What the HELL is Titan A.E.? (The Movie That KILLED Fox Animation Studios)

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Titan AE is one of the greatest animated box office FLOPS of all time. Like it literally hurts to think about how much it failed but did it deserve all that hate?

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Saberspark Prije 3 mjeseci
How many of y'all actually like this movie? Cause maaaan did it get destroyed at the box office. Poor Don Bluth lol
Shady_Senpai Prije 24 dana
It was actually one of my favourite movies as a child
FinalGamerJames Prije mjesec
i...LOVED Titan A.E, it is a real shame it did not do well but this vid explains a lot of why it did. I really enjoyed a sci-fi adventure that didn't put humans as a dominant species, as a group struggling to survive and all these other super-weird and fun alien designs, it was great!
Saatche Diaz
Saatche Diaz Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved TITAN A.E
Zeythe#1 Prije 2 mjeseci
gundam that ate a taco
gundam that ate a taco Prije 2 mjeseci
i actually have a dvd for this movie, I remember watching it at least once.
Bulshock Prije sat
I vaguely remember this movie. Mostly from some of the character designs of the aliens. But otherwise... I think I just found it forgettable.
LittleListy21 Prije 7 sati
The plot sounds like an early 90s-2000s knockoff Guardians of the Galaxy 1/2 plot. I'm surprised it didn't do better
Uige Prije 16 sati
This is like a horrible mix of the worst parts of Treasure Planet, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Vladimir Prije dan
I remember watching it back in the day and enjoying it. Not sure if I would now, but sometimes it's best not to revisit the past.
Lycan4 Prije dan
Wait, Titan A.E. was a failure?! It's one of my favorite movies, to this day! Edit: Wtf, Osmosis Jones was a failure, too?! That movie was amazing!
Lars Mattsson
Lars Mattsson Prije dan
On of my favorite movie.
Henry Ten Brink
Henry Ten Brink Prije 2 dana
I really liked this movie when I was younger and still like it today. I agree with it being a little bit stale though, (nostalgia really plays a big role in me liking it today)
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness Prije 3 dana
In my opinion Titan AE was one of the finest pirate movies I have ever seen. Your "Edgy boy" view of Cale missed the presentation of a guy looking for some meaning as to who he actually was. Not a coming of age movie, but a movie of an individual who had started out feeling cast away by his family like a piece of discarded rubbish, who to this point had been forced to make his own way in a highly bigoted society. All of a sudden he is offered a spark of a chance to try to find out who he was and where he came from and why his family walked away from him in the first place. He was a nieve character to ulterior motives and started out starstruck by Korso, who he grasped onto as a surrogate father figure. Akima just happened to be one of a pair of independent female roles in a crew where everyone was indeed treated equal. The concept that Cale would wind up infatuated with her wasn't because she was written as a love interest, but more a case of that she was probably the first female of his own species he'd ever been able to interact with on an adult level. Sure he'd been around other females throughout his life, but most were most probably not human, and as such the expectation of bigotry would have prevented him from forming emotional attachment. The rest of the alien crew were each a fragment of human personality traits and as such formed a sort of family in space, the one thing Cale had been missing his whole life, and as such each were endeared to Cale as he became not only part of the crew but part of the family by extension. I have to point out. You utterly missed Korso. Dude was a merc through and through. A psychopath who is willing to use anyone to improve his own condition. He didn't care that he chucked the entire planet under the bus, he was in it for himself and was looking to fulfill his own megalomaniac desires. He knew that the Titan was the one thing the Drej wanted, and he was looking to milk them for as much as he could. He finds Cale, who just so happens to have the ring. He already knows what the rings full purpose is, and inserts himself in the surrogate farther figure role to gain control of the the ring, and the Titan itself as an end result. The ending still supported that mentality, as when the Drej showed they didn't care about his desires, he was willing to assist Cale in burning the Drej to create a new planet. Once again he was using Cale for his own desires as If he'd survived, it would leave him as a guy worshiped by humanity as a hero for providing a new homeworld. The crew was a pirate crew, under the command of a merc. In the end, the crew mutinied against Korso and appointed Cale as the captain for all intents and purposes. Cales motivations changed to an honorable position, willing to take on the adventure in the face of the overwhelming odds that the Drej presented, not for a selfish reason but the more selfless act of providing for his entire race. The crew was already scared of the Drej, and were willing to back Cale up if it meant their own species would no longer have the threat the Drej presented hanging over their heads. This was a promise of actual hope that Korso had never even hinted at. Where the movie failed was it was an animated flick, marketed to kids and teens, but with a depth that was on a level far beyond what the average American 14 year old could grasp and most adults couldn't take seriously as it was an animated film.
