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Shade Aadi
Shade Aadi Prije minute
In there defence Ideal Heroes did advertise the real game and the ads were pretty good even though I didn't like the game itself.
Khari McClary
Khari McClary Prije 3 minuta
The Judas Contract story is kinda built into Terra’s character. If she appears in a Teen Titans or Young Justice related media she always will betray them to Deathstroke. It’s just who she is 😂 it’s funny they keep retelling the story but never develop who she is as a person after that she just evil
Levi Douglas
Levi Douglas Prije 45 minuta
saberspark you should do a review on cosmic kid its a cool little show on netflix
Memespeech Prije 46 minuta
virtual content isn't real people
Evena Xin
Evena Xin Prije 51 minute
I just got a mobile game add that, if I'm not mistaken, has scenes from the movie Pixels. While watching a movie talking about how bad the mobile game industry has gotten.
Cadester Prije 52 minuta
Good god. The motion capture of this movie is a lot more broken than the motion capture in FoodFight...
JavaTheHunt Prije 52 minuta
8:25 They did not make ads weird because people weren’t watching them… people had no choice… Commercials are on in between shows… You can go take a dump or make a sandwich if you want, or keep watching… they will run regardless and one of these times you won’t go to the bathroom, or make a sandwich and you will see the ad, because it’s there…. They made commercials weird because people got the ability to record TV and fast forward through commercials… the only chance they have of someone seeing one is to make them say… “What the heck was that?”…. “Rewind that for a second.” …
LeonLaggt Prije 55 minuta
20:35 *yes*
Rylee The Earthen Child
Rylee The Earthen Child Prije sat
I am glad that my grandparents growing up sit me down in front of this shit to entertain me on the Sabbath -__0 and then id realize they'd eat this shit up and sing it
tini hamza
tini hamza Prije sat
awuuwa Prije sat
36:47 what did you expect. Are you unaware of how capitalism works. It is literally made to make money at the expense of everything else. Capitalism does not care about anything other than making money. That is literally the only purpose of it.
Jessica Eaton
Jessica Eaton Prije sat
I completely understand. This episode shouldn't exist. I am sooooo confused as to why people would think this is ok.
awuuwa Prije sat
34:53 of course not, why would they. It is capitalism
awuuwa Prije sat
all hail capitalism
Mister Crool
Mister Crool Prije sat
Will you review the new He-Man reboot on Netflix? Not the Kevin Smith one but the cgi one.
Merchant Ziro
Merchant Ziro Prije sat
If people are wondering why aliens don't wanna hang out with us, I think I found the reason why.
awuuwa Prije sat
all hail capitalism
Warsol Ender
Warsol Ender Prije sat
Bibleman when?
Thomph Prije sat
Man just whipped out a mozambique
camila and fanta
camila and fanta Prije sat
saberspark will never forget the animation part
Joytrip RP
Joytrip RP Prije sat
I actually got to watch it and I loved it.
Procopio_ Sagalpot
Procopio_ Sagalpot Prije sat
Seems like the animated movie RPG Metanoia has been forgotten in our country too.
TI Steptoe studio horror
TI Steptoe studio horror Prije sat
I really can't blame you! Honestly
Josh B
Josh B Prije sat
Son: Mom, can we get Coraline? Mom: No, we have Coraline at home. Coraline at home:
TheEpicGamer Prije sat
I like illumination's the Gtinch
Flattened seal
Flattened seal Prije 2 sati
If you like to talk tomatoes If a squash can make you smile If you like waltz with potatoes up and down the produce isle The boy do we have the show for you
Digital Unity
Digital Unity Prije 2 sati
Having trawled the comments, I have seen that this show resonated with the following types of people: - Chicago implants - Definitely not paid shills - Bots - Chicagoans who haven't seen it but are just happy someone made something about Chicago These are demographics that will not serve this show well, as they shrink pretty continuously with the budget
HidayAt Musroni
HidayAt Musroni Prije 2 sati
I love totally spies, mystery Martin and kim possibke as a kid
JJ WA Prije 2 sati
Hayop ka 😂😂😂😂🇵🇭
Oicmorez Prije 2 sati
"You done?" 'No, I can keep going' Thanks for the laugh
Rulia Lee
Rulia Lee Prije 2 sati
I don't think youtube solely targets content creators. HRpost doesn't have a problem as long as they earn money. Turning off personalised ads is a whole other world, there are even ads for videos ON HRpost showing softcore porn or disgusting shit like worms climbing out someone's face.
