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The Top 5 BEST Cartoons of 2020
Christopher Symonds
Christopher Symonds Prije 7 sati
Quibi had $2 billion and still couldn’t keep up. Butch is gonna need to boost those Kickstarter numbers if he wants to get serious about this
Jared Griffiths
Jared Griffiths Prije 7 sati
I used to be subscribed to Butch's channel but I unsubscribed from him ages ago.
Cracker Snap
Cracker Snap Prije 7 sati
Butch also had a commission to draw Shädman.
Meredith Ambridge
Meredith Ambridge Prije 7 sati
RULES and GUIDELINES? And yet, nude and sex videos fly under youtube's radar without them noticing it (I think). (I'm talking about HRpost Philippines.)
Baffle Blend
Baffle Blend Prije 7 sati
15:42 Are you sure that isn't an exact word-for-word quote from the guy.
~Princeofdeath5(~死の王子5) Prije 7 sati
F's in the chat for Teleparte I love his channel and twitter!
Jeiku Furame
Jeiku Furame Prije 7 sati
Butch Hartman is the Yanderedev of streaming services.
tgtgtgtg1234 Prije 7 sati
Content creator union. Just a suggestion.
Ivan Amper
Ivan Amper Prije 7 sati
The name oaxis itself just sounds like a made up streaming service in tv shows and movies to avoid like copyright or somethin
Jordan Blackstar
Jordan Blackstar Prije 7 sati
there is a hole different app for kids called Kids HRpost and youtube still make youtubers make kid safe video stuf
Jordan Blackstar
Jordan Blackstar Prije 7 sati
sorry I forgot to put two f in stuff
ono tifu.
ono tifu. Prije 7 sati
i honestly thought that the movie was going on for 2 hours already only to check that its been 1 hour and 30 mins. i dont mean this in a "OmG ThIs Is SoOo LonG aNd BoRiNG" i mean this in a "wow im enjoying this so much. wait how long has it been WHAT TIME IS IT oh its only an hour an a half"
Brendy_Le Wallaby
Brendy_Le Wallaby Prije 7 sati
Putain comment j'ai fais pour tombé sur ce film ?
Crashtefano Prije 7 sati
Butch Hartman also made some early concept art for Crash Bandicoot when the first game was still in development. Needless to say that, if those sketches weren't rejected, the character would look nothing like the orange marsupial we know and love.
Thomas White
Thomas White Prije 7 sati
i know you might not be reading this because this was month ago but u maby forgot the Thomas the train remake idk
THE GREAT PAPYRUS ! Prije 7 sati
I have a plan to crash the algorithm. Reply to me if you want to know how
Michael Linkovski
Michael Linkovski Prije 7 sati
I agree with number one, that show was disposable and obnoxious. I feel bad for Billy West for taking that job, I hope he leaves it off his resume
EggBootleg Prije 7 sati
I once saw a hentai manga ad on HRpost called "I turned into a girl and turned on all the knights"...
wolfmantheimpaler Prije 7 sati
After everything Butch has done, I feel Patrick from SpongeBob said it best: *I DEFY YOU HARTMAN!*
Michael Linkovski
Michael Linkovski Prije 7 sati
I loved Bernstain bears as a kid, but that intro was obnoxious
cj Prije 7 sati
my eyes°_°
A Bi Fucking Sexual
A Bi Fucking Sexual Prije 7 sati
Oh wow I completely forgot Oaxis was a thing
im rabbitz
im rabbitz Prije 7 sati
ARM-IV Prije 7 sati
Oaxis offers the luxury privilege of being scammed and ripped-off by the legend himself, Butch Hartman.
Aernetski Aaron Uenmjeitsnkoflynn
Aernetski Aaron Uenmjeitsnkoflynn Prije 7 sati
You cannot crush on ANYONE from regular show... I can't take anyone seriously because there always gags that break up every moment. I cannot get over the time where rigby is getting the hots for her then she rams into a table.
hoodiedog Prije 7 sati
Well there used to be a pride with 5 males. They were called the mapogos
zoinks gang
zoinks gang Prije 8 sati
pfft don't look up "how to draw videl" on yt
Shobhit Varma
Shobhit Varma Prije 8 sati
A fairly vanilla, soulless, and pandering movie impersonating as a Scooby Doo movie. These are the worst kind of animated movies - lacking any heart whatsoever. I blame Illumination.
weedongding Prije 8 sati
Anyone else here heard about the Gadget Cult?
Nina .Vale
Nina .Vale Prije 8 sati
I get the pain with the animals. They often seem so little, like my cats always had but then they lie down in such a way that they take up half of the bed if not more.
Stygnos X
Stygnos X Prije 8 sati
He's Charlie Sheen 2.0
Isaac TRC
Isaac TRC Prije 8 sati
12:45 Oooooooohhhh. It's because the shorts reuploads aren't original content that violates the ToS, they stole it, so it's not theirs, so it's fine.