Pierre Lamoureux
Pierre Lamoureux Prije 4 dana
Sounds like someone needs to learn about Blymptoons as well.
Anonymous Otter
Anonymous Otter Prije 4 dana
How hard is it to look up a video of how to pronounce a relatively well known actor's name
TheJuliaHuesa Prije 4 dana
It was actually one of my favourites movies when I was a child, i really wanted the purple hair! Spoiler alert, not a great idea!
Ximbo 1902
Ximbo 1902 Prije 4 dana
Was a brilliant movie
Ebyn Wiley
Ebyn Wiley Prije 4 dana
Hey...... I like this movie would still recommend
Nala Mid
Nala Mid Prije 4 dana
I loved this movie, I have it on vhs and the soundtrack in a cd 😍
Ellie count
Ellie count Prije 4 dana
I barely remembered this movie (well meybe i was too young)but i remembered the female character and when i was a kid and watched treasure planet i was confused why the girl with purple hair didn't apear. I gree with you a Lot as i Said o don't remember much but from what you have Said in this video i agree. I Personaly i find 2000 3D ugly, (that end escene! Ugly!), There are parts where the 3d doesn't look that bad, from what you show here. The 2d is ok. I agree the characters do look boring and the story a little bland. But i'll whatch it for the nostalgia mostly.
rrane stults
rrane stults Prije 5 dana
Ngl i freaking loved titan AE
The ascrassin
The ascrassin Prije 5 dana
I have the dvd
Poo Butt
Poo Butt Prije 5 dana
When I was a kid top 5 easy. Now top 100 easy. I'm 29 that should say everything
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 Prije 6 dana
Speaking of movies that were overshadowed by 3-D, I feel like Spirit (the movie about horses) was over shadowed by Shrek and Madagascar.
Michael Linkovski
Michael Linkovski Prije 6 dana
Rented this as a kid, turned it off and returned it to the store halfway through
Why Though
Why Though Prije 6 dana
I have vague memories of this movie- but so vague to the point I thought it was a fever-dream or that it was made up glad to know it was a real thing!
Joven Prije 7 dana
Why does he look like Gordon Ramsay...
jdzspace33 Prije 7 dana
I watched it all the time working at Hollywood video. I liked it. Not sure why it didn't work, but it's a good movie imo
Artimuos Prije 7 dana
A video game of this story would have been sold better.
Zonah Prije 7 dana
I will always remember this movie
M K Prije 7 dana
I hated this movie as a kid. I had no clue what was happening half the time. It waa so dumb
Kyle Andolina
Kyle Andolina Prije 7 dana
I had always understood that the Dredge feard the humans because of the Titan, unsurprisingly part of the plot. It could easily consume them and did. I always found it ironic that if the Dredge had not destroyed Earth, their death(s) would not have happened either.
Brandon Ault
Brandon Ault Prije 7 dana
I saw Titian A.E. when I was really young, maybe around six or seven, the year of the movie or a year after, my whole family loves the movie. As a kid loved it because I loved all animated things at the time, still do, later love it even tho I knew it was good in movie terms, and now I love it because it is still enjoyable
Mel Grimm
Mel Grimm Prije 8 dana
So... I watched this movie and I really liked it. I was a teen when it was shown on television and I loved it. Sadly I never knew the name of the movie, so I couldn't buy it. Many of the Don Bluth movies weren't really good promoted in Germany. I still remember the movies but I always watched them randomly on television, because they didn't get much attention except for Anastasia (which many believed was a Disney movie) and A Land before Time or how it's called in english. It kinda makes me sad, because I enjoyed movies like Titan A.E or any other movie from Don Bluth so much but couldn't watch them more often, because of the poor marketing. Well guess who's searching the movies now and starts to watch all of them x,D
Jane Hexum
Jane Hexum Prije 8 dana
i love this movie
Waffle Bat
Waffle Bat Prije 8 dana
I was really looking forward to this movie, saw it opening night and had a mini existential crisis when I went to get a refill on my soda because I wasn’t prepared to be that underwhelmed. This movie didn’t age well 5 minutes after it was released.
Zainab Alansari
Zainab Alansari Prije 9 dana
I liked TITAN AE AND TREASURE PLANET , however Treasure planet’s plot isn’t original as Titan AE
yo momma
yo momma Prije 10 dana
Say what you want about the film I liked it. And I thought the soundtrack was rather solid.
Matthew's Corner
Matthew's Corner Prije 10 dana
I remember liking this movie as a kid. Planet Bob still makes our family laugh today.