NinjaLOLweasel Prije 2 sati
Who was the anime character in the thumbnail lmao
HidayAt Musroni
HidayAt Musroni Prije 2 sati
It so sad that so many people reupload telepurte video and made compilation claiming they were by telepurte, so much bullshit just because his animation are mostly under 30 sec and they are mostly not taken down.
HiSeKo Hewd NoEnA
HiSeKo Hewd NoEnA Prije 3 sati
As soon u got started i got a 18+ ads in Anime apps Lol😂😂
Julia Boon
Julia Boon Prije 3 sati
I like how the 90s cartoon was an adult talking down to kids and the recent one was a kid informing kids and THEN his parents show up and then preceded to talk even further down to kids. 90s: Oh this kids just didn’t know! Recent: THESE STUPID KIDS AND THEIR VIDEO GAMES
Jack Venture
Jack Venture Prije 3 sati
You’ve won me over I’ll watch Over the Garden wall tonight.
CookieSo- Prije 3 sati
ThatLittleKitten Prije 3 sati
Moral Orel Saberspark review when?
Ackil Dela Cruz
Ackil Dela Cruz Prije 3 sati
Lapu-lapu isn't a bad guy, magellan isn't a bad guy, but making lapu-lapu look like a bad guy? As a filipino i am PISSED, P-I-S-S-E-D ALL CAPS yellow text, lapu-lapu just disagreed with magellan! Why did you make him look like bad guy? Make him look like a fish! (Ok my jokes are shit tangina corny ko)
Jrenwen Prije 3 sati
Those Idle Heroes apology ads give me South Park vibes. With the owner of BP oil saying, "We're sorry.." over and over again
Fujiisan Prije 3 sati
The show had nowhere near enough pigeons to classify as Chicago.
Nevermore Prije 3 sati
I watched it when I was 5-7 then it was cancelled EDIT: I watched the movie too
Subway Roomba
Subway Roomba Prije 3 sati
8:36 *franticly checks when this video was uploaded* honestly though, the noodle mask guy depicts Americas covid response better than any single American has
Project_ Lunarfallen
Project_ Lunarfallen Prije 3 sati
I wasted an hour of my life Why
liz johnson
liz johnson Prije 4 sati
It’s definitely disappointing to see an animated show set in Chicago hinge on such a shallow depiction of the city’s culture. I really love my city for so many reasons that so many other comments attested to and I’d love to see a show do it justice.
J Dawg 25o
J Dawg 25o Prije 4 sati
The thing I hate is that these games give actually decent mobile games a bad name. For a while, I saw ads for a game called Guardian Tales and thought it was some dumb game using Link's Awakening assets. (The ad has the main character enter a very zelda-like dungeon, get attacked by an invader, and open his inventory where he has a sword, a bag and a gun.) I decided to give the game a try one day when I was bored. I wasn't expecting a game with nine worlds (now thirteen), over fifty unique characters that all have unique fighting styles, and self-aware, reference-filled humor that honestly made it feel like a game by gamers for gamers. And if it weren't for ads that use intellectual property to get quick clicks, I may have seen the "haha funny reference" ad for what it truly was and not thought it was a shameless cashgrab. (Oh, and one year in, I've only spent $4 on the game. It's F2P-friendly. Yes this comment also served to advertise for GT but it's just that good)
How are you Today
How are you Today Prije 4 sati
I love courage but it also scared me as a kid. The huge roaches with weird eyes bothered me. The episode where courage felt didn’t feel prefect had a disturbing scene with a weird fetus thing in his dream saying that he’s not prefect. The zombie episode where the guy was pretending to make a film but really planned to revive his dead friend and eat them and the episode with the real human face that was in black n white scared me. The episode that showed courage’s origin and how he lost his parents almost made me cry. I lived most of my childhood with my grandparents so the show felt relatable, my parents were always there at the time and I couldn’t go out to see my friends so I just stayed home with them for most of the time.
