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Amiga 1000
Amiga 1000 Prije 18 sati
Oasis, Axis, Oaxis
RIZQY ROGERS Prije 18 sati
In my opinion, this film is the most exciting and last Courage adventure that we can see :( This film uncovers several mysteries that we don't know yet, such as the origin of why Nowhere is so strange, and there is nostalgia for some of the old courageous characters, such as General, Katz, Le quack.And some pictures of the enemies of courage on the town hall wall photo.
Viki MC
Viki MC Prije 18 sati
Oh i totally saw that on tv in my country idk how they managed that, all i remember is me being at a sleepover and the next morning the girl i was with just casually turned on the tv and there it was. The worst thing about it was that she legit enjoyed the show and she didn´t understad why i didn´t want to watch it. So yeah it traumatized me back then haha.
Tomi Berry
Tomi Berry Prije 18 sati
Yunachan2 Prije 18 sati
my reason why I waste money is ADD/ADHD. I mean... it's not really.. y'know... a valid reason but y'know.
LoryplayKD Prije 18 sati
I watched these as a 8 year old on HRpost until midnight for months after parents showed them to me XD There used to be some epic fandom animations about war n super power OCs but no clue what happened to all that :c
🖤 fidget videos  🤍
🖤 fidget videos 🤍 Prije 18 sati
I seriously can't watch this video while eating 😭
Kai loves da emo bois
Kai loves da emo bois Prije 18 sati
I found it this year- its really blowing up again
Danny Zen
Danny Zen Prije 19 sati
can we go back to 2012 where we played roblox, subway surfers and clash of clans?
FirebreathXIII Prije 19 sati
I wouldn't be surprised if they went 3D with the show since that's what they made the movie for; not unlike what happened with the pilot of Star Trek TNG, when Roddenberry heard that there were no scenes in Engineering and got scared that Paramount would refuse to shell out the budget for an engineering set, so he made a whole scene happen there to make sure if the pilot caught on, they'd have a set for the first season. The big thing is that both in 3D and 2D animation, there's a LOT of things you can reuse (props, character models, locations, textures, materials, etc.) and simply composite new stuff on top of old (render a background once at full quality, then reuse that one single image over and over again for all subsequent frames). And with computing power having gotten MUCH cheaper over the years, rendering in 3D is not that expensive anymore (unlike even 5 years ago). You could easily have the movie's quality rendered on a (recent) home computer at a fair pace. Even more so if your workflow pipeline is properly set up (like having render layers for objects, shading, materials, etc - so if you decide to change the lighting, you just render that pass and composite it on top of the others without having to re-render the ENTIRE thing). I'm not saying 3D is cheaper than 2D - but it's getting at least to be equal in both worker-hour and computer-time to a certain degree. And if they are going the "bingewatching" Netflix way, the old idea of "one episode per week" means nothing, and can spend more budget on a 10-12 episodes-long season, all released at once, meaning they can spend more time on an episode than during the weekly format. All in all, I have faith in G5. I watched it with low expectations, and appreciated both the artistry, the narrative and the characters a lot. (and the fact they seem to have a guy AND a very gender-ambiguous/really-butchy-girl in the main cast now really rubs me the right way). I am looking forward with what they will do with this series, and am eagerly awaiting our new pony mane cast with anticipation.
EmmaZWorld Prije 19 sati
HRpost when a advertisement is clearly being inappropriate: HRpost when a HRpostr is wearing a suggestive outfit: *YOU BETTER WATCH THE CHILDREN*
Hambolove16 Prije 19 sati
I happened to stumble upon Happy Tree Friends on... Netflix... under for kids... Yea lol boy did that go well
Vinayak K S
Vinayak K S Prije 19 sati
a wild Pichu
a wild Pichu Prije 19 sati
I remember when a family friend of mine showed me and my siblings an episode of this show. we barely made it pass the beginning… I was like 8 Back then. Good times.
goldenmoon Prije 19 sati
I watched it because it played on MTV back in the day. I think that's why most people know about it
Flippy is the only mf in the world that can kill every marvel super-being and out-kill keanu reeves', adolf hitler's and jason voorhees' kill count.
Your_Cringy_stalker Prije 19 sati
Yea but you forgot when ads steal LITERAL VOICE OR VIDEO CLIPS FROM HRpostRS!!!!
osei holder
osei holder Prije 19 sati
Thank you
ChamberK Prije 19 sati
My younger siblings were obsessed with this movie. They used to watch it every fucking day for like a month.
EmmaZWorld Prije 19 sati
HRpost: hello! I like money! Us: Why do you allow inappropriate advertisements but not Minorly inappropriate videos? HRpost: Money!