Al Gireaux
Al Gireaux Prije 10 dana
Am I the only one who actually gives this movie a positive rating?
yuri Prije 10 dana
I really loved Titan A.E. as a kid.
Oblivion Sunshine
Oblivion Sunshine Prije 11 dana
I loved the movie. The art of it was an inspiration for my artwork.
Dylan Mahaffey
Dylan Mahaffey Prije 11 dana
When I was in college I had a friend who was really into animation. I saw both this film and Rock and Rule for the first time. I felt about the same about both movies, they were....ok. not great, not bad, just ok.
Caleb Robertson
Caleb Robertson Prije 11 dana
Yo I don't give a crap what the box office or critics have to say. This was my favorite movie as a kid, and now 20 years later MY kids love it as well. I'm glad I don't base my own opinions of movies on their financial success/failure, because frankly some of the best movies out there "flopped." Not to mention the fact that the animation techniques used in Titan A.E. had never been done before and looked amazing. I can admit there are a few vague similarities to Treasure Planet, but Titan AE has a far more cohesive plot/story and WAYYYYYY better character development. Now obviously movies are art and art is subjective, I don't expect everyone to like what I like. But calling Titan AE a bad movie is simply wrong. Some of the movies that blow up to huge success today are an embarrassment to the craft, but people go right along with those no pobpem. (Looking at you, Frozen.)
Eric Lougy
Eric Lougy Prije 12 dana
So Saberspark says there is no space-port where it shows humans being treated as second rate citizens. yet at 23:29 there is a girl being sold into slavery. Also, I like the movie. I like the world it creates, despite the fact that I fall asleep 90% of the time I watch it.
Fire In The House
Fire In The House Prije 13 dana
48 year old: I love this movie, the soundtrack & opening with Earth's destruction was great! It's not perfect, of course... But great concepts. I did not see it in the theaters
Fantoms Forever
Fantoms Forever Prije 13 dana
Killer soundtrack
Lova Espling
Lova Espling Prije 13 dana
"The kids dont want gay ppl floating in space?" Im sorry, Cale gave me such gay vibes when i watched thid movie. I litterly watched it yesterday for the first time and i thougt it was rlly good (or maybe it was just my crush on cale)
Unkempt Jargon
Unkempt Jargon Prije 13 dana
I loved titan AE
Zuzo's corner
Zuzo's corner Prije 13 dana
Got to admit, i'm still a bit of a sucker for this film. im mean sure, has its flaws but it works..
ajallen212 Prije 14 dana
I had Titan A.E. on DvD, I watched that movie SO MANY TIMES. It even included directors cut things like storyboarding, and trivia on the universe. I loved it so much. Sadly lost the DvD in a fire years ago, but It still lives on in my heart.
Blazen Powers
Blazen Powers Prije 14 dana
8:42 Yes you are funny, because I was dying of laughter when you said the kids don't want gay people floating in space. I was done at that point.
Tannius Prije 14 dana
I actually count this as one of my favorite sci-fi films. Don't know what that says about me but whatever. I also liked Starchaser, the Legend of Orin which was basically just a ripoff of Star Wars...
Dingle Prije 14 dana
The Dredge weren’t afraid of humans outpacing them. They had a prophesy that humans would destroy them.
Zombemi Prije 15 dana
I remember being so disappointed watching this when I was younger. I really expected better motivation from the drej. Especially after seeing how they refueled the Titan. That was a straight up horror movie for the Drej. My hope was to center more around energy and the drej. Think on it, humans come onto the galactic scene and all the aliens start initiating contact. Which stops when the Drej pay their visit and see we use electricity as a power source. Imagine us finding out about a species that uses flesh to run their civilization. All the other aliens use different methods to run their stuff, out of fear of the Drej. Humans though? We can be stubborn, wilfull and you just know we're gonna roll our eyes when they say "You mind changing the entire infrastructure of your planet?" There's summits, we're trying to find a compromise but no, they want us to stop. Which would make us building the Titan plausible. More so than "Eh, we need a backup planet. I mean...yeah we're trying to be better buuut, recycling is hard!" or our species basically going hold my beer and constructing a scifi ark. From that point too you can jump to not only the Drej but other species living in fear that if Titan gets off the ground, we're just gonna tear through planets since we can make more. We'd be interplanetary locusts. Which can lead into one of those moral lessons they love so much, caring for our planet, being more responsible with our energy and open to alternative methods or, whatever. I'm not plumbing the movie's running plot though, that'd require a rewatch and just...meh, once was enough. (I don't remember if any of that is actually included buuut, I'm not looking into it. Again, meh.)