Mallory Cruz
Mallory Cruz Prije 4 sati
2 days late but here we go. I watched the first episode: The biggest flaw of this show is that it should have been misdirect of a guide to Chicago that weaves in the fact that this woman's life is falling apart. Almost like a Ned's Declassified type show where she brings the viewer (or her nephew) around to Chicago's well known spots, historical places, sports stadiums, etc. but it manages to focus on her life instead. I think it could have been done well. Making it solely about a woman who loves chicago and namedrops chicago stuff makes that chicago aspect not as strong. I think the animation has really good moments. When the bf/husband leaves Diane, he's in poses you wouldn't see in FG character design clones. Voice acting is p good. Some jokes made me smirk so there was potential with the humor. While I think the joke should have been rewritten, the bit about her sister's accent coming out make me laugh bc I feel that's a common experience for people with family members from areas with strong distinct accents (New York/Long Island, other midwest accents, etc.) Overall, I think the concept had potential but I think a huge part of its poor reception actually ended up being that the advertised premise focused on the fact that it's based on a twitter account except the account wasn't well known in the first place. I genuinely believe that if they didn't tell us they based it on that twitter account, it would have been received relatively better.
CAT White
CAT White Prije 4 sati
2:42 , that screm was priceless
Nathan Wharton
Nathan Wharton Prije 4 sati
When the review of the god forsaken Christian animated movie hits 666,666 views... It's like a sign or something
WahooKlonoapii Prije 4 sati
13:31 sneaking suspicion this is supposed to be an omori bootleg
Lucky_ Prije 4 sati
4:14 I hate it when they replace one of my favorite HRpostrs with a fucking ice cream png. 😔
Nade Otap
Nade Otap Prije 4 sati
Honestly just a single set of quotation marks is all this movie needed
mike hathaway
mike hathaway Prije 4 sati
Dude acts like the musical Chicago never existed.
Zaddio Prije 4 sati
i remember in church and at home i watched this and loved it
Diarrhea Pantz
Diarrhea Pantz Prije 4 sati
I only like mobile game ads because they are stupid and I can get a kick out of it
R Diaz
R Diaz Prije 4 sati
Today I found out that Butch Hartman blocked me from his Instagram, I finally made it! 👌🏻
Sh H
Sh H Prije 4 sati
blame canada
mike hathaway
mike hathaway Prije 4 sati
Look I see what you are getting at but in the long run its a company and they control how their company is run. They are looking for what is going to attract the most attention and cash flow. Like I respect your drive and conviction but this is just yelling into the wind dude.
Waldo Prije 4 sati
HRpost stole my color scheme >:[
namey name
namey name Prije 4 sati
i was waiting and wanting saber to say how gay amity was,..- shes a lot more gay now
fabian dude
fabian dude Prije 4 sati
Fuck ads ;-; Also did anyone els every see the sex gun ad it was animated porn made to advertise a sex gun wtf ;-; on youtube
Mimi Mitei
Mimi Mitei Prije 4 sati
666k views lol
david p
david p Prije 4 sati
It tells nice and tight-saber spark
e4Bc4Qf3Qf7 Prije 4 sati
We really need legislation to prevent these kinds of predatory anti consumer practices.
Nameless Prije 4 sati
I fully agree to this.
Glenn Bactol
Glenn Bactol Prije 4 sati
I hate mobile game ads if there innapropriate
Isabelle..? Prije 4 sati
I love when we have to censcor h*ll and b*tt Damnit
unlikelyJupiter Prije 5 sati
I never liked illumination animation. Even as a child I found their movies boring. They're just so lazy and dumb. Of course, dumb fun is something almost everybody needs and enjoys, me included. But this is insulting to watch. This isn't dumb fun, not even for kids.
vizthex Prije 5 sati
so uh what's the sauce on the ultra thiccness in the thumbnail? for a friend, obviously.
ToTooTwo Prije 5 sati
stupid mobile game ads is all about seggg
Meeps Meepy
Meeps Meepy Prije 5 sati
Christ and racist don’t mix.
Matthew 378
Matthew 378 Prije 5 sati
i agree with you for once,
Shaun Sites-Formerly SPEEDFREAK6988
Shaun Sites-Formerly SPEEDFREAK6988 Prije 5 sati
Dude you aren't kidding.I went and watched the video after your video and oh man,whoever created this is definitely going to hell......