What the HELL are VTubers?
What RUINED Nickelodeon?
What RUINED Disney Channel?
Why Are Cartoons CENSORED?
What RUINED Hanna-Barbera?
The Evolution of Lola Bunny
Alice Rivierre
Alice Rivierre Prije 9 sati
My God, this is so atrocious in every level, & I mean sinful atrocious. God, save my poor, blessed soul from this travesty! Thanks for bearing the pain for me, man!
Alice Rivierre
Alice Rivierre Prije 10 sati
I don't know which movie is worse, this piece of shit, or the Animated Titanic movie with the octopus & mice. Jesus, I can't decide, they're both awful as hell
Conlustronaut Prije 10 sati
I guess you could say they really milked it :p
Jordan Gardner
Jordan Gardner Prije 10 sati
This show is the definition of People who don't know: :) People who do know :(
N64gamer124 Prije 10 sati
you can't forget the other staple of adult cartoon South park
Alice Rivierre
Alice Rivierre Prije 10 sati
Why the hell is this for Kids?! Jesus Tapdancing Christ, I wouldn't allow this!
DJ Kent
DJ Kent Prije 10 sati
4:16 Wait, is that Bender? 4:23 Good to see SaberSpark and I share the same brain cell.
Alice Rivierre
Alice Rivierre Prije 10 sati
Oh my God, it's DreamWorks gone to the bottom-most depths of Hell! Jesus Christ, what were they smoking to come up with the designs? Shrek is more handsome than this!
Gryficowa Prije 10 sati
0:17 Heh
nika andriadze
nika andriadze Prije 10 sati
I feel physically insulted by the fact that Amphibia didn't even make it in the honorable mentions. But I was sure it wouldn't. This series is hellishly underrated.
Foxyprorr Prije 10 sati
well it's better than the original and only took 15 months
Albert 0194
Albert 0194 Prije 10 sati
Reddit family
Ho cares
Ho cares Prije 10 sati
Elcano & magellan is the pirates of south east asia, that is why lapu² destroyed them
Based Wampy
Based Wampy Prije 10 sati
Fun Fact: You're clay now!
Jonathan Stultz
Jonathan Stultz Prije 10 sati
i just have no idea why guys like this show. I'm just completely lost. I cant put my finger on it.
nika andriadze
nika andriadze Prije 11 sati
*19:56* Yes... *Yes!..* *YES!!!* Ascend to the heavens my beautiful Monkey Moses!
Luís Gustavo Silva de Lima
Luís Gustavo Silva de Lima Prije 11 sati
I relember the time that sites like cartoon's site was funny and filed with a varity of games and good contents. Heck, even disney's site is trashy now days
obondo studios
obondo studios Prije 11 sati
in the first 2 minutes I eard politics like 30 times
Jesus Chavez
Jesus Chavez Prije 11 sati
Not since putting a man on the moon has there been anything greater humans have achieved than this.
spec the manokit
spec the manokit Prije 11 sati
Are there any open parts
Mr Smithers
Mr Smithers Prije 11 sati
The miracle star theme hurt my ears so hard I had diahreah
nika andriadze
nika andriadze Prije 11 sati
Wow. Since when you were about reviewing good and popular Cartoons? I'll take it anyway because this series is a *Masterpiece!*
Somwon Prije 11 sati
About Time
Rynne Irah
Rynne Irah Prije 11 sati
mocaps work way better for games
Human Haker9
Human Haker9 Prije 11 sati
7:56 honestly i would do that too
Lehar S
Lehar S Prije 11 sati
The Legend of Vox Machina comes out on Amazon Prime this Jan end too! Its based on the first D&D campaign by Critical Role and it got 11M on Kickstarter for funding, its gon be great :)