Bogbert Prije 15 dana
Don Bluth's character designs and animaton are one of my favorite things, and he delivered good content on this film the rest of it though? :( not as good
Quinn Mikelson
Quinn Mikelson Prije 15 dana
I stopped watching after 10 minutes of the same two points; "some guys didn't know there stuff" and "it was expensive"
dragoon0705 Prije 15 dana
I loved Titan AE
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije 16 dana
What a coincidence, made and released before 9/11(the takeover).
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije 16 dana
Don Bluth was trying to communicate the "Dangers of The ghost in the machine". Electricity can do many things even open a door to a "different" world that could let in anything. I wonder if Don Bluth was really related to Romney and if he then belonged to the "group".
Miguelangel Soto Fuentes
Miguelangel Soto Fuentes Prije 16 dana
whaaat I forgot that this movie even existed
Robert Torell
Robert Torell Prije 16 dana
To bad fox elon and amazon and russia and china and japan tyland dont try to make an actual sci fi movie see if it can make a way to a cool series
Moon Child
Moon Child Prije 17 dana
I loved Titan AE, it was one of my favourite movies growing up.
Shadow Panda
Shadow Panda Prije 17 dana
Man my inner child died a little after this vid I liked this movie as a kid haven't watched it since I was like 16
epayne6 Prije 17 dana
The first 15 minutes of this movie was great! The rest... meh. That's what I remember. Don't pay money for it, just watch Earth being destroyed then websurf with this on in the background.
Spencer Randolph
Spencer Randolph Prije 18 dana
I loved this movie. Very underrateed. one of my favorite movies as a kids and still in my top favorite.
Meatboy4327 Yeee
Meatboy4327 Yeee Prije 20 dana
I like this movie
InjusticeVideos Prije 20 dana
I for one, loved this movie, and still greatly enjoy watching it, I never new it wasn't well received. Also, you were confused about corso. Corso was a part of the Titan project, but didnt travel with it after earth was destroyed. With the earth gone, and the dredge seemingly the unbeatable rulers of the galaxy, Corso started to hate humanity, falling into the notion that humanity was worthless, and was never meant to go far. The dredge confronted him (they must have found out he was a part of the titan project, which was still a threat to them because they viewed humanity as their only threat, thats why they blew up earth) and corso, who didnt want to die but also didnt care if the rest of humanity eventually died out, made a deal with the dredge to find the boy who had the map, and use him to lead the dredge to the titan to destroy it. he tricked his entire crew into believing that they were actually against the dredge, to get cale and bring the map to the dredge. When it worked, and the dredge had the map, cale just needed to tie up loose ends. but the kid escaped and so corso chased him to the titan with the dredge on their tales. During the fight against cale where he was actually pushing back the dredge, taking over the titan, and seemed to be able to win, corso had a change of heart. he didnt think humanity would ever beat the dredge but cale was proving him wrong, and that realization that maybe, just maybe, humanity could in fact win out, gave him hope and so corso switched sides to help cale, destroy the dredge and put humanity back on the galactic map. Im sorry the story didnt entice you, but i guess i fell in just the right group for this movie. the humor, the story, the action, the characters, the dark and sometimes suggestive themes, the strong leads, everything about it was thoroughly enjoyable for me. This movie is a classic for me, and I actually enjoy Titan A.E. far more than Treasure Planet, and Titan A.E. is one of my top favorite animated movies of all time.
SupaClay64 Prije 20 dana
The new Earth in this movie looks like a Halo prototype, back when it was still a PC game.
Bamcorp Gaming
Bamcorp Gaming Prije 20 dana
titan ae rocked. amazing movie. right up there with atlantis.
EJ Edwards
EJ Edwards Prije 20 dana
I adore this movie
Null the Hollow
Null the Hollow Prije 21 dan
I actually grew up with this movie. I love it, but probably just for nostalgia.
GWhoves Prije 21 dan
I loved Titan A.E.
seeker2078 Stars
seeker2078 Stars Prije 21 dan
I love this movie....never knew people hate it that much cause i just recently remembered the name and searched it back up again. ;;;;~;;;;
Steelback2010 Prije 21 dan
I saw this movie in the theatres as a kid and I absolutely loved it. That being said it is interesting to learn about all the behind-the-scenes stuff that went on just trying to get it made. It may not be a great movie but I'll always love it for the sci-fi flick with interesting backdrops that it was as I remember. Also, it's interesting to see this guy get all hot and bothered over the Dredge Queen's thigh gap when he was horrified by the Martian's thigh gaps in Mars Needs Moms. I know this is all meant for laughs but still made me go 'Hmmm...'.
