposite.
Da Kat
Da Kat Prije 6 dana
"We can do animation on a budget...if we just barely do any animation at all"
Art Lover
Art Lover Prije 7 dana
I think Saberspark should review Romeo and Juliette: Sealed With A Kiss. It's...something.
Kaze Fumonakato
Kaze Fumonakato Prije 7 dana
Review flatworld by Daniel greaves.
Klmp13 Prije 7 dana
OMG I knew I recognized those set pieces! Ya'll ever watch, "My best friend is a Vampire"?
Orion Cornelius
Orion Cornelius Prije 7 dana
"worse than cool world" is actually a pretty impressive accomplishment
TomMSTie1138 Prije 7 dana
Ah yes, Roger Corman: the king of making shit films but being haraled as a saint for giving younger--and much more talented--directors a foot in the door.
Alex Janeway
Alex Janeway Prije 7 dana
David Carradine in some garbage nah, surely not. I might have a small grudge.
Star Wars Legends
Star Wars Legends Prije 7 dana
I can tell you right now that Madison and Barbara Dare did do adult videos. They weren't that bad either. It's a T&A movie. Nothing more, nothing less.
Andre Carpenter
Andre Carpenter Prije 7 dana
“Adult” Roger rabbit? The noir film with brutal murders, torture, judge doom and Jessica rabbit apparently was for toddlers
Fangyy Prije 7 dana
His energy in this video is so giddy, I love it.
zoroark720 Prije 7 dana
it not a record player that a old tube radio
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods Prije 8 dana
I had this on VHS back in the day lol.
Maxxcell Higdon
Maxxcell Higdon Prije 8 dana
It could have been a guy in a realistic demon costume. But no, they just wanted to make people cringe
Maribel Hernandez
Maribel Hernandez Prije 8 dana
Saberspark, i just found what could be an animated version of anne frank's diary and life. Do you mind checking it out to see if its actually good?
Chris Wheatley
Chris Wheatley Prije 8 dana
Bakshi's Wizards! I'm very curious to know what you think bout that film.
xXMoon CrystalXx
xXMoon CrystalXx Prije 8 dana
Hey saber I saw this movie on Netflixs top 10 list check it out its called Dog Gone Trouble
C M Prije 8 dana
4.36 oh no I'm such a nerdddddd With HUGE MOMMY MILKERS
Lynxone Prije 8 dana
Day 3 of asking Saber to review Ternet Ninja
Liu Bei
Liu Bei Prije 8 dana
What has happened to the future? Oh Heavens, how lewd we have become.
Riuu Senpai
Riuu Senpai Prije 8 dana
Lmfao! I remember this. I saw this as a kid. I had no business seeing this but-- Shit happens.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Prije 8 dana
I’m begging you to review Fugget About it
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Prije 8 dana
oh wow, roger corman, now thats a loaded name itself
Scherazade , Teller of Tales
Scherazade , Teller of Tales Prije 8 dana
the frustrating thing is that the toon part is barely even relevant to the plot, and the porn part is barely in the movie
G1megatron Prije 8 dana
"Some guy" referring to Dick Miller... .. . I think I'm going to go cry
Hybrid Nomad
Hybrid Nomad Prije 8 dana
Watch the dollar store knock off of frozen : the ice princess
ryan thornton
ryan thornton Prije 8 dana
Yes, it is a novelty. Bad acting & animation. He was lucky to be able to get the studio to make the movie, they might have had a quota to make movies to better fit the budget expenditure. I kinds wonder what more money, story and oversight could have done for it considering he had the talent.
CMS Peach
CMS Peach Prije 8 dana
Hey, Saber. Do you think you can do a review on "Kirby: Right Back at 'Cha!" ? Its an anime adaptation of the Kirby video game series.
Aaron B
Aaron B Prije 8 dana
Worked in a video rental store when this came out. I sacrificed my own time to save others from this film... or at least warn them what they were getting
Brandon Page
Brandon Page Prije 8 dana
Fred Olen Ray, & others of his ilk, put out quality material, in my opinion, that isn't for everyone.
Sammy Green
Sammy Green Prije 8 dana
Well I do love bad, crazy, low budget B-movies, and you had me the minute you said that Roger Corman as in "The One and Only Roger Corman, The King of B-movies and Exploitation films" thought that this project is too risky and this is a man who is known for taking risks and openly making mock busters and cheap cash in knock off movies of big budget mainstream films, man that's very shocking to hear if you ask me.
MochiMations _SI
MochiMations _SI Prije 8 dana
Can Sabertooth please watch camp camp it’s absolutely addictive
Ethan Gamer
Ethan Gamer Prije 8 dana
How are you not removed again?
Rahab Prije 8 dana
Why's the cartoon demon thing hotter than most of the girls in the film.
Everlena Oliver
Everlena Oliver Prije 9 dana
Carradine must have been desperate for a paycheck to do this.
Fenris30 Prije 9 dana
Imma watch it for the Plot.
Dusty Ladroga
Dusty Ladroga Prije 9 dana
This looks like something The Cinema Snob would be reviewing.
Victor Field
Victor Field Prije 9 dana
Yep, a lot of the women in this have done more um..adult stuff. I bet Michelle Bauer et al didn't demand it be recut so kids could watch unlike Kim Basinger...
Rick Hobson
Rick Hobson Prije 9 dana
Ok, dark. The actor who plays the character who hangs himself at the beginning of the movie is David Carradine. Pretty famous, having played "Cain" in the series "Kung Fu" and "Bill" in "Kill Bill." And David Carradine died of... accidental strangulation.
Baffle Blend
Baffle Blend Prije 9 dana
I have a feeling he *wanted* to include more animation, only to quickly find out "Oh shit, drawing is actually hard work...! But I can't back down now... uh... how do I cheese my way out of this... ooh, possession!"
HaiPA Silviu
HaiPA Silviu Prije 9 dana
Where Adventure time episode review ? :3
mimi oof sus
mimi oof sus Prije 9 dana
Can you do a quick vid on twelve a youtube animated series made by petpyves
Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster
Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster Prije 9 dana
Didn't know there was another Adult movie with Real-Actors and Cartoon Characters. I guess we all have to learn something totally brand new every single day, and I'm mostly okay with that. Plus, I also remember watching Cool World on Netflix, and its better than Evil-Toons.
Mike K
Mike K Prije 9 dana
I have a memory of seeing the poster for this in the local mom and pop video store as a kid and trying to get my mom to rent it for me. Thankfully she must have either noticed an r rating on the poster or just, you know, noticed how the girl was dressed, and said no. Now I want to watch it out of curiosity because I find schlocky exploitation fun sometimes
Kitbash Prije 9 dana
“Talking book with a mouth” Oh hey it’s the Bombinomicon.
lorrence castro
lorrence castro Prije 9 dana
So where's that cool world video you promised to release at the end of May ?
Mr.Kite! Prije 9 dana
A new comedy topic: saberspark trying to talk about porn without speaks about porn
G Martinez
G Martinez Prije 9 dana
Saber u should review dont hug me im scared its on youtube when u have the chance
Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong Prije 9 dana
Oh god whyyy?!!!😂 Bad plot and click bate, yikes
ZackTheWolf Prije 9 dana
B Prije 9 dana
for the algorithm
Goko Arkham
Goko Arkham Prije 9 dana
When is "The haunted world of El Superbeasto" coming to the channel?
Daniel I. Hernandez
Daniel I. Hernandez Prije 9 dana
MrFuthisshit Prije 9 dana
Omg I remember this one! My best friend and I watched it on her VHS, I think her parents bought it by mistake or something. We were SHOOK!
Velma's Booty
Velma's Booty Prije 9 dana
Yea any time you get somebody going "yea I can do that but way cheaper" you're not going to have a very quality film. Or anything for that matter.
Dustination Prije 9 dana
Saber, check 4:51. Not sure if it's too much but figured I would let you know.
Jack Bushnell
Jack Bushnell Prije 9 dana
Yo that house in the beginning at 2:55 is the same house from Ernest: Scared Stupid!
Jet Jaguar Playz
Jet Jaguar Playz Prije 9 dana
The part where Saber can still find sponsor's for some Gorey thing
A squid going sicko mode YT
A squid going sicko mode YT Prije 9 dana
You should do your next review on “the incredible story of the giant pear” it looks like a direct rip off of james and the giant peach 🍑
Milano Xiel
Milano Xiel Prije 9 dana
That demon is like , so cute
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class Prije 9 dana
CORMAN thought it was too risky. Knowing what Roger Corman has funded, that's a big red flag.
David J. Thompson
David J. Thompson Prije 9 dana
Was the first character DAVID CARRADINE?!?!
Razgriz85 Prije 9 dana
The irony of Carradine's character hanging himself.
Hasatanel Belial
Hasatanel Belial Prije 9 dana
Wait, has he not covered Cool World?
Hasatanel Belial
Hasatanel Belial Prije 9 dana
"Phelous did it! Phelous did it!" jk
Fear & Loathing in General
Fear & Loathing in General Prije 9 dana
this movie starts? with david carradine hanging himself?
April Vaiarella
April Vaiarella Prije 9 dana
Hey, I've seen this movie! I don't get to say that for this channels videos very often. I think Cool World was the only other one of these old, sexualized animated movies that I've seen before. Fun times.
tony lu
tony lu Prije 9 dana
I remember hearing about this one. It was weird.
Natalie Hughes
Natalie Hughes Prije 9 dana
Got my wish! Evil is a. horrible parody film that ripped off Cool World and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. One of the worst parody films ever!
Cee Cee
Cee Cee Prije 9 dana
*Sees the thumbnail* Yo, what the fuck? Someone take this man's computer away!
jose martinez
jose martinez Prije 9 dana
I need the nerdy girl
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