`* ! COURTNEYEYE ! *` Prije 19 sati
The abuse in that movie actually happened , which for me. I have mentally experience it , and holy christ , my dad was hella drunk'boat (not a real word). He abused my mother and so is my brother , but 2021 has changed him , he kinda stopped drinking and being nice for once ? So yeah , 'Hayop Ka' the abuse there , happened in the Philippines. Due to their tight money , but people are trying their best. -`* ! COURTNEYEYE ! *`
XxBenisweirdxX Prije 19 sati
This show was my childhood haha
L Bricks Funny Lego Animations
L Bricks Funny Lego Animations Prije 20 sati
It’s soooooooooo cute!!!!! : -?
Kilvieo Prije 20 sati
10:18 Did he just say PBSD? 🤭
Matic Kučevič
Matic Kučevič Prije 20 sati
A yes..... my childhood memories. awful and graphical but still, good ol days.. Even when i was in Middle school, our art teacher said we will have free time so she allowed us to watch whatever we want to the whole class. So we chose HTF. Professor was ok (because he had 0 clues 😂😂) When we started watching he was like "Huh cartoons, ok" Then blood and gore happened and he laughed and shocked and said"The fuck?, Ok lets just end". We literally convinced him to let us watch the show. .... Today years later i have a feeling that we were some kind of bunch of psychopaths loving charecters dying and Shread to pieces and laughing at it, there's even a child dying lol😂😂 Besides it's cartoon
Robotoboy Prije 20 sati
I don't think anyone thought it was for kids. Most people knew it was a gore fest. I rarely met anyone who thought it was safe lol!
A candle in a bucket
A candle in a bucket Prije 20 sati
Oddly enough im okay with gore, just not animated gore involving something cute
Snorting Catnip
Snorting Catnip Prije 20 sati
I actually came across happy tree friends when I was 8 on HRpost by accident and was never the same that was like in 2009
Ralffe Prije 20 sati
I think they'll fall back to 2D like in G4. But I would still love it because I would like to see them as 2D characters.
יובל קונסקר
יובל קונסקר Prije 20 sati
pretty fox character
Mod Maker
Mod Maker Prije 20 sati
I'm surprised I never seen or heard of this show. I was born in 2002 and witness the rise & evolution of the internet but not the birth. I'm too young for that but I do remember seeing websites like the ones shown in the video. I'm officially a Zoomer but I have much more in common with the Millennials. I honestly hate Zoomers. Fortnite & TikTok aren't for me but Minecraft & HRpost are for me. Media I have nostalgia for are from mostly of the 2000s & 1990s (passed down from my parents or just randomly saw on TV). IDK I don't quite fit the Zoomers or Millennials. I call myself as something in the middle or just not use generalised generations because they do not fit everyone.
יובל קונסקר
יובל קונסקר Prije 20 sati
still pretty bianca
Brizzly Blackshield
Brizzly Blackshield Prije 20 sati
HRpost has shown an ad of a woman giving a BJ, everything just hanging there. Nothing censored at all. I'm a amateur animator that plays Minecraft.
puñulada❄🐣 Prije 20 sati
1:43 As a medical doctor who also draws furry art (but all my furry art is SFW, I'm not fond of sexual content in general,) JOKE'S ON YOU, SaberSpark! Though earning more from drawing furry art than being a doctor IS true. I got into HTF as a kid, and if there's anything I can say about it... probably explains why I enjoy drawing gore artwork to this day.
Funky cup
Funky cup Prije 20 sati
The only Christian movie that is good is the prince of Egypt in fact it is the best movie ever to be conceived
Photon Prije 20 sati
Im glad my mom bought youtube premium now lmao
RangedTales Prije 21 sat
I watched this when i was young
Carl benedict Repotula
Carl benedict Repotula Prije 21 sat
Banana 🍌
Jon Sohan
Jon Sohan Prije 21 sat
I remember Leroy and I'm from gen Z
Manu Bashtanu
Manu Bashtanu Prije 21 sat
i came for the thumbnail tbh
Ceidi R.
Ceidi R. Prije 21 sat
I watched this while on wayyyyy too many magic mushrooms... Had a great time I guess??
EGG ron
EGG ron Prije 21 sat
is this a south park ep?
Pup Dawn
Pup Dawn Prije 21 sat
Trust Me, Selling furry Art is Hard. At first no one and trust Me absolutley no one is gonna buy from you no matter How low your prices are :') I barley sell anything atm its harddd
HUGGY WUGGY~ Prije 21 sat
I loved this show when I was younger yes I have a very f*****-up mind
Abyss66 Prije 21 sat
Back in the bar house was genuinely a fucking fever dream So was rabbits invasion
LW Prije 21 sat
Cant lie saberspark animation better then that movie
Paper Prije 21 sat
Why are they on the washing machine
Berea 225
Berea 225 Prije 21 sat
nick did show this
Transformer Ball
Transformer Ball Prije 21 sat
HRpost now just sucks and now very boring I wish HRpost went back to normal
Sophia The art lover
Sophia The art lover Prije 21 sat
I suggest you watch Carmen sandiago on Netflix