Alana Banana
Alana Banana Prije 21 dan
I have to say the animation is beautiful, always loved Bluths style and is more interesting than modern disney nowadays. I'll check it out, i like space and outcasts 😅 Treasure Planet is also one of my favourites!! The 3D kinda works for me?
Jojo I
Jojo I Prije 21 dan
Cale: "Who are you?" Jim: "I'm you, but better."
Catz GrimReaper
Catz GrimReaper Prije 22 dana
wait i liked that movie D:
VGhlIGJlYXN0IHNuaXBlciAxMjM0 Prije 22 dana
Well actually you can’t see energy.
Nick V
Nick V Prije 22 dana
Black Cauldron, Osmosis Jones, and Titan A.E. were all really good...
Turbo print3d
Turbo print3d Prije 22 dana
I liked this movie as a kid . But ya it's brown in space , the movie lol
Justin R
Justin R Prije 22 dana
This movie bombed royally
zexionfan15 Prije 23 dana
I had the movie as a kid as one of the first DVD's our family ever owned. It was... kind of alright. Even as a kid, I realized it wasn't one of the best movies I've ever seen, but it also wasn't terrible. It just kind of... existed. Some parts were memorable, but overall the movie was just... so generic.
dcard228 Prije 24 dana
Titan AE was a victim of circumstances imo. It was a pretty good movie
Danjo Prije 24 dana
Nobody: Fox Animation Studios: I'M IN OVER MY HEAD!!
Buddyro18 Prije 24 dana
You know, they don't have to copy each other's ideas just to be successful. They do good by doing their own thing.
Zutaralovertohru Prije 24 dana
I genuinely love this movie and I don't have rose-tinted glasses cuz, I didn't find this movie til I was an adult. So dunno, won't say it doesn't have flaws, but overall I don't think it was that bad.
TheCoyoteOutlaw Prije 25 dana
I always took the barren Titan to be similar to Earth's beginnings. It takes a long time for plants to grow, they're not going to pop up like daisies...er...well...you know what I mean.
Brian Delorey
Brian Delorey Prije 25 dana
It didn’t bomb it nuked
Buddha Prije 25 dana
I have this movie on VHS. and I liked it. It's a good movie. It doesnt age well at all however. Lol the edgy main character is god awful. He always looks like he smelled the worst fart. And the main female leads voice doesnt fit at all. But the movie is worth watching if you like Treasure Planet. It genuinely feels like it could be part of the same universe. My only issue was at the time I bought it thinking it was Treasure Planet lol
Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy Prije 26 dana
I bought this vhs along with Pokémon 2000, take that for what you will lol
Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy Prije 26 dana
I still have both
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher Prije 26 dana
I have this movie on dvd. For years like most of my life i've had it. 0:14 Wait, WHAT?! Black cauldron flopped?! I loved that movie as a kid! I knew about the show that Osmosis jones spawned which made me see the movie on the internet and it was good in my opinon. Mars needs moms, never heard that movie until a few years ago and I'm thankful i didn't see it.
Nicolas Arboleya
Nicolas Arboleya Prije 26 dana
i loved titan AE and im sad to know that it killed a studio XD
Eddy Tehani
Eddy Tehani Prije 26 dana
i remember my 7th grade science teacher showed us this at the end of the year..... she was a weird lady lol
Miguel Alvarez
Miguel Alvarez Prije 27 dana
I admit, nostalgia goggles for this one, but I did like it as a kid.
Jack Prije 27 dana
hating for twenty minutes........u need girl mate
Nicholas Preble
Nicholas Preble Prije 27 dana
I like the movie a lot and had the CD when I was a little kid. I’m pretty sure like 7th grade when the movie came out .
Alexander Mzhavia
Alexander Mzhavia Prije 27 dana
It was a good film thought.
PhoenixHealing Prije 27 dana
I love getting to learn new terms on this channel, "Butt-Rock," I love it!
PhoenixHealing Prije 27 dana
My husband and I affectionately call the movie, "Planet Bob," :-)
TrixieTheFox99 Prije 28 dana
12:15 to a car? Oh, yeah, i feel like there was a Phineas and Ferb episode on that
TrixieTheFox99 Prije 28 dana
I'd definitely want a movie about gay people floating in space.
GoddessOfWhim2003 Prije 28 dana
2:39 i say it's bad and deserves to be a failure. i saw it and can't tell you anything about it except Matt Damon's lead ends up naming the new planet Bob (i think). totally a forgettable waste of time
Dassem Ultor
Dassem Ultor Prije 28 dana
God I loved this movie so much.
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