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Brother Alaric
Brother Alaric Prije 12 sati
Short answer: MONEY. it's sad but it's like that.
chlorifil boi
chlorifil boi Prije 12 sati
It also doesn't help that the use of color is terrible
Adante Lee
Adante Lee Prije 12 sati
I like teen titans go
Jethcon2000 Prije 12 sati
Makes sense why the company that made this is called "The Asylum", because that's exactly where the people who work for this company need to go.
Tankista 209
Tankista 209 Prije 12 sati
im from slovakia but i have chech name xd
Ukiby3000 Prije 12 sati
I remember I watched Where's Wally here in Brazil (here he was also called Wally) and thankfully they changed the horrible intro to something else. I remember that the cartoon was actually a lil' funny. Very simple, but funny.
It’s Joe
It’s Joe Prije 13 sati
I'm surprised Saber never covered any of the Unstable Fable films
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 Prije 13 sati
I'd rater watch the Dreamworks Trolls than this trash.
Jianna Sandoval
Jianna Sandoval Prije 13 sati
It felt more like a long short film and that's another reason why I love it so much. 😭🖤
The Enclave
The Enclave Prije 13 sati
Veggietales went from based to unbased
mark Sc
mark Sc Prije 13 sati
I can't find it in netflix
Ronald Neal
Ronald Neal Prije 13 sati
There are other disturbing moments in Kids Shows/Video Games that make Beastars look like a kids show: Invader Zim stealing other people's organs (Dark Harvest) Ren Hoek trying to kill Stimpy or someone else Bugsnax, a psychological horror game, for kids. River Twygz and the creatures that inhabit it (Super Paper Mario) Cackletta transforming into Bowletta (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga) Beta Game Over Screen from Luigi's Mansion Gigyas from Earthbound Lily's Garden Ads (Bijuu Mike loves this stuff) Deadhand and Wallmasters from Legend of Zelda: Ocarana of Time
NickFanboy115 Prije 13 sati
My brother said this movie sucks dog crap but I think it's awesome!
Ana Naranjo
Ana Naranjo Prije 13 sati
It's my favorite movie I watch it every time on Netflix
KilianGaming 895
KilianGaming 895 Prije 13 sati
The movie was good. Not the best, but definitely a movie that I would watch over and over again.
Ashley H
Ashley H Prije 14 sati
I LOVED the movie I was so happy with it. My mom and I watched the original and the sequel as a marathon and we had such a good nostalgic time. Like you said its not perfect, but it was so funny and good haha
Adante Lee
Adante Lee Prije 14 sati
What ruined spongebob
Ty kamen
Ty kamen Prije 14 sati
The Powerpuff Girls reboot makes Teen Titans Go and Ben 10 Citizen Kane and TT Go and ben 10 reboots aren't even that bad
☁︎_Ell_☁︎ Prije 14 sati
Ngl,I do think she is Sabie is pretty
KIING 0F H3ART Prije 14 sati
*B I G C H U N G U S is finally canon.*
Jordan Blackerby
Jordan Blackerby Prije 14 sati
Why do all of these adult cartoon protagonists wear white shirts!?!?!
Floofy Wooflez
Floofy Wooflez Prije 15 sati
10:49 Saberspark has descended
Evalynn Thompson
Evalynn Thompson Prije 15 sati
Oh my god he predicted Minecraft's caves and cliffs update😂
Kira De L'espass
Kira De L'espass Prije 15 sati
I actually watched it and it really wasnt that bad, honestly Just interesting to watch
CatRobotis Prije 15 sati
I actually watched this before And I didn’t even know the name
GF 10 The megastar
GF 10 The megastar Prije 16 sati
And Eddie thought you was a kid…
GF 10 The megastar
GF 10 The megastar Prije 16 sati
What if you were an adult?
Albert Gongora
Albert Gongora Prije 16 sati
I also wanted to put this I felt like Family Guy was a failure and I'm not talking about when it started I'm talking about when it reached a certain point and it Seasons when it started feeding you the idea of its jokes that's when I felt that it was a failure yeah maybe when it first started out and it resurgent Seasons that were really amazing but I felt like the moment that there was too many cutaway jokes there is too many from movies to make jokes out of and there was no more original comedy within the show and the characters were constantly breaking the fourth wall like I said alongside feeding you the joke that's when I literally felt that ya Family Guy failed to do its job as a show and I think it falls short just like all these other shows that people say or clones of both Family Guy and of course the Simpsons to me that's why I feel like people shouldn't get their hopes up by seeing the show is trying to be like Family Guy and instead they should understand that it comes her name entirely different please where it has its own originality why you can relate to it and why you find it funny all like Family Guy that forgot that and just thought it was easy to constantly have Peter farted Meg's face or a constantly told me to shut up or where the show completely just targeted mag or like I said they just told you what the joke was without properly telling the joke so that's why I feel like Family Guy is also a failure and it never reach the same theme as The Simpsons but not there
Geurworx Prije 16 sati
heh force of nature (it's a weapon from tf2)
Albert Gongora
Albert Gongora Prije 16 sati
Why is it everytime there's an animated sitcom about a family all of a sudden it's considered a Family Guy clone I can understand if it was trying to follow the exact same formula as Family Guy then okay I can get behind why people save that all these shows are exactly like that when someone like me doesn't feel like that in my opinion I feel like all these other shows that have come out have their own sense of originality like friends didn't F is for family is like one of the best animated family sitcoms I've seen in a long time because it's taking please send that completely different near where a lot of people who grew up team oh yeah my dad was rough like that he fought through the Vietnam War and believe me he was one of the roughest in a bitches I grew up with kind of like the main character F is for family so that's why you feel like all these other shows like Bob's Burgers and stuff like that they're not Family Guy clones I think the only reason people compare them to Family Guy is the literal fact that I sometimes feel like people feel like oh these shows were able to almost compete with Family Guy and The Simpsons but not the right amount of what I love growing up with Family Guy or The Simpsons I don't know maybe that's just me I'm not trying to say all people think like this but it does get annoying hearing the word o this show is a clone of another show
Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift Prije 16 sati
But we are sure that The last Airbender was the most Worst Live action ever made
nearly_blind Prije 16 sati
The dance was weird enough, but the Orang-Utan dancing the Macarena... My latin-fan heart bleeds and is weirdly happy at the same time
xed alpha
xed alpha Prije 16 sati
Not as gruesome as the original where they seal the jars then fill them with boiling oil.
yukio tillotson
yukio tillotson Prije 16 sati
omg..........one second: saber talking about a show about murder and gore The next second: labor talking about sleeping
PravdaGamer24 Ch.
PravdaGamer24 Ch. Prije 16 sati
I’ve watched this before, but not much of it at all...
HisoKu Prije 17 sati
Y’know, its a bit ironic that you made this video defending the movie and going in depth on the issues and of the marketing doing it dirty, but you kinda did the same thing with the thumbnail and title. I’ve been getting this video in my recommended every so often for over a year, and I purposefully ignored it because: Why would I want to watch a video going off on a movie that’s fatphobic? I decided to click on the video this time because I wanted something to watch/listen to while I draw, and I was surprised that the video was positive about the movie and that I would like to watch it (i even now know the movie a korean artist i like was parodying). This is the first video I’ve seen of yours so I don’t know how you’re doing your thumbnails/titles now, but I hope you take this into consideration
Mewtwonite X
Mewtwonite X Prije 17 sati
Disney owns your channel, *and the lawnmowers outside your home. That's right. It's Disneys fault you have lawnmowers constantly going during your videos. The Disney lawnmower uprising is just beginning, Saber*
CyclingSnowBrush Prije 18 sati
This movie has Amogus, 0/10
lunatic [gd mc ]
lunatic [gd mc ] Prije 18 sati
Finally someone who likes this
G amma.-.
G amma.-. Prije 18 sati
Crowe Spirits
Crowe Spirits Prije 18 sati
Honestly I just watched it again and bawled like a baby. I love the movie. Yeah, it’s got flaws, but it’s impossible to be perfect. I’ve had a lot of loss, even if some of the ones I’ve lost aren’t dead. Moving on is hard, and honestly I still haven’t. But the movie has a good message and I’d recommend it to everyone, even if they think they’re ‘too old’ for kids movies.
Rob Bob
Rob Bob Prije 18 sati
So I heard that Dingo pictures is coming back after the two original owners died. They have a Kickstarter for a documentary about them and I think they will answer fan questions too!
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo Prije 18 sati
The animation is so bad, that no amount of good story can make up for it.
Pp Pen
Pp Pen Prije 19 sati
Really bad movie
Dennis yu
Dennis yu Prije 19 sati
I ain't even gonna hate on wat your saying even though i disagree. I enjoyed the loony tunes parts. I loved the road runner. Lolas an amazon and steal they stole marvens space ship. but i did not think the father and son plot was any good.
Hans Lad
Hans Lad Prije 19 sati
I think horse land is probably the best show for any child to watch
Evil Little Sister
Evil Little Sister Prije 19 sati
HRpost been going downhill lately, I missed the 2008.....
Crowe Spirits
Crowe Spirits Prije 19 sati
Honestly, after watching it? I didn’t like it from a story standpoint. Or a design or moral standpoint. However, I enjoyed it as a mindless movie. One of those shut off your brain movies. It’s pretty, yes. But it’s lacking, repetitive and a shitty moral for the kids they were advertising for. Idk sisu made me mad, and I wanted to smack her with a fish.
xed alpha
xed alpha Prije 19 sati
Truly an Oscar worthy masterpiece.
The Slippery Noodle
The Slippery Noodle Prije 19 sati
This show is so weirdly mesmerizing. Once you start you literally can’t stop watching. 😂 The German episode did not live up to expectations. Lol maybe because of how hyped up it was.
CCC AAA Prije 20 sati
This why we hate Disney these days
ManuelHater Prije 20 sati
duuude old teen titans was fucking lit it was my favorite show when i was young
Very Clear English Speaker
Very Clear English Speaker Prije 20 sati
Vegeta impression killed me
Lizzen’ up
Lizzen’ up Prije 20 sati
I read the thumbnail as *”Shat faming*” lmfaooooooo-
Ginlock45 Prije 20 sati
The original version of tom sawer contains approximately 200 instances of the n-word. Elisha wood has an audio book reading of it that is entirely uncensored
Catub’s TV
Catub’s TV Prije 20 sati
Everyone gangsta till you look at what day this was posted
angel stevens
angel stevens Prije 21 sat
Can you Rate Battle For BFDI and The Power Of Two?
the nexus
the nexus Prije 21 sat
"Its a piece of history we will never see again" Lol, no
Helen Rowlett-Barbu
Helen Rowlett-Barbu Prije 21 sat
personally i loved treasure planet tho... i wish it didn't flop
Lunar the sweet serval
Lunar the sweet serval Prije 21 sat
We all know the saying 😑💅 OH MY HORSE T. ONION FUCK
Peace McDaniel
Peace McDaniel Prije 21 sat
"She's a mink" not a weasel. If you